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Fate/Grand Order (English)

Fate/Grand Order (English) for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Aniplex Inc. located at 東京都千代田区六番町4番地5. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence, Tobacco Use) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

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You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I've been playing this game for a couple of months now and I still haven't gotten a single character above a 3 star character. Unless I actually pay for saint quartz. The character rate for 4/5 star servants is atrocious. on top of that the craft essences are in the same pull as the servants instead of being in a separate pull. I've loved this game up until this point despite what people say about it. But I can't keep trying to farm for saint quartz anymore trying to get servants I wont even get.
The game is excellent. The story got me hooked with it and the controls are great for me! The Gacha/lottery never changes for making you get a lot of headeaches for making you get 3* servants with the ocasional 4* & 5*...
This game is fun except for the fact you get your login streak messed up because the maintenance time is during the daily login time and the serious pay to win factor.(Edited:So now you have not only continued to do server maintenance during the daily login it also destroys my ability to connect to the game servers when it's done making it impossible for me to do the daily login DURING a DAILY LOGIN EVENT. Either your incompetent or your deliberately screwing your playerbase over.)
Good side: Fun. Game mechanics is very simple. Stories can be entertaining and pretty good if you have idle time. The best part is that even a low rarity servant can be very strong and useful when compared to other games. Bad side: Gacha is literal hell. If you get lucky, you're lucky. If not, you're not. Endure the salt. Events can be very grindy. Material farming is a nightmare too.
If you're gonna play this game for the gameplay, you won't last long. The community play this game for mostly the story which is arguably amazing. If you're gonna play this for collecting the characters, oh dear God. 5*s have 0.8 drop rate, I rest my case. And to add, it can be very grindy. 5 star for me cause I like my pain. You'll probably learn to have a love-hate relationship with this if you're patient enough.
At first you might think it's another mobile game cash grab but, in fact dedicated players *can* get the same benefits as people who play. The story is involved and not a hackney'd hokey story. It makes you love the various servants that you meet and makes you question the concept of good and evil by the second story arc's first chapter. You can see how much the developers put into expanding upon the Fate Franchise.
As a gacha games this could be considered "evil" however Fate GO has a lot to offer in its stories and (now) beautify animated characters and attacks. I've heard this isn't a really "2016-2020" looking game, but I think that its okay as Fate go has way more to offer than some of ther others gacha games on the market. After all it is a mobile game so it does still suffer from grinding and RNG but if you can get passed that this game will keep you up playing it all night!
It's a great game. I haven't gotten to far, but I love everything: The gameplay, the art, and the story! I'm giving it four stars since, at least to how far I've gotten, it seems a bit easy. However, it is a great game otherwise.
The game has a surprisingly good story and characters! But the draw rates are TERRIBLE. Lower star character can totally be viable, but getting 5* is incredibly rare. Kinda wish rates were better.
Best gatcha out there, that is if you like the fate franchise, if not then you will learn to love fate. Other than meh drop rates for high rarity servants and draining your irl wallet its really fun.
This game is really good in a lot of areas. I think the story and gameplay is really great and the events are nice too. I even think that the pulls from the quartz system are fair. My only gripe with this game is a big one. Theres not an easy way to recover data. I got a new phone and my old one got wiped which saddens me because i had a lot of event servants and was pretty far in the story and now its hard to get back into the game starting over from the begining
Great game overall but fp has almost no use so I have over a million if not over a billion so if you add a better use or just a type how many you want to summon button I'd say it's a five outta five. Also maybe add material from past events in there as a super rare drop I have a few servants being useless due to not being able to ascend them just a suggestion though.
This game isn't free! The price is your soul as you fall slowly into madness. You will suffocate from all the salt you get from the Gacha. Only those who have fallen into the deepest abyss can warn those oblivious on what's at stake once you hit that download button. You think that you'll be able to finally get Altria Alter with all the SQ you saved up. But no...you'll just get Jing Ke and a bunch of eessence. All in all a great experince 10/10 would sell soul again.
I've played FGO for about 3 years now, it's one of my favorite mobile games. However, I've been losing interest as of late due to how unnecessarily grindy/time consuming many of the events are. I absolutely hate the events that have 100 missions and ask you to defeat hundreds of enemies that belong to a certain group; these parameters are not enjoyable and I don't even bother with them anymore. I have practically skipped the last two events, to give some perspective.
Fate Grand Order is a very different game. It is a gacha game, and it is rather easy at the start but one thing you need to understand about FGO is that it is a commitment, and a serious one. The rates are ABYSMAL with no pity system to help you get your favorite servants, and some of the harder maps will require some serious planning and studying of skills in order to complete it. Getting anywhere far in any of the events also requires dedication. Its a fantastic game, but only if you understand what you're getting into.
The game has a great story even though the early bit is a tad cliche. Additionally I see a lot of people complaining about the gacha rates, but none of them mention that there is a guaranteed paid 5 star 2x a year and they give away several 4 star servants a year along with hundreds of free quartz and tickets. Besides there are no story quests that require the paid servants in the game, friend servants are enough to carry you in the story and events. Upgrading is a grind though so be aware.
