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FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by DeNA Corp. located at 665 3rd St, STE 150 San Francisco CA 94107. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very good game love it though it be awesome if when you complete a mission and click the alert if it brings you to that mission in the questbooks.
Was fun and enjoyable. Until it decided to stop loading! Its been "buffering/loading" for an hour now. I have closed and opened it several times nothing happens, i even rebooted my phone and still, nothing!
Great is not a powerful enough word to describe this game. It's the nostalgia of all my favorite classic final fantasy games mixed with a taste of the new era's take of the series! Cannot put this game down. I've been playing for a couple days now and haven't seen a single add or an overpowering pressence to get you to buy in game currency. I've managed to get most of my favorite characters without investing, but the temptation to get some gems to get the higher tier weapons quicker is real!
Been playing for 5 years since release. FFRK is an excellent nostalgic journey of your favorite FF games. Super free to play friendly for a game with TONS of content. Definitely give it a shot if you're an old school turn based rpg fan.
Fix the rng seed issue I'm sick of getting 11 draw single 6 star glint dupe repeats , especially on banners I pay for
Huge fan had a maxed cloud and every thing then it stopped working I log in and it's says system error reloading it doesn't reload then when I restart it it doses it again good game but now it won't work please fix
This game has been amazing for 6 years... I love how generous it is and how easy it is to play! Not very demanding and very fun!
This game was once a very stable game, now it crashes a lot on both platforms. Some improvements are welcoming, but for the most part if you like grinding this game is for you! I feel that returning to this game was a serious mistake, and it doesn't help how easily the game errors, gives a black screen, or hangs. It's sad how the devs fail hard on both quality and content. I don't recommend this game until the game is less buggy and more stable.
I love the way it plays, but theres one major problem. The game is really easy. After completing a few dungeons, you can buff up 2 members of your party to lvl 50. Then they just carry. Due to the way all of it works, it's impossible to get many real challenges.
I've been playing FFRK since it released. It's 6th Anniversary was March of 2021. Today (4/27) there was another wonderful QoL update. I love this game for the nostalgia, the gameplay, the challenges and the developers are great. Best player community of any game ever as well! Come join us at GameFAQs or Reddit. Seriously... Developers who listen to their playerbase, aren't insane with monetization and the game is better for it!? Almost unheard-of in the gaming industry anymore.
Well scratch that last review the new updates have added some new stuff to make the game feel a bit fresh. I just hope they add more quality of life stuff so that we don't have to sit through so many load screens. I also wish the bosses had more variety in terms of strategy. Most of them involve debugging, attacking during damage phases then pray to God you prepared to survive their overpowered attacks, repeat. They don't even have weaknesses u have to make ur own :/
Love the game. But lately, it seems like I can't access anything after I finished a quest and have to restart the game to be able to access menu. It's really annoying, please fix it asap.
Its a really good game and ff series based, its not bias nor unbalanced, tons of freebies too and really fun I just hope there is some readable ingame option for quick info about the items, skills, etc. Overall a great game God bless you guys and more power. I recommend this game.
Been playing since 5 years ago and haven't stopped since. I've tried all the FF mobile only games and this is the only one I still play - it's the only one that's completely beatable F2P. It's also the most generous mobile game I've ever played! Check out the subreddit, the community is extremely helpful and there's no toxicity to be found! Can't say that for other games. Despite this game being F2P, I bought a pack to support it because the dev's listen and this game has always been improving.
Can't believe I've never heard of this. It's a classic FF fan's absolute dream. Seeing FF7 characters and monsters in the style of the SNES games is worthy of 5 stars by itself. Unfortunately gacha knocks it down a point no matter what.
No easy way to completely restart. Played years ago, bored and wanted to try again but have no idea what is going on from my previous account. Restarting should be a simple menu option. Will adjust review if that is implemented.
It's a pretty good game and I love the gameplay but lately it's been freezing up. After victory it will often freeze to show the battle.
Game would've been good if it weren't for the unoptimized client and horrible loading times. My internet connection is just fine and yet I still can't get past the title screen. I could've used that wasted 30mins for other things instead.
Had the game for a few days and loving it. Already maxed out 2 characters. I love seeing FF in it's glory love 6.
This is the hands down the greatest final fantasy game I've ever played, honestly once you start collecting some good characters and limit breaks and make your way into endgame content it's fun and challenging and super rewarding. If you loved the final fantasy V and VI Era of RPG's I guarantee you'll love this game. Give it a chance, save your Mythril for (50 draws) so you guarantee at least 1 powerful new weapon, just my suggestion.
