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Fin Ancient Mystery platformer

Fin Ancient Mystery platformer for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by FenechGames located at Plechanova 67, Minsk, Belarus. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence, Rare Scary Situations) and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
There hasn't been a good platformer on android, with as good a grip on the emulated controls. The game itself is good, but what really stands out for me, is that the controls are astoundingly well handled!
seems to have a glitch,even watched level 1 on YouTube and copied it but the platform doesn't come back up and if I jump down I cant get back out or reach the highest lever.game update, I've now completed all levels and have really enjoyed playing it,can't wait for another level,excellent game dev.
The game is great however when you buy the pro feature you get less things (like minigames) than what you whould get without the pro feature after awhile the pro feature gets annoying. Can you please set the game in a way that it will still be fun to the persons using the pro feature.
Mam this is a good game even though l didnt finish if, it was so fun and very simple, its so smooth and the sound effects greatly matches the game
I absolutely love the game so far. I no longer have it on my phone. I just previously bought it for the Nintendo Switch lite as controls are smoother still! Love the "i am not Groot" part. Hope there's a sequel at a later date.
I changed rating from one star to 4. While jumping forward it will jump backwards instead when taking off alot of times. I didn't run into any more glitches except jumping problem. It's really a great fun game and I really enjoyed playing. I give the game play and graphics a five-star. I can't wait for the next one to come out. How long is the wait? So many commercials are crazy though.
thought dev already updated the game. there is still a glitch on lvl 1. .lever wont come up. .im stuck now. .
Haven't played yet but I'm exited to play, the screenshots look cool so far and I want to play it. The main character is an anthro animal which I absolutely love. Update:*My words are limited. Straight to the point* The art is cool, background good, music not so much, main menu is not very appealing. I'm exited to know more about the story. When I slash to the left, the slash animation went on the right side, please fix. On the start I need to push a boulder. IT SLIDE. Btw That fennec is sexy ;)
The game was extraordinar the graphics the control's everything.But the only thing is we must wait for hours for another level in the game.The adds aren't loading for along time.I have a strong signal too.It has took nearly one hour to load an add.Other than this the game was owesome.
Really tough somewhere but bad thing is how an we upgrade our weapon no hint. What is the use of three colour boxes in adventure menu can not understand why tbe boxes are given. What to do with the chocolate,purple and red colour boxes. You must show something when we click on them.
cute game! only bug seems to be when you save. After i watch the ad, I always have to close the game because it wont let me use the controls. Beisdes that a really cute game so far :)
I just need some help everytime i play the game it will tell me that it save but when i already kill the boss and go back to play it start all over again.. Is there a way i can get this fix please ASAP!!!!
gameplay is overall nice. controls and feel need some polish. plus for metroidvania levels. retries upon death feels unecessary to pay for since there are save points. visual feedback on damage taken, enemies dying is weak. I also feel like my character is moving through water - response is slow
I don't like the fact that I have to wait for hours when I finish a level in order to play the next one. Also I believe that it would be more fun if it had variations of weapons and spells instead of just one option
This is definitely the best adventure mobile game i have played in YEARS!!! Graphics are oustanding, combat is simple but amazing, and the secrets can be difficult to find, which is how these games come together. I love it!!! :D
Fin dies too quickly try something like we can upgrade his life power or something cause u cant even get too close to a monster then he dies
would have been fun but it keeps crashing.. so I'm afraid I must give up on the game - the game crashed in the very beginning, I barely finished the first saving point before it crashed again. Also the controls are hard to use as they have a slow reaction time, but the game is fun, just these problems
Very interesting and good game. Good speed, good move, good thought,good adventure Superb After jungle adventure and Jack incridible
I think they are going to get this game right eventurally. And when they do, it's going to be a great game. But right now the controles are out of tune, especially to run and nump. So I gave it 3 stars. The highest rating I bistode for this year, cause I think they got something here. Anyway, I got to deleat it. But I'll try it again in about 2-3 months.
