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FAU-G: Fearless and United Guards

FAU-G: Fearless and United Guards for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Studio nCore Pvt. Ltd. located at #9, 10 and 11, Tarana Goodearth Malhar, Behind RR Medical College, Kambipura, Kengeri, Bangalore - 560074. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence, War Themes) and required Android version is 8.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Skills are not necessary to play this game, they had done so much marketing for a substandard product, I wish they could have used that money to invest in the game, better graphics, removed bugs, better storyline and game play, they entered the market when ping left so they could have encashed that chance while updating but no sucks big time gonna uninstall that
So, I'm going to uninstall it now. It's been a while and there is still no multi-player or free for all mode. There is just one level and that too is not up to the mark. The only reason I'm giving it 2 star instead of one is because I appreciate the effort they put in the story. Will install it again once they add more modes and make it more interactive. Cheers 👍🏽
This game has a lot of problems. The camera sensitivity is really bad, the control is not good, the combat mechanics are some of the worst, there is no option to choose opponents which doesn't let anyone fight properly, this game heats up after a short amount of time. The sounds are not clear unless an earbud or headphone is used. It looks worse than a pre-Alpha version of a game. This game was definitely not even near of being optimistic and was never ready to be released.
This game is not at all comparable to games like pubg, freefire and Call of duty. Only single playing mode is there with no guns and not at all challenging or interesting. Player's controlabilty of fights, motion and movement is very very poor. It can't pick up weapons while fighting, no enemy health bar is shown, uncontrollable to move or run while fighting. This game is so disappointing and needs much more inprovement to come even closer to other games on the store right now.
The Graphics are good..but fighting is very bad.. Just keep pressing fight button again and again... Which makes you bored...... After every step the enemies came..the vocals of enemies are really wierd.. Need a lot of improvements... My experience is very boring.. Just keep pressing one button after every step.
I am giving two stars just because of its little good graphics. This game has nothing special in it. In the story mode there are dumb AI bots and you have to just press the attack button again and again it will automatically kick, puch them. Even the graphics of the game is not also so good. The games needs tons of Improvement.
It can be the world best game,if it developers do some work like bug fixing,and open at big level for gamer for gaming.I like the game but I uninstalled it because it has too bugs which lag to our phone,and we have not to play by this bug.So,I want to just say you that please fix their bugs please.
Nice game but giving it 3 stars because it needs a lot of improvement, especially with the enemies because when you are hitting one enemy soldier the others just simply stand. Second the enemies have a lot of health level, we have to hit them a lot to finish them but when they start hitting us they hit till we die. Third the blue and dark blue colour enemy soldiers are 2 times stronger than the green colour enemy soldiers. You need to give equal health level for the enemies and our FAU-G.
I can say that this game has good graphics and storyline .but it is veeeeeery hard.plus it has a timer to complete each level . I'm now stuck at stage 2 of level 1.just waiting for multi-player to be released . I got a stick at level 1 To combat 20 opponents with melee weapons. This game needs a lot of skill to play. ***EDIT*** ALSO AFTER 2 MONTHS DM MODE HAS NOT LAUNCHED. THE GAME IS ALSO BUGGY. I DONT THINK THE GAME WILL RECEIVE A MP MODE SOON. NCORE SHOULD HAVE FINISHED THE GAME .
Amazing concept and gameplay and nice graphics too but again not that interesting as of now. Keep pressing the attack button that's what you do the entire time and yes it alsoneeds a lot of bug fixes. Many a times the game freezes at a point where the game is running but the button you need to touch stops working. Sometimes when you move to the fireplace, the button of restoring does not appear and nothing further can be done. You have to close or restart the game. Needs a lot of fixes for sure.
This game is very good but it still need some development I know that there is only campaign mode till now 15/02/2021 but it can be better and the story is too small, I should tell the developers to make the story longer or open the modes because people are telling that the game is not too interesting. Ok thanks for reading, and please make the game more realistic and good. Thank you.
