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Fifth Edition DM Tools

Fifth Edition DM Tools for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Walter Kammerer located at 152 McClean Ave. Apt 3 NYC, NY, 10305. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 3.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Seems to work well enough. it does seem that the proficiency modifier for the characters doesn't increase when increasing levels to the levels that would increase proficiency.
This is a great app for managing campaigns and the encounters within the campaigns. It makes tracking everything so much easier. The only reason I didnt give this app the fifth star is because it doesn't automatically calculate NPC and player Saves and Skills based off inputed stats. If at sometime in the future that changes so will my rating
Been a DM for a couple of years now, found this app and use it every session now, helps you make encounters and track iniutive, hit points for monsters and characters alike, also keeps track of xp for that encounter and what each member gets. Highly recomend this app for new and experianced DM's alike.
The experience is decent, but the saves don't automatically calculate based on the ability scores. Please fix this issue.
First time DM, I found this app and loved it! It's easy to use once you figure it out, it's helpful to link things and to really organize your campaign. The only thing that's causing me issues, the reason for it loosing two stars, is that it keeps losing my notes! It's infuriating to write down a whole description of how something works only to come back the next day and find that it's gone! It only has happened to a few notes, but I'm having to back them all up now. I wish they'd fix this!
i cannot import monsters from internet. i'll update my star when i have my monster's ready. but everything well seems fine for me :)
I really, really, really like this tool if for nothing else than the combination of monster stats and initiative tracker. It makes combat SO much faster. I dislike that the tool is effectively useless without purchasing it. But, that being said, it does do a really good job helping the DM with dice rolls if you want, but also tracking initiative, enemies' and NPCs' skills and actions, XP, etc. As a so-so DM myself, it has improved the quality of encounters, as well as the speed of encounters in my games. You do have to import the monsters yourself. Hopefully you've picked up a little JSON. You can find the SRD monsters in JSON format out on the internet, and use that as a template to populate the rest of the monsters from the Monster Manual, and whatever other adventure book you've picked up.
It would be really handy to export the entire campaign (for backup or transfering to a new phone) Otherwise its a fantastic app!
When adding characters to the initiative there should be check boxes so you can just add them all at once instead of having to go in and add each one individually. Also, there doesn't seem to be any way to change the initiative order once they're added. Uninstalled.
My review is based off comparing this to dming by hand. The ability to import monsters is amazing, you can google up monster json files for this and have a one time download for almost every monster. Encounters, adventures, players and loot is easy to add and create. Few things that could be fixed is adding more then the player to an encounter at a time. But tapping the screen 3 times for each player is better then writting each one out individually. Deffinatly worth the buy
It's basically a blank screen. Unless you nab a well put together ad on file somewhere you will be inputting most of the info your self. Where I agree flashy bells and whistles aren't needed in dnd apps (the action should be on the table) this is almost painfully drab to look at. It seems uninspired and redundant. The are some really great and fun d&d supplements & tools, this unfortunately is not one of them. (fight club 5e is what you want)
Doesn't get a full 5 stars because of one annoyance I have. I use the app mainly to catalogue my stat blocks for creatures and monsters but I always have to put them in a second time. They don't save when I go through it the first time, I have to go through it all again to get it onto my list.
It is great... unless you want to keep your campaigns. Premium lets you make a new campaign, but it just is a copy of the other one and you have to delete everything, which will delete the previous one as well. The other premium features work, but I just wish I could keep all my campaigns and not have to write everything down so I can make it again if I ever want to play it again. If they could fix this, it would be great and worthy of five stars.
Very wonky, if your going to have a dm app instead of a player/npc app, make sure its up to par with the original. The automatic structure within the 5e character sheet app is awesome and in great detail. You need that same automatic feature for this app to make it sufficent. (Or at least to get a better rating out of me.)
Easy to use interface. Straightforward. Does exactly what I need it to do for my game! Keep up the good work.
I'm pretty disappointed by this app.While I enjoyed the Fifth edition character sheet, this one has severe problem. While the other has plenty of usable content without premium purchase, this one is unusable without so. Single campaign limit isn't so bad, but you also have a limit of 2 locations and 3 NPC!!! I understand the need to monetize, but auto-CR calculation and no campaign limit would be much more fair as premium content. It can be worth, but ONLY if you're willing to pay for it.
