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THE VALOR: Child of Fate

THE VALOR: Child of Fate for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by FIFUN located at ROOM 1201 12/F PROSPERITY CENT982 CANTON ROAD MONGKOK KL. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
this was,actualy 5 stars. but now ill give it 3 stars, cause the game always crash always get dc, I check my internet cause I thought it was the problem, but its not, I tried to play on pc but still it does. DC and crash always saying your internet connection is unstable even thou my internet is 38giga even if you re install it , its disappointing that I top up big but yet your service is very slow, hope you fix it, its a good game hope you wont let us player be disapointed and stop thank you
This is just a rip off of Dragalia Lost. Don't spend time on this and go to the original game and how it works. The developers need to focus on original content then stealing ideas from Dragalia Lost. Complete waste of time.
The game is nice and i hope the 3rd character would be nice like a mage or an archer or a gunslinger or a priest and i hope the developer would make a character global inventory wich if you have 2 character you can keep both items in one box soo if ever other one find a good gear you can transfer it in your other character i hope you can make it and the game is awsome but too laggy i think you must lessen the icon on the screen soo it would run smoothly
This game is not a free 2 play friendly. Drop rates are super low, can't even have anything good with a f2p player. Please don't download this game. Devs here are so greedy. They only think about how they can suck our money.
Hello Fate Oath Dev. i have a concern in the game whenever i go inside personal boss the game always crashing and i cang play i dunno why i have good internet connection and i also i always adjust the setting in low and block everything in the game but it still crashing i dunno wers the probelm pls fix this so that i can enjoy this game and can loot lots of drop. Thank you
First time recharge, didn't go to my account. Contacted customer support - but didn't receive any response. Customer support should be 24/7 especially in billing. What a waste.
i change my mind i wasted my money after i played for a while and experience lots of problems along the way from the log-in to the character actions/movements a little bit here and there makes alot of lags and crashes, while im getting pissed off i still wanted to play thinking i could install the game again trying as if it could be fix but alas....heartache for this game 😢😭
What's wrong here i cannot login my account after the update its just continuing loading for hours this is so disappointing... I invested too much time already playing this game... Like wth??!!!! Fix this now or you'll leave me no choice .. I'll jist uninstall the game
So far i dont have any difficulties related to this game.. and that was exact for my game genre. It was a good game for me..
A GREEDY PAY TO WIN GAME!! The devs never ever hear out the complaints of the players, they are only concern of how they can rake a lot of money from players. A very very bad game. Do not even think of downloading this game. This game will be dead in a month or two.
Seems good so far. My main issue currently is that I'm not sure if there are any EU servers and I have no idea what the server time is, which isn't good for events. Seems like there are a lot of severs released as I'm on server 75. maybe not such a good idea
I've been playing the game for 3 days and so far its ok but u guys really need to adjust the UI bcuz the fonts, icon, everything is tiny and too many icon in main screen and i think the joystick and the skills control is useless i think it would be better if the moving control is screen touch then ask for skill try to make it like pc control and please fix the pixelated bug
Can't login the game because it always crashed I tried many times to login but the results are the same .. it happens after the update please fix this problem or I don't have a choice to get refund.
Waste of time...this is the only online game in my phone that takes too long to load....dont waste ur time downloading this game...i already finish downloading the latest resources...then the game stops working...when i open it again it needs to download the latest resources again....lol...its a shame i cant give u zero stars...
Right after the update, it started to crash everytime. It is always lagging. It says unstable network even if my internet connection is great. It freezes even if the setting has already been adjusted. It is a good game, but it is irritating. I hope the devs can optimize the game to make it worth paying for.
it's a cool game but why I give 3 star 1its hard to level up 2 you need to buy real money 3 you get bullied wen you new in this game
The game is really nice, I spend hours playing it and I'm having fun. However I just have a few concern about the MICROPHONE button on the message is not even recording a single thing then the UPLOADED PICTURE as an avatar is not visible to other players. if devs can fix it I might give 5 stars.
