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Fieldrunners Attack!

Fieldrunners Attack! for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Subatomic Studios, LLC located at 12810 SW Harlequin dr. Beaverton, OR 97007. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Underwhelming, quickly fizzles out. Starts great, good strategy, building, etc. However, there are two distinct leveling pathways. One is your own building and resources, the other is the combat leveling. The combat leveling quickly becomes the rate limiting factor and would take a tremendous amount of time, OR MONEY, to level and to progress. Unit combat controls are poor and hard to control units, they often take the worst path to an objective and get destroyed. Time to delete.
Nice looking game that's basically the same as almost every other one of the ilk. You gather resources and attack other bases blah blah. This offers absolutely nothing new on the genre in any way shape or form other than the upgrade times are appalling. Even from a relatively early stage you are looking at days. It doesn't help that you gather resources at such a slow rate. Including your ability to attack other people's bases. Other games do it far far better. Uninstalling.
Was good but for the last week it looses connection to the server constantly. Every time I try and open a reward, it freezes and I lose the reward. Reinstalling the app dosen't fix...
I loved the first field runners but this game embodies everything that is wrong with games on android at the moment.
Super fun time waster, but having a ton of connectivity issues that end up costing resources, and has some future levels that have been over 2 years in dev. A little bit of clean up and some time spent finishing the game would go a long way.
This game is beyond stupid. It has one bug after another and even the developers can't explain it. Can't shield, can't level up, in app purchases don't work, can't replay when you've been attacked so you can't adjust, I could go on and on, ect, ect, ect....dont waste your time.
Nice game, nice idea but missing attack replay , so have no clue how someone destroy base, where is weakness or so. Not updated from 2018
A great game that is extremely flawed. units have a mind of their own and do not respond to commands all the time. Barracks are way to powerfull and destroy your troops before you even get a chance to attack, sometimes the barracks troops activate before you even deploy troops making it impossible to attempt an attack. Game needs many major fixes before ill try again
I have tried to contact customer service and that is impossible. I did not receive my in game purchase and attempted to contact their "customer support ". All that consists of is an endless circle to their Facebook page. I have found my experience so far extremely disappointing. I would not recommend this game!
Took my money and did not give me what I paid for. Game keeps giving me a pop-up every screen change saying, "purchase failed contact customer support". Well I have tried to contact customer support several times. A week later, still no response.
Very simple to rate this game like the rest in this genre. "GREEDY". No other way explain. This would have been top game. Furthermore the time it takes to upgrade. It's a joke!!! Cannot rate more than 1star. If there was something like 0 stars, that is what I would have rated it at.
Good little game... There's in game purchases but with some patience and wise research and building not really needed.. Overall enjoyable game.
This is very good game. Good graphics....some of the bugs need to be fixed....bought the gems with the game deals. Still gets the error. Not fixed and did not get the gems as per the games instruction.
Amazing service by the developer. I had played the game for close to 300 hours and lost my progress while shifting phones. Their support team was awesome in finding my profile and restoring the progress.
Well designed game, with beautiful graphics and a nice gameplay, BUT, the upgrade time is way tooooo long, I have reached the point where the upgrade for the headquarters to level 7 will take 4(four) days...are you f...ing kidding me?! And the time to gather the resources is way way tooooo long...it will take me a couple of years probably to finish the game...this is to make you spend money, too bad...such a nice game ruined to greed...I'll uninstall
Fun, easy to get going and you dont need to spend to progress if you are happy to wait a bit. Game play is easy and the variety of characters is good. Would be great if you could review attacks on your base to improve it. Also it would be good if you could save multiple versions of your base too otherwise it's pretty cool.
Game is crashing frequently and there should be shield after a attack because more than half of the resources always gets looted when we are attacked 40 times in just 3 hours gap
Enjoyed the OG fieldrunners TD defense games. Having a lot of fun with this RTS version... takes me back to the C&C days of yesteryears =]
There are lots of bugs present as of now, the most irritating one is while playing the game if u lock ur phone, or get out of the game to work on some other app, the game screen turns blank when u return to it. Please fix it at the earliest.