Great game but lately it took too long on the loading screen just before any battle and it keeps saying "an error occured, reloading..." and going back to main screen also.
No idea why i dropped thos game 5 years ago, i wish i stayed with it..by far my favorite mobile. Never makes it necessary to spend, the nostalgia is real. Only draw back is loading times, reward screens ect. Spend more time between fights than in them.
I downloaded this game awhile back and it was slow as heck. Still is today sadly. When I first played the game I had a cheap phone and I thought that was the problem. Just recently I bought a Samsung galaxy note 10 and decided to give this game another try. Nope still slow as heck, and load times are a pretty long wait for a mobile game. I like the game play and all but I feel like the developers don't care much for the game anymore. After all these years I thought there would be improvements...
Good game, but the loading times are killing me. It has made me want to uninstall on multiple occasions. Needs a lot of optimization.
Very nostalgic. It's a good game to get a glimpse of all the FF games. Game has started to freeze upon opening after reset today. Only thing that works is uninstall and reinstall. It is required again after each time the game has been closed.
Pretty fun, as long as the 15 mithril summon remains a thing. If it reverts to 50 and stays 50 at some point then I will not play it anymore. I feel they can maybe update the backgrounds to not be so flat, and tweak the character sprites. It looks a little too simple. If they made it kind of look like FFBE that would be great! 5 star for now.
The entire endgame is a bunch of reflex tests, and when they finally added wait mode, they made it deliberately bad.
Honestly, best mobile phone game ive ever played. Hands down one of the most f2p friendly game. I pay sometimes but tbh i dont have to. Most harder content are permanent. Most of the stuff are balance imo. Unlike other game where new stuff are totally OP. Yes new stuffs are better, but you wont be left behind if you fail to get it. Aside from the poor bit char, this game is amazing. Ive been playing since the release and totally recommend it
I loved this game when it first came out but after taking some time off from playing it has become so complicated that it is nearly unplayable for me know. I wish I could clear my game and start over. This was such an amazing game. It's very sad that its become so overly complicated.
My favorite mobile game of all time, would've gave 5 starts but the only thing I don't like is the early game mechanics. Mainly, the Realm Dungeons. They are time consuming, repetitive and boring. You fight pointless enemies before a boss which is so time consuming. I feel as though a overhaul needs to be made to make it a smoother experience instead of feeling like a headache. Not sure why you have to fight 3 waves of 3 enemies each dungeon. Should just be one 3 wave each dungeon.
I love it and great for rememories the all thy FF old school and I wonder why the all dev don't want to built up more then 5 heroes can use in battle since there's were alot of heroes can choose
It's a great storyline... but it's constantly crashing! Every minute it has to reload so I can't even get anything done.
Difficult for a beginner. There's way too much going on. Once you finally figure out how to begin the game, you really need someone to hold your hand through it all because if you spend too much of one of the dozens of currencies improperly - which there are a finite amount available - then you're better off starting over on a new account. But once you figure it out, it's fun, and certainly nostalgic for the FF fan.
I really wanted to like this game, however it has a few major flaws that prevent me from properly enjoying it. First off, there is no way to reset your progress. This is one of the biggest problems that I have because I haven't played the game in years and the game is just way to complex to just jump into after not playing for that long. Second, the loading times are atrocious, especially considering the games pixelated art style. I have no problem with this art style, the problem that I have is that there is no reason for the load times to be as bad as they are when the graphics are that simple. There is even a simple fix for this, just let the player predownload all the games assets either to their internal storage or their sd card if they have one, this would even help people play the game more if they have data caps on their internet access. The third and final issue is optimization, The game has performance and stability issues. It lags at times and crashes a lot despite the fact that there are games that both look better and have even more complex gameplay that work just fine on both my phone and my tablet.
It's 2021 and it still crashes its getting really annoying i can't get through one battle without it crashing
That stamina is totally ruining whole game I can do max 10 quests per day what's together maybe 20min playing per day
I love FF and getting to play it on mobile is awesome this game lets me revisit FF games and fight bosses with my favorite characters so it's rlly good
Really wish that some characters that were taken out due to an event ending like from kh to be put back in.
This is just game deserves to be banned for illegal gambling. Having a final fantasy name I cant believe it comes from any of there developers. Just a pile of greedy garage and people that play this have to be stupid.
Its really good! It has all the main characters from every final fantasy (from my knowledge) and my favorite, Quina. Quina sadly doesn't have many moves though but many limit breaks to the users disposal. Sadly as of late the games been crashing as I've been trying to beat the harder stuff, example Genisis (ff7) difficulty 180. Please fix the crashing!