It's a game that I can actively enjoy with other people without having to get competitive. The gameplay can sometimes be repetitive, but that's why you implement animation updates, which is nice. The support team was very helpful as well, helping me recover an account I lost within a week. Overall, good game, good team, good community.
Yeah, it's no less gatcha grind than many other games out there. But the graphics are astounding, the story is gripping, the events are frequent and have a lot put into them, and there aren't really any paywalls keeping content away from those of us playing on a budget. I can think of a lot of tweeks I would make personally, but they're mostly nitpicks than serious complaints.
After three years, I have enjoyed playing the game. The events have been fun, along with a lot of content and updates to mirror the Japanese version. The only takeaway is that the free to play rolls are hard to net SSR characters as the chances are slim, even by Gatcha games standards.
actually good game i don't understand why people complain about not getting the units they want even though the low rarity units can basically carry you towards the game. Some of the events in game are not that great but some are exceptional. Story itself is the best out of all the gacha games i played in my opinion, there is no game that has made me so excited about the continuation of the story in Fate/Grand Order
This game is amazing, it kind of reminds me of a final fantasy kind of setting and it's got a lot of cool characters like Gilgamesh and Nikola Tesla, I just can't wait for Napoleon to come out :3
An excellent experience. The gameplay when you look at the details actually has a lot of depth, warts and all. It's a slow burn but the story from chapter 6 starts to really engage and continues to build upon itself. I'm not going to lower my rating but the gacha (RNG character collection) is extremely unforgiving. The extremely low chance to get the 5 stars characters with a practically nonexistent guarantee is very anticlimactic. The community is fantastic.
If for every event you blast $1000.00 by all means. It nothing but farming to no end, and wasting hours to get maybe through one section. It used to be fun now it just tireless farming
I love the game but the drop rate of good servants is very low, I'm almost level 100 and I'm already at the sixth singularity and only have 4 good servants? I've been struggling finishing a single story because of the low drop rates of good servants.
It's a great game especially for the ones who likes the anime franchise of fate series this is a good game to continue the story and I recommend it for you to play. Also don't worry about your account growth cuz this game is legitimately "FREE TO PLAY" game.
Here for the waifu. Did not get disappointed. The premium currency is OK-ish to farm, the best rates you are going to get is 0.25% which is shown. Unless you don't mind any 5☆p
good game. To be able to know more our servants I suggest to enable us players to see the description of active skills of the unavailable ones which requires ascension to just be able to see it. It is a hassle, only showing us 1 active skill upon obtaining a servant? what if that 1st active skill is not that great but the 2nd and 3rd are, as i have said they're not available to be seen unless achieving ascension of that servant.
It's a sure five star for me but dear developers, there is a bug in the new event that was released about the giant girl(Buyuan I think? No that's wrong but that event) upon reaching a certain section 3 of the last quest line. My game just freezes and I waited for a while but it didn't work. Can you do anything about it?
I've played FGO for about 3 years now, it's one of the best mobile gacha RPG games, if that even means anything. FGO has a truly interesting story with memorable characters and a rather in-depth combat system for a mobile game. However, good luck summoning a "rate up" SSR, you're gonna need it. (Five star servant summon rates are abhorrent)
My favorite mobile rpg (despite the crappy drop rates). I enjoy the stories and the characters quite a bit, but take that with a grain of salt as I was a Fate fan before this game came out.
As unforgiving the gacha could be, FGO is still a standardbearer of quality gacha games. The daily pull is not from the standard pull (FP pool), but there are servants you could get from completing each singularity AND event stories. Its not P2W though, play smartly and you could finish the entire storyline using just 3 stars. My qualm is mat grinds though, the drop rate is just brutal at times unless ypu get to higher levels (looking at you Phoenix feathers). All in all, good waifu game.
This event is impossible without archers, I still love the game but Gwain crits almost every other hit 5 runs in a row... All the issues have pretty much been resolved and we have a back button xD. Martha has to unlock her third skill , unlike every other servant... Makes you grind and do 14 challenge quests. Why I don't spend money anymore. You literally have to wait for the right cards and have to servants leveled/skills upgraded just to attempt. RIP my crystalized lore.
Great game. Would be great if the story could reach the end, allow me to read the text log AND THEN move on to the battle. Give a clear gambling warning before allowing 1 tap buying, and a small but easily seen warning about gambling in the quartz buying page. It doesn't seem like a big thing, but the addicyion to Gacha Gambling is constantly increasing at an alarming level.
I've been playing Fate for over a year now and let me just say this is my favorite mobile game of all time the story is excellent and engaging, the character sprites look really good, the events are also fun,the characters are also all good in their own different ways, and the music is also great,while the Gacha system feels unfair sometimes this is still understandable since most Gacha/Gacha like games tend to have similar rate ups for example kof all star, dokkan battle, and arknights
The game is very good overall, the story on 1st part is decent, but on 2nd part it get's better. The animation are great and the gameplay is easy to get into although it's pretty hard to build good team if you're new player. But this can be offset by the good 3-4 star choice that you can easily get. The bad side is only the gacha and the heavy grinding nature of the game.Overall it take a while to get into, but if you've already have a good team it will be enjoyable to play especially for F2P
The game itself is amazing, the only issue i'm having is with the whole "Data transfer" method. I've entered both the transfer number and my password many times and for some reason it keeps telling me it's incorrect, otherwise I had a fun time playing.