One of the worst of the worst games I ever played.While pulling the joystick to the sideways that moron starts walking as though he is exercising to face the enemies when he has to face the enemies.We get a useless stick in the military base which vanishes in 1 minute. It is a very shameful game for militiary for just having a stick in a combat.Not even a gun which is really needed in an army.Even the enemies are ultra idiots just watching like fans.Never play this immortally idiotic game.Thanks
I was so exited for this game and I enjoyed this game when it's launched but not from the long time there is not open a second stage which is very negative part of this game. I don't know when other stages will open and not sure it will be or not? I thinks developers stop working on it.
Well it's not complete trash but it's not anywhere close to being a good game. Graphics are decent but everything else is just so bad. Controls can be improved and it's very repetitive. It's just fighting people (in hand to hand combat, no guns to begin with) and walking that's all. Actually you know what? It IS trash.
The gaming is very bad it is just in the initial stage of battle royal . This game is only for people who spoke hindi . That is also a disadvantage of this game.Poor graphics quality,No sensitivity ,No guns No proper controls full of bugs . This game is not about to get one star rating
Except for the story . The game really sucks , the graphics are pathetic and realistically there's no use for other buttons except the attack one . Cause all the character does is punch . 2/5 is justified just because of the storyline.
I hope the developers improve on the shortcomings & missing options in the upcoming updates. It is monotonous, missing options like dropping a weapon, run-walk, jump-maneuver-kick, effortless switching between fist-weapon. And why on the home screen is there no exit button? Nor is it offered on the click of the back button on the home screen? How to exit the game? After recent update: Still no exit button. The first person view is unplayable, the weapons of slained drop in inaccessible places.
All good but after recent updates, whenever i open campaign mode, after the animated story , the whole screen blackouts, I couldn't see anything but the background music and sounds are clear, even the sound of footsteps when i drag the move option(i still can't see it but i know where it is) are also clear so please fix it. Otherwise a great game and after the release of multiplayer mode it would be the best!! Anticipating a positive response.
Few words about V.1.0.10: Much better graphics compared to previous versions. Bugs still not fixed are 1.Soldier freeze in between rocks after die, 2. Few times application crash issue notice on Samsung Galaxy A30, 3. Third angle camera movement need improvement. Some minor changes in healing speed is needed. Gaming controller need some more work. Weapons transition could have been much smoother. Hope this feedback will help.
Needs a lot of improvement. Cons: 1. Not able to pick the weapon at the time of fight. 2. Sometimes weapons are lying in such places which are not reachable. 3. Soldiers are getting into the rocks in some fights. 4. After purchasing a weapon it is not with our soldiers permanently, neither at the starting of the game. 5. Fighting doesn't required any skill it is just acting like auto mode. 6. After finishing the mission, watching the last animation completely is compulsory to win. Etc..etc...
Gameplay is too repetitive and boring. There is no gunplay in it yet, there is just this fist fights of one soldier beating hundreds of enemies all by himself which is unimaginable and almost next to impossible. I am rating it two stars because of the playable graphics of this game and considering its their first try at this genre. Edit:Its been months since the release of this game and still we dont have the tdm and free for all modes available, so I'm reducing its rating to a mere 1 star.
When are you guys gonna fix the joystick. The player runs only in the front wheel of the joystick and suddenly stops and starts walking if we change the direction. This is a basic common sense issue. It's unbelievable that you guys cannot fix this minor issue. Start listening to people because only if you respect people's opinion they will respect your game and play it more. And I don't understand what changes did you guys make in those huge 2 updates. There's indeed no change Flop
Nothing much to do. MP and BR are awaited like forever. Battery drain is also a very big problem. Rigid controls cannot be realigned like cod or ping. Big No as of now.
Worth game as on 11th Feb, 2021. 1 No any Gun 2 No any Button to jump 3 No other players All are computerized 4 No Controller Settings 5 Walk only specified road 6 Can't Equipments are limited with limited strength. 7 Graphics Quality Good less storage And so on Developers need to add many features and the should add a team play ground as soon as it become worth for all over India and other countries.
It's an good game, but it just needs more updates to be a best game of our India and we should give them more time, as example freefire at the starting they have many glitches and other bugs, after few years and updates now we can see the improvement of freefire it crossed 100M Downloads and now it's 500M downloads, so we just give them time to remove the bugs and glitches, and try to improve the game
FAUG without Gun is really a bad idea and too many soilders against one is also baseless. Graphics are nice, story is also okay but once game is ended player remains at the final stage and once timer is over system says your time is over. Right Thumb started paining if you play in one go because you created only single action button. 👎 You Win, You Successfully comoleted the level never apoears to me. Would give 0.5 star if option was available. Suggestion: Add Guns please.........