I love the graphic, i love the gameplay, i love the controls I LOVE everything about this amazing game This game has potential to be a popular game in the world but need some improvements. Defense mountain should be different in each region Two workers are so hard to upgrade things Give 3 workers please
I like your game, but in a low level the upgrade of head quarter are to much long, and the reloading of ammo its take a long hours before its full, can it make it unli, so that the players are always online, even the match making are not fair, same level much better, one thing kindly please allow the phil currency to buy your items? It is dollar and i dont have that, ..i will give it 5 stars if all are granted!! Thank you and more power to you developer!!
1.Overall Personal feedback - Our Real time wasting because you can play when you are free. 2.Game related problems - server issues - no our base defence defeated recap video - there is no fighting health status report during our troops in battle filled.
It's fun. Seems a bit long on upgrades for just the Level 3 HQ. Besides that it's very attractive and fun game, also I tend to run out of ammo really quickly. Maybe fix this to make it easier to obtain ammo and not be so pay to win like every other game out there.
Great game, great graphics and great gameplay all to enjoy "IF" their stupid servers would actually work and wouldn't reset my game every 10 to 20 seconds while im attacking a base. UPDATE: I was in the middle of a very juicy fight and this thing crashed. uninstalled.
Gameplay is good but i had to change my phone, when i installed the game again on new phone, there is no way i can restore my last progress, the money I spent, the hard work, all went in vein.
yep, same money grabbing BS in a different wrapper. Game starts out fun and you progress quickly but eventually things start taking sooo long to upgrade unless you start paying money. Thing is, FR2 had microtransactions but they were reasonably priced and you could still enjoy the game without them. I don't know who Subatomic think they are with the prices of some of this stuff. 50 dollars for a mediocre hero and some gems that last you one day? get real
seems like a decent game, but so far I've found one really annoying thing; the upgrade for the sawmill is 12000 wood, and the current maximum amount is 10000. So how am I supposed to advance?! But after reading more reviews, it looks like the developers don't care about our opinions to make the game better, or even playable. So much potential gone to waste
I played this for 5 months now. And even with all the small bugs, this game is so much fun. And nevertheless this is not a pay to win game, not like many other base attack games that I played before. I don't understand why this game is so underated. Install it and you'll not regret it
Fun game but it crashes a lot. Saved up 500 gets to open a crate then it crashed. Lost my 500 gems and didn't get anything in the crate.
After 8 hours the game still won't let you attack. The bullets will not replinish to attack or do the missions.. not worth playing..
Fieldrunners and Fieldrunners 2 were/are fun to play. Fieldrunners Attack (Your Wallet)? Not so much. There are so many things that suck the fun right out of this game. And, it's such a shame to see it come from the makers of one of the best OG missile defense games. • Buildings take WAY to long to upgrade. I shouldn't be able to max out my resources (gold, lumber, food; all maxed out at 10k) before I have the chance to meaningfully use them. What am I supposed to do with my resources while I stare at 2, and only 2 workers, taking 30+ minutes to upgrade 1 building a piece? I'm tempted to set 2 buildings for upgrade, then just close the game and find something else to do until I eventually feel like opening the game again. But, what's the point of keeping a game like that? Speaking of workers... • 750 gems to buy just 1 more worker??? Effing ridiculous. I'd pay for a game (entire game) that had faster gameplay. The road to earning that many gems is truly depressing when you only get 2 or 5 gems per Achievement. • The battles aren't even really fun. They're mundane at best. Don't get me wrong, the artwork and overall graphics are excellent. But, "battles" just seem too elementary. Everything feels watered down. The difficulty setting is definitely set to Easy. There are other things that need to be addressed about this game, but this review is already too long. For those that enjoy this game, I'm genuinely glad you do. Personally, I don't like being roped along, while being pushed into a corner where my only way out is to be nickel'd and dime'd. That's what this game does.
I like the ease of control. Graphics are nice even for 44 year old man. The type of Heroes are creative. This is a fun game!
I Love the game but rating this low because ..1. it crashes all the time and when it crash you lose your attack worth 25 gems.2. Regen time is very long and upgrade time is quite awhile. it will take hundreds off your pocket to keep the game. Hope you can take some best practices from clash of clans.
Rediculously long upgrade times relative to resource acquisition time...unless you want to spend a lot of money. Spend more time waiting for things to finish than actually playing the game.