Better than Brave Exvius and has tons of great fanservice from across the series. Why does SE need 8+ gacha games again? (ATB, this, BE, FFTWotV, Mobius, FFVIIEC, DFFOO, KHUxDR, NR, ect)
This app is AMAZING. I discovered Final Fantasy for the first time a year ago, and have enjoyed every bit of it. The story is amazing, the bosses and dungeons are spot on, and trying to get good relics for soul breaks and upgrades is addicting. The sheer number of unlockable characters and their unique abilities and animations is awesome. Would recommend this app to any Final Fantasy or RPG fan. This game is still getting updates to this day, which is amazing. Good work. Amazing game.
Sorry, even I loved this game very, but i must give 2 stars rating. How come I waited the battle loading so long? I've been waited for 10 minutes and it's still loading. Even I change the network, clear cache, and restart my phone still same. Ridiculous, wasted time.
I love everything Final Fantasy, btu this...this game really took me back to my childhood with the classic RPG style battles. Great game, keep up the great work.
Haven't played it yet but it looks good!!! Hopefully gameplay is good and it runs well on my phone✌️ PS: I'm kinda disappointed that ffmobius was closed down, I played that game for about 4 years...😑 I wish we could retreive our save and somehow play offline because the gameplay was beautiful 🤯
It's really good, no need to use money on this game, which if you hate microtransactions then definitely the game for you, that and if you like old (FF6 and below) Final Fantasy, definitely recommend
FFLK aka Load Keeper. Press one icon, load. Enter battle, load. It goes on and on. Everything has to loa...... (Now loading)
It's a great game, providing many opportunities for nostalgia and spoilers, and for the most part it's pretty polished and well-made. However, the combat is a little too simple early on. Combat mechanics like Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia are much more interesting. Audio cuts out randomly as well. I can fix that by switching apps, but occasionally the sfx/music glitches out. Can't find a solution online.
It's certainly not because regional block, because i can download it from play store, but the pl issue I've always have is the loading screen took so long,some ppl at forum recommend it using vpn to play, that solve the problem but still for me it's not really a solution, some ppl encounter similar problem Nevertheless this is a great final fantasy game, it's deserve the title "Record Keeper" for all final fantasy fans out there who want to rekindle their past story with their memorable series
It's super fun but there's a lot of bug that need to be worked out mainly the audio sometimes the sounds glitches out and loading takes longer the more further I get in the game it get so slow it with each update.
Loved the game until Android 11 update. Now it is just one nonstop crash or bug. The game is borderline unplayable. I have to constantly close and reopen it. Please fix this.
U should cut off some 3* 60% to 30%, then give 10% for 7*, 6* and 5* draw rate. Not enough always one or two relics; at least four or more relic draw. For Dream Relic Draw; bonus relic at least four pcs. How we supposed to beat over D550 and ??? level? Where's new 6* Support ability like debuff (physical attack); briefly lower ATK, MAGIC, DEFEND, RESISTANCE, and MIND a very large/massive amount? 😒
FF:ELEC (Final Fantasy: Endless Loading + Error Crashes) Great game when it actually does work. But load times are ridiculously long (and always have been), and lately it's been experiencing constant errors that make progress impossible. The nostalgia of FF is the main thing that carried it this far for me. But even that is no longer enough. The undeniable fact is the developers haven't bothered to make this app function decently even after the many years they've had to do it. And that's sad.
Love the game (not anymore), but a lot of connection problems and its not my internet. Loadings taking forever... whats happening!? I can't play like that. NOT TO MENTION THE WORST STAMINA SYSTEM EVER!!! HUNDREDS OF DUNGEONS TO PLAY AND I CAN ONLY PLAY LIKE 2 OR 3 DUNGEONS AT A TIME! RIDICULOUS! DEADLY UNFAIR YOU ROTTEN DEVS! Changing to -9999 stars! Mobile FF games are garbage! And ULTRA PAY TO WIN! YOU CAN'T GET THE BEST EQUIPMENTS IF YOU DON'T PAY!
Other than the fact that everytime I turn it on it won't connect to network, I love this game, this game is up there in with some of my favorite mobile games. Good job Square Enix
You will most definitely grind to get stronger, but there is no shortage of content. Plenty of opportunities to earn mythril so you don't feel pressured to buy store currency. I absolutely love this game.
Game takes me back to my childhood!! The different Fanfare thru the years, the BG music from the actual stages of the original games! Some ppl complain about the load screens, but doesn't bother me enough to not give it five stars. I found it a little late but I'm glad i gave it a shot!
