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Final kick Best Online football penalty game

Final kick Best Online football penalty game for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Ivanovich Games located at Av. Via Augusta 15-25 08174 Sant Cugat del Valles - Barcelona. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
We can not stop the low balls in penalty how much we try. So, please fix it. but, overall it is a great game.
Rubbish Used to be the best game before. Now it's full of ads. It's like I 60% of time watch ads and 40% play the game. I watch ads more than I play.
Would rate higher as i still play but there is way too many ads. often have to watch two to leave a game. all it does is constatly throw it in your face that they want you to buy monthly memberships which is a rip off. Camt play whem training players which takes two hours.and offline you get so many attempts to play a tournament until you have to constantly watch ads to play mext round.
Don't download this game I use to play it long time back, Today I installed it and the issue remain same, Freezing unable to do anything don't waste ur internet in this game no improvement at all.... 10/00....
This is an amazing game but the ads,tha ads man are the worst.The most frustrating thing is when u open a game and there is an unskippble add.
Its a very nice game for penalties and free kicks.I loved the game and want to say to make more games like this.
Lots of fake 5 star reviews and the game is full of glitches and lags i spent 3 gems in the shop to buy a box and got nothing i just lost 3 gems on nothing. I dont recommend this game cuz its full of ads and there is a heavy pay to win scheme you cant even play offline if u dont pay. You only have 3 tries. In conclusion this game is really pay to win and the goalkeepers are USELESS. That is why its getting one star from me! Edit: It is also full of bots. They are just hitting the post every time
Tooooooo badddd game with bad graphics solos bad game and addddddsss why I can't train the players took bad game
Very very bad. many robot are in game. You cannot play with the real player most of the time. Every thing need real money in game.
It's super fun game play wise but the ads are so annoying as they play when you open the app, after every match, and just sometimes random times, you don't get any rewards for watching the ads, but the game it self is fun and really good time killer
I used to play this game quite a lot when practice was free and the game ran way smoother than it did now, lags so much and the free kicks are just awful really, please fix it
This game is super for online purpose. This game is very easy for shoot the goal and together for the wall. This game is very nice for shooting goal . It's friends 🤣🤣 is very happy to goal.
This is so horrible i coudnt even play because of so many loading stuff and im deleting this game goodbye
This is a great game but you have to be a member to do alot of things and i don't like it. 2 years ago i played it and it was better. You didnt have to buy packs to get balls and other things
This game is good but it needs to improve. First of all the adds the adds are so irritating it not relavent to football so stupid . Second of all the replay, omg when I want to skip replay the other would no skip it's so frustrating I would appreciate if you would take the not relavent ads and the replays it would be much more better if you would also please fix this.. when I curve the ball in free kicks it goes the other direction what the heck is wrong that.. Kind regards Mr unknown XD
It's a great addictive game but the ads are annoying and to get everything in the game it needs real money
OK time pass... But too complicated and too many ads. Why can't we get easy to play user friendly games??
The full game expieriance is great, unless you count the fact that you can only get it by getting it in premium form. Without premium, there are to many adds and limited content. I'm not willing to throw away my money just for a electronic game. These results point to my rating.
When ever I went onto the game it played this stupid music and then just glitches and whennp I turn off my tablet the stupid music CONTINUES PLAYING EVEN AFTER I TURNED IT OFF SO I NEVER ACTUALLY GOT TO PLAY THIS GAME AND I LOVE PLAYING FOOTBALL SO THATS WHAT ANNOYED ME MOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ONLT 1 star and I'll reinstall this game whennyou fix that and LET ME PLAY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!👿😡😠😤👺
Very poor quality and way to many advertisements, once got 4 advertisements in a row. I had to restart the app so I could actually play it. The prices for coins and crates are ridiculous. When you play online it's always bots or someone way higher level than you. There is 0 balancing in this game. You need a membership to actually get anything decent in this game and leveling up your plays is very difficult.
A good game,but some time have to wait for opponent to take the turn,and these ads are killing the fun of this game,please reduce the number of unwanted ads.. thank you.
Its like playing a football app on 2g! Constant freezing, stop-start, time runs out as you can't shoot due to freezing so the player just falls over! I have perfect wifi/4g, sort it out!
To much ads. Almost every single button back i touch, they will show add. You can make people hate your game because so much ads. But gameplay is awesome and i cant denied it. The gameplay can beat almost another game penalty game. I should give more star if i can but its so much ads.
It's just money asking app. Tons of ads, annoying sidebars can't stop screaming: buy something, buy advantages! Horrible app, waste of time.
