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Fields of Battle

Fields of Battle for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Super X Studios LLC located at 10735 Linden Ave N, Seattle, WA 98133. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Fun and easy to play. The game is enjoyable as you never feel like your getting best too much by better players.
The game is trash because the controls are stupid and the game itself is not good YOU CAN'T EVEN AUTO-FIRE but I gave it 2 stars because the graphics are not bad for such a stupid game.
I realy love this game. But can you add quests or tasks? And add a multiplayer menu where we can play with friends in offline or online. Thats it, so i hope i can see that in the next update
Do not download the sensitively is too high and it says change sensitivity but it's still too high also I touch the screen one time and my character slide. Seriously wish I could give it zero stars.
Not bad, could use better graphics and less spuratic controls. Level system could use some tuning too. Decent game overall, just not visually appealing
This game needs a lot of fixes the controls are terrible, there should be a button to zoom in and the game crashes alot
It looks great and good game but real quick is that need more updates more paintball gun and more paintball suits more mask. That all I need new stuff paintball game.
I provide y'all not to get this game because the camera is actually like to a 95 degree angle and I know you don't want to play a game like that when you really can't see the city controls you just pointed them and then they automatically shoot then nothing on right hand corner it's gone zoom in good luck on this bullshiit
This game is great I really enjoyed it but I wish you guys could make an airsoft game? Cuz that would be cool and wish you guys could make it and I can't wait to play it!
Awesome game. Only downside is it becomes a bit to easy if you actually know how to play paintball. Wish they'd add online multi-player too.
Fast paced action love using the actual tilt of my phone to see around corners. Wish there was multiplayer and a better exploration of how the Friday night fights work. I want to win gear :(
Really good game but can you plis adjust the when i just move my screen its to fast can plis it be it slow not that slow
Good for parents who wont let there kids have killing games its paint balls I love the fairness of this game nobody can buy there way to the top gear isnt over priced and even tho theres no chat or at least there wasn't when I played that I found every body has a understanding of what to do very fun even if it may be bots
It good and has potential but the zoom cam and controls are bad because I keep zooming in and out plz fix that game dev
Having to buy lots of paintballs can be really bad a free to play, as i have to buy paintballs instead of better gear.
It's a great game but I suggest fixing the controls and adding new guns like snipers pistols and free paintballs so we don't have to play limited and shotguns
It is an absolute blast! Love this game. Have very few issues with it. Lots of fun, I'm not gonna lie, I'm a badass and I kick ass!
Game is very fun to play and so realistic. Controls were hard at first but modified it and works great. My 2 dislikes that got boring from it was playing tournament speedball capture the flag, have different modes like elimination, and also getting new markers (guns) unlocking with silver coins u earn not paying money to get gold coins to unlock, shouldn't be a pay to win game. Getting boring cuz I just have the same marker and cant get other without using real life money to get it. Which I will not do
I really really really really like this game the controls are natural and the game has super graphics so i give it 5 stars
Fix the controls Sensivity and dont put the thing when u tap aim turn it off, Good Game if it was fixed
Please fix the controls and were you shoot and aim and also were the gun is positiond.Its so hard to control but if its fixed it will be better.Put the gun on the right side,that would be better and the aiming and shooting button should be below at the right side of the screen, because many people are used to that(except the left handed people) and also put a setting were you can reverse the controls for example the button to move will be moved to the right side and the others well yalrkn😄
I have all ready paid for the full game. It won't let me install anything. I spent a lot of money for this ripoff game. I accidentally deleted this game. Spent alot money buying everything. Now i have to do it all again. Please all this game wants is your money. Dont be fooled like i did. I want my money back then you can poke this game up your arse.
Controls.... Can be a cool game. But the controls is bad. Everytime you touch to move you go down. So you keep on going op and down the hole time. Everytime you want to shoot you zoom in and out. Rather make a seperet button for every function please. If the controls and the controls setings can be something like PUBG's controls it will work beter.
Game with next level controls , yet one of the most underrated games . Loved it very much . Giving it 5 star rating , coz it worth it.
the game has a ton of potential but the controls are so bad it runs the game.my aim is constantly snapping around for no reason and the lean is extremely annoying.the gyro controls although interesting are absolutely useless.all in all the game is ok but the controls run it
the game fun and I like how they are event but you can make it stop trying to flick and make a little more money for event and this game be really fun
it was fun in all but the controls are bad every time your runing you slide for no reason also when shooting it zooms in when u dont want it to. just wonder if u will ever make a airsoft version
It's actually not that bad, decent graphics balanced game play, wide variety of maps in different locations and themes, overall pretty solid. My only complaint is that its not actually multiplayer, and you cant pick the map you battle on.