Graphics and quests are ok, the devs listen, and player community is really active and nice. Other than lags and crashes, fast-level (auto) early game, PMs not notifying, & slightly discouraging difference between paid players, this mmorpg is pretty decent. For those willing to pay, go for it! It's a game worth spending on, and will benefit u in the long run (many players are spenders too lmao). But if not, it's okay cuz I myself also reached far and still enjoyed it w/o paying. GO ZODIAC!!!
I didn't mind the story Halo the game gives out the impression that you you would be playing a game similar to Shadow legendsI don't like games that give you the impression that you'll have better graphics than you actually do have the biggest suggestion I have is it for your next game instead of reading content you just have the characters speak their dialogue I also think there should be video games geared toward the blind if in the future that is at all possible.
I am starting love this game....really this game make me so happy..If you see my review then I request you please try it once ....☺☺
Game always crash. A lot of bugs. Recharge is not worth it. Devs don't listen. Worst game don't download and even try to play this game.
FOR REAL GAMERS, DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME. I used to like this game, but it has shown it's true purpose. The Devs are out to get money and doesn't care about game experience at all. I could list all of the reasons why this game is not good, but It's just to many to mention.
Fun but no fun that you can't normal revive but 5 times! It should be the other way around. Only revive on spot five times. Then have to revive normally. Plus the cost should rise for on spot revive. This is especially unfair since VIPs can spend multiple diamonds to revive and kill off the bosses. It gives f2p players an unfair advantage to kill world bosses.
In a day I reached lvl 180 then then rest events rotation is kinda boring. There are free skins, pets and cars it's just happened that there are many items that is exclusive for VIPs. VIP 5 to be specific. Which will requires to spend a lot of money. I didn't compute it but I think it's more than 100 dollars. I actually plays a lot of games like this one then giving them fair review. Hope it helps. Grazie! 💕
Im stuck in the comparing file with server screen every after update, i have tried everything, clear cache, reinstall, reboot phone. i have to reformat my phone again just to log in, seems to work that way but very inconvenient, Devs pls fix this not just focusing on money, Greedy pigs.
The game is awful. Downloaded and tried to play but everything is automatic. Battles, powerups, weapons and armor and heros are all chosen by the game not the player. In battle, the player doesn't really do anything just clicks ok on the prompts. The game does everything. Players don't get to choose anything. Tried to contact game support but there is nowhere to find help.
I used to like this game and understood that with it been relatively new that there may be some kinks till they rolled out the updates. Then issue's started from things like players showing online and they are actually offline, chat would bug out and send 4/5 times, you can't even change your settings for auto play as the spells are not even selectable they don't even have pictures up. This game isn't getting any better even after updates. I've contacted them by email and they can't even reply
I was extremely horrified at how the developers had handled this game. It was good at first, beautiful even, but somewhere a long the way it had turned into a money grabbing machine. The developers really have no consideration for the game experience of each player, but rather just make money off of them. Well, I'm sorry that That's how you operate this game. I hope every bad rating you receive from here on out won't affect your business.
This is an Abomination; it lags, it crashes, gives u a timer to bind your email and when you do get the verification code the timer has expired! These ppl seriously didn't know what they were doing in the first place! And above that the game isn't fun, enjoyable nor playable! Plz remove from play store just a waste of space!
HI. I don't k ow if this is bug or something. I'm done completing all the task in my 3rd awakening. Done completing the 20 pieces soul slasher. But it seems that it's still 7/8. I dunno what happen. I even claimed the reward. There is no quest available to continue the awakening. Kindly address this ASAP as I need to keep my CP UP.
Fvxking game, never change played for 6 months still have error in log in re dl still the same struggling to get in in the game,i got good net still say "net anomaly"? devs of this game is bunch of freaking profitter never consider for their players and fix bugs, not recommended guys. Bunch of leachers.