The devs are absolute greedy mother****ers! they force a 30 second unskippable ad down your throat with every button u press. did u kick a ball or catch it?! well damn, your player is tired! purchase a subscription to play more. u can't even practice for free! nothing is free. Completely pay to play garbage players that spend money, simply kick powerful in matches and they never miss and also it is impossible to catch,due to being very fast
This game is too slow even in low graphics settings. Because of that can't enjoy the game properly. Uninstalled.
it's like the best free kick football game ever I ve seened but when I touch to play the game it just stop there for like 10 eternitys and I don't have any Internet connection problem my Internet is really good. my wish is that please fix this or I have to uninsttal this game😣😳😭
A huge amount of ads i'd ever seen in app. It needs to be deducted....it's very annoying...As well update request is very much in short period,,,,why? I don't know...I noticed no changes...please request for update only when you add something new.....
Lagging, freezing, crashing & a lot of ads. Guys I would love to pay money and buy the game but its very bad recently, I advice you to improve the game and make it 6$ once and for all not monthly subscription. Until then uninstall
Now I know games gave adverts however after 1 week of playing the game, as soon as I open the app I have had 6 back to back 30 second adverts. I didnt wait any longer to see if there are anymore adverts. I don't expect to have to wait at least 3 mins to open the app....
Ads, ads, ads and more adverts. An advert when u load it up even! Clearly a pay to play game massively restricting you to play and disavantaging.
I've had an awful experience with the game! Straight off the bat, the game is filled with ads, every button you click on, a 15 seconds ad appears. The gameplay is pretty random and not that polished, the goalkeepers are USELESS, even the max trained ones, the premium membership is SHOVED DOWN OUR THROATS! I just want to play the game, I don't want to constantly be bombarded with pop-ups. 0 out of 5 from me. There are a lot better and more enjoyable games out there.
Very bad game when I down loaded it it didn't even work it said update and did not work so I had the game for like 30 seconds do not download this game if you did what are you doing
Fix the lag. Improve smoothness. It's bad if you do not pay attention to your product after releasing them.
It's a good game because I played it before but for some reason i can't start the game and I get stuck on a black screen. Developers please fix this.
When you don't have an internet connection you can't play, when you finally get data to play the game you're trolled with unrelated ads for games you have no business with, finishing your data unnecessarily. Absolutely ridiculous.
I played this game for a day and it is awsome but in the next day it keeps stopping pls fix this in the next ubdate💔❤❤❤❤
so laggy and always freeze i have samsung note 10 and 5g connection and dont know where the lag come from!! fix it or it will be uninstalled
would be a awesome game if it ever worked. ALWAYS FREEZES and is a money pusher! when I try to train my players it just freezes and when I come back to game none of my progress was saved. but as far as the game it is very fun and great game when it works
I like this game but from yesterday I faced with crash and freezing and even it shows about my 100 daily coin but it don't affect to increase my coins. Sometimes stupidly when I fail it empty my coins more than what it should be. Really I don't understand why
I can only play one online game at a time, then it just refuesed to connect me to a opponent so I have to restart it every time, and these people make you pay to be a member which I did and still such a poor experience.👎
Game mechanics are awful. Especially for the keeper. The best part though, you can become a member to remove ads and what not. Start a 3 day free trial and then PAY 8.49 A WEEK. I pray not a soul is paying that for this game. Beside that joke, you can just tell the second you open it that it's 100% pay to play. Try making a game that can be enjoyed by being played, not being paid. BOOM that rhymed. (p.s. Your game is trash)
Very bad game but can you atleast change practice into being free and not pay by the way this game is so laggy I can't shoot properly and in freekick mode I took a shoot but I when I shot it lagged. Fix the freekicks to saving and scoring is to hard like I can't save a single goal and ads come every 1 second you join and boom! There is an ad
Don't even think to spent even one dollar in this game. For more than 2 years they didn't do anything to protect the game. They protect a group of hackers just to make new users to be excited and wanted to play like protected hackers, and, of course, spending monney in tokens, coins, membership etc. In my oppinion this is stealing and this game should not be aproved for in game purchase.
I've no issue with developers getting paid for their work but the ads on this game are far too intrusive. You can't even get to the start screen without viewing a series of ads. Defeats the object of a mobile game which are effectively for killing a few minutes of spare time. In this case, you don't even get to play the game in those few minutes. Not for me so I've uninstalled
Its a great app. But this morning I tried to open the app and once I clicked it to open it, it crashed. Please fix ASAP
How anyone rates this high I dont know, was enjoying it at first (when playing the game) then you just get ads after ads! It's disgusting. The bit that topped it for me to rate this and uninstall was the moment I loaded the game and got an ad immediately! So if you hate games slammed with ads dont even bother! 30 second none skipable aswell
I used to enjoy this game, but 2 days ago they started to have about 5 minutes od adds before the game even starts. I counted about 6 of them(30 seconds each) and still I can't enter the game. If you don't fix this immediately, there will be noone left who will play this game.