Enemies r upgraded but the player isn't, t upgraded. This game is so so to me. Everytime player had to wait for ads otherwise u can, t move a little bit. This game disappointed me if player will be upgraded then it would be better. So while installing this think about it
The game graphics and story are good but the movement mechanics are a bit frustrating. The move and jump buttons and their timing is hard to get used to, and for a platformer game with lots of jumping, it becomes a problem the farther you progress.
Nice game & very good graphics. But has 2 serious glitches. These are - not enough life in the life bar. To beat the different types of bosses. And unable tonise yhe life potion.bottles at all. Fix these pronlems Dev's? And your game app.. will be played & enjoyed by many. And worthy of an five star rating.! Mr Rodney Harris Fraser.
Finally decent successor of Swordigo. Haven't even finished intro yet, but looks very promising, controls feels right, nice graphics, story so far... will be updated. Well, it's too short, just 7 worlds, and no epilog, just back to the menu. Ordinary enemies are a bit easy you can jump over and run away from. Nice game, but there's that feeling it missed great opportunity to be really epic. Completed in 3 days. Thanks for reply! You are very talented :-)
the controls are a little sloppy, but overall its a good game, the controls are kind of sloppy because its a little too sensitive, and when Fin is standing on a tilted platform, he easily slides downwards into the spikes, And when you touch a spike, it does too much damage to Fin, like the monsters do, and its almost impossible to dodge the bullets/magic things from the plants/monsters that shoots them
this game is so generic. if its the developer's first attempt, well, it's 'something'. if not, it's such a disappointment. its story and combat are both uninteresting. i feel like there was alot of untapped potential. i acknowledge the developer's efforts either way.
Lazy devs wont reply peoples issues. I guess when they start charging us then they will start giving a damnπŸ‘Ž. People need to know how to upgrade and no helpfull hints from game or devs.
its a nice game, fun, creative, and also enjoyable. Havent played it much to know if there's going to be an item that allows you to carry more potions or shields.
Loved the game, but it's potential to long jump is just simply creepy, nd at some point it doesn't shows like what to do next.... Unless this game deserves five star....
it is a good game but sometimes when i close the game after finishing a level and open it back...i have to do that level again cause it says that i have not completed
Nice game and thanks for extending the level 1 and please do for all levels soon. I want to ask you about level 6 and level 7 hidden chest, I got only 2 chest level 6 and 1 chest in level 7 so kindly suggest where to find the last one?
It's a lovely little game to look at, however the controls are sketchy, you almost have to press your finger through the display to make the little bigger move in the right direction. As for the adverts ....don't get me started!!
game is good, easy controls.One limitation is that one cannot attack and dodge the green enemy who throws slime like balls from its mouth at the same time.
Terrible enemies get stronger but i have no power to fight them!! It just makes you watch a lot of ads to give you life
Exceeded my expectations...nearly entirely! I would like to see a bit more of a visual cue for taking damage. I'm always finding out I'm almost about to die in just enough time to tap a potion. Good when you're having a poo, but not so much in any other case. Gonna buy it on the switch though!
Great game. Every so often, (like only in two stages, after saving) the controls, (directional buttons) kinda get stuck. But it only took me 4 hours to complete the game. Loved the artwork though as well. I reccomend just maxing out your sword. Hp, Mp is just fine as it is.
Well, it is not Sword Of Xolan, that's for sure. This is a shallow experience created on the fly so you can play, watch ads and make the developer easy money. Sword of Xolan is another free to play game but the level design, the music and the world atmosphere is phenomenal. Play it instead of this.
This game is grrrrr 😊 but yet every time i failed the game, my mind keep on saying, "I'm gonna win this level!, Kapit lng bes!" I'm totally get insane with this game. And I prove you all that you gonna love this game. Promise βœ‹ Every level has its own challenging tasks you need to do. Hehe. Thank You so much. Thumbs upπŸ‘πŸ‘β€β€β€
This is a 5 star game, brings the platform gaming experience we missed live, ads are not annoying, gameplay is so smooth, i just wished that jump buttom and magic were swapped, but that's not a proble you'll get used to it, really master piece thanks for a well done gameπŸ‘
Game seems very interesting but need alot of improvement so quick u die. In timelessness level I'm stuck no arrow to show wat to do next.