I give 2 star because i do an recharge for an amount of 5$ or 250php using SUN Cellular on my gmail acount, when i press the Verify my game just automaticaly crash and when i return to the game, i dont receive my diamonds. I hope they will take an action with my problem, i enjoyed the game honestly but the recharge bug really lose me some hope.
The game wouldn't open. I've been stuck on initializing for a solid 10 minutes. I closed the app and tried again, only to wait for another 10 minutes, hoping it would finally finish but it didn't. Downloading this game was such a waste of data.
Negative side is that when I try to smelt the items won't appear so I have to close then smelt again. But after I smelt, it won't disappear directly, i have to reopen again. Also the movement control is a bit lagging. However, it's pretty fun to play. How I wish there would be more helpful guides for beginner gamers like me.
great game! i like this game you can have a girl a mount and more theres so lot to do here your not going to bored anymore wow this game so cool really install now
Boss system sucks and garage, cursed rank 1 hero, just touch him and do 1 Million damage and take all cursed gifts although i discover the boss and i am hitting boss from 30 minutes, i leave after hrs, after lvl 200, lol
2 stars because the game looks really pretty, but it's not even a game. It's your typical "click the quest box and the game will autoplay". There's literally less gameplay than watching a cutscene. If it requires no input whatsoever, it is NOT a game, regardless of how pretty it is. Don't bother, get netflix or crunchyroll instead.
What happening on this game? Why always loading after i update it? Please fix this. Do something or we full refund we spend ....
After the update it won't allow me to access the game its keeps on closing the apps i wonder why i already restary my cp, reinstall and restart still the same.
It's pretty fun to play though I notice that some bugs appear. Not sure if those happen to others but I notice that while attacking continuously, the effects disappear and the character is the only one left. Overall, it's pretty fun.
The game is good, simple and quite fun, it would be awesome of they add new class with free choice of gender
I've already uninstalled this game..its a good game but after playing it for a week..it freezes and i force exit..after the new update maybe its from the update pack, I've tried restarting the game many times and uninstall/reinstall it again but the same problem happens..
There is only two character which makes all players likely ti be similar and too many player at single place playing is very simple more like your just tapping buttons, too many icons was placed on the screen which makes it annoying, and cant even tell what to do next too much unnecessary details...the place are monotonous so lastly why for reccomendation why not addapt the place on pokemon which reaaly gives you simple and very easy to follow which you could not pass if you cannot cleardungeon
Every update, you should uninstall and reinstall..happens every time there is an update.. Devs.,answers questions after 24 and you have to wait for another day for them to fix or suggest what u suppose to do..u will miss all your task and they will give u a very minimal compensation..update twice a week..reinstall also twice a week..big joke.. Anyway, thanks for the days i enjoyed the game.. Uninstalling this game..
Its hard for f2p players ,but the vip4 is worth it , the events may be repetitive but i think the devs have ideas for the future, its a good game worth the try.
Watch an ad to this game by the looks of it a dev, saying that "we removed the recharge system." or something like that. So I decided to play it and see how a mmorpg game will hold up if there is no pay to win. WRONG, there is a recharge system and it is just like every other game there is in the store. Really thought that ad was a little bit too good to be true. #feelsbadman
Was scrolling through the play store and seen this game, since I haven't seen it before I decided to click on it....Wala What do I see before my eyes. The second photo you have displayed looked like a copy and pasted Jibril wedding skin From the game Soccer spirits. My G... It really looks like you just pasted her on dudes back with zero effort LMFAO. 1 star for straight Plagiarism. Btw Just downloaded it so I can review. I can tell this game has no effort since you half assed already.
This game is really cool! and you can easily level up in here and there is an auto control so when you have something to do you can still play and level up! The controls is easy as well and the graphics is really amazing
The game was actually cool in any ways but there is a little bit of delayed or "lag" when i enchanced. I gave 4 star because of the the distraction of a game a little bit. I hoping this would be fixed i the next maintainance. I did top up the first time and it was a nice promo o would say.