The game is very fun but i think this game has a server problem. It keeps lose connection so i have to re-launch the game so many times. I have perfect 5G wifi connection at home and also perfect 4G mobile network. But it keeps losing the connection through both networks. Even when i play on other wifi networks like at coffee shops, on subway. I hope they fix this problem.
Game design is lame lacks of creativity in every aspect of the game ... My experience tell me gameplay have only pop up colors that's it...
Keep getting same "Heroes" in crates. I even get stars that exceed the hero star max. Doom crates give the same heroes, as well as the Cola and Daily crates. I've spent enough real money on the Fieldrunners franchise because I love the series. But, please fix the hero generator so that I can experience the last 3 heroes in the game. Thanks🙂
Nice game! Well designed for graphic and gameplay. It would be nice if we are able to turn off the hero that we don't need or use in the attack. Otherwise, it takes time to swipe to the one you need to add in the battle. It seems that there is no more development for the game anymore. Could you please let us know that the game is still in the development? Thanks
great game and fun to play. Finally figured out the secret to upgrading. Slightly unbalanced in the upgrading department. I wish there was a replay of other players attacking you so you can see where ur lacking. Other than that...solid game.
Good game but need more attack only 5 time and must have link account why no link account and don't pay for this game no account link
We should be able to view how we were defeated by others. Frustrating one doesn't know what he is to do to move up League. How does one increase gold storage. Frustrating.
Graphics and physics are good. The gameplay is smooth with a fair reward system. The seems hard to acquire. Wish for a bit generous for gems. 5 stars after next update.
I love it. Great game. Always looking forward to getting to the next level. Love the rewards. You do end up having to spend money on it, but I only spend 5$ every month for the 50 diamond per day for 30 days. Awesome deal !!
Played this game for years and after I was bored with it I kept it on the back burner to play when I didn't have internet. Wind up stuck in a cave for 6 hours and now I need internet for a game I don't even like. Ffs don't brag about not needing internet and then spam me about a need for it AFTER I download it... y'all let me down man.
Lost count of how many times I miss clicked the button to surrender at the top right corner when attacking someone. Add a checkbox in the settings to enable/disable confirmation windows when clicking in surrender.
Good game but need more attack only 5 time and must have link account why no link account and don't pay for this game no account link what pay you not will receive
Read a lot of reviews about the game. Don't know why I don't have any issue with the game..I am on league 11 and doing great.
This game sucks it immediately crashes on the boot up screen haven't even been able to play it yet... ☹️
If i could give negative review i will give this game a -5. Game forces itself to press surrender it is not a bug. Ridiculous upgraded time, servers are down most of the time, no active player
Was looking for some old school TD and saw this new fieldrunner game. Having played 100+ hours on FR 2 with the premium PC version , I must admit that Im a bit disapointed that its some lite RTS with really small TD roots. Still the gameplay seem fine for the very short time I played and the wonderful artwork is still there. I really hope you make another traditional TD in the future , would gladly pay the premium price again 👌
Very addictive for me but once you use up the ammo you have to wait (or pay) so thats the way to have some rest I have almost upgraded all the buildings but the cards for legendary heros never appeared. Only the cards for those cannot upgrade any more (ordinary ones) Need 7000+k gold to upgrade heros in the lab now, but the limit for gold is 6100k. Meanwhile ive got all these excessive wood (can I ask them to pick apples instead?) All in all it needs some upgrade
Your game is good. Nice graphic and gameplay is super. The thing that bothers me is how can I store loot stolen or resources produced. I've upgraded wood mill and in info it says capacity is 20k but it only stores only 10k. I fell like upgrading HQ but how can I do when the capacity in only 10k. M I missing something here plz help me. I hope developers should respond.....p.s how do I upgrade my storage reply fast
I purchased $19 in app upgrade for extra builder. Got billed $25. Payment went through. Nothing happened in game. I took screen shots and proof then immediately contacted google play. They will be refunding me. Also when payment went through a in-game popup said "payment failed, contact developer" guess what the contract developer link doesn't work. What a shame since I really enjoyed this game. DO NOT PURCHASE IN GAME upgrades!!!!!!!!!
