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Field of Cats

Field of Cats for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Douzo LLC located at Win Aoyama Building UFC F6 2-15 Minami-Aoyama 2-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0062, Japan. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Amazing! Best game ever! Would always recommend its just AMAZING!!!! the characters are so cute and i love the whole idea of it! good job!
the game is great for kids and everyone else!the game is good because if u like Kitts and dogs, u can play the game to! even song of the kitty's gift u with golden fish! the one thing bad \ not that good, is that the growing of the cats takes a long time.
Super cute, i love the varieties of cats. i wish there was a way to display different types of cats in the rooms instead of it being random, but other than that its simple style and gameplay is relaxing!
for everyone thinking its too slow, farming the meowing cats during the day like none other and doing the more expensive seeds when you go to bed helps it all feel less boring in general. My favorites so far are the carp fish kitty, umbrella kitty, and the watermelon kitty! All of them are cute and fun. I do however wish there was more to do than, yknow, waiting? Maybe some furniture to buy and move around the room for cats to sit on? Something to help it feel more interactive. Otherwise great!
I love this game with all the cute cats and characters This is also a very good game and I love the customizable things
Super cute game! Has the same vibes as Neko Atsume, but there's something fun about watching them grow and sprout lol
Really cute game with planting and growing cats. Although it really doesn't have much gameplay, it's incredibly adorable, the animations are lovely and it's very simple. If you're a fan of cats and cute animation, this small time waster is a good pick.
I've only been playing for a bit but I'm in love! The only thing is I would appreciate if we could play with cats. Thank you!
love it ut I dont dont get the instructions about how to get your cat in the room but anyways love it
oh my god i can plant cats and they sprout out of the ground this is one of the cutest apps ever u can even take Pictures. i love it so much sob
this game is a really good time killer and also SUPER ADORABLE the cats are soooo cute i wish i could just hug them all righ now!
very cute game which combines farming and collecting. very relaxing and easy to get the hang of. it's a great game for checking in on and not being too demanding
Cute but very simple. I really enjoy playing this game but it is simple, so some might find it boring
Im only doing this for the gold fish lol but besides that I think it's a really cute game! and I love cats and my mom recommended me to play some Japanese games because she said they're adorable and they totally are so I love this game so ya I think this idea is original, quirky, fun, and adorable I wouldn't change anything because it's already perfect in it's unique concept so I recommend this game to cat lovers and if you like adorable animations like me!
v good v cute v my style v weird. how did you come up with this? you literally GROW cats from SEEDS! 5star gameplay 5star graphics 5star controls 5star game. appreciate this game being made. thank.
This game is AMAZING!!!! i love the drawings and the fact that you get to plant cute little kitties :3 but it does get boring just planting seeds, water them, make friends, repeat. so maybe you could add some mini games or something else to pass the time
Fun game! I like collecting cats, their friends, and their kittens. Only drawback is the announcements not being translated.
This game is the best! But somehow I found a glitch.. go to shop, see the shop bar, you can see a cat right at the right side of the shop bar. Or it's on top of the "Buy Golden Fish" bar. When you tap on it it says watch the ad to get free golden fish. But DO NOT TAP ON IT! I tap on it and after that, I only have 2 golden fish! I have 25 golden fish and it become 2 golden fish?!?!?! So please, DO NOT TAP ON THAT CAT AND DO NOT WATCH THE AD!!! Please fix this, please. And the game is perfect👍😊
So cute and fun! A relaxing gamr that doesnt take up time much time. I highly recommend this fame to you!
Nice, relaxing app. I really enjoy that I can choose the background art. The extra room to feed cats to get kittens is really cute! Plus it's not difficult to get silver fish to but more cat seeds!
I love this app it's so cute and fun. All the cats are unique and it's easy to play. I strongly recommend this game especially to people like me who just want a cute and simple game to play on their free time. I love cats and I this is the perfect game for anyone who wants a relaxing game.
This is the cutest game ever! Such good game play and I never got bored of it! The only thing I can maybe say that wasn't great is the wait. You should add a few things you can do with the cats or a little minigame. Otherwise, awesome app! I highly recommend it.
none of the "watch a video to earn more fish" features work when clicked. i'm located in canada (in case of possible geo-restriction).
this game is really fun and cute and I like it a lot. some of the background designs are from the game neko atsume but it doesn't rly matter to me because the game itself it different. however, there is a problem with the camera, please check it out.
There's always something new happening, so it's fun to open the game every time. Interesting cats, too. Love the flame of peace landscape.
pretty cute! interesting to play sometimes,kinda slow though and hard to keep interested after a while
This game is absolutely adorable! It's a great time killer, and it reminds me slightly of Neko Atsume, which makes it all the more charming!