Already purchase diamond ring ticket for 60 diamond and register it but when the event start i can't enter the event, it said i didn't register yet. Scam
This mmorpg is awesome! Keep up and please add another character like a mage or a brawler (just a suggestion) 😊
I gave this game 5stars cause i like it all th grapcs and auto battle. Cause when u are doing something it can battle itself and more faster.
I've been laying in for 2 weeks, over all I really enjoy it, since it's not that much of a pay to win and you can ascend with pure hardwork, although there's a lot of bugs it pretty enjoyably, but my game suddenly crushes and now it's saying failed to extract? Why is that? If you can fix it I'll give 5 stars
Good game, the servers are actually dying now, due to some players who uses hacks to take advantages. Developers need to tighten their security in-game, to have a fair-play environment.
Devs are unresponsive. The game has many glitches and many flaws. Events don't get reset like they should for refresh and rewards for events don't get sent out. I'm an avid MMORPG player and this is by far the worst one I have ever played.
Horrible controls and money grabbing machine. No cp cap on duel and and there's this constant lag Everytime the loot is dropping from the boss
The game loads. I see the loading screen and once it loads up. The screen turns black. I waited 10 mins for it to give me a chance to play the game. I didn't get the chance to play the game. The game doesn't load up the actual gameplay. Just the loading screen and that's it.
The game has the lowest drop rate per boss. Also the cd per boss is very high, make it reduce. Who wants to wait to revive the boss for 1hr and you will get trash equip. Change also the vip system expe and bdias per recharge. It would be nice if per recharge of 100dias will come up with 10expe vip. And the bdias, pls chnge it for free bdias evry rechrge of any amount.
I was playing the game since March. I reach VIP5 by striving hard to the quest. And then the update is made and my VIP 5 was reset to ZERO. I throw concern on the online CS and they inform me that there is no way that I can reach higher VIP coz I dont purchase the V4 Permanent Card. You have to spend PhP500 for the diamond for higher VIP. If you will not there is no any other way that you will have higher VIP. What is more worse is that they will end up d thread of ur chat if u still complain
The game is really good but there are rooms for improvement. There are times that I was lagging although I have a stable internet connection. I also can't bind my email amd phone number even though I already sent a lot of verification codes. But all in all, the game is really good.
Not bad game just time diff form US pain i know 13h diff some how cuz happen refesh on me.Could make US time zone sever ill give 5 stars.Ok issue cant disband guild get stuck leader of dead guild.Im quiting this
They say it took 5 years to create this game from the ads. Yet when I played it everything was so familiar. It's basically like all the other bad mmorpgs on mobile. You don't even have to play, You just create a character which does not have any customization, has only 2 class which is the dragon slayer which is a male and the elf something which is female. You don't get a choice. You basically just choose your gender and after that you just watch everything while it plays itself. TERRIBLE!!!
I love the game but the first experience i have encounter was i top up 100diamond and it succrsfully purchased but the diamond i bought i didnt recieve it. Im a little bit disappointed of your costumer service.. Please fix it and give me my diamond, im from server s71 account name: Kiritsugu. Thank you And morr power. Godbless
I was playing right now and i hate it because every 5min. The game is always auto exiting. I will give five if you repair it
Don't play this game, so many pk in this game, and the developer don't care about the event except top up. And the event always same. No special event and the drop rate is suck
Nice, I love it. Though there are some problems that I do hope they can fix like when you can't log in when you're using mobile data. If they can fix it. It's fun and entertaining
At first it was good and stuff but then one night I wanted to play the game, it took me to another account it wasn't mine and I had to restart every single thing, and in my other account I was on level 120,and I had to get to that level again, please fix this bug or whatever is going on.
0% DROP!!! The update for the awakening 6 is late. It should have started at level 600 but I was already level 670 when it was updated. Now I am level 686 but there is NO DROP for the 2nd stage stage awakening for 5 days now, and the 2nd stage it for level 610. The CS are NOT RESPONSIVE even after we reported. I am unable to proceed with the 2nd stage of 6th awakening since 0% DROP.
