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Fashion Story Spring Steampunk

Fashion Story Spring Steampunk for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by TeamLava Games located at 901 Mariners Island Blvd, Suite 300 San Mateo, CA 94404. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
would like to see different merchandise or more choices of merchandise. should allow more than one day to purchase gems.
I love my Fashion Story Spring Punk .... Very good pass time <3 I would love to see more from Fashion Story though
Only thing now things in my boutique disappears. Its there just can't see it. So now I have to constantly uninstall then reinstall. Then it's there. This happens on and off. Please fix. It's an annoying bug. Internet connection is always strong. It only does it on this game all of a sudden. And I've been playing this game for years.
I really enjoy the game, which is why I continue to play, but it is constantly out of sync. No matter whether I'm on WiFi, 4G LTE, it just constantly is out of sync. I've lost goods and things have expired that I've already placed due to sync issues.
Love this game!! I'm up in the 90's, I don't remember. I would have given 5 if it didn't make you go thru all the Challenges from the 1st to present. I already know the past ones I dont want to be reminded every day!!
I have been playing this game for well over a year and I am leveled up in the upper seventies. What I hate about this game is the constant pop ups on reminders of old quests finished and unfinished. One day I counted 26 pop ups before I could actually play the game. Please ease up on the pop ups!!!
Too bad when you produced Steam Punk you don't produce new graphics. Only difference is you can order one Steam Punk outfit. There needs to be more outfits & decorations available to keep us interested.
Here a suggestion just in case you want to add another feature....rugs. please let me have rugs that I can put things on it (of course). Also, it would be super wonderful if I can rotate changing rooms/mirrors to 4 directions.
I truly love this game, I have been playing "love story" version on one machine and "steampunk" on another. This game is super, there are some really cool tweaks that could make it more fun, like more and different gifts, more colors of clothes. Maybe some different girls with more feedback from them. I play all the time and am constantly thinking of stuff that would make the game more interesting. Please dont take it wrong I love this game and I know a lot of ppl do, Just offering feedback. Please would love updates and possibly a sequel, just please dont do it like restaurant story 2. I hate 3d graphics
Love this game. Been playing it for years and download a new one everytime which I love and hate. Wish the old Halloween decorations were there and more new clothing and decorations.
I really like the game, just think it would be better if it didn't cost so much to expand, the really nice clothes in the catalog didn't cost so many gems, n the nice displays were not so much either.. my last complaint is wondering y when u reach level 100,there is not a better incentive to keep playing the game.
I lost a store at level 97 when I upgraded my phone. I requested that it be recovered and moved to my tablet along with my other store. Finally today the recovered store showed up on my tablet BUT my original store on the tablet has disappeared now. I had spent money out of pocket on the stores. I recommend NEVER do that. This situation has made me very frustrated with this game.
like it but it needs to be more real like I would love to see it add a security system or security guard that would top it right off
Have a alot of fun on it, and no problems until today. I ordered the $13.99 (on sale) gem pack and haven't received it. I got confirmation on my email from google play. What's up? Please help.
The game itself is entertaining and very fun. For that I would actually give five stars. However, twice now I have "lost" hard earned gems. When you "buy" accessories to decorate the store you always have to tap it twice before actually buying it. When scrolling through the trunks I accidentally tapped on one and now it's mine. No second opportunity to think twice about whether or not that's what you want. So be very careful or you will lose gems. Also very annoying that completed goals keep popping up when trying to play. Fix these things please.
Don't get me wrong, I like it, but the game isn't giving you any more challenges. I'm not sure what's going on with the game all of a sudden but it's just not "fun" any more. I've been thinking about uninstalling it. I used to play it ALL the time!! It's just not fun any more. Bored.
I started playing it to get more gems for another game. And as it turns out I don't even play the other game anymore and this is by far my new fav... I do wish I t was a tad bit easier to get coins or maybe that things were a tad bit cheaper. Some things that are important are out of reach for what seems like forever...
I started playing this game as a reward for another game and quickly became addicted to it. The only annoying thing is having to scroll through so many pages of clothes. Should be a sort button for time it takes to make and quests would be easier if the button brought you right to the item you need to make.
I played this game for years then suddenly they seemed to forget us no new updates for last couple years no new outfits nothing its not even worth playing any more it is repetitive and boring and not worth its down load time
I do like the game. Great, no but it could be with a bit of work. Been playing on and off for years. Never had there been a change in gifts. It's the same ugly 4 items. As the years go by the gem rewards have gone down. ..drastically. Still some glitches. Once in awhile you can come to your shop and find all of your items gone without a reason. It seems that the powers that b don't bother at all with this game. Sad.
