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Fate/Grand Order

Fate/Grand Order for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Aniplex Inc. located at 東京都千代田区六番町4番地5. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
the only mobage that stays in my phone for the longest time. Although the gacha rate is horrible, the lack of content is what I don't like the most. Having 40 ssrs but the daily routine is just farming, no proper refreshing weekly challenge, past event is locked to RP and severely nerfed. Please just rework the daily loop, give us raid/challenge to test out our servants.
This game, like not so many around its genre and platform, has aged like wine; the more time it passes, the better it gets. This is the only mobile game so far that I've been hooked on since its inception, and I will continue to play it to the end. It has left a mark on me like no other game has done since the Metal gear Solid and Legacy of Kain franchises. Coming from a person who's been a fan of TYPE-MOON since 2006 and a 5-year vet on the game, I'm sure It's saying something.
Play for the Story & You'll get Hooked to it. Story:10/10 Gameplay:8/10 The Gacha is pretty hellish but you could still go Throught the story with low Rarity servant.
One of the best games i played in my life. The characters are developed over time and we get to see the development as new chapters get added into the franchise. Gachas are harsh but in a good way. Be careful though, it can be hard on your wallet if you start to invest in this game.
Great game, after playing it. I finally understand the franchise...Nicework from delightwork and typemoon
This game is awesome I have been playing this game for 5 months.iam still interested in content they adding. And iam also an free to play yet I have some op 5 * and 4* they also give you wellfare servants (mostly 4*s) for clearing some events.
Gacha rate: Hell, but that doesn't mean you cannot enjoy the game as a f2p player. If you're a f2p but has a ton of ssr, that would mean luck is on your side, but if you're like me with only 3 ssr for over a year, that would mean luck is not on your/my side. But that doesn't mean the low rates servants are bad, some of it even better than ssr. Have fun playing the game.
Hmm. This game sucks and I still see how normal people see how boring the game is. But when I started this game I can't stop asking for more servants and more strategies to finish every events.
While it is fun, compared to other gacha games, it is way too difficult to get the SQs to draw let alone get the unit you want due to the guaranteed unit per summon being a 3 star rather than the usual 4 star. Only recommended for *very* patient f2players or gacha veterans.
Huge fan of TYPE MOON and been playing FGO for 5 years, and the game always delivers me for new contents. The story, characters are well developed, the battle system is perfect for not constant micromanaging mobile players like me. NP animations look so brilliant. On the otherhand, gacha is pretty strict. But when you manage to roll it, you'll be the happiest and coolest master in the world. If you're going to spend money on gahca, just make sure you don't overspend it. Able to recover my account under 6 hours! (I think it's very fast considering the average times throught server playerbase, even with Covid19 standarts) And the support team was very polite.
A very good game for bearing the name "Fate" but the state right now is severely lacking some new features and some events
The game and lore is top tier, characters are cute and have each their own quirks, very nice. But the gacha rate is just...literally gacha hell in one app lol
This game, like not so many around its genre and platform, has aged like wine; the more time it passes, the better it gets. This is the only mobile game so far that I've been hooked on since its inception, and I will continue to play it to the end. It has left a mark on me like no other game has done since the Metal Gear Solid and Legacy of Kain franchises. Coming from a person who's been a fan of TYPE-MOON since 2006 and a 5-year vet on the game, I'm sure It's saying something.
great mobile game but spaces between events are really dead with no constant updates about new servants etc, please at least give an lite rerun or something to fill the dead weeks. Also not the mention the frustrating gatcha rate, if you're free to play and not used to harash gatcha rates this game isn't for you.
This was a great game back when it was just released. But after so long, there has been no changes to the game that improves gameplay, same old content. Its as though the devs only care about flooding new characters to get people to cash on them. Hardly any other efforts in other aspects of the game.
I also play the NA version, maybe i overrated the rating but believe me I'm not, good characters/servants, QoL, updates and story is amusing, the only mobile game i play for 4 years now
Very impressive free to play game. Plenty of opportunities to earn quartz for gacha. And gacha has been very kind to me. Bless Type-Moon , bless the FGO team ❤ P.S. please make Kirei a servant!! I will throw in big bucks for that guy.