This game is one of the best mobile games ive played. Controls are good and the options to dive and snap from cover really good additions
It's gyroscope needs much improvement. I use gyroscope in PUBG and the gyroscope here does not works appropriately (I have also used the least sensitivity). The controls are not enough customizable. Also it has so many swipes and touch shortcuts that i cannot even move properly. Ofcourse graphics need improvement a lot. I have downloaded this app only to practice gyroscope but uninstalled because it doesn't fills my need. I'll install it later when it is further developed and it meets my needs.
Look guys this is a great game i love it so realistic good graphics but the controls are so bad make it easy to controls are so hard. Make it easy like pubg or something else. Thanks for the efforts love you guys good job even the controls is hard im still playing
Very good game good graphics but I wish they could update more and could save process also love u can use a xbox controller
This is my favorite paintball game although I have trouble with the pump paintball guns. But overall it's a good game
it's fun game and all but the 3D thing or you have to move your phone or whatever you're holding around to actually basically shoot at things is not a good part of this in my opinion so you should make that an option to where you can get rid of that
Terrible graphics and controls are so hard. Every gun is a semi aute enen if it is a machine gun. It it a trash game. I care for you guys so dont play it. Never ever download this game ever. I know they say never say never but I am making a exception. Never ever get this game. It is soooooo bad.
Very awesome game i love it ♥♥ waiting for the next update ( anti lag ) please? Add new map, weapon and outfits....thank you i hope this game will stay long :) love it
maybe you could call it fields of paint other than that its a pretty good game. sometimes when the screen might gerk to a completely diferent derection while playing.
wth is this game? very disappointed for playing this game. mostly people will hate this because of the imbalanced controls and you cant kill someone with your gun. only grenades work and it is limited you have to pay for grenades. well done for your effort.
I haven't played it yet but I think it will be awesome so says the trailer five 10s but I hope that there is multi-player mode =)--(=
This game truly deserves 5 star but The online multiplayer makes no sense and u can't add friends and play with friends and im always nr1 on my team it only counts me that sucks takes away from the competitive side feels like im playing against npc The controls are amazing tho I don't know why people hate it they just not good at the game i guess im amazing at this game and I really want to see it grow and update please please put some effort into this game its by far the best paintball game
Good game the best paintball one available but the controls are trash. It'll zoom in and out even when I'm shooting or turn me around when I try to move very frustrating. Fix the controls and it's 5 stars all the way.
Would be an awesome game but the interface needs alot of work. Gameplay is very clingy you get stuck on every corner and the touch aim is in glitchy. Its almost impossible to shoot the enemy sometimes. When you do though it is very satisfying. Could be a great game. Keep trying guys!
Cool concept for a game, but on my J7 Prime 2, the controls were atrocious. Snappy random movements as I try to aim, and it would make me adjust positions as I moved. Just very strange in its responses.We
it has uncomfortable texture and controlling for example when you about to get out from cover, sometime feels like a concrete blocking your movement although it seems nothing blocking your way, but it has awesome gameplay
great game but could you add some paintball versions of airsoft guns and could you add a ghillie suit. oh and I like how it is online with people from around the world. however can you update the game to where you can by gold coins with silver cuz I'm not gonna download a bunch of games just for gold coins
I really like how it is realistic. The only probably is the controls. When I aim the screen goes all over the place. Other than that it is a good game.
Best FPS I ever played ! Gyro aiming is so fun and cool! Thanks devs for making something so wonderful. And just a note, the grass seem to appear in front of other grasses when they are actually behind pls fix. Other than that, the games good
After switching my marker to the pistol by mistake i found it was impossible to switch back even using the tutorial tips. Too many controls making the game think im trying to look around rather that switch back.
Amazing app but sometimes there some diffupiculties with moving around and getting stuck on objects and sliding my finger gently across the screen and my character spazes out. Idk why im leaving this review a few yeats late dont judge pls.
The wobbling of your screen is horrible I can't even fit through doors when I try to get in buildings and needs more maps it is just one bad game though