Controls could be better. All movements feel stiff and it's a little difficult to land jumps on target sometimes. Also there should be options to choose types of layouts like joystick or gestures as well. Double jump doesn't feel like much of an improvement from regular jump. Maybe tweak the animation a little to make it look better. The graphics are really nice and game play is simple and easy. Overall a good game for casual play.
I download this game to my PC with the program "Bluestacks". Could someone is tell me what button should I use to fight on the keyboard? Because the left mouse button is it, but it's very hard to play with. Thanks
I absolutely adore this game. So much fun. Adventure/platformer. Combat is a mix of sword fighting and magic attacks. It's not very hard, though perfect timing is necessary in certain situations. My only complaint is with the sound effects. I feel like with an animated game like this the sound should be more pronounced. Even a sound effect when you jump would be appropriate. But I cant fault this incredible game for that. So 5/5 it is. Definitely worth paying to remove the ads. Great work Dev
Very interasting Adventure game. I hope everyone gonna love it. Every levek your got interasting boss and enemy also. But the problem is after complete level7 its gonna very hard. And you will die more than 19 time in one level. Its very bad thing. I'm a game dev so i know the afford how much need to make a good game. 5* for your hard work.πŸ’πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ‘
It's a very good game but there is a issue in lost in deserts .there is no way to pass this. Please fix this
plz tell me how to kill level 2 boss... i have tried somany times but.... it doesn't dead.. what should i do... i will tried last one or two days only than i will uninstall it due to a very very hard boss stage..😠
Really nice graphics, would insist more on the story next time (no spoilers) . The controls are a little wierd in the sense that you can translate in mid air, which I can't really tell why it feels wrong. Some traps are too unexpected and you don't have time to react to them, that's good for when you know what a trap does but not the first time you encounter it. The game is really great, I've read the comments that this is your first launched game you've done a really really good work.
This is an awsome game. I am a platform junkie but unfortunately not many decent games for android available. Really worth downloading. Challenging at times but if you lose a life watch an ad you start back where you lost your life. Keep up producing games like this we need them.
Game is good and fun to play but life is lost at very high rate with every opponent and the creatures dont even die easily Either increase tha damage with sword and magic power or reduce the rate of loosing life. Few parts are very difficult to pass through like the axe wheel where 4 or 5 of them very close to each other Controls tends to be too large as it occupies much part of the screen.
wow!!! This is my favourite game after swordigo!! I have completed this one too!!!! And thank u so much for giving us a game like this!!! Best wishes for fenechgames to make more and more good games like this!!!!!πŸ‘
Los of opportunities to spawn new lives with ads and there isn't an in your face you have to buy this package x, y, or z. Graphics and music are very nice. Developers took their time with this game and you can tell.
Too short. Make a sequel? Also, might be nice to see the game through character's eyes so it seems more like virtual reality. Enable it to switch between game perspectives.
Lemme start first, this is an amazing game unfortunately there are many minor bugs. After you save your game in some checkpoint, you will be forced to watch ads. If you wanna play this game, think twice before you download this.
My expectations were too high from this game..but i dont liked it..overall its work is appreciable but the thing i dont like that it gliches in controles and everything is small as im playing on phone its not fun for me .
Awesome! Graphics are great, gameplay is exciting and challenging, and I love that I can respawn even in the middle of a boss. Cuz it took me two respawns to defeat the first boss.
I have always enjoyed platformers. This one is blended with perfect amounts of action, puzzles, and a cool adventure. All wrapped up with a story that is fun to follow. Great job to everyone that made this! For me personally, this game became an instant classic. It's one of those games that you wish had a sequel. Actually, a prequel would be more fitting ;) Thanks for this awesome creation!!!
I really like the game. These are the games that need to be played on mobile devices. Adventures and fun
ok now the ads are not intrupting. and thank you guys, you are replying to each comments!!! but u made the stage timelessness so tough that i was not able to kill the boss after trying so many times
good game, but only 7 levels, and the Timeless level (last level) is literally never-ending. you fight a destroyer over and over and over and over. add more levels!
i love this game! fun and exciting, hard enough to be challenging, easy enough to still be relaxing after a long day. beautiful playback, no glitches, and the ads are well placed and not overwhelming. strongly recommend.