It's a unique idea that you can grow cats but there isn't much to the game other than that. You launch the app just to plant some seeds, water, then feed the cat but that's literally it. Maybe if we can interact with the cats or play with them somehow, that would be really nice
Every time I try to water my cats, I will always be sent out of the game. But overall, the game is still very cute.
"Field of Cats" is simple but has amusing cat characters. Try it out for a no-stress, relaxing break from those other competitive games! :)
so stupid to the point where I'm just obsessed with these cute kitties in stead of getting one in real life
this game is really fun and cute and I like it a lot. some of the background designs are from the game neko atsume but it doesn't rly matter to me because the game itself it different. however, there is a problem with the camera. Edit: whenever I try to water the cats it hangs and closes, can't play anymore pls fix
Cute farming game. Each cat are extremely adorable! Fun collecting new cats, and discovering additional friends that remain beside your planted cat! I really love the cutesy art and style! Fun for those who just want to play a game that's easy and fun to access!
It's really fun! I think you should add really rare cats for like seasonal things, such as hybrids or snowy cats, spooky cats, ect. Other than that, it's a great game!
This is a really cute and fun app! I am literally so entertained haha! 😊 You can feed cats and make many new friends! Meow-tastic!! 🙌🌟
It is very good and very colourful and very unique and I hope to find more games like this from the makers of it.
Hi I like this game. Ive been playing for a long time now. But ever since the update, I cant collect gold fish and my cats have been glitching. Can you help please?
This game gave me exactly what I asked for and has an awesome and original concept. Most of the collecter cat games are boring and the same but this is totally different!
This game is stupid af I can't put any cat in my room and the help doesn't work because it says tap on a cat and put it in your house but I don't know how cause it doesn't give a example
Another Boring, idle farming game in my opinion. Still i can have a bit of fun and collecting cats and making friends were never fun like this game. Well done.
Once in awhile you find a sweet lil game that manages to hold your interest after a year or so of ... well ... daily check-ins, and not much else. But ooh, lots of cute cats! If this appeals to you, then play it. And please pony up at least a few bucks, even though you don't need to, to support such a game and let devs know we WILL support their labors of love, when they are so generous with their time and creativity. A darling gem, one well worth your time.
Amazing and cute game!! :D The only problem is that the cats sometimes take way too much time for them to come out of the ground. There should be some minigames to kill your waiting time too. Also i think i crashed the game cuz now i have infinite Butt Seeds and every other kind of seed i buy dissapeares, plz fix this i made some proggres and i don't wanna lose it :'l . If you fix the bug and add some minigames, this will be the best app of 2019 for me! owo
I love the game, super cute. but can we have more kittens? can you only have one kitten per cat? if we cant, can that be in an update?
This game is simple,but addicting and enjoyable. I play a lot of games similar to this,but quickly become disenamored. There's a certain charm that seems to stick with this game.
THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVERRR.everuthing is pefect from prices to timing then why did you give it 4 stars you may ask?because you can only move side to side in the game!And i can only feed my pets i want to be able to pet my pets but over all the game is amazing!!!!
Cute idle game. It takes a bit for the cats to come up. I dont really get the feeding part of the game while in the house but the animations are adorable.
Also doing this for the fish, but I do love cat games and this one is very amusing. The names are funny, too. I always wanted a garden full of cats! Is a little repetitive, but it's fun in the meantime.
i like the game but i cant put the cat in the room I can't do anything!I ONLY CAN DO IS PLANT CATS AND COLLECT FISH!, so i have to delete my game.༎ຶ‿༎ຶಥ_ಥ wasting space....
Honestly just doing this for the golden fish but in reality this game is calm and fun to play. I would definately love to see a little more variety in the game like maybe extra rooms for your cats. Other than that o'd say this game is quite enjoyable. Good work!
well it was great, but then it wouldnt let me buy seeds.. i went to the shop, selected what i wanted and clicked "buy" then nothing happend, and yes i did have enough fish for the seeds.. fix this and ill give it 5 stars.
99% of the game's untranslated. the tutorial, and the seeds are translated. everything else isn't translated.
This game is so cute and fun, and I've been playing it on each phone after an upgrade. It never disappoints and is a great conversation starter. 😺
This is my legit favorite game app on my phone. I used to play it when it was entirely Japanese and it was still understandable for me. It's a super cute game that never fails to put a smile on my face ^_^
A very cute, simple game! So far, I've seen no major issues, and the art is absolutely precious! If you enjoy calm, cute games, this a definitely a good choice! Props to the developers!
This Game Is Cute And Fun. You Can Get Cat Friends By Getting Special Seeds! Only Cost Silver Fish. Please Give This Game A Good Rating And The Creator Will Say You A Nice Thing! Have Fun!