This game is free to play. And it is fun for the first few missions until it gets progressively more difficult. Some missions are impossible for me despite being higher than the recommended level. Not to say this game is garbage but the gacha pull rate is....I dunno rigged? I've played for a few months now & haven't pulled a Saber class until today because I paid for some quartz. And even then it was not a very good Saber servant. Refund me!! Rating this 1/5 is generous. Should have been 0/5.
Yay, I really like this game, all the game instruction, animation, storyboards, all great. But I was bit disappointed due to the summoning system, i didn't get any Saber (except Bedivere) and not that much Berserker (I have Kiyo and Chacha). Well anyway my player name is Yuna and I have finished Agartha and still fighting in Shinjuku (I'm still a weak Master but I still my strategy enclosed to me). And also I used my mom's phone and account (I wish I could have a phone and transfer my g data).
been here since day 1, considering stopping now though, only reason I gave it a 4 star. I love the fate series, and this game is decent, takes a while to get to the challenging parts, but the constant farm is just getting old. The story is pretty decent, if a bit campy at times, especially the events, but it has its charms. Has a very anime feel, if you like that. The gatcha part is not the best part for sure, but they do a good job making almost any unit be useable, so use who you like & enjoy
One my fave games, it has it's fair share of ups and downs but regardless i still play and love it, yes the gacha is the worst but all the more better when you get that servant you wanted for so long, i see a lot of people complaining about not having pity, first time? I have been playing for so long and haven't spent a single penny and got a lot of the servants i want, stop hating on the game if you don't get what u want and just hope for better luck, if u can't do that Quit the game.
Been playing this game for almost two years and it's one I continuously come back to. The story is top notch, graphics are amazing and the cast of servants out right now have interesting takes on their respective figures. The gacha system is terrible of course but it's par the course on these type of games. Overall, I love this game and I hope they don't ever discontinue this one!
When you are not out to get specific servants and are instead happy with the line of of three star servants then you don't have to worry about using money. I am just enjoying the story. Though I still find the "Altria" Engrish attempt dumb, not enough to lose a star though.
My phone is Oppo A71(2018) and I just discovered how unoptimize this game is, I tried FGO on my old Samsung Galaxy S5 and it seems like it's even on parr or might even be faster than my Oppo A71(2018) when playing FGO which has a newer and more efficient hardware like Snapdragon 450 as a CPU and Adreno 506 as a GPU which is much more efficient than the old Snapdragon 801 cpu and Adreno 330 GPU from my Samsung Galaxy S5 which was release on 2014, please make it more optimize to other phones too!
This game is fun and good way to kill time. However, the chances of getting a 5 star or even a 4 star is way to low. After spending 32 tickets and 120 quartz all I got were 3 4star characters. This game is fun to play but NOT A GAME TO SPEND MONEY ON!!!
This is the worst game I've ever seen even amongst gacha shovelware. The game feels unpolished, shoddy, and rates being horrible only makes slogging through the terrible (and incredibly inconsistent) quests all the more annoying. Never ever waste your money on this scam.
It keeps saying can't connect to server but I have 100mbs connection I tried clearing cache but it doesn't work I have also tried torestard the game client but after I resyard the same issue occurs
I like the game a lot. The writing is sharp and the Mehouso event was really funny. It's the unforgiving gacha summoning system. It takes pleasure in mocking me and giving me the same e star silver servants over and over. 15 Madae's and Gile Se Rais later im stuck hoping certain Ascension material is farmable and nope sorry. Like, the game is too unforgiving and makes it less fun. If it werent for the daily log-in bonuses i wouldnt play daily.
It is actually a very good game with memorable characters coupled with an amazing story. Getting high rarity servants is quite hard for free to play players, but I got lucky and got 3 5-star servants, so can't complain that much. The only real problem I have with FGO is the waiting time before each missions or battles, I get that they still need to ready character sprites and all that, but it really is a very long wait. I'd rather download a lot of data for each servant.
As much fun as I am been having for playing this game, and for how many months I've been enjoying it, there's a problem with my game that won't allow me to exchange my 7 million summon ticket, even though I completed Fuyuki. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but it didn't work. If you can, please repair this, or help in any manner.
Game is great but my only problem is my last phone broke and it didn't have a transfer number, and I had rolled Jeanne d'Arc Alter on that account. The fact I have to start from scratch with this new phone of mine I'm writing this review, is ridiculous I'm not rolling for Jeanne d'Arc Alter again. I got lucky after 7-14 summons and I'm not going to grind to get her again. There needs to be a better way for me getting my story progress and ALL my servants back because I do not have the energy.
Phenomenal. This is one of the most carefully crafted and lovingly made 'self-aware' F2P games I have ever seen. No, IT IS the best. Hands down. Emotion and patience, care and consideration has been put into this app. It is not predatory in anyway, being the only game I can recall putting a disclaimer in the loading screen about paying being optional. Plus, it respects the break screensaver, which I personally find respectful. Challenging and thoughtful gameplay. Humorous. Try it for a week.
