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Fill In 3D

Fill In 3D for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Lion Studios located at 849 High St Palo Alto, CA 94301. The game is suitable for Teen (Fantasy Violence, Mild Blood, Suggestive Themes) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Good for waisting a bit of time every now and again. However, the coin counter doesn't work. I've collected around fifty coins by now but it only shows six. Would give it more stars if this was fixed. Also the last few cubes blinking is annoying, it would be nice to have an option to turn this off.
If you like spending more time watching ads than playing the game you've downloaded, this game is perfect for you. If you're a normal, sane person, you'll quickly get bored of having to watch an ad after EVERY level, I get it, you want to make money, but it's unplayable even as a trial to see if you enjoy it or not.
Great game to play when your bored! But the controls really turned this from a 5 star game to a 1(im being generous with the 2). Can you make the controls less sensitive by chance? Or even better, give the player an optiom in the settings to set the sensitivity of the controls to their own preference? Until this is fixed, im sorry but i have to uninstall.
I get that this is just a small game to spend some time on while you're bored or waiting for something but honestly it feels pointless. Tubes fall. They're all over the floor. You spend time collecting all these little tubes and making this picture (which is actually harder then it looks). But then to progress to the next lever you have to smash the picture you made all up back into the little tubes again Tubes fall. They're all over the floor. Exactly where you started. What was the point!?
Ok so I love this game, I had an issue with the payment to remove ads, but as promised by the developer (who I had contacted) got an update out and fixed it. The support I received was top notch, i was personally emailed me to make sure it fixed :) Thanks again Keep up the great work 🤟🏻
Two major problems that docks two stars. Number one, the game is severely laggy on my system and some graphical optimizations would help for instance things like lighting or anti-aliasing or I dunno, maybe just like a 2d version of the game. Number to the controls for the scooper are unintuitive as all get-out and I would much prefer it if the scooper just follow your finger. like you tap your finger and the scooper will go there.
Ok. But the controls are horrible. I can barely control it. It w0uld be better if I would just pick up a cube and then place it. I only played one level so o dunno anything else. But seriously, could you make it better? Controls need more improving.
I'd vote a 0. First of all, this is one of the magnet type game, its graphics, especially. Second, if we break it, why do we be build it?? Third, it is such an easy game, just do the dots??? Fourth, add traps. Like line colour, and draw around, etc. Fifth, 3D games??? It looks more like 2D to me... Sixth, at least a gem rush. Seventh, this stupid game was LITERALLY MADE BY MY FAVORITE GAME CREATOR. EIGHTH, YOU MADE ME HATE YOU, STAY 2D. 🤬😡😵👎👎👎✊👊🖕
It's a cute game. The scoop moves a tad weird but still fun. It has some pics to create, though I would like to see more, maybe in a later update. I like that you can change scoops. I'm not sure what the 'theme' tab will be used for, hopefully find out in the next update or so. One of the pictures I'm curious about because it's a scan bar, I'm wondering if it would work for something. But fun game.
I would rate it 0 stars if I could. I now understand why in the ads it says it so difficult, it is because the game is so unoptimized that it can barely run. It lags beyond the point of unplayable, that's why it so difficult. I appreciate the ads warning me of this skill level.
This is a good consept, if their had been a better execution it would be a great game! Currently, the main issues of the game is how laggy it is on some systems. The fact that the scoop doesn't follow your finger (has a delay) doesn't help with the overall usability 😭. One way the game could be improved on is its graphics , I'm surprised the game made the cut. Also the mechanical side if the game needs some attention. I get immense satisfaction from destroying the picture at the end.
It is super relaxing and helps me take out my stress. It does different pictures every time and it's really cool how the blocks change different colors when they get into place. And when you break the the picture at the end it helps take out a lot of stress. So I definitely recommend you get this game.
The game is pretty cool, so don't get me wrong here. There's no sound and the scoop is pretty slow at times, but my big complaint is the amount of ads. I get that free games need ads to keep them free, but having one after every level is a bit excessive. Back the ads down to one every five levels and it'd be worth keeping.
I love this game. Its great to play while watching youtube or to kill time in general. Scoop is wonky at first but can be adapted to. Just take some patience and learn to play games. Stop paying for no ads, its a waste of money, btw. The game is not laggy. If it lags, your phone is a piece of poop. Get a knew one or stop complaining. Great game. Cute pictures.
It was okay. Not as good as it could've been though. For example, the app lagged and glitched a lot and it was rather difficult to steer/control.
Good idea. However the controls are very poor and I know ads are important to the developers but one after every level is a bit excessive. You can definitely tell this game has been made with the purpose of craming in as many ads as possible.
Uninspired and unimpressive gameplay is what best describes this game. All you even do is drag the scoop thing across the screen and get the pixels in. There is absolutely no challenge whatsoever, which, along with the unskippable ads, makes this game even more boring and tedious. I also noticed that the game lags a lot of there are a lot of pixels falling, so there's that. All in all, just give this game a hard pass and trust me when I say it is not worth your time.
It's a nice game but I'm removing one star for forceful ads and one star because there is a glitch where the block get out of the container when moving and turning too fast.