The Premium it does not let me buy it fix it please. Also may be let there be about 10 monster, let free player have 5 locations, also let there be more play for free stuff.
Love the app and am really digging into what it can do. One thing I am curious about is if we stop a session midbattle is there a way to start where we left off in the initiative tracker?
The app is a pretty good way of keeping your campaign organized. The only issue I have is when creating an NPC, monster, or entering player stats is that some of the fields do not work right. Specifically the saves field. The data that is generated after the input is wrong. If that can be fixed and all formulas are checked then I would give it a higher rating.
It won't let me import any of the characters I have made with the other app, I can't give it a better rating until then because this app is useless without being able to connect to the others
Not a bad app. Enjoyed playing around with it only thing I cant figure out is how to get monsters into it. Have to play around with that more
This seems like a really great addition to my D&D games, and with the premium version I can manage multiple campaigns.
Wow what a useful app. The things it does well with it really does well. Unfortunately for $5 for the premium upgrade the app does not support multi campaigns. Infact all the monsters, locations, items, players, ect carry over to other campaign. I thought the Initiative tracker might be what doesnt carries over however tabbing between the 2 campaigns it didn't seem to effect anything. There are also some super inconvenient moments such as exporting my entire campaign to another app.
I use the premium version for 4 months now and I'm running into the problem that my list of monsters and npcs are growing too large. I would like an option to multiselect so I could quickly delete some of them. it is still my go to encounter balancing tool when quickly improvising at the table.
Paid for Premium. App is broken. Also, will not recognize I paid. Your Character Sheet App is great and updated regularly. What's the deal with this one??
Can we please get an update in 2020. I cant make seperate campaigns. Changing campaign just changes the title. I really enjoy the app, it just needa a little bit more for paid version at least.
I paid for premium because I love the 5E character creator app by this developer and I love how they work with each other. The import/export function works great and the initiative tracker is awesome. But here's my problem, my notes are never saved. I typed in over 5000 words of history for my homebrew world under regions and locations and hit save but nothing was saved at all...this has me more than frustrated. Fix this bug please! Last updated Jan 18, 2017. Please update this app I beg you!
A few thing I think would be handy that you could add to the app (even though probably already thought of) is a way to organize the monsters into files of certaint types (such as undead, fey, ect.) and then by cr within files. Also make it more builder friendly by making a wiki/subreddit for them to post Homebrew imports in to support the new makers in the app. Over all I do like the app but there are a few bugs, such as notes deleting and duplicated monsters not always going through fully
It's a great app for designing monsters and managing campaigns, I think I've had it for two or three years now. The only reason I haven't given it a 5/5 is because of a recent issue I've been having where parts of my monsters just get deleted for no reason like their attacks or traits. It really sucks, especially when you've spent a lot of time typing everything up for it only to have it get deleted less than a day later.
*All selecting campaign does is vhange the name, but none of the presets within* It's a fantastic app, but there is a small problem. after you've constructed your first campaign, any "new campaign" will just be the same information you've input with a different title. So essentially you can make a single campaign for the time being. Other than that, I'm enjoying the structure and fluidity it gives me for running my campaigns!
Conceptually this app is amazing but it feels unfinished. Saving multiple campaigns is handy although being able to set encounters to specific campaigns would be an improvement. The ability to import and export both Characters and Monsters is very helpful. A quick google search nets you the SRD monsters for free (buy the app for enough storage) and makes initiative a mostly trivial process. This app would be perfect for me if there was an easier way to import or design monsters beyond the SRD
DESPERATE NEED OF UPDATE!!! I can't even make more monsters, world's and events because they keyboard won't type! This is a incredible tool and has saved my butt countless times, please, don't let the flame die out
I paid for premium to be able to have multiple campaigns, but when i create new ones it dosent sperate them, so ill have a few npc's in my first campaign, ill make a new campaign and all the old ones will still be there, this makes it very confusing.
I would probably enjoy it if not for the bait and switch. It advertised on its character sheet app saying it supported multiple campaigns, but conveniently forgot to mention you needed premium to get such things.
Just downloaded the app. It needs an appearance overhaul, I can see what it can be used for but the UI isn't the greatest. Labels are scarce and thus makes it difficult to use at initial download. I think with some tweaks it could take the market by storm.