Gacha rates? One of the worst admittedly but that just makes getting a SSR all that more satisfying. One of the redeeming features of this game is how f2p it is and how generous it is to new players. You don't have to spend a cent in this game to tackle any content they throw at you. Another plus is that after a the first few chapters the game is basically a high quality VN. All in all, a very fun and enjoyable game when you're not salty or in material hell. Which is.. 95% of the time.
As a huge fan of this franchise the story line of this is incredible and gameplay is pretty awesome too it is somewhat p2w but regardless its the best game i can always go back to mobile wise
Been playing this game for 2 years+ but one day out of no where my account got hacked and transferred to another device without my knowledge. Went to support to try to get it back. But they said they couldn't verify the circumstances or events that have transpired and they cannot provide further assistance. Also because since the account in question is active. They cannot verify my account ownership and take further actions despite sending them all my Google play store transactions id to them.
I love the game, I'm a big fan of the Fate series. Hoping you make more/new servants, maybe more alternate forms of existing one's ^-^
It keeps saying "Check connection" while I'm already beside our router, thus my connection is stronger as your relationship. And when you click "restart", it exits the entire game, just like how I wish i could exit my relationship w/ her. Being single is better.
This game is outdated, I got all the servants the waifus etc but I know greedy and unfair practices when I see them, I did think this game was amazing but after you look past the servants it's just a generic mobile game with zero substance. The people who play this game are only in it for memes, waifus, and fanservice. The Gacha is very unforgiving fortunately my girl and I, have gotten lucky with Merlin and Gilgamesh summons, but that doesn't excuse the horrible gacha system Fgo has.
Good game but tends to get really slow during loading and transition. It's also irritating you can't skip event transitions. Edit: since the last main update, the slow loading issue is fixed. Now 5/5.
Its a good game, the only issue I have is that this game is the king of grind and hard as fk rates, there are guides and etc to help you, to those thinking of getting this game know this: thats hell you're walking into
One of the few games that have me begging for more. The story is thrilling and in no way predictable! While the gameplay may get repetitive at times, you can really feel the impact of picking the wrong card or not using the right skills. It gives you a sense of control over the battle, which I believe is an amazing feat! Keep up the goodwork! :')
Its a fun take on a rpg sadly the likely hood of getting your favorite servent is very low as alot of the coolest servents r 4 or 5 star doing a 10 roll saint quarts summo only garentys a 3 star servent at gives a 4 star card but it most likely a craft essence card and depending how badly u want a particular server and ur luck cause summon is purly rng u may wind up droping cash and a fair sum of it in hopes of just or particular servent during a evet that may or may not happen again
This is a rewrite. As of writing this I have over 500 hours in this game. Been playing for nearly a year now and I still absolutely love this game! The story, bar the first 4 or 5 singularities, is truly worth the grind. All of the characters are interesting and likeable and the journey you'll undergo with your servants is truly fulfilling. I really cant recommend this game enough but be prepared for dry periods (when it comes to your luck) and an intensive grind.
Great story, characters and simple controls.... only issue is either the summon drop rates need to be higher, prices for saints quartz need to be lower or the devs need to be a bit more generous to the dedicated players and long time/consecutive players. (2 saints quartz for logging in 20 days in a row is laughable) I'm a returning player with a new account and it's shocking that it hasn't improved since the last time I played it.
I was never a fan of the anime but both this and fate/extella: the umbral star made me a fan of the franchise. My only problems with it is that trying to get new servants and saints quartzes are quite vexing. It is hard to get thirty quartzes when you have to use them to revive the group. They should create a system where you can trade low servants to get better ones. Oh, and I'm having a hard time getting any sort of getting any special summonings and I don't know how to go about it.
I was really enjoying this game. The story is awesome and I enjoy all of the Fate series in general, but when I installed the most recent update, the app kept crashing. I sent an error report, but there was no response. I completely uninstalled the app and reinstalled it with no results. I hope eventually I will be able to continue playing this game. It is a great mobile game as long as it works on your phone. Update: I fixed it! Had to turn off usb defrag. Apparently it's an android thing.
Give me a saber-face god dangit!! I'VE BEEN PLAYING FOR YEARS PLEASE I cry everytime whenever I spend money on a Saber-face related rate-up banner and I don't get her at all, it took me another year to get my 2nd (yes, 2nd) 5* servant, I don't care about the gameplay anymore I just want to collect everyone or just get a saber-face please god dangit!
The "localisation" team don't care, they have subjectively censored characters, not even giving a statement on the censorship and didn't compensate us (China recieves compensation for censorship). They delay events, rewards, and outright skip milstones and minievents. The gacha rates are terrible, 2 years delayed with old UI, old animations, shoddy translations, no translation in some areas as well. They are an embarrassment to Type Moon and an embarrassment to other gacha games. They suck.
I love this game, I've played the Japanese edition for a while. So I was ecstatic when we finally got it for North America. To be able to play this fantastic game in my native language is so nice! Having a translated version of Fate/GrandOrder [albeit a little bit behind japan] is five star worthy me. The visuals are amazing, i specifically love the animations for the noble phantasms and as mentioned earlier, a translated game means I can enjoy the great stories F/GO has to offer.
