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Fatal Raid

Fatal Raid for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Infraware Inc. located at 19F, Daerung Techno Town 18, 19, Gasan digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu Seoul, 08594, Korea. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love the game overall and was a long time player and even spent my money on this game because it was addictive and great. I delete the game because I needed storage space for emails and just today I had just decided to redownload the original game but noticed it said old version try again. I was confused at first until I figured out that they made a new version of it. I was hyped. After waiting around 5 to 10 minutes for the game to finish addition file data I wanted my old account back. There was a google play button so I pressed it as usual and it said load account (I used the same email for my old account) but I noticed it told me to make a username, willingly I did it. The game loaded as usual but then my data wasn't there. Please fix this bug.
Awesome game! I love it so far definitely new to it haven't even gotten into pvp but can't wait. the only thing that's really kind of driving me crazy is there's no character customization please please patch customization hopefully like I said I'm new to the game I can get a helmet definitely not going to look like this dude during a zombie apocalypse but I am blown away by this game seriously I'm going to say personally one of my favorites of its genra
This game is very nice since i started to play and i'm enjoying it but it has network issues that is the main reason i'm giving 3 star and the rewards i can't forget this game i like it..
This game really annoyed me, it took the whole night downloading additional files, and then in it refused to play
You always get thrown into the middle of a one sided game opposite to ppl with higher weapons, health and playing in well coordinated teams. No wonder the rating for this app slipped down from close to 5 stars to 3.9 now.
This game sucks.when i saw in the play store it is 93mb after downloading this game it is telling to download 664mb aditional files.what is this.It is not fair.please fix this reduce the storage or display it as 700mb in the play store
You know I really like this game but your server sucks I always have issue connecting to the server a place for a while and then it stops you need to fix your server
I hate this i played with the same guy 4 time in a row 1v1 can't really play with someone else it's so annoying he's jumping and running aim bot on and I try to snipe him but its impossible to win
The biggest downfall for me is having auto fire you do not ever ever ever put an auto fire in games like this makes gameplay harder.
INFRAWARE!!' I have a big problem. After I killed the destroyer. The mission fail appears I have found the glitch!! That does not make any sense!! It's mission success not fail!! This is very annoying. I want you to fix this glitch because I killed the destroyer on expert mode called one sided love on area 1-10 mission pls help me!! You need to get it fixed!!
This is B.S. I love the game but I have to pay you to keep the characters. Sorry but no that's not happening that to me is highly upsetting there should be some system to keep the characters you wish to own besides using money. You make profit from every other aspect of the game no need to squeeze every dime out of it for your own profit. cater to the players for once. I give you a three cuz its a good game but COME ON!
Arbitrary and unbalanced PvP matchup gameplay and lack of incentive to play beyond reaching a high level make this one a novelty at best. Fun initially but replay value and fun factor recede dramatically after the main quest has been completed. Extortionately priced products, severe glitches at times, and typos/poor grammar don't help the experience. 15/100. (A clear fail)
Don't mind the double body standards as long as my other video games have iron pumped muscular women... In them so of this I'd say sexy strong lady's to play as when you unlock em by beating the game will be worth it!also a cross between doom and resident evil ain't that bad an idea... wish you could play as the action girl as another option while unlocking more though... at the start... of this I know for sure I didn't mind playing as a male soldier so I enjoyed the game and that's all folks!
Good game. But there should be any kind of guidance option should be there because I have buy a gun but couldn't understand how to equip it..
I'd give a higher rating if I could continue the story mode after the PvP tutorial on equipment but it won't let me. Every time I go to story mode it tells me to go back to PvP mode select team death match and go to equipment then it stops. After I try going back to story and it does the same thing. I've tried playing a match, I restarted my data and uninstalled and reinstaled. Please fix.
This game in my opinion is the best fps game out there but it needs to get back to life meaning looks like the Devs have left interest to upgrade the game it needs many update to make a comeback.anyho just work on the again Devs plz.
Would be five stars if it worked right .. Kicks me from the server every time i win .. Does not kick me if i lose .. Tried to contact directly but i don't think you need my phone number .
Game will not load at all due to a login error. I have tried logging in while connected to several different WiFi networks as well as 4G, as well as having tried rebooting and reinstalling the app several times, all over the course of several days. No joy. Game could be the best thing ever, but I'd have no way of knowing it.