Ok so I gotta admit this was a GREAT game! ☺ My only complaint is though is there ARE SO MANY AD'S! 😭 Just whatever you do turn off your Internet because it's either that or one ad after another. Again GREAT game, oh and I forgot to mention the fact that is is quite laggy at the when you knock something down its SUPER LAGGY! 😡 Thank you! Hope this review was helpful! 😊
Fun time waster. Trying to control the scoop is what makes it fun. At first I thought it might be hard to get the pieces that fly close to the edge but it's really easy to pick them up. Pointing closer to the scoop and moving slower makes it a little easier to control. There's no time limit so just relax, enjoy, and maybe laugh a little as the scoop suddenly goes zooming across the board.
The games pretty much just a time killer, simple and quick, but the simplicity makes it boring really fast, add to that ads every other level and banner ad, which is kinda annoying, but for a small game like this it's not surprising. It has some issues like the scoop losing pixels randomly and lag spikes here and there, but if you're looking for a quick distraction and don't mind ads, then it should suit you well
I love how simple and satisfying the game is. But I have something i would like the developpers to add. Can you maybe add sound when the blocks fall, when we pick the blocks and when we place the blocks to make the picture? It would be even more satisying and make the game less plain. But overall, i ❤️ this game so much!
Trust me. THIS GAME IS TO TIME WASTE! ITS GOOD FOR WHEN YOUR HOME, BORED, LIKE LEGIT ANYWHERE. I have no idea why some people would give this a 1. Like the controls are legit EASY. And I want to say this to Kari Kyoto, ALL GAMES HAVE ADS LIKE ALMOST ALL OF THEM. I have a trillion games with ads. So dont rate poorly because there's ADS because you will see them all the time.
The top 1 star review was before the update so it needs to be changed, But the ads people are talking about go away when you turn off wifi!! The game works just as fast but with no ads ever so I recommend that! This game is very relaxing for me, others just don't see the point in it, but if you get anxious alot or stressed this is a great way to calm down. It doesn't frustrate you because how easy the game is and it doesn't bore you because of the focus on the pixels!
Really cool app! My daughter enjoys playing this game on the way to school. She really enjoys it very much and wanted me to write this... She is a bit embarrassed of me writing this but she is happy! Hope your children and you parents enjoy this game! Great job making this fun and entertaining game! Hope people will praise you as much as I do. May God bless you with your accomplishments! Stay 3D!
Advert after EVERY level... I wouldn't mind if it was after every 5 or 10 but after every single level it's extremely irritating. Shame cos the game itself is good, like I say just tone down on the adverts. Sadly I must uninstall as I cannot play when plagued with ads. Tried again, no improvement on amount of ads and also the 3 minute upgrade to scoop doesn't work, you watch the ad but then it doesn't give it to you cos you have to close the app as it won't work after that. POINTLESS!
Serious lag in moving the scoop and controling it in general seems touchy. Ads after every single level is ridiculous imo. I inderstand the need to use ads to keep it free but a bottom banner that runs constant ads(which does not interfere with game play) is fine but with the every level ad on top of it is too much. Maybe a full page ad after every 5 or 10 levels or something along those lines should be considered. I may return to this app in the future. As of right now it has been uninstalled.
Now this game is okay/1000 compared to all the other games from this dev. I feel like it's Hella laggy for many devices tho so if you have a phone with very low ram then you'll just burn it. About the gameplay - Well it's fun for the first 1 or 2 days but then it just gets really boring, and the fact that it's so easy makes the whole thing less enjoyable. I'd recommend staying away from this Dev at all times :)
Love this game. The only thing that bothers me is whenever you knock down a tower of cubes with the scooper, it lags a bit and doesn't glide across the screen like normal. It isn't very noticible and honestly will not bother 90% of people. But overall, this app is great. As a percent, I'd rate this app a solid 95%.
Like many have mentioned before, there are a ton of ads, but if you can buy the no ad option it's relaxing. You go through the levels fast. once you finish them all it starts randomly throwing previous one's at you, which is fine for a game like this. However, I'm not so stoked about how you can still collect coins after you unlock the entire store. It's distracting that I have coins just floating around when I already have 1.4k and nothing to buy. Either add more stuff or let us turn coins off.
I like this game from a conceptual standpoint, but it has several problems that make it thoroughly unpleasant. The controls feel unwieldy and way too sensitive, the game is prone to flatly unbelievable framerate drops, and as one should probably expect from mobile games at this point, there's an ad every other level, disproportionate to the amount of time you actually play for. Not good, don't play it.
Makes you wait a LONG time every time you start the game while they show you a small box labeled "Our other games." Stupid. Game doesn't get more challenging after a certain level. You use the technique you've developed and play to waste time.
It seems to be random whether or not you get coins added. Plus I'm sure if it adds the coins in the level you pick up or it's the coin for finishing the level.
Too slow and is really horrible to play. It lags a lot and the gameplay is too bad I would not recommend this to anyone. Very bad. I would have given it minus ratings if I would have that option.