Im a casual player from 2017 and even though im slow i still have loads to do, only bad thing is the events come too thick and fast.
Too tedious. This game takes so long to get anywhere it's so overwhelmingly repetitive with a garbage stamina system that makes it feel like progression is non existent and pointless, I have been playing for year's and I still can't complete anything no event's or story mode too pay wall never even one it's disappointing Mobius was a better mobile the original Final Fantasy on NES is still better no gambling money for possible progression there.
Good amount of content, lots of characters, and the weapon gacha isn't ridiculous. Money doesn't go far in this game except for rare special banners, but I spent some to support devs since the game is not too bad for F2P if you spend any length of time on it. Mechanics aren't as deep as a game like FF Brave Exvius, but each character (characters are basically free and there are tons!) has a fair bit you can invest into them if you like them AND have good gacha pulls for them.
So good, I'd rather play it on my phone than any of the ports of the series' console games! No ads, great free progression with tons of different kinds of dungeons, representation from most of the series (the only missing bits are Mystic Quest and Spirits Within, which are both understandable omissions), and near infinite replayability with lots of cool abilities and parties to build! Pro tip: Build a team of Zack, Rydia, Bartz and Faris - the fifth is up to you. You'll rock the house!
Spent most of the time downloading content rather than playing the game. Every tap, download. Content is great but rather annoying if playing with slow and intermittent connection.
Overall a really great game with excellent storyline! However it is somewhat glitchy and I noticed a slight error with the PST time for reset, it's an hour too early.
Oh my god!!! How could you do this final fantasy games well parts of the story this is an amazing game if you are a final fantasy fan and dont want to buy anything then this is the game for you could you add a music list to play any music you want during battles like the ff10 theme for ff 4 and the boss themes too thx
I'd give it a 5 star rate, but no, never, with this errors and system break downs, the game loses interest, I really lose the joy with these loading screens then errors or system problems, please I ask from you to fix this issue, it is getting bothersome, I can't enjoy the game anymore it's not working at all. Urgently update it. Thank you.
Game is coded in html. Loading screens and crashes even on flagship phones. Too slow, unplayable. It's a 2d game that can't load when AAA genshin impact plays amazing
Good game, but the latest contents are not f2p friendly, unless you are extremely lucky. My gacha rates have been very awful lately. Definitely need improvements on that part. It is not fun to see your months of savings goes kaputt with some useless draw.
For fans of the series there is no better way to relive the old glory days and get updated on the series we all know and love.
Final Fantasy Record Keeper™ is a really great way to relive past battles and it even holds great new experiences as well
Been wanting to play this game for quite a while and finally got a chance to. I know I have a lot of catching up to do, but so far it's going very smoothly because I have more stamina than I can use!
Asking for review after 5 minutes of shoving me around through a horrible ui, with a pop up screen after every single step that they call a tutorial... game seems thrown together and very ugly.
Game itself is very fun. Recently went back to play after a long hiatus but, unfortunately, game is now requiring an account (google account) and wants to know your name, email address and phone number to play? Really, to play a video game? This was never the case in the past. I understand that it's an online game but why not just offer in-game account login instead of snooping personal info? Definitely shady and have since uninstalled. Plus, it's now grindy as hell. Recommend you avoid.
Please bring back Kingdom Hearts to the game! I want to get everyone available like Sora, Riku, and Lea :D Frrl plz bring back Kingdom Hearts ;-; I want all the characters, alternate costumes, and equipment. They all look so awesome and I'm a huge fan of Kingdom Hearts lol :3
I love this game so much and I have no problems with it at all, but I would really appreciate it if ya'll did the Kingdom Hearts event again. I missed out on the last one y'all did so can ya'll please bring back the Kingdom Hearts event.
This game was working well until there's a message that says that my account or app is not authorized by Google Play Service and it keeps popping back up when I close it. It makes this game completely unplayable to me. Please fix this.
5 years and still going strong. Gacha is generous and many banners are discounted and regularly reset/updated. The banners of the current era allow you to completely rinse through 80% of content with ease. I've been playing since launch and still struggling in endgame, though might be I'm struggling for mythril to pull on new banners consistently in order to advance my meta game. New players will not have this problem. Battles are ATB based like the good old days. SB's are pretty. 10/10.
Love this game Final Fantasy 7, X And Xii is my fave games, so being able to make a team of with any characters in it is amazing.
Square Enix seems to have learned their lesson from scamming people over Kingdom Hearts dark Road and as to complete that title you will basically need to be a higher income bracket. The purchases in this game in the way of the packs made available are reasonable and will get you through the game without any problems. I'm surprised it's a good game and it's not a scam. For once offering a reasonable $60 for a software license will allow you to conplete Record Keeper.