Its little bit addictive but my f vrt game i love its pvp survival and story mode....... I am loving it..... I have never played any game more longer than it... I m fond of it .... The best graphics...and updated skins are lovely... I dant know why but now from 2,3 days i am not getting my winning rewards... Medals... It says that watching add is not processed correctly
Great work guys! No Defects. Think you can even introduce it on a console version cause it has console level graphics. You can just change the survival mode form special event to regular game mode so that we can play it anytime EDIT:devs, please ignore the haters. You can even win with pay to play players team While having afk teammates with enough skill. Pls ignore the 1β˜† ratings and keep giving awesome features to the game. Thank you~
So far so good although if you want you can pay to win which I understand Devs have to make money but you can make other things pay to win like skins etc but progression should never be linked to pay to win I remember the days when you played a game to level up come on devs
3rd download of this game and yet again it lets you play 1 level and then goes off..Can you fix plz or will be uninstalling When are you going to sort it out????????
First l thought this was just a kids shooting game. Just downloaded it and wosh its like a high level players game. Love it. So good I just play it the whole time. No other game only - Fatal Raid.
Terribly unbelievable. Shouldn't even bother installing unless you miss the days of wall hacks and aim bots. If you are into running and jumping while shooting through smoke and crates while getting nothing but headshots with a sniper rifle then this game is for you. Teams are grossly imbalanced. When you have 4 bots as teammates who average 1 kill and 10 deaths against real $$$ players... Wait to spend money and find out for yourself. Enjoy wasting your time. Now random disconnects with disert.
This game is super cool but when this game load files and everything else it take a lot of time but this is very cool game bro 🀜🀜🀜🀜🀜🀜🀜🀜
Sniper going 27-1 while able to snipe through smoke and solid objects is absolutly rediculous. Don't bother installing unless you enjoy frustration and unistslling.
WOAH. Honestly just thought I was walking into a game I'd end up uninstalling right away. As soon as you enter the game it's kick-ass metal soundtrack kicks in. It's easygoing but can also provide "put you on the edge of your seat" moments. Honestly been a while since I've ran into a mobile game I can get excited about And play repetitively.
Very good game and more than that this has a bunch of modes i like that thing but i didnt get expected graphics so 4 stars
Good game, thanks for accompanying me so much time. Recently, this game shows "connecting" more and more often. No matter in the morning, night or midnight, it offten shows "connecting" and I have to stop playing. Hopes you can enhance the connection problem. Thank you for maintaining this addictive game.
This Game is very nice since I started to play and I'm enjoying it but it Has network issues that's is the main reason I'm Giving 4 star and the rewards are tempt me to play and PvP mode is Well Balanced to play against other player as well
I love this game, it's one of the best fps game ever played. I will give 5 star if you could remove the cut off in pvp modes.
My game is not opening after the entrance scene .... I have already installed the advanced updates of 628mb but it's returning to home screen after connecting to server.. assist me and I will award good ratings...
game was AMAZING until I ran into either modder/hackers or your system failing during games. I'm dead on shooting and nothing happens. one time, the same person I was firing at was firing back and nothing was happening. that's really frustrating when you competitively play. either way it needs to be fixed. I'll change my rate after I see it's fixed.
I played this before on my old phone and loved it I am a big fan of the mmo genre and zombie killing game so if your like me I would definitely recommend this game. I will just add that the game may crash one or two times when you first play it. At least it did for me.
I love this game but graphics need to be improve as hd. just improve graphics please I want hd graphics
Good game how come graphics are better in pvp mode? If you can make campaign graphics equal i would give it five stars instead of four.
Its 900mb to download the game not the 170mb you can't play it unless you download the other 700mb that pisses me off when games advertise a small amount but in reality it is a hell of a lot more.
Laggy Asian servers. You can't skip the long unwanted tutorial that makes you equip stuff and upgrade tutorial weapons which are worse than the pickups you get. You don't have a choice when playing story 1-4, you can only push a flashy button and wait for a 2 min minigame killing zombies for then to go back and push another flashy button as its the only one you can interact with. Come on devs. It's like you've created a shooter game for people with an IQ equivalent to an Orange. DON'T BOTHER
I love the game but there is certain things that can be improved Like the graphics and the animations could be smother but it still a great game.
