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Fast Racing 3D

Fast Racing 3D for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by Doodle Mobile Ltd. located at Osiris International Cayman Limited, Suite #4-210, Govemors Square, 23 Lime Tree Bay Avenue, PO Box 32311, Grand Cayman KY1-1209, Cayman Islands. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love this game i have been playing for year and so to say it is one of the best games out there and it doesn't kill my battery i just ask that you make an update with the cars and challenges but non the less amazing game #loveit
I like this game for sure It more interesting The way levels keep on becoming harder Bt also add more levels Nyc game
It is very fun to play this game. Love the cars it's fun when we all get together to See who will win there own race. This is my favorite car game .I play whole day with my brother I just love this game so much😊😊😊
Edit:Still gonna give it five stars however I found a glitch that allows me to keep getting 1000 without actually watching the ads... Really sucked a little of the challenge
This very nice game but some of levels are hard but it is nice I like most of games raceing it v v nice game😘😘😘
Good game ! I like this game. But I have given 4 stars because I want that we can customise our own car in this game. Please !
Hello friends now I will say about this fast racing 3d it is a nice game the first car be very slow you want to go speed then you have should update the car . And download fast racing 3d thank you friends.
Best game ever i love this game very much because it is offline and funfull to play and i never get bore and only 1 problem is that it glicths
I gave it 4 stars only because of the glitches issue. When im on a track sometimes my car got suddenly jump up and sometimes when that happens it will stop moving. The gameplay isn't bad. The penny earning isn't bad as well. And the cars were so balanced which is the reason I gave it 4 stars in it. And as far as I concerned, I've heard my friend (she had this app game on her device too) about this game that you'll ended up getting bored becuz they didn't updated. But this game isn't bad so far.
I dont like this game, because in the examples picture its nice,beautiful game, but when you install it its not the game that you see in the example. So i Delete it, And i Rate This 1, im sorry , but sorry for all of people that installing this game, im just, telling the truth.
(Sorry For Late review) I used to played this game when i was very small A very Good Graphics , Good Controls Game . I recommend You to Update this Game .
You Can Play their Every Game even the Quality graphics are Moderate-low Still this games keeps Amazement of playing it I recently downloaded Games archery,racing etc. Some of the nice to plays. It knows How people will Engage in their gaming part haven't seen whole company.. Would not mind to Give them some Bucks.. Somehow boredom could be still.. Research Issue it
Good game but needs a alot improvement, while playing the game stuck and the vehicle uplifted upward. Fix this problem and will rate it 5 star. Also add some more challenging maps. Add record monitor in order to challenge previous record add a bit graphics please.
best graphics and great experience than other racing games.I would recommend developers to add more features to the game
Its very fun but i would suggest adding multiplayer mode but other than that it very goood and also have more maps and cars too
Im now playing this game for more than 8 years and its still the most affordable racong game ive ever found on playstore...
This game is the kind of game where u sit down on the couch and play for ages. I have a really bad phone but there are still no glitches or lags in the game.
I played car games so many times but this the best game I've ever played. Nice controls, Nice gameplay
This is the best game ever. it is tricky at first but when u get the hang of it ur going to like it too.i have rated this game 5stars which i don't give very often.
Wow that is so awesome and I am looking for an hour. I have a good idea, but the page. We have 6 flats for sale. I think the only way to the UK. We are a bit of fun and games for the first time in a few weeks. We reserve. I think it t
This game is awesome, I've known it since 2012 and played ever since but one problem is that the longer you keep the game the more boring it gets amd I thinl something has to be done about that, like maybe a new track or more cars or something.
This is a wonderful game. I thought I had rated it, but seems like I hadn't. So I've been playing this for a while, and it's so great! I don't usually give 5 stars for games so my 4 stars mean it's Awesome! All of yall who are looking for a racing game MUST take this. It's amazing. (It also takes up very less space. 😊😊)
Although they have given a false discription the game is satisfying the way it is. I was looking for such a game. Classic racing game experience! Kind of like old days pc racing games. Sounds are better than many other racing games available over play store. The road maps are familiar to me. Taken from NFS most wanted's Rockport City map. Just some small parts from that. This game might be able to stand out of they add multiplayer mode.