Unsatisfying on a whole new level! It's awful! It feels great when you get all the tiny cubes into the picture it makes you break it all up! Tiny cubes everywhere! It's probably just OCD talking but leaving a finished puzzle in disaster like that made me sooo mad! I uninstalled after the first one. Also the controls are hella wack.
Absolutely unplayable at this point. Fix the FPS. Even a 1900s game is less laggier than this. The controls seem overdone, too sensitive in general. Plus the ads, every time you finish one there's already an ad. At least make it so when you finish 2-3 you'll get an ad. This is also a satisfactory idea, as you can't properly build on an original idea yet two game studios made it. Or so it says. Play test it more, and for the least make it playable. Seems so jointy. Waste of time. Don't download.
I WISH IT HAD 0 STARS FOR RATING! This game is BULL S**T when you are about to start your 1st level an AD pops up, then in the middle of the game another AD pops up, and when you are done with the level another AD pops up .The same happens in each level.This game has so many ADS and each AD is about 1minute and 30 seconds . BUT the worst thing is that in the Middle of the game when the add is over you start losing control of the scoop and it moves by itself.Also sometimes the app glitches alot.
What are you talking about the kleebs family its not glitchy at all its really fun and its free so l recomend you install this app ignore the kleebs family its not glitchy at all and its really fun well its not glitchy for me anyway and all the people who l know who have this app whitch is a lot is not glitchy for them ethier so the kleebs family is just saying that so they can have this app all to them selfs and nobody alse can have fun xx
If you click just before you can see the animation of coins going into the coins socket where the amount of coins are shown , the coins doesn't collect and it remains the same as it was before. Please fix it. Also please add another mode of control like a joystick or arrow buttons. It will make the game to play a lot more easier for me. Thank you
1. Test your skills. Are you Filling Good?? Take your time and relax to reveal the picture of your objects 2. Feel your way through the game Amazing haptics will enhance your collecting experience 3. Challenge yourself with new features New objects are constantly getting added for you to collect and enjoy 4. Amazing Pixel Graphics Play, relax, and feel satisfied with every object you leave revealed 5.This is good relax for mind
Mind numbing, time passing. Uninstalled it when I realized they have you watch an ad to get a bigger bucket, which is fine, I chose to. And then make you watch another ad between levels and the time for your bigger bucket continues to tick even while watching the ad you had no choice in.
This game is really fun and has addictive qualities. I paid to go ad-free fairly early on as I wanted to keep filling in as quickly as I could. The one thing that frustrates me is the images repeat so frequently. I really wish there could be even more variety in images. I'd also like to see a Daily images section.
It's a neat concept, but wish they put a little more effort into making it. Maneuvering the scooper the way you want to is impossible- I have no idea how they designed the controls. It randomly speeds up and slows down, shoots past blocks that I am just trying to turn to get. There is no joystick and it doesn't go toward where you have your finger, so you are just moving your finger around the screen hoping it goes the direction you want. Also, there are ads like every other level.Very annoying
Read several reviews, guys that's the point of the game, to move a scoop around there's not supposed to be a challenge in this game. If you get lag spikes, get a better device, I get no lag spikes at all, the ads are there so the game stays up, if you don't like it done bother putting a review saying "it's to hard for me" and stuff like that, it's a very simple game, maybe you need to learn how to move your finger around the screen.
The game's actually pretty fun. Not too many ads. As for the scoop control that everyone's complaining about, it's fine. They're just a bunch of pansies who suck at phone games and got lost on the way to bejeweled. Also, if the app doesn't run smoothly on your device... it's not the app. It's your phone... it's trash.
The game will not let me progress to level 2. I've played through level 1 multiple times to no avail. This game is also quite laggy, and the controls aren't in any way comfortable as they are way too sensitive. Also, I am not happy with the amount of ads, as I played through level 1 about 4 times, and got 4 ads. Overall I am not happy with my experience with this game.
Why do you have to see an ad (a bad one, small as a stamp, on wqhd screen) prior to see anything that this game looks like?
If you want ads between each level this is the game for you. It got old having to wait 30 secs to play the next level. I wouldn't have minded if it was every 5 or so but it is between every single level. The controls are ok but the game isn't enough to sit through ad after ad.
The most eyesore game ever! The graphics were so difficult to work with. And the lag - my nightmare! Literally. There is a flippin' ad right after a level. Not recommended. Like, it was easy, but the lag makes it hard. Literally at the beginning there is lag.
It's fun and the controls are easy once you get the hang of it. But once you get to about level 150, levels start repeating. Old levels are recycled with different colors or just flipped. There's ads pretty often but they're easily skipped. Edit: The update added about 20 new levels, but I started getting duplicate levels again quickly.
This was glitchy, the graphics were terrible and the controls were bad. Also way too many ads. Can't you do an ad after every Second level? I mean I know you have to make money but if you could improve the graphics and controls then it would be a favourite game for me. ( that means I would watch more ads ) The idea is great but nothing else is. No offence though. Please at least fix the graphics and the ads. Thank you.
Let me say a glitch for the thing u get the blocks with if you buy the most expensive ot glitches and makes everything free even if u dnt have coins