Sorry to say it But I was Pretty convinced with all those reviews that this was a pretty decent game but after I downloaded this game I was exited to play it but after downloading all the resources it won't connect to the server IDK what's wrong with it but I can't play this game it's sad really I was hoping to play the game but I waited more than 20 minutes still doesn't connecting to the server my phone is Redmi note 7 pro and m pretty sure there's nothing wrong with my phone please fix this
Omg!πŸ₯°no.1 game in my life,game have offline & online both types,a lot of guns ,there skin , graphics, challenge, control all thing are awesome,,,πŸ’˜ awesome then pubg,freefire.there are no server problem,, developer thanks for this unbeatable game,,,, install ,you will not disappointed
Pretty fun if your into this kinda fps Tho prices are pretty high just for starter pack n such but the rewards make up for that Graphics...eh...feels like an old arcade game but easy on the eyes Control..playing with a Wee 2 bluetooth game pad so it's to easy Story...haven't really been following it just here for the satisfaction of killing zombies n it is satisfying So far theres plenty to do even tho I just started it Verdict..its fun n if your into babes killing zombies this is for you
Do not trust this game. I downloaded it, gave it permissions and when it came to pvp ( which wasn't optional, part of tutorial) my player had been given the name of my email PASSWORD without permission. I deleted it immediately. DO NOT TRUST THIS GAME.
i got hooked on this from the beginning and i love it. the gameplay is very versatile as u can choose a lvl from several in the story mode, play PvP with different modes too, they even got co ops for boss battles. damn they even got good looking characters with their own stories. very impressive game they even professionally recreated guns irl and how they would perform. berry good.
I love this game. I have been playing It for one year and, despite the fact that there are microtransactions, at no time do I feel abusive. it's a good game
Love this game. Fun and completely versatile. Though hard to lvl up unless u spend money, but if you play strategically you can get far on ur own with no spending.
A number of idiotic designs spoiled this game. People can block you from moving just by standing next to you. Grenades bounce off allies. YOU KEEP JOINING GAMES IN THE MIDDLE. Meaning u join when a team is losing 3 to 0. And just keep losing over and over because of this stupid matchmaking, at least give option to not join existing games. Idiotic design.
For some reason everything is pixelated for me, i turned the graphics up and everything is still pixelated. Add a screen scale option to fix this please.
Very rewarding and highly entertaining. The only thing I would change would be to give more control in the weapon mod and fusion process. I kept running into silly needless restrictions. For instance, not being able to disassymble a weapon for one reason or another. However, the game is very well put together and the controls are very smooth.
Dear , Infraware Inc. I love your game and I am hoping to even top up and put in time with it , but can you please fix the tutorial . It says in pvp mode you can use equipment . . . It directs me to the pvp equipment page and it just stops giving directions . . . Please contact me as soon as you get a chance . Thank you
I came here to rewrite my review over all nice game πŸ™‚but one problem is there when I was playing this game suddenly it turn black then I don't know how.....any way Please fix it and so many hacked players are there and why are you allowing them to play it's not fair that all fix it......πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜€πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
Well it ain't Tom Clancy's, but since my Xbox one stop working needed to find something to fill the void this game has done that very thing to cure video game withdrawal πŸ‘πŸ˜†πŸ‘
I played this for a long time. I am an old gamer, so I know what I say. I couldnt raise my guns. So I waited and tried to buy. But they didnt show up. Then I would spend my coin and the very next day....there they were. Great game...but they are are pay to play, in disguise. I just check in, for my clan. I dont play.
The game is alright, I've been playing it for quite a while and it's one of the top FPS on the store. The PvP modes need to be balanced when it comes to the players' loadouts, when they have more power in their guns than you so it can be a bit unfair at times. One more thing, I am not a fan of gambling my gems to get one of costumes for my characters, why can't you just let us buy them directly from the in game store, that would make things better & a lot less frustrating. Thanks in advanced.
I've only played 5 levels so far but I'm happy with the game play thus far. The sounds and graphics are pleasing but that female voice could get annoying as the game progress'
Get bored easily πŸ˜‘and player's are bots no real player only limited number of players so god damn really a boring gameπŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜΄πŸ˜΄
It has a lot of stuff to do, to the point where it can get overwhelming at times. The balancing (or lack of it) is terrible. Your level, weapon parts, and weapon grade all matter and they increase your stats. If someone spends money on this game they instantly become better than 90% if the playerbase just because the game gives them overpowered gear or level boosts so they can have more health. If they found a way to make the game more fair, a lot of players may come back.