Slow and clunky app, what are the jp devs even doing lmao. Gameplay is incredibly slow and grindy, every single event is a slog if you're trying to go for the bare minimum. Story isn't good enough to put yourself though the bad gameplay.
Game is actually good, all gacha games are grindy - that's nothing new. Rates are so-so, sometimes you hit jackpot, sometimes you're unlucky. Again, nothing new at gacha games. The gameplay and storyline are constantly improving in terms of writing, the only boring storylines would be the earlier works (Septem, Okeanos, Fuyuki). You'll love some of your servants based from their interaction and interludes, my only gripe is please tone down the Mash overprotection dialogues, it's getting annoying
had an issue with my account and was greeted quickly and friendly and they were more than willing to help and solve my problem. thanks again. The only actual complaint I have is the the whole transfer code. I just got a new phone and i have put plenty of money into this game and since I got a new phone I cant access my account due to not having the transfer code. If we could get like a fb sign in or a gmail or something to make it easier to recover our accounts.
The game is fun and all but the thing that bugs me is that you can't link the game data to your social media platforms, stuff like facebook, instagram or whatever you happen to be using. I recently lost my phone, which I also saved my transfer code in and neglected saving the code on another device, and now I can't get my data back. If the game devs are reading this could you please help me recover my account?
One of the more veteran friendly games out there. The game can be beaten on low rarity f2p units. While 5* and 4* rates are terrible if you do manage to roll the one you want they are relevant no matter when you started. This is the only gacha game I know of that provides ways to strengthen f2p units.
Great game however did a Data Transfer between phones. Few days played normal but not playing for one day to come to play the game now and find all my data of almost 2 years had disappeared...not happy😠
The Story and The Event was good. The most need of upgrade is the gameplay. Ah and this game mechanism bind was great though. It don't need any bind to google account nor social media. Only need bind code and password. I lost my account once and contact the cs it recover my lost account between 2 days or less i think. Great job
It is a fun game to play, but the app itself takes up enormous amounts of space and has awful load times. It constantly requires updates which also takes up more and more space like the very hungry catapillar. Additionally, to make the game even playable with the wait times, you have to download even more data so it will be preloaded, but a lot of the data you download will likely be never needed anyway what with how much stuff is in this app.
Why do the enemies crit so often? I can understand one or two crits however when 3 enemies have crit me about 6 times and I'm only on turn 3 that's stupid. Meanwhile I have an 80% chance to crit and I miss. This is a basic feature in all RPGs and you can't even get it right. Are you incompetent? lazy? careless? just plain stupid? I guess the world will never know.
One of the best MMO games I've ever played I learned a lot from the story mode heard of Legends I never heard of people who I wanted to meet people who I wanted to learn more about I got to see MASH and her dream to me she was one of the protagonist she was there from the beginning we learned a lot from this game pouring money into it to get characters we want it and we don't want to see it in end yet. Yes this game is fun to play an emotional rollercoaster so whoever plays it be ready.
Great game it got me hooked the moment I started playing, the gameplay is a bit laggy on occasion but still manageable, the controls are also easy to understand and remember, just wished that the system/server maintenance didn't take 12hrs, other than the maintenance waiting time it's all good for me.
I love and adore this game,But there's one prob STUFF AND ACCIDENTS HAPPEN,What I mean is that if you lose your transfer number and your phone broke or accidentally deleted the game you have no way of getting back into the game knowing this is a really really grindy game and you lose everything,I recommend Gmail login so that if you loose your transfer number you can still access your account
The game was censored without so much as a warning nor an apology, despite promises to the contrary. Over four months later and despite numerous complaints, there has still yet to be so much as a statement about it. Furthermore, multiple in-game events that were present in the Japanese version were skipped entirely for no reason. The developers are deaf to concerns and criticism. Do not play this game if you value honesty, transparency, or integrity in a developer, as you won't find them here.
Story was portrayed excellent. Game Mechanics is good. Just the gacha rate tho. I once had that 10X pull and i only got event exclusive CE. I hoped for a servant tho. But yeah in the end, it's gacha xD
Fun good graphics, gachas kinda hell though but you'll know get pass it. (I'll suck all your luck including newbie, f2p, casual, long time, whale player) good luck on try not to quit the game if you don't have any quartz left to role for waifus.
It's going to be fun for any fans of the Fate series. The characters are larger than life and the storylines are both humorous and intense equally. The only complaint from me is very common for these games. The good rewards and best gatchas are hard to get. It can be frustrating to save up the necessary currency to attempt a good draw but too often the result is less than hoped for. Usually, unless you spend real money, you might only get one or two full ten item draws in each story.
Good game, one of the best gacha games out there and would recommend 100%, but could you do something about the unusually long loading screen time, even for high end specs phones, it takes a considerably long time to load each time even after downloading all the content, im using android 9, is there any issue with the game and android?
