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FEAR US for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by SponsorAds GmbH & Co.KG located at Waldstrasse 23 66333 Völklingen. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Scary Content) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I gave this app a 2. It's a real fun and a good story. What I don't like is that you can read the story only up to some point in the beginning , and then you need to pay to read on. I wish I could read it without any payment.
Played this game just finished it. Dark storyline very well thought out, the delays were annoying at times but didn't detract from the game much. Interaction with sophia very good. Recommend this game to anybody who likes dark stories, but not children. The use of a mobil phone with a broken screen a good addition well done . Did find the end emotionally sad however.
This was a really good game and it's an amazing game in general if you want to just have a bit of chills down your spine. Another funny thing was her name was Sophia and so was mine so it got kinda confusing lol. But I also did download help Annie and I really liked that game as it was interesting and fun. I like the way you can choose different things to say to her and has an amazing storyline!!
I played it for less then a day before being told to pay for the rest i couldnt even enjoy it thou i felt it had potential maybe that was just the suspense because nothing thrilling actually happened... Very dissapointed
It sucked me right in. However I am upset that i have to pay for the second half of the story. Couldnt you gave made the rest free. The one thing i hate the most is teasing. It hurt being unable to fully help Sophia find her family. It felt like I was abandoning someone real who was in need.
This game is awesome.. the storyline is amazing and very interestin..i wanted to give it 5 stars but i cant because i am stuck .. the rate us page interupted and i can not play it further .. it have this glitch problem... other wise this is awesome .. if you fix it i will like to play it again.. and the background music is very good..
This game has errors and I am not pleased with your storyline. Your character turns to do as she please, so what's the point of one playing it?? Please make your game more interesting and please fix the ERRORS!. I know it can be an awesome game
Well it's ok game but you have to pay for the full game and you only get to test it. Basically it's demo. You need to put that in ur game info. That's just a money grabber game
DON'T DOWNLOAD, this game is NOT free. You get to play it for a couple hours then they DEMAND you PAY $4 to continue, and the part you do get to play consists of Sophia walking down a road/in the woods saying she's scared and asking where her daughter is over and over again. Also. She doesn't do anything you tell her to do, you will tell her to go and do "A" and she goes "I'll just do 'B' and do 'A' if it doesn't work out". So the choices you make doesn't make a difference to the story at all.
This game is nice but the problem is there's no option to choose the answer ! Heck!!! Honestly i don't enjoy this game
This game sucks you are prompted to pay, in the middle of the damn game, in order the continue with game. I rather watch the ads in order to finish the game. People pay too much.
It has a good storyline. I was a little surprised I had to buy it but there isn't any game expenses yet. Sometimes the computer answers a text on your behalf.
I love it! Nice graphic and concept, attractive storyline, you might have to wait to continue reading but it's worth waiting, cuz it feels so real. Like I'm actually in the story and I have to wait for the pal to be online. AMAZING
the main character is really annoying and illogical. then you have to suddenly pay to finish playing. the ads are also annoying and pop open even if you are in a different app.
Completed free version it was fun with spooky music... Interesting overall idea... if were voiced her messages then i buyed full version!
Too repetitive, the choices don't matter, the main character is annoying and doesn't listen to your choices... At some random point, they force you to pay if you want to continue, when the game is already full of ads and already has a pay-to-play or wait 3 hours system after 2 or 3 replies.
The story was pretty good however, I hate how at the end you have to pay 4 dollars just to continue besides that it's a pretty good messager game but some of the texts make Little to no sense at all, it needs to be translated properly.
Horrible you argue with some beezy about staying on the damn road for a half hour for her to get to a gas station finally and then you have to pay to play its not free and the story line is terrible the English translation sucks if i could give it no stars i would
3 - 1/ 2 stars for the free trial version of the app. The story is intriguing but I don't want to buy the app. just to finish Sophia's search for her family , but maybe I will someday. I will miss you too Sophia, and thank you for notifying me when you would come back online. I'LL probably ask my secret Santa to buy me this app for my gift, so that I can get the rest of the story about what happened to Sophia and her family. I have a feeling that she hits a " DEAD END"🙁 🖤
for me it only gets a one star. I started off playing really getting into the game then bam in order to continue playing got to purchase the app. why. why download a free app to play to then charge you to continue playing it . no thank you. unistalled.