PvP becomes a pay-to-win bore fest once you reach Gold level unless you're willing to pull out the credit card and pay the app for weapon upgrades. You can level up without paying, but it takes a very long time and bad programming assures you'll be stuck in unevenly matched games, constantly outgunned. As a caveat, the game refuses to start without access to 'storage and telephone'. The result was a series of spam calls from various Chinese autodialers.
Dear developers, I have one request for you, can you make offline mode for story mode and always requires internet connection and I would be happy to play this cool game without internet connection in campaign mode only, can you do? Thanks πŸ˜€
Good game smooth control wonderful graphics nice story line can't stop playing give it a try you will love it thanks guys for this awesome game
Us need to do something about the harvest and the ads are tun the game off when I play good and I have to play at 00.00 to 07.00 I would like to play it from them times and when it mass up on any pvp I keep get banned as will from play also they low your weapon power so us can not kill them, would of given non stars and try to sean a emails to the people how mack this game it not send them taken it off it got hacker on this game
Absolutely fantastic, if you want a good FPS look no further. You can play offline missions against zombies and several online modes of play. The controls are good and the online games are fair and balanced you can give as good as you get. Many options and all round enjoyable game play give a try, you'llnot be disappointed. Well done to the developers
Whale app. Plenty of micro transactions! Good solid caliber game for a mobile. Played for dang near 3 days straight to get barely anything. I don't know if somehow I just have the lowest level or if someone's paying off damage. But PvP seems as busted as hero hunters. Just as cash grabby too. TL;DR spend money to be good.
The game is good but the company isn't. They are CON. Every time they announce a new event and after that we use all our gems then next day a better event is announced. Even you will not get good weapons. I tried making 5 new accounts but none got. Also the support team don't reply on any matter.
Its really fun, the pvp is actually one of the best pvp fps I've played as an app so kudos!!! Although, sometimes I'm not sure if i am playing against bots or real people. Mainly cause the names are the same in every other match or sometimes when I start dominating the "players" then stop playing and just go afk and the opposing team doesnt even go after them they go right past them and kind of try to shoot me. Other then that I enjoy the game alot and there is alot going on
The best thing about this game is the fact that you can play without having to actually pay, unlike almost every other mobile game. yeah it takes some time but it can be done. now i must say the graphics kinda suck and i've yet to figure out how exactly to use grenades and mines. The controls could use some work, just saying
Very nice game with good characters but only one thing which really making me to uninstall is every time when i over one match it always get cut mean i come in homepage ;___; Β°~Β°
So, this game is highly ruled by the koreans, but while it first looks completely pay to win, its in fact the complete opposite. They feed you gems which I suggest using for autoplays due to them being so cheap at starting, and the first 2,600 gems used to purchase 10 cases for a 6 star weapon. (Highly advised to just reroll accounts until you pull a great gun, and it only cost 200 gems to name change and old names delete every 5 days). Basically it takes 8 6 star weapons to make a 9 star gun and it has to be an exact duplicate of that gun... Sound horrible right? Well instead of spending roughly 1,500$ in real USD, you can simply play daily and do pvp/missions to earn "battle points". It cost 350k for a 6 star gun that change daily which takes roughly 1-2 weeks to get and you can get 10-50k battle points a day from doing daily quest. The PVE is what this game seems to focus on, but this has by far the best PVP for a mobile game that heavily reminds me of my old favorite FPS game called Alliance of Valiant arms, or an even older one named Warrock. Regardless both are extremely fun and with the controls on this game being actually very good, it's challenging yet completely doable. Regardless, there is the option to whale in this game, but with it actually not being that advisable since its pretty ridiculous to get another 6 star of the exact same gun you pull in gacha, its better to spend the gems they flood you with in other areas. There are some cons like gear lvls affecting PVP but with everyone being able to get 9 stars easier playing free just takes some time I don't particularly mind it that much and its not that dramatic of a difference. The guns I highly suggest are from the New World line... The UMP New world is by far the best overall gun in the game and reigns supreme in PVP (You can check rankings and the top 100 players rock one in a loadout). Along with the Scar New world being the popular Rifle and ofc the sniper of new world is the go to as well as its extremely effective in PVP as well. I highly suggest everyone at least give it a shot as this is the only review i've ever really made because I don't feel like this game gets enough justice. Regardless I hope you guys at least give it a shot and like it since it has quite a high community even if most of them don't speak english :P