Its all about the waifus... But there are still bugs that needs to be fixed like when the match started, all servants when casting their noble phantasms are not doing very well. They are not talking at ALL. But when they are hit, they talk even when selecting their skill they also talk. The only thing is that when using their noble phantasm they are not talking at all even the enemy. No subs too. HELP
It's a good game, but I don't recommend it to purely "free-2-play" players. The Gacha is a meme for being one storm to a giant salt wave. All in all, it's a fun game. [okay now give me a better gacha rate]
The game is good and has really good stories and has a lot of depth into it. However. Yes... It is a gacha but the game feels unrewarding after you keep grinding because the game will only give you more grinding and not content or servants. The mindless grinding on 100 mission events from this game could be the lack of the developers effort to keep players on the game Also: The game has way more SR and SSR servants, which is kinda rude or cruel because you will not have variety to play with.
I love this game so much, my favourite mobile game and series, I recently updated my Google Pixel 3 Phone to Android Version 10 and now I can't even open the game anymore 😭😭 if possible please try sort out this bug as I miss playing so much, and in a month a local convention is working with FGO for special promotional events and I need to show my game to get prizes. I'll always love this game and give it all my support 😁 please look into this issue as soon as you can! Thank you
All games essentially work on android 10 but this one decides not to open. I know we were given notice about the incompatibility but the devs were also given advanced notice about android 10 as well. Honestly just shows how lazy the devs can be on this game.
The game is fun but my phone recently pushed an update to Android 10 and the game will not launch. The same exact thing happened during Android 9 launch and it took weeks for the fix. As fun as this game is, the support and service for this game is so disappointing....you'd expect so much more from the #1 grossing gacha on the market.
A lot of fun for a while, but can became more frustrating than fun over time. Overall not bad free2play. But it does have some of the pain that can come with free2play.
The game itself is really fun, but I can can't give it a good review because of the terrible localization. Not only do they change character art for no good reason, but they also change the translations of character dialogue, sometimes butchering the characters completely.
Great game, gameplay Is pretty simple but fun, the characters are the best part of the game and I have a gatcha problems so that's a plus. But the negatives are pretty large. There is ALOT of grinding like alot and ap is a bit annoying but that's all. Over all game if your going to try it and are enjoying it keep going to Camelot, if you can get there and complete that then your in for a long one, oh and one more thing, that's hell your walking into.
CRUEL premium gacha rates. Super attack (Noble Phantasm) animations are LONG and UNSKIPPABLE. Ultimately pretty free-to-play friendly--I've collected very good units without spending a cent. Story quality varies, but is generally pretty good. For those who don't mind paying, I'm told that the few yearly Guaranteed paid gachas are the best use of real-life cash. *Gambling and gaming addiction is a serious problem. Please be aware of your real-life priorities.
I absolutely love this game, not only for the story, but also because it enables the ability to learn more about some of history's and mythology's greatest figures.
Love the game but the grind is some times a pain in the neck. The sign in bonus is my only hope some times. But as is life its still a good game the summon mechanic is luck and i have bad luck when it comes to like i really want saber alter but i just cant get her no mater if i have 90 Quartz or 30 i cant even get a 4 star some times. On a multi summon! And i have tried since i started the game.
I like this game but, the drop rates in the gacha are awful. It's heartbreakingly bad. You would think 20 premium draws would get you something good but it won't. Don't waste your time getting in to it. Its designed to make you want to spend hundreds of dollars. Play something else trust me.
It's a really good game, especially if you're a fan of the franchise. The battles can get repetitive, summoning from the gatcha is really hit or miss, even with rate ups on event banners. Overall, great game, just not one you should play if you want fast progress.
Another great game by TypeMoon , Kinoko Nasu sensei's masterpiece of a series!! It's full of story and has great story overall as well! Gameplay is simple enough but there is also complexity and strategy involved, yet still can be engaging and gives you challange .Worth it 9/9 !!!
Highly recommend if you are a fan of fate series. Still recommend if you just want to try it out, ignoring all the rants about rate-ups this is a pretty good turn-based rpg at its core and it got waifus! 8/10 "rate up is a lie." Would whale for Eresh.
Good story But it Has terrible rates the worst out all the gatcha games I've played So far about $500 US and still don't have the character I'm after. Really good grinding game tho....
Amended review, I can't rate this game higher due to it being a hero collector with an ok story. Good luck collecting, I was just reminded by the Skadi banner that no matter what your chances are less than %1 everytime. This is the perfect game for those with gambling addictions and even apologist cant defend why this game has no safety net for the servant you want. The rates are honestly so bad that it negates any positive about this game. Also the anniversary sucks compared to any other game.
Its fate which is cool but the gameplay is sickeningly boring, and you can't even idle it since there's no auto battle. Like if you aren't gonna let people full idle like Azur Lane try and make gameplay kinda interesting like FeH. FGO just boils down to pushing the red button with Mr. Merlin. Its completely devoid of thought in the gameplay. I will never understand people that say it takes strategy. Its literally pick merlin and red button with a defensive character even on the hardest events.
it's okay so far. have only been playing for a few days - got lucky enough to roll a fairly good servant during the tutorial, but i have to agree with the other reviews on the summoning - too expensive, with too low of a chance to get servants that're actually good. having to pay 30+ dollars for 10 rolls seems exploitative, especially since this kind of game can form addictions in its users easily. at least the battles are fun, but are they really worth it?
