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Fifth Edition Character Sheet

Fifth Edition Character Sheet for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Walter Kammerer located at 152 McClean Ave. Apt 3 NYC, NY, 10305. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Plain and simple and does most of the work for me. Im using it to make characters then transferring the info to paper
This is a great app for quickly building characters and referencing their abilities without flipping between 3 or 4 different sourcebooks.
Great app I've used for ages, just found a bug though. When reaching lvl 3 genie warlock the notes page says gust of wind and silence are added to your spell list but that for the fathomless warlock not genie.
Everything you need to quickly make your own characters, and it's free! Fantastic app, I use it all the time.
This is the app I use for both theory crafting and the characters I'm actually playing. Intuitive, updated with new changes rapidly.
I prefer this over dnd beyond. So simple and easy to use! The other complimentary apps are fantastic!
I bought the full version of this app four years ago, and have been recommending it to every 5e player I know since then. It's comprehensive, well-structured, and super accessible.
can't level up character using this(asks to purchase upgrade), keeps asking me to purchase an upgraded version on everything even when trying to adjust settings, tried uninstalling and reinstalling twice (no good), probably a bug but idk
An amazing tool. Leveling and character creation are some of the most time consuming parts of playing D&D. This app short cuts all the reference time for new players, but its most effective in the hands of someone who is familiar with character creation.
Hides the fact you only get a level 1 character unless you buy it. I would gladly have paid a buck or two for a decent app. But! This doesn't let you test all the functions or see if you like the functionality of the app. Give it a time limit, to test everything and I'll drop an actual review.
Very organized and easy to adapt older editions into 5th. Allows exploration of character pathways for future development. Very useful!
Absolutely incredible, you can slap together a character in a few minutes with this bad boy. It's one of the only apps I've ever paid money for. Just having the ability to keep multiple characters for the price is excellent. Keep up the good work mate!
Amazing app let's you create characters very easily. But I would really appreciate if they updated to have Tasha's cauldron some time soon. Thanks for the great app
I love this app, I've used it for years. I would love a space in app to add character art, but no complaints here!
Great for creative thinking on new characters, and paths to take them as you level. The paid version was worth it!
Terrible app, especially for beginers! The spell casting does not show spells learned or prepaired, just thd ones cast very confusing for newbs
Absolutely amazing app..takes care of a lot of the heavy lifting for you but gives you plenty of options for customization. Definitely keeping this for all my new characters
Works great, is straight forward and everything is free... except the level up stuff but that is like 2 dollars and it's a 1 time payment.
Very nice app but I definitely wish there was more of the players guide in options for stuff instead of writing your own every time
I've used this app for years its worth paying the few bucks for it. They keep everything organized. Easy to follow. They are pretty good at keeping updated editions and rules for character creation. Even is an to go beyond lv 20 if you have a epic level campaign. Highly worth it.
Honestly surprisingly in depth and covers all bases needed for both new and experienced players. Very well done just figuring it out is all.
When selecting a "custom race" the basic race ristriction of feats shouldn't apply, you should pick which race you are customising and gain the ability to learn feats from that race. One option should be "none" so you can make an entirely new race, granting you none of the racial feats. Right now "none" is the default, which is wrong.
Useful, though it lacks access to unearthed arcana, so some things you have to put in yourself, but it definitely simplifies things and is a quick and easy tool to use.
As a newbie with a terrible memory, I find this app extremely useful during play...but I just couldn't give it 5 stars. Filling out a character sheet on my own was very frustrating. I couldn't understand what was being asked or how to make some boxes work. I tried the "help" setting but it doesn't explain the intricacies making it impossible to fill out. I had to go to someone else on YouTube to really understand what I was doing. A complete "How To" guide would make it a five star app.
Amazing app. I only have one conundrum, and one suggestion. The conundrum was when I was building a ranger. It mentions "optional rules" for overland travel and another option. I have no idea where these optional rules are from. I'd like clarification on that. The suggestion is adding a section for familiars. I know they don't change much in 5e, but it would be nice to have my familiars stat block readily accessible.
I like this app and its extremely useful, I just wish that it gave more information on the warforged. Like the subraces Envoy, Juggernaut, and Skirmisher. Not to mention, some classes are missing too, Like Blood Hunters, I know they aren't fully in the game yet but they have information on them. It would be really really cool if this stuff was added.
This app is super helpful for keeping track of characters! As a DM, I genuinely appreciated having this app handy, and even had my players use it to organize their information! Unfortunately, though, it doesn't include every playable race, which is rather disappointing, and I think they should include more for the background options, such as Dragonborn clans and the like. Honestly, though, this was still very helpful, and I still recommend it, despite what it may be lacking!
I wish that the next update would allow me to sort my characters (on the list that comes up when I touch the folder icon). This app has great features, is easy to navigate, and is updated consistently.
Updated with Tasha's just a few days after it was released. This app it awesome for going digital though i would recommend a tablet rather than a phone. But for just throwing character ideas together quickly this is amazing!
Amazing app, makes things so much easier. but is missing various content from dnd. I would like to see all of the 5e playable races added. such as kalashtar. there's a few other things missing components but I feel it's got almost everything. keep up the good work
Such an amazing tool, all of my players use it at the table, I'm still waiting for the new subclasses to be added. I would love to see Tasha's subclasses added, as well as some of the Critical Role stuff, like gunslinger.
I cannot figure out how to select spells or apply armor. The roll20 character creator is better. But this one is only $3, so not bad.
I enjoy this app and while some of the races and backgrounds don't have the same name as the books I can work with it. But I downloaded this app on my phone because my tablet is broken and none of my characters are in the on my phone. I have a game tonight and my character is lost!!! Now I have to try to either get my tablet fixed or recreate all of my characters, none of which I have memorized.
Amazing! Got almost everything! The only thing I think could be better would be a button to duplicate sheets but aside that, an amazing app to build characters
I absolutely love this app. It makes my life so much easier. If I could suggest an improvement for the future, I would love to be able to create custom races/ classes/sub-classes.
I do think the premium upgrade is a little overpiced but i like it very well. If only it was easier to upload UA and stuff
Great way to keep track of your characters without using a sheet. Even helps build your character if you're new. Worth the money
This app is phenomenal. Keeps up with all the expansion races and auto updates if you pay the pittance of a cost
Absolutely amazing! My only complaint is that despite being frquently updated it's still missing the Blood Hunter Class for some reason. There's a few grammatical errors but apart from that it's the only sheet I use!