Good graphics..... waiting for more updates Edited : we are waiting for update of multiplayer mode for so long but we even don't know how long it will take, not the date but like even which month that information will also give some relief......but they don't give any information that makes sad and we tired by waiting and waiting. Also different different YouTubers giving wrong information so it's request to don't make suspence and share some updates.
This game is good but if N-Core games launch the multiplier mode as soon as possible then the popularity of this game will increase and also in the chat box everyone is saying same if u guys launch the multiplayer mode soon then the popularity will definitely Increase and yeah also supply Med kit in the game because each and every time we are supposed to go to the fire camp that's something not good and also u guys said u will launch Team death match soon now it's been 2 months now please launch
I liked its concept and I am hoping for more. Yes there are some problems which needs to be solved. The controls are bit slower I can't pick up weapons even I am walking over it. The graphics needs to be more accurate. Hoping for the improvement . But we want multiplayer online mode soon why so delay?
Hey are you here to see the reviews of this game. I'll be honest, this game is nothing. I was very much excited for this game but when I played it, I thought how this game could have been made. When I fight the camera directly comes to show the face my soldier. And the funniest part is when I am fighting with a soldier, the another soldier just keeps watching the fight and somewhere in the middle he hits me. There nothing more than just playing again and again
i Like the game, combats are very well done But, in CAMPAIGN the Health Of the Enemy, Camera angles During Combat. & sensitivity setting has difference after Changing. that's it all be half of that i loved the gameplay and everything..
Want guns, bombs, uav, stealth chopper, sentry gun etc. Please update and also make the running joy stick stucking option active so that we can just run and leave the enemy behing. Right now we are only able to go ahead if we are killing the enemy. There should be an option to go ahead without killing the enemy. Like in the battlefield it's not important to kill everyone. Some of them run away.
I was looking forward to this game I will be honest I am little disappointed the controls are not that good moving sideways and backward it's not working that good not too many options can't make own layout as it's not useful for 4 fingers. Hope you guys will improve it I hope the update will come fast. I am still looking forward to this game. If the game improves then I will definitely increase the rating too. 😊😊
Very good effort indeed. In first attempt u did a marvelous job. Gaming industry is quite new in india and You have created history by producing such game. Real good graphics. One suggestion : as in gaming world the games have three versions like hard medium and beginners. This can be brought in later to reach global audience. It has huge market. Long way to go. Happy to see graphics and first hindi speaking game heros
A good effort was made. It requires a huge brush up to fix bugs and lags. Many times game pauses and looks like entire game is a combination of two buttons 1. Fire and 2. Forward wheel to move. To keep spectators and gamers associated with the games, new updates and new chapters needs to be published as soon as possible.
Consumes too much battery even more than call of duty at very high graphics, their is nothing much to do in the game yet it boring till now. Graphics are good enough but environment is not interactive at all. And sometimes i am not able to pick up the weapon dropped by enemy sometimes it disappears as soon as enemy falls , also i noticed that enemies got stuck in the wall in one place of the game after the third checkpoint. Give me the option to switch weapons!!! And I already finished the game.
I like the game.. but there I am only able to play the first level. And there are nothing much for you to do except hit the attack button again and again. Graphics are good and all. But there should something more in the game to make it even more interesting and there should be more levels. And why is there no gun in the game? That would really be nice if there were a gun. And some more fighting strategies.
one of the worst games, weapons get stuck in the rocks and there's no way to get it. After a point weapons automatically disappears from the ground, how is it even realistic? you have to walk over the weapon dozens of times then only will it pick up, and that defence button is so useless.
Too worst game uncontrollable movement. with high lag , glitch and stuck. So many time i tried to end the mission but this lag and glitch and stuck problem makes my carrecter die. And also soo many problems in this game.i don't think the company make it solve. The people who give this game mark over one star is they re fool or they r computer player (Mins cheater or a hacker) no update fix bugs.