Highly recommend if you are a fan of fate series. Still recommend if you just want to try it out, ignoring all the rants about rate-ups this is a pretty good turn-based rpg at its core and it got waifus! 8/10 "rate up is a lie." Saving for (your fav servant)
A long-term game. Take things at your own pace. Pick it up for hours a day, or go on hiatus for half a year and return: no power creep. No PVP elements, a steady stream of events that give you super welfare units and items, leans heavily on its ongoing narrative (which is harmlessly mediocre at its worst, but brings tears to your eyes at its finest - and it only seems to get better with time), and character continuity. A game that gets unexpectedly personal with you.
Zero pity system; at a time when practically every other gacha game in existence has one. 30 FPS; when practically every other mobile game has a 60FPS option. No auto-battle; when practically every other mobile game has one. Insane load times; when practically every other mobile game runs better. I can go on and on about the failings of this insult of a game. All it is is a money maker for Fate weebs who throw money at JPEG's. I may like Fate, but a good game this isn't.
Best mobile game I ever played. Graphics/Sprites 10/10 Soundtrack 10/10 Gameplay 10/10 Length 10/10 I really enjoy the sprites, they are so smooth, and just look so unique to their own. The soundtrack, oh my god it's so wonderful, the game play is great, my only issue is fsrming can take a while but it's nothing to push me away from this game whatsoever. The length can very mainly depend on the singularity but it keeps growing. I HIGHLY recommend this game to anyone who loves Fate.
Ok game, but the rates for pulling anything halfway decent is so low. After roughly a couple thousand pulls, I have only received 1 5 star servant. Its supposedly a 1% chance, maybe I'm just unlucky, but this seems a bit off to me. The 5 star craft essence rate is 4% and I've pulled a fair amount of those, but more than likely the rate for a servant is a big lie and scam to get people to pay for more currency to keep rolling. Beware.
I have tried repeatedly to download and play this game to no-avail. I've confirmed that USB debugging is not on. Not sure if this is due to the recent Android 10 update. But a fix would be nice as Fate is one of the best series out right now. Edit: This is definitely due to Android 10 update. My wife had 9 still and I tried the game on her phone and it worked fine. It wouldn't work on a fresh install after I updated her phone. Let's fix this please.
Passable story. Passable loot box currency rewards. Hidden, unexplained mechanisms during battle. No battle stage preview. Lots of obtainable characters. Beautiful and smooth animations. Frequent events, pushing grind. Stamina system. Poor in game items drop rates. Late game locked character materials. Outdated menu style and navigation.
Honestly, this game seemed like fun sad it would've been if the servers weren't so dogshit. Every time I started a mission or skipped the story it would say connection lost then retry and I did but it just crashes every time.
It's a mobile rpg with gacha. You probably know if you're into this already. You collect husbands/wives/children and level them up to make them cooler and sometimes they go racing or something like that
Gameplay and story are great. My only complaint is that the gacha rated are insanely LOW. A 0.700% chance to get a 5 star servant makes no sense. Rate-ups need to improve. Also the repetitiveness of rolling duplicate servants needs to be toned down a bit.
It's a pretty good time killer. The gameplay is also very lit and undoubtedly high quality. The only downside is the farming of materials. I suggest that you add an "auto-clear" option after you have cleared a certain level. Cause most of the time, grinding for materials is taking too long.
Have been playing for almost 3 years,I can say that the game is really worth the time, with a fantastic story, loveable characters and pretty amazing fan services atleast for a mobile game .The gacha salt can be straight up cruel as hell sometimes but it's really satisfy when you got the servant you really want . Furthermore, the developers are really doing their best to keep the game going . In the end it's totally worth your time if you really love spend your money on gambling :>
Good game genuinely. But if you have a favorite servant and they are a 5 Star all I have to say is good luck.
Never watched Fate, but really enjoyed the characters in this game. Animation is really good and the developers have put lots of efforts into the details. Quite generous with the gacha sometimes. I thought you have to pay to get really good characters, so I was surprised when I got several SSR as a F2P.
It's a good game graphics are good and the story is great the battle system leaves a bit to be desired but it's a strategy not a beat em up so yeah. the gacha system is a bit stingy but what game isn't nowadays. it can feel a little unforgiving but a little grind and you'll be fine. like I said its fun but do not for get to backup your data it will bite you if you're not careful
The writing for each story is so good but what impressed me the most is that the craft essence rate up is so consistent than the actual units/characters' rate up in the game. I'm so excited to spend my saved up quartz for another batch of useful(?) Craft essence. :D
Pretty f2p friendly and I actually think gacha rates suck but that doesn't make the game p2w. There are so many free f2p chars that are on par with ssrs. It's just all ppl do to c if something is good is check if it's gold and decide it's worth like that.
This is a terrible game that will take all of your time and money and you can never escape. If you love the fate franchise you will never stop playing even though gameplay is repetitive and gacha rates suck. 5 stars
Story: So much more than I was expecting when I first downloaded the game, constantly expanding and entertaining. Plot: There us one and then there the PLOT. Drop Rates: Pain. Just pain. Summary: Download to find out what all those DJs have been about but don't drop money unless you plan on never stopping. Just don't.