The game was really nice, although it has some inconveniences on some parts such as bugs and lags. But it's still good to play.. It was all good and then they released a bait event that killed the game population.. although I wasn't one of them I still feel sad to my fellow players.. my condolences to all of you.. I felt like this game will just milk money out of you..I'm very disappointed.
Decent game. There needs to be better leveling control and more people per guild. Servers that go by language
This is really a good app and you can earn anything to fasten your power and sometimes it goes some crashes but if you turn it again it will automatically open for it to see the results download and play it enjoy!
This is the best MMORPP game... You have to focus with your one character and keep it leveling to reach the higher power.😊😊😊❤❤❤
From 4s to 1s. After updating the game got some serious problems. I goes so slow when I used data to play. Unlike the past not updated one it's so smooth and fast! I'm using 4gb man, but why the hell it won't even load not a single percent. This disappointed me really... My money just wasted on this game, and most importantly my time.
Heya, I really like this game and I have many friend's when I play this game. I just gave 3 stars, Why?, Because sometime's when I entered the game, It crashed and I don't know why, Maybe My phone is full storage or something, Anyway Still I like this game
A HUGE SCAM!! Worst Developers EVER! They'll make money out of each player then won't even give them a proper gameplay. It's all about money. If you're a spender then you'll probably enjoy this game cause the devs would enjoy making money out of you too. They don't respect real gamers, just as long as the money keeps on coming.
I experience on this game is more on updating and those graphics had already been lagging and others didnt notice that their characters had stop like hell!
It is a good game. I find it nice to play but there are just some conflicts for me. One of it is like sometimes there are events which ranks the players and the players get corresponding prize. It is good but sometimes like the top 3 or 4 only of the server gets rank because the quota is too high for normal players. (The Atlas Ceremony and etc.) Also I hope a Gold badge can be counter as 20 Silver badge or you should add a "Disemble" option because Combining 20 Silver badges is totally a waste.
There's a problem when i created my character and press play it's sunddenly crash and put me in my main screen then i click it again it just do it again
I downloaded it, and when I was about to create my character it crashes, and I restart my phone, and checked my internet still no changes. It crashes when I start the game, hope you'll see this complain.
It was a god game that's how good the game is it have's the best graphics of all the games I have played it was sooo cool you got to fight bosses and when you afk you can press the button that says automatic so it will play and level up your character and when I was afk for a minute it brought me to level 211 I think you should install the app I give it 5stars you should too.
I already downloaded the resources but after I open it and register. The app automatically close. I can't log in into the game
Game is good but devs only want your money. Game focuses too much on Pay2win mechanics, you can never beat people who pay alot in game. DOWNLOAD AT OWN RISK.
It is an amazing game... The characters are quite cute... The graphics is nice.. For short everything is good and amazing.. But I suggest that it must have a lot of different character for each one to be unique..
Cant get my gift/reward after top-up, I already received the deduction on my account yet I didnt receive any items or rewards that I suppose to acquired. I already contacted them via e-mail and CS option and but I didnt received any response as of the moment. All necessary evidence (screenshot from google play receipt) from my purchase was already sent. Well I am still waiting for their response and hope to fix and verify my concern.
Good game my only problem is that yes at first its very addictive but as you level the grinding/looting for gears both FTP and PTW Player's chances are getting limited. I suggest that instead of adding more servers, why not add thr drop rate or attempts that we can do in a day specially for FTP players. Thanks.
It is a nice game but now i cant log in to the game its always says entering the game...... At first i was satisfied but now i dont know what happened to the game
Its a fun game for an idle but for sure its always pay to win in the long run like the rest. Over all I think its a pretty good game. My only question is that the lack of descriptions or info about the stuffs i'm clicking xD my chara would just say "click here" but I have no idea what are those buttons i'm pressing are for