I've had a mediocre experience with gacha games before, so I was hesitant to get this game, despite being a big Final Fantasy fan. I was wrong. The game has loads of permanent content for you to tackle (I've been playing for a year and still haven't finished), a gacha system that allows you to clear end-game content without the newest relics, and gameplay that uses the traditional ATB system. Also extensively reading enemy AI scripts for 6* magicites - you'll being doing that a lot. 11/10
Fun to an extent...Easily hack your way through lower levels, but as soon as an event becomes active you'll be extremely out matched and unable to participate in anything other than mindless clicking without spending money.
I love this game and have been playing it on and off. All the times I've stopped playing it were because I got tired of the long loading screens which sometimes just get stuck. I wish developers would focus on fixing this somehow because the game itself is probably the best I've played on mobile. There's so much content nowadays, but I can't even get past my dailies because of the loading screens.
I've been playing this game for 4 of 5 years i love it but there's flaws. Especially 1 reoccurring flaw. There's consistent slowness for years. I've put this game on my gaming desktop & the programming is slow. The slowest I've played of other games, so many menus & options have 5-10 second loading screens. U can't reality just jump in the game if u have a minute or 2. Now, fort couple months, after battles, there's blank screen that last up to 20 secs or crash the app. Auto battles stop.
It's extremely fun, it's unlimited with who you have on your party and what they have on with weapons armor, ETC...
So there are so many different currencies in the game. But it's a good throwback to some of my favourite final fantasies that I enjoyed when I was younger. I have just begun so later on I may very well increase or decrease the rating depending on the paywalls in the game.
Love the game and have been playing over three years. For new players there is a bit of a learning curve and a healthy dose of sodium for the "RNG" to get items critical to progression (mostly end game). However, I am 99.9% F2P and feel like with the proper resource management, you get good longevity with the game and reasonable power creep.
I have always had alot of respect over final Fantasy game been a huge fan since I was 10 but I HATE how they made this more of a cartoon! This is a (Anime) based game not a cartoon i feel this a disrespectful to all makers of the game who put there blood sweat and tears into the pure detail of each character from the shading on the there nose to the detail of the cornea of their eyes and the folds on the gear as they move I see them downgrading the graphics as a lazy attempt in copying
By far the best of all the mobile games. And running special series based and mixed series based teams is my favorite part. Played a few years back, was away, and restarted again with many new features including some haven't quite figured outnuet
Im a big final fantasy fan and this game i love how you can go into every single final fantasy and collect all the characters too
I personally love it. You can choose whatever characters you like to create the party of your dreams, its not difficult to navigate, and its definitely fair as a free game. You can pay but it won't boost you a whole lot more than if you just put some time into it.
Played this since release and I've logged in all but a hand full of days. From the days when you'd pull a 50 mythril draw and not even get a 5* weapon to now doing the daily draw and pulling several 5*s it's definitely improved vast amounts and will continue to have me playing for as long as I can see.
I've been playing this from the beginning and I just can't get over the fact that this is a gambling game. When you buy gems (please dont waste your time) you barely get any good weapons. Plus they do a daily draw and 9/10 you get something completely worthless. They also constantly do draws but you can never afford them cause you have to use mythril for everything including relic draws. I hope they change these issues, probably not cause it's clearly a gambling type game disguised as a rpg.
Fun to relive the old memories of the original games. Building your team and items keeps you interested in the development of the story.
Great game, but constantly starts flashing and crashes or stays in a black screen lately. It happens often enough to have been a thing several times a day, everyday recently.
i like the old school graphics and sounds game seems good so far will change review later as i play more
I wish there were more cut scenes from FFVII, FFVIII, and FFIX. The storyline's pretty good and the characters are cute. I'm still new at playing this game, so I'm still unsure if this game allows you to play online with other people. So far I'm enjoying it 😊
Played it during realease. Had a little fun and stopped for a few years. Coming back to it a year ago felt like a good experience. I stopped again for some reason but am planning on continuing again. 5 stars well deserved because of how much content the game provides as well as their generous rewards. Their daily rewards are not stingy and that is what I love. The super rare rewards feel like such a good power spike each time and always bring something fresh for me at least.
There is a constant sysem error. I cannot access the item box after collecting the daily login. Cannot even access other things before it crashes.
It's amazing for a gatcha game, and it's very kind to F2P players. I've played for 4ish years and I check in daily. It's a bit more complex and there's lots to figure out, but r/FFRecordKeeper is an awesome community and will help you figure things out.