Edit: Turns out that the game doesn't like USB Debugging being on. Once I turned that off. It launched fine. It's pretty fun, however, it's very much a gacha in the sense that it encourages you to buy summons... I keep trying to download and play this game but the game won't open. First it was asking me to open it using PayPal or other unrelated apps. Now it is trying to launch but then crashing immediately. Someone fix this please.
Games good but summon rate is the worse because you have to get really lucky to get a good card and nobody wants to wait a long time to get a good card!
Review from a f2p The games is good in all honesty. The story is great with memorable characters and the gameplay is simple but very enjoyable. The gacha rates are bloody horrendous (0.07% for a 5 star seriously?!?!) but you can pretty much complete everything with 3 stars and below (hell check of mAceOfHearts on yt he does it with 2* bronzes). TLDR if you dont get caught up in 5 star servants youll find a pretty enjoyable turn based rpg
Amazing art, story, characters, soundtrack, and gameplay. Most of them feel way too good for a free to play mobile game. Like others say the gacha is punishing and soul crushing but they give you a good number of free quartz. Not enough to get every servant you want but you'll be able to get a few good SSR ones. And it makes those few times you get them feel amazing. This game can also be beaten without a single SSR if you know how to play it so it's not P2W.
Great waifus/husbandos, BEST in the industry! The customer service is too notch too, actually saved Nerofest for me by getting me a transfer code in a timely fashion when my phone updated itself to Android 10! As with all gachas you should expect some heartbreak wheb going f2p, but it's more than doable with patience and good ol' 2 year NA foresight.
So I love this game, I really do. I love the characters, I love the story, I love the gacha part of the game. In general I adore it! But I'm so freaking mad right now because I had to delete all of my progress in order to fix the issue where the loading screen was pitch black. All of that progress, gone 😭 I still like the game. I really do. However, I'm so frustrated with it right now.
Fun game but gambling gatcha rate is rigged so don't spend real money on it! I did over 1400 pulls & didn't get Zhuge Liang during the rate up event (0.25%); statistically that should be 3.5. To put that into perspective, if someone were to purchase the highest quarts package for the cheapest price, that would come to over two-thousand dollars & still come up empty-handed! This is why this EA style of gambling is illegal in many countries. Yes, 5 stars are 1% chance, but the good ones are rigged
Been playing since release. The story is great and yeah it can be a money pit, but if you save up Saint Quartz and plan properly you'll get what you want.
It's a good game bot it's to expensive one SSR for 500$ or more but in the end it's worth it it's a good story like a novel you have choices and once a while it touches your heart like in the end it is a really good game. But it all depends on if you have time to farm and if you can handle the salt of the gatcha
Great game and mechanics especially if played with friends who have OP servants lol. Bummer it doesn't have auto fight but not that I blame it. With the same characters, you still have a chance to lose the battle so I think it's fine.
Incredible Story, wising all the Singularities get an Anime Adaption too. 100% great work to this game. I wish that You guys Increased the Gacha rate and the rate of The Ascension Mats....
I love the fate series. You can tell that the people who made this had love and respect for both the serious and parody tones the series take. You can tell they had fun with this.
i really love this game and i've been playing it for a long long time, it's just so sad that the drop rates for assension materials are just so imposible. i super love fate but this is just so frustrating...
F2P player great game the events help you get grindy stuff a bit faster so the longer you've been playing the better your chances at getting some of that extra good stuff restarted a couple times because of reasons but yeah if you want to keep you stuff recommend you backup your game or you will lose years worth of gameplay T.T but other than that 10/10 still play it to this day in hopes to finally maxing out all those sweet sweet wifus
Probably the best gacha game in the mobile market right now, I would have given at five out of five but right now I found a bug. This bug is not allowing me to use the free 4 * voucher ticket to get the 4-star servant even though I completed the first main storyline to use it. I don't know I'm the only one are there others like me?
Summoning rates are bad and seems to not change. Story is good and is one of the best on mobile. Problem starts with story locked events due to the long story which becomes a chore to do after a while. As much as i like the game forcing a player to rush through story to do events isn't fair. I would like to enjoy doing it in my own pace.
My favorite phone game by far. Good characters, good stories for the most part. People complain about the rates, but honestly after a year of playing without spending, I'm doing just fine. Unfortunately due to my phone auto-applying the android update, I can no longer play. I would really appreciate if they would fix their app to run on the new version, even if it's not 100% perfect right off. Will give 5* back when they do this.
I really enjoy this game but I'm not sure if I would if I didn't already love the fate series. But since I do, I have a lot of fun with it. The story is surprisingly good for a mobile game and I laughed out loud a couple times from the writing. The combat is very simple but well executed. Astolfo is best boi
Honestly, the games story is pretty good so far, but the fact that you're forced to bring a support servant thing or whatever on EVERY single quest is far to intrusive and annoying for me to actually enjoy any of the story. It's a horrible feature and should be made optional like FFBE:WOTV's (or basically any other mobile rpg's) companion system.
Fun game, always a joy to meet intresting characters in historical settings, plus with lots of events there is plenty of content. The in game currency is a bit stingy, but not excessively