I loved this app and the storyline until it said I had to pay for the rest of the story! If you don't mind paying you should get this app but otherwise be warned.
I had no choice but to purchase the rest of the chapters cuz the story reeled me in i have to know whats gonna happen. Definitely worth the full story & I never spend money on games but this was a must have. Keep up the good stories.👍
Nothing special, just a average boring texting game but this one mainly focuses on money grab. You finish halfway though and they tell you that you have to pay to continue playing. Sorry but the game is just not worth it. The main character is stupid and the plot has been done by many other similar games. If you wanna play a free similar texting game download "Help Annie" it's really similar and much better
Would be somewhat interesting, but the character is extremely annoying and you can't play after a few hours without paying, which the game doesn't tell you at the start. Nope. Their other game, Help Annie, is better. Character is more bearable and it's free. Skip this.
Would have given 5 stars if I knew I was gonna be able play and get so into it then tell me I had to pay to keep playing! Made me so mad! I dont have money to pay!
STUPID!!!! Not even halfway through and you have to buy the freaking game, what an absolute waste of time!!! So many way better stories that are free or at least give you a heads up that it's a paid app. Geez, if I could give this less than minus 5 stars, I definitely would 🤦‍♀️
There are so many things I didnt like in this game. Where do I even start..I played this game because I loved your another work "Help Annie". Now I am disappointed. The plot, the conversation, the English translations are so bad. Sophia is an arrogant person. Like, I did not enjoy talking to her. She wasn’t even taking my advices. And why did you even put choices? They are the same thing. Same dialogues over and over. Boring af. Would not pay for something like this. Not worth my money.
This game is interesting however there's some grammatical errors that keep pulling me out of the story and then once I really get into the story it tells me I have to pay for it to continue. I am not doing that
Great game :). For me, it is also a good chance to practise German a bit :). I reccomend it to everyone who likes the kind of games or is looking for some interesting way to learn German.
Very good game, creepy in places. Can be almost claustrophobic. I have to admit I sort of guessed the end. Which was sad. I would have given 5 stars had there been an explanation of who (?) was after Sophia (?). Or did certain settings like the hotel room mean anything. This will make sense to players, but I don't wish to create spoilers! But, don't be put off by paying, devs actually need to survive! ;). Little known fact that, but, you know, this is their job! 🤫. Great work guys!!
You start the game and then after so long they basically ask for money. You have 2 options, pay and continue or dont pay and they dont let you have access to the story anymore. Why should I pay when I can play other similar games for free? There are errors in the text too.
Seemed like a pretty good and fun game to pass the time until they make you pay to continue, Not cool. If they wanted money for the game it should have been an upfront thing. Waste of time.
From the little part I did play, because you demanded $ to continue the game, was practically 'Help Anne' same opening, main characters, ect... Just different names. Main point of this though is DEMANDS FOR $ TO CONTINUE TO PLAY. If it's a trial version then say that and make the full game as a pay to download. Second point is stop ripping off the other game and make this one unique. Get creative, use your imagination. Peace out until you fix these two points.
Everything was going VERY WELL until they stopped they game and asked "would you like to pay to play further?" Like i was very sad...the storyline is amazing...if you want to do frequent purchases to continue the game then U can go for it....😑❓
Disliked this very much! The main character is stupid and halfway {least im presuming it's halfway} they cut you off and you can't continue unless you pay £3 something. Im a child, i cant afford to waste money like that so i really dont recommend this app to anyone. 'Help Annie' is much better so far so i suggest you take a look at that instead.
Disappointing. Barely through the game and forced to pay up to continue or finish the game. Costs for skipping levels as well. Costs should be made clear from the offset.. I didn't play enough of it to offer an opinion on whether the game is exciting, intense and realistic
Was enjoying this game more than help Annie. And then wanted me to buy the game. Not cool. Really not cool. If that never happen I would rate this game more than 5 stars. Read this before downloading the game. BCOS its asks you to buy it. REALLY NOT COOL
Was intriguing, but it was very frustrating to interact with The character And Have Little to No effect with progress in the story line/Repeditivness of character behavior that stalls The story line And makes The game seem Like it's in A repetitive loop And becomes very boring And I loose interest in The characters story line/part/plot.
After you play it to the end you cant Start it again You can play it once. Linear Story telling with no choice. Is it not Worth the money.