This is very bad game the controls are not in control I have given at two stars only I don't like this game and and the cards are also not good I have given it Tu starts only please don't download this game
Still functioning but an abandoned game. The steering wheel jumps from far left to far right, it also doesn't support full circle movement. Also there aren't button steering controlls. The overall graphics are poor, as well as the UI/UX. Some cars sound like vacuum cleaners etc.
the game is very nice but more levels can be added. The graphics, controls and many other things in the game are very nice but the reason behind three stars is there are very less levels. I think that the developers of the game will read my review and changes will be made.
It's a good game for start but the graphics need some improvement, but I personal think it's a very good game to start with
This game is so interesting and good in this game there are so many levels some are tuff and some are easy and are so many nice car also I like this game very much
Very nice racing game i have been just playing it for much time and i like this game so much as it is just according to us what we car racing gamers want. Please add more levels and new cars i am very excited for the update. I have some suggestions which are- 1. Make nitro bottles instead of nitro signs. 2. Please add double nitro such that we have higher speed on double tapping the nitro. 3. Please increase the amount of maximum bet. Fantastic game love it Hope you like my suggestions Reply
Love this app its easy to control,great graphcs and lots of cars to buy in this game DOWNLOAD IT NOW AND PLAY OFFLINE!
This game is one of the best racing games i have ever played. But there are somethings that needs to be changed to make it the overall best.
I love this game..I was to played this game 8 years ago..and now I re install this games.the graphics and interior is very good.also you can boost while driving..mostly lovly game.
Graphics look good and it's my kindo game if you into Fast adrenaline races you've got the right game😊
Do not download the game it is the worst when i am in first place the car just jumps and stops and the acceleration is poor
Very good worth the download i love but the steering sucks tilting doesnt work for me or the steering weel because crash sometimes so please fix it overall good game check it out dudes
The game was so great! I played it and im so addicted to this game. but the problem is the price of the cars are so expensive. Can you please fix it?
The game was fun I got 4 cars however today 26/04/20 the game disappeared check other apps but no sign of this game .There was an update button. When I clicked the button the game did not pop out. Tried pressing update many times but still no sign of the game .It was not uninstalled . I went to google play but the game was there I clicked " play" but still no sign .I asked someone to help me find the game but she cannot find it also.Next time I hope this game would pop out again.My favourite.
add more levels and modes, I suggest having Money Rush, Nitro Rush and Insane mode with 4 new cards and cars. My first card I suggest will be increase nitro power by 10%, start race with 75% nitro, increase grip by 10%, and 30% less slowdown while hitting the wall. I think they will cost 3500. And can you fix the Elimation thing, its spelled wrong.
There is less track only 4 tracks available.. I want to race for more tracks and there's a bunch of cheaters in this game.
Its amazing very nice game like real racing graphics are perfect & most importantly it is easy to play this beautiful game.....thank you very much for having it.
THIS GAME SUCKS so bad because it only has 19 megabits and when I downloaded it just when I started to play it says an error occurred in your phone, but my phone had a lot of available space l didn't even download anything man this game is f****n bad I wish it was so much better than other games. I am honest this game is bad a**.
This game will crash you n middle of road just so you don't win. It's very obvious that you're being held up or crashing into nothing to keep you from winning. Not saying you never win I win a whole lot actually even after crashing into the invisible object in middle of road I usually still win . Decent game I don't like being cheated or feeling cheated anyhow. If not for that I'd given 5 stars I guess they trying to keep you engaged.
Asamame game it can run in any phone game is very good and very smooth and and background music are Ok ok. My phone hangs too much but This game doesn't hang or lag and no Glitches. Very good game ever.
Ah yes.. Our childhood.. I miss this game as usual i didnt hate any of them but the graphics... Are so smooth as my old pc.. Still playing this as my favorite game😍
The game is pretty good.I really liked the graphics and other things except one thing that there was no arrows for control cause some people dont feel much good about tilt and steer.So pls add arrows too.