Excellent game. Looks great, controls are great, it is not too hard. I can sit down and play it and next thing I know, 1 hour is gone by !! Only 1 little issue is the left right controls could be a bit more sensitive to the touch, but it is not that bad. Thanks Dev. .
Probably the worst platformer ive ever played... It looks nice, but plays horribly. The controls and physics barely work, the animations look janky, there are no invincibility frames when you get hit so you can bounce between saws and die just cus you got hit once. the voice acting and the grammar are horrible. And the bosses are way way too easy, especially the final one.... the only reason this gets 1 star is because it has fairly good graphics...
how do you beat the boss in second stage I've tried everything please help somebody??? I really like this game but I'm stuck. I have uninstalled it aggervateing I've tried everything to kill the big boss in level 2 and could not get any help on it lived the game though.
Too difficult!!! I was struggling by the end of level 2 and couldn't beat the boss despite watching the You Tube video. i appreciate this is probably just me as I'm not the best gamer!! I really wanted to love it though :(
Nice graphics but in start it easy... But in next it become more difficult.. I waste 2500 diomands but level did. not completed. My brain so much stressful.. I uninstall this game...
Game seems very interesting but need alot of improvement so quick u die. In timelessness level I'm stuck no arrow to show wat to do next. I just came back from playing this game not happy at all so difficult this game gets. Feeling very angry going to unistall this game only one star bcuz I passed few levels
I like this one a lot, but there are a few issues. First of all in the adventure mode the time starts running before you are able to move. Time should start when you can play. Especially in the defeat the boss mode. You lose 7 seconds before the boss even walks in during which you aren't allowed it move. Timer should start when you CAN play. The left button seems to be buggy at times. I press it and I don't move. Please fix this and I will change my rating.
I downloded this game and played it but its take to much time nd dos't start from checkpoint rather its restart moreover next level take a long time for start plz make it better.
it's entertaining but the controls could be a lot better. the movements are slow and clunky. if you like platformers where you level up then this is it
This game os amazing! Good storyline, good controls, good graphics. The only problem is that the camera is realy confusing, it's all over the place! And allso, is there a way to remove the ads?
I hated it because just like every other platform game on android (except swordigo), it has crappy overly touchy control responses, you die too easy too fast. Platform games should start easy, and build up slowly harder and harder as you adjust to controls. Fyi game creators, we are in a tech advanced age so the games should be much better than what we are seeing for choices. Literally nothing good. If swordigo creators can make a good game with perfect controls, I would think so can others. I would pay if someone actually did!
I have just started playing this game, and it's amazing loads to do, huge levels ( really huge ) a lot of work has obviously gone into the making of this game and it shows so well done developers this is one game that I will play to the end and NOT deleting off my phone, I am a 57 year old man and this will keep me entertained for hours possibly weeks LOL !!
I really liked the idea of the game and even the style. When I tried to play it however, I ran into a few control issues. It's almost impossible to attack properly with the mouse pad while using the spacebar for jump and arrow keys for movement. Which are the controls I was stuck with on my laptop. If their was the option to actually switch your controls to a more keyboard friendly option I would have enjoyed this game to the end. Overall this looked like a fun little game, just not for me.
This was a pretty good game. Sad it was only 7 levels. Finished in 2 days. To all the people posting that its impossible to win. No its not. Last level was a bit rough but once you figured out how to take down the final boss, it was just a matter of time. Takes a long while to kill him. Not sure why he died and then the level starts over. Expected a bigger ending. Hence why i only gave it 4 stars. But it was enjoyable. Thanks.
it was a realy frustrating game.. enemies had lot of life and fire and we die just by getting hit by enemy two times and still i played all levels and i was about to fight control center final enemy and my game just get cleared and now i have to start from first level !!! i'll not suggest this game !
.. help me please.. how can i finish the level 4? where can i find the mystery gate lock? i try to back at level start but i cant open the gate.. where is the lever to open it? thanks in advance..
The game crashes every few seconds. I liked it, so I made it through to the first save and a bit beyond that. In total it crashed at least 30 times. πŸ™„