Always out of connection suddenly when war. My internet is fine on other platform. My ping also stable.
it MIGHT be a good game, but i would not know because i have never actually played the game because it 1. takes a REALY long time to load but also it crashes every time i want to go on the game ,therefore if it takes a while to load it is a waste of time because after about 10 mins of waiting it will say there is a problem with the app and kick you out
Fun defensive base building, with different heroes to unlock & upgrade as you move along & progress through the game. Nice balance of defense and offense, with lots of upgrades & unit options. Just wish that the building tiers weren't locked to the players league, for those of us that like the base building, defensive part of the game. I get trying to make sure that people are both attacking & building their base, but u can still have a defense only & go up ranks if u could win against attackers
It's amazing games lots of fun and strategies games... One thing that I suggest is a reply to your village being attack by other players so that you can see the weakness side of your village layout. And hopefully you will find another way to make more challenging battles like clan wars or versus battle.. Thank you and more power..
Fun game. Made it to level 6 before I noticed the amount of resources I'm supposed to top off at isn't what my actual limit is. I'm unable to collect above 70K yet I should have 110K limit. Can't progress. Hope they patch this bug soon.
1.Overall Personal feedback - Our Real time wasting because you can't play when you are free. 2.Game related problems - server issues - no our base defence defeated recap video - there is no fighting health status report during our troops in battle filled.
Please do something about that damn "surrender" button. On 80% of the situations (at least for me), you press it by mistake while fighting - you loose the battle. The chosen position is very bad, especially for Edge devices. Being in landscape mode, it is enough only to get closer with your fingers while holding the device and fight is over - you surrended. If you cannot move it somewhere else, at least set a confirmation dialog, where you have to press "YES" if you really want to surrender.
The game itself is remarkable, however uninstalled it because of the major issue/bug on connection via wifi even if it's stable. Please fix :(
Has potential (to steal some bored fans of CoC, or similar game) but the execution is really poor. It's lacking many standard features of this genre, like saving multiple base layouts, battle replay function (you'll never know how that weak player 3-star your base, no battle replay) and few others. Not to mention bugs here and there (bikers running in circle, barracks switched to basic troops, etc) and flawed game designs. It's NOT just a CoC clone though, it's quite different. TRY IT 😉
There is a glitch, at the beginning of the game, first step of tutorial, it says I need to build a defense tower, and I did, it built, but tutorial didn't change, it's still asking the same thing, build a defense tower, which I can't, because for the second one, I need to upgrade my base, but I can't because tutorial doesn't let me, and I can't close or stop it, I can't even click somewhere else
Fun to build,good fighting ,I just started ,so I'm trying to know global & my troop pics on how to get them ,lost on tht ,I'll get it soon ,I give this game a 4* till I get to know it better.
So far so good...i enjoy playing it...no string attached have to supervise all the time...you can live your life and once in a while you can checknyour city and attack other city hehehe...LOVE IT
Really fun game with decent tactical play during attacks using different heroes with different strengths. Infinitely better than Clash of Clans. Only problem is that the game hasn't been updated/expanded for a whole year, frustrating a lot of high level players. Server disconnects were a big problem a couple of months ago, but seems to have mostly been resolved now. All in all a great game that you can play for free if you really want to.
Very bad game. I installed it for first time in august 2020 and due to some reason it was removed from phone at that time. Now when I reinstalled it in 24 march 2021, after opening it shows connection between game and server lost Tap any key to reload. I removed and reinstalled it 2 3 time but problem remains unsolved. Can't understand what's there to loose connection with server when internet is superfine and other web sites opens well.
Hi Subatomic... Ive been experiencing connection problems with your game server. Game cannot connect to server or connection lost during play. Its been 3 days since 22/03/2021. Any reasons ??? *Sidenote FR Attack has a lot of glitches and improvements that needs to be made. Hope SubAtomic takes note.
I've removed the game. Unable to upgrade main building to level 5, because I'm unable to upgrade resources to do this.
This is a great game. Graphics are great, and the gameplay, especially with your alliance, is addictive. But the customer service is next level from Subatomic. I had a slight issue with a payment for gems, and I RAPIDLY received a helpful return email from support, and my issue will be resolved. OUTSTANDING support from the devs on this. You won't be disappointed.