Wow! good graphics fast cars but, doodle mobile ltd in next update can you prove the graphics add a reflection cars, real night on head lights, real damage, real drift (not like if you turn the wheel is always right). If you drift turn right to the left and button control (auto acceleration). and the gameplay add some knonkdowns the opponent, police mode and vs mode. This is my dream in next update. Thank you Doodle Mobile Ltd. Chuvvvaaaa.!!!!πŸš—πŸš“πŸš“πŸš“πŸšπŸš‘
Yes!!! We had a best racing game everπŸ‘πŸΌ If someone thinks about the small sized asphalt game, then this is the best ever!!! Lots of thanks😁
When going inside the career mode menu, then selecting beginner, then selecting elimination 9. There is a glitch, where while racing, the car will jump on the track and stop moving. Then the car needs to be controlled to continue moving. Please fix this bug. Thank you.
Good game. I like it . I love it . It goes fast. And cool. Love this game.I played this game for 2 days and I liked it
This was my first game I downloaded when I got my 1st tablet and this a super game and it takes very less space only 20MB So I would totally recommend this game
This game is the worst game ever when your driving the car just stop and there is nothing in the way and there is too many ads
I played this like 7 years ago. And i installed it again this week. All i can say is its a perfect game! Its easy to understand and the graphics are excellent! It's an old game but it never never never glitches. Its almost better than much new racing games!
This game is wonderful and amazing .i played this game for last 4 years, my stomach are not fully filled with this game and i advice to play this game to everyone...
This game is really amazing, the graphics is very high quality, all the cars are based on some real branded models like Nissan GT-R , Porsche 911, Bugatti Veyron etc. And the controls also very smooth, I will recommended this game to any car lover!!
Extraordinary games to play to time spend the sound and music are just awesome to play many times in a day I really loved it too 😘
Ooosssammme game please add new cars and stages is most common please add stages please. I love this game
i started playing this game way back 2017 and im still enjoying because of it easily controls the beautiful graphics unlike other 3D racing games. 5 star for me
(very late comment) this game is my favorite! this is my game since i was a kid (im a teenager) the graphics are good, the controls are good too and more, this is my trusted game and favorite race game and wait fix the bugs i forgot what are the bugs bu i'll tell it when i remember it.
One of the best games i have ever played but they should add new cars in the game's garage and improve graphics
The game is actually really awesome! Gameplay is smooth on low end devices as well, and the cars are cool and detailed! One problem though, the cars appear too small. However, the retro look of the game and car models make it a truly unique and fabulous game!
I love this game because no online game. This is wonderful graphics , control. Best and fun 😊😊😊☺☺
I have started playing this game like 5 years ago, and I just wanted to play some racing games, and then I remembered this game... It makes a while that I haven't played. This game is very well done, with beautiful 3D graphics, sounds, and other stuff. And I am still playing this game!!!
very nice game. have many tracks and high speed cars. it take less space and don't lag in between. having fun to play it. its graphics , control and gameplay is also very nice. this can give competition to asphalt racing games. please download it and you will have fun with it.
Thia game is fun for my kids but they have to play it for along time to get a new car make it a tiny bit shorter
The game is awesome, excellent graphics, the cars and the tracks are woow. So please we need another one or else include other tracks and cars
Although it doesn't have good graphics like asphalt or real racing, this was still the first racing game I ever played, so I'm just eating this on the behalf of my 5 year old self
It was fun at first but then it got boring the scenery never changes I rated it 3stars because even the graphics are not that fun
Absolutely fantastic. I love the idea of the way you can customise your car and earn money. The graphics are spot on. If you love need for speed games then I highly recommend this game. Top marks to the developers 100%
During the Quarantine, this is still worth playing and still one of the most satisfying app to play in 2020, also brings back memories...
It's a very nice game I am playing this game for long time but these I need more levels in the game and make the game more tough while racing and need many cars although I like this game and I need u to make more levels