Love this game and the anime, sure the gacha can be wonky at times but id say the real place this game lacks in, is a good way to save data, we should be able to link a google account or something to it incase we lose put code or just dont know there is a code
For a F2Ps out there, you dont need to spend money just to have 4 stars and 5 stars Servant, some of them aren't even that great. 3 stars Servants and below are easy to synthesize, ascend and level up their NP because they are easy to have, you can literally get them for free every single day.
Lost my account. Should learn from games like clash of clans where u don't have to remember or save a god damn code to restore data.
One of the best game out there. The first game that never got uninstall in my phone. Story and character is superb. Some people said the gacha is suck coz don't get character that they want. Come on man, you can't complain about bad gacha in the game that supposed to gacha.
If your complaining about gacha rates... Understandable.. but if your really that unlucky then just steal your mother's credit card smh...
The game is fantastic. The only MAJOR issue I have with it, is it's transfer system. PLEASE, change this.
It's an amazing Game of an amazing anime series ! But i spent a lot of money and i didn't get any 5 star servent , while i get one *4 servent every few months ! Please increase *4 and *5 servents drop rate ! Also add 5 PvP 5 which is played like In Fate Grand Order Arcade ! And thanks for this amazing game ❤️❤️
I really like this game, however, the long loading times it takes to get to play each level kind of turns me off a bit.
My experience with this game is wishy washy I might get the character I want or get a character I don't want It's like drugs but worse but It's a really good game.
response team is distrustful of the inquirer you will only have 50/50 chance to retrieve your account if you ever lost your bind code even if the only 2 negotiating is you and their representative without third party involve so for anyone who want to play this game make sure yu re-new your bind code monthly this is the last thing that i can help you with, support team aside game is more easy now, game is now more new player friendly more than ever so anyone interested play "NOW" for Start Dash
Fun game. I have spent countless hours on this gane and i never regretted picking it up. The low rates makes getting those characters feel all the better.
Really good for a free games from Fate . I just screwing for having really worse luck rank. We, old masters, deserves SSR rate up in the future. At least 3% chance XD
New ui look so UGLY, Screen size are bad(there are black bar outside game screen), Bad for casual player with 30minute -1hour play time because farming take long time, No NP skip, You can't replay story fight except make new account, When 1-3 star you have lv max(include lily) you can't do anything except for SQ gacha 4-5 star because they MOSTLY make new servant with high star not low star, New gamemode event more boring that late gamemode and more grind,etc. that's my 5 year experience
This game… Has great story, great gameplay, and what can I say? Its the best mobile game I've had. The Characters are all so detailed and its so rewarding once you get a 5 star servant. Trust me, its worth playing this game. Unless you dont have patience.
The time you rolled for 5*, the feeling when you get one (or more if you're lucky as heck), 気持ちね~
This game is incredible, I love spending about 6 hours grinding for one level up item that I need about 7 of. The memes and the straight up depression that this game has given me is unike you've ever seen. I rate 1 life time saving/Merlin would play again after getting isekaid.
It's fun but the RNG is pretty bad. I would recommend this game to my friends though because it is pretty fun.
The best game in my opinion. I have played this for 4 years and my luck still doesn't run out HAHAHAH keep up the good work
When i first time playing this game, i thought it'll be P2W game. But it turns out the opposite, you don't really need SR/SSR Servants to clear levels, you can even clear it with 1-3 Stars Servants. Even if you can't, there's Support Servants with high level that you can borrow from other Masters. As for gacha, the odds for SR/SSR Servants are pretty low, even there's no guarantee you can get SSR with 200x rolls, so it depends on your luck. And also it's unfortunate that there's no pity system.
Still good game for wasting time,money, and luck but love this game so much. Just sell your soul and trade it with S Rank luck for gacha
Best game!! I am a big fan of fate series/fgo, Japanese style gameplay, fgo fans have to play this official game, I think the event is difficult, gacha also have to repeatedly to get the character of the event (depending on the event) , gacha is very important and a feeling of regret and waku waku, and may need money to top up your quartz but if we are lucky it must feel very happy, like I just first got astolfo hehe.