I'd like for there to be a storage chest, one where you can go to that has all the stuff in it that you have already purchased, rather than having to go through the entire menu. An add neighbour button so we don't have to try to remember people's id's. It'd be good if the clothing could have an option to sort by time. Also, it'd be good to be able to transfer stock from one counter or rack to another. And lastly, when editing design, it'd be nice to be able to put more than one tile down at a time. Etc.
I started with fashion story a few years ago, and sadly lost my shop when I broke my old phone. when i started it was either not an option or I was unaware you could save a password to access your shop in those situations. Fun game, but a few notes: on the goals, I used to get 6 gems for downloading other games by this producer, now it's only 4, I also find it super annoying that once I've completed one of the goals, I'm still getting reminders daily to complete them, this happened with the old version too.
Every time I order outfits, the last 3 or 4 items I order gets deleted. I checked several times where I placed an order, left the app, came back at the right time, and my order slots are empty like I never ordered anything. It's making filling my shop difficult and just the overall gameplay unenjoyable. I probably just won't play until there's an update to fix this
I love this game, it's very addicting. Just wish there was more opportunities to earn gems. You only earn one or two at a time and not often. It forces you to buy them and if you're like me, I don't like to pay the games that are just for fun. Would also be nice to have mens clothes and avatars, not just females play.
I am a shopaholic! So this actually helps me! So easy, so relaxing, so fun! I gave four stars because I don't mind buying gems for my favorite games but the prices for these are too expensive! The sales are not as good as some of the other Storm8 apps. I would purchase more often if there were better deals.
I can't tell how I love this game. I can't live without it. I'm on level 99 & still playing coz there are a lots of Avatar contests are being held that I love most. I can't stop it playing. A Must have game for every woman being(If this is a word:D) It is just Above awesome!!!
Love dis game .. first a fall i jst hope u read my mssg and take action on it can u update ?? like u can even make ur own dresses ,,design dresses .... even do spa .. with our boutique going on. I m sure many of us want a game like dis. . N yes pls add more dressed to d boutique and also keep daily challenges
1. Why can iphone users buy stuff that android users can't? 2. I spent $72000 coins on a decoration that is invisible when I place it in the shop. Cust Svc wouldn't refund my coins; instead they told me I might have better luck with original version of the game. But that means starting over AND LOSING EVERYTHING. Great answer!!
It's fun being the merchandiser for your own store. Keeping clothing in stock & displaying them in an eye appealing manner!
i enjoy this game for years.thank u for designing such a nice game.which of these presented games is the last version of this game? i have spring steampunk now.the only problem is buying gems for new items:-( you recomend new games of story games and it's incorporate with my 5 version of android and i can't earn gems like the past by downloading your other apps:-(
I spend all my time paying this game n it's so much fun, I only wish there was more clothes with a shorter wait time to keep clothes stocked easier! Plus more gift choices would be nice too! I'm also addicted to Bakery Story n other Storm8 games! 👗💜👝❤👢💙👕💚🎒💓👔💛👠💝👒💞🎩💟👚👙👞👜👖👡👛⌚
I played this game for years, left it for years and recently returned. I wish the contests would be updated. It still offers coins if you buy a suede purse that is no longer available in the game.
I love this game! But the problem is that I have started playing this game after a long time but when I opened it said said that my cash register is blocked for some reason and because of this the customers are angry and they are not buying anything from my boutique and I was just reviewing others boutique and I had nothing to do else except visiting. From now on I will never prefer this game to anyone!
I play all go these games n yes they are very addicting.. I just have one suggestion.. There Should be a storage box for items owned so that we don't have to go into the design n try to find it.. I know that fantasy forest story does so why not add that feature to all of the games? Just a thought for ya
A good game, but I wish they loaded more goals. Once you make through those it's like "Now what?" Also, everytime the game updates you get all these pop-ups from the old goals that you have to click through. That gets real obnoxious real quick. Overall, fun game, good for a quick boredom fix.
Sometimes when I try to log in I get a message saying this is an online game try again. My wifi is on most of the time and I don't face thos issue with other games. Secondly clothes expiry thing is not cool
I have no words to explain the beauty of this game I really love it. There were some ups and downs but now all of them is fine I'm still wo0ndering wether it's teamlava game or storm8 game