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Final Chronicle (Fantasy RPG)

Final Chronicle (Fantasy RPG) for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Playmage located at 3601 Juniper Hills Blvd Cedar Park, TX 78613. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's a good time killer, could be more realistic, and have better battle system. Overall I like the game can get a little confusing on some things.
Unpolished cash grab with poor translation, cheap animations and uninspiring combat system. Gives rewards for good reviews so don't trust them 5 stars.
just starting out so can't give a complete review but i like it so far. easy to understand and play. very enjoyable so far will change review as I've played more.
Interestingly Awesome RPG! Its a side scroller with turn based fighting and mini games to solve to obtain team skill and hp boosters. You get the best of both worlds and an added kick for all my old school gaming Brethren!
I really enjoy playing this game. Although, there are so many loading screens that make the game drag out a bit. Other than that, I have no other problems.
This is an update to a previous review. It did not take long at all to run into the p2p wall. With no way to upgrade the main character, you get defeated completely in just the first chapter. I have invested in games, but I will not be forced to do so. The story turned into a side scrolling grind from the very beginning. Uninstall
Game is ok. You can only buy so much stamina a day, then you have to wait for refill. If you are into that cool. I'm not.
Crashes at title, unplayable. When it was playable, it rewards 5 star reviews, so don't rust them. The fact is this is an autobattle, pay-gated trash heap.
Very nice game. Hard at first but once you get the hang of it than it's pretty fun! Only problem is stamina take too long to refill..
The battles are reminiscent of Final Fantasy games the 2d sidescrolling aspect to the Final Chronicle is reminiscent of Elsword and it gives the feel of a MMORPG on a computer the music is something I'm a fan of because It gives the feel of a fantasy game that takes place in the past it also seems rather easy to get Gems and I like the leveling system in Final Chronicle with a passion, but you have to advance the story before you get any other optons other than avatar, overall I would rate the music a 5/5, the gameplay a 5/5, the voice acting a 5/5, the MMO aspect of Final Chronicle a 5/5, and the posibility of different characters a 4/5, overall I would rate the game a 96% / 100%
Would love to be able to review the actual game but since it looks like the dev hasn't optimized it to work on the S21 Ultra yet all I can do is stare at the "Tap to Enter" screen. Dev needs to talk with the Play Store and either update the game to work on this device or tell Play to block it for the time being.
It's a pretty fun turn based rpg with nice graphics. Similar to most of the other games of its genre. The only problem I'm finding is you run out of stamina too quickly and it takes way too long to regenerate .. so sometimes I can't play even when I want to. Another downfall is the arena.. you literally just stand there and watch your players fight in auto mode.. it's awful. I want to control my players.. Update: I liked this game enough to buy some gems. mainly because I wanted to become VIP to get some perks.Theres an event going on that states "BUY ANY GEMS" and become VIP in bold bright caps lock. So I bough the month card which is double the price of the 300 gems.. guess what? Support said month card gems doesnt qualify towards VIP... then why does the event say "BUY ANY GEMS"? Super upset and dropped to 2 stars
What could be a decent game is hobbled by rough translation and a painful mandatory tutorial. Good graphics and a decent story, though.
I've hit a total wall with this one. There is no way for your guys to gain experience outside of basic battle, only that isnt getting very far at all. This isnt a paywall per se, but more like I just cant progress. They need to institute some kind of experience potions to help.
After updating the game I CAN'T pass title screen, Always crash... It's a bad choice to update it.... Please help T_T
Writing good review for quest, Guess it has to be longer. Too soon in the game to tell if I like it. Words, words, words, etc., etc., etc.
Honestly I give all energy games a -3★ instantly... But what erks me the most is the fact that the game forces you to auto join a guild, and it puts you into a dead guild then forces you to do guild stuff for that dead guild. Blah, if this was removed and I was able to actually pick/apply for a guild that was actually active I'd have a better expierence. Also I seen more loading screens then actual gameplay.😒 Decent game, jus tired of the multiple loading screens in and out of everything.
I try. I really try to enjoy this kind of game. But endless mandatory tutorials and autobattles that basically says that I don't need need to make an effort always drives me away...
This game is like ordering a steak dinner. It looks great on the menu. so you order it. when you receive it, you get awesome salad,tasty potatoes... but the meat is raw. Great concept, but I am not looking for a puzzle game, and one where the heart of the game is created by a 5 year old. Fix the adventure part of the game and remove the puzzles, and I will get all my friends to download and play. till then, it's not for me.
Being bribed with rewards for a 5 star review. As of writing this I'd played for an hour. Honest thoughts is it's okay so far way too restrictive with tutorials and too much info dumps with them too. Overall a 4/10 so far. Please ignore the 5 stars, that's just for the rewards, my actual rating in stars is 2 out of 5 so far. Will update as i get further in the game.
This game is great i have fun playing it everyday and it gets verry interesting with the story. I always like finding new things to make my characters more powerful and the puzzles are really fun and challenging. All in all this is a very fun game
The game is fun and has good mechanics. The only reason this isn't a five star review is that the tutorial lasts way to long. I've been playing almost four hours and still haven't finished it.
Game will not progress past title screen. Google Pixel 4. Tapped on screen, and both available login buttons, to no effect.
I like the game. Its difficult to understand at the beginning (am still getting used to it). There's so many tasks, guilds, bonuses etc that's hidden in the game, that you just tap on everything and take pot luck. This game is for teenagers and adults. Younger kids won't get it. A solid 7.5 stars out of ten. Upgraded to 85% the game gets better as you play it. Fantastic and immersive gameplay.
I love this game so much! It's plot line is okay but the experience playing it is great! It's easy to use and people give you help in the chat if you need.
Nice game, funny character interaction, went a bit overboard at start but it settles down to a nice pace as soon as you finish the prologue. Curious about how the storyline evolves
Very complicated for a total newbie on this type of game style beyond that a very good game. I gave it 4 Stars because I had such a prob with learning the initial navigation. I am almost 65 so that may have added to my situation.
A lot of working parts straight off the bat but for those who have played Mobile RPGs before the learning curve isn't too steep and the tutorial is quite good. Overall game play is enjoyable and much more engagining than this genres "Idle" counterparts. very fun.
A nice story hamstrung by typical JRPG online BS like guilds, a tutorial blocking you from your own decisions, and avatars we can only customize, when 90% of the players already abandoned the game due to such noob-factors.