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Fashion Story: Spring Runway

Fashion Story: Spring Runway for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by TeamLava Games located at 901 Mariners Island Blvd, Suite 300 San Mateo, CA 94404. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I loved it, I actually disagreed with some ppl there, I don't mind with long orders, because they are don't get expired easily as short ones does, it's a fun game when ya get bored or just trying something new
I like this game bc it is nice and fantasting for me bc if i downloaded a game i play for sometimes then i delete it bc i become bored to easily but with this game i didnt became bored. ☺☺☺
This game is fun girly has never shut down on me and is most of all addictive! It does require patience and seems fairly expensive if you're the type who likes to advance by getting gems. It doesn't appear as though you get many for the money spent. Then again, that hasn't affected me since I don't spend money on app games like this. All in all, it's a well designed great little game. 👍
Finally designed my store to my liking. I wait around all day for my orders. And as soon as I put them out they sell off the shelf. You'd think that would be cool that you're earning money almost instantly but it's almost tiering from having to restock the store less then a hr after you just did it 💔💔
I've been playing for 6yrs & reinstalled this version to see if I missed anything. (there are a lot of clothes not offered in my game. I know playing on Android vs iOS gives some different hair, but its a mystery about the clothes in others closets & selling in others shops.) If that mystery could be solved, I will give a 5 star review of each version I can find! awesome game!
I really enjoy playing this game, but i would like to see more different todays fashions to replace the old fashion clothes that was there when the game first started. I would also like to see more upgrades to more levels with new clothes. You would get more users if you do that. Have a good day
This has to be my favourite fashion and store game out just now, I love I can download all version to unlock new clothes, tables, racks, flooring, wallpaper and assecories 😁😁😁 I am truely addicted
I love this game, but more importantly are the neighbors you meet that become your friends. I find that I'm almost addicted to playing. The only suggestion I have for the game creators is to change the gifts seasonally to make it more interesting. Also it would be great to have options to win gems or purchase them from sale funds.
Hate all the storm 8 games. Firstly they all went smoothly but after some levels when I open the game again I always stand up at starting level. HATE IT VERY MUCH....
Like the game ok but I haven't had any new goals in months. I am regularly uninstalling due to either boredom or because it's the only way to get updates. The game could be so much better with new goals with the new updates and as many have suggested. ..making it easier and faster. Also ...Please add new gifts! At this point I play then uninstall and wait for the offer on other games to earn gems by downloading again.
I've played for years and was really frustrated to not have goals or new clothes and just a couple days ago I have goals and new clothes. I'm so excited!!! Thank you!!!!
I never see the new fashion's thatbare added on Thursday's and I think costumes clothing and winter clothing should be removed according to season's.
My only issue is the disappearance of the White Lace Romper. Where did it go? I was going through the different versions looking for mannequins. These versions added clothing options but the one I was using disappeared. How do I get it back?
love the game but needs a update and need more goals and make expansion easier other than that love the game would be nice if it was offline as well
One of my favorite games... however i did not want to waste my 49 hard earned crystals on an extra slot... i dont even know who to contact about it... i worked hard for those crystals... it should be an are you sure button when spending crystal
Slow and glitches clothes freezing in catalog tab time is frozen it's not counting down. I have reinstalled it and still doesn't work. Uninstalling game.
It doesn't give enough money. I would have given it a 4-5 stars because the outfits are hyper cute but you only get 2-5 points per garment that's slave wages. It would be super cool if it incorporated MORE OF A PROFIT for the purchases$$$$$. It frequently steals alot of money too. It shouldn't cost to remodel the store floor...It would be more enjoyable.
Fun. If u strategies, watching what sells & ordering those items, keep racks stocked when u r store is open. I stock during day & open or close as needed & leave open while I sleep & come back to $$$ in a.m. My only ISSUE is that u can turn gems to coins but not coins to gems. After I put my time in & play the other games I'm not interested in, I may want to buy some gems w/my coins, as well as earn them.
Fashion story is by far my favorite of all the story games.team lava I want to thank you for taking suggestions. I love that you're keeping it fresh by adding one to two new outfits a week. I really look forward to it. Since you started. It has got me buying gems which I never did before. May I ask for another suggestion.that would be shorten some of the time on some of the new ones that take more than 8hrs
I have been on this game for years ' on n off ...but i come back whenever I feel like owning a store.. LOL
i played this as a little kid as my mum and im still playing it and its one of the best games ive played <3
It is really a great game But i get disappointed at increasing the land area Is it really impossible to increase the land without inviting neighbors??? 😫😫😫😫😔😔😔😞😞 So finally I uninstalled the game
I truly enjoy this game but there hasn't been any goals in a long time. Makes the game quite boring. Why install the new version if it's not going to come with new goals? Plz consider implementing some goals. And how bout a response to a review so we know a real person actually works on this game???
I love it, but many fashion take long time. Could you sort the list based of the time. And make link for the requested fashion we should make.
Need a up date to be able to save the game.. overall I really like this game I had to have over 30 games I had to restart over.. but I do enjoy
Been playing these storm 8 story games since 2009 . Any issues had with Google play$$ spent, but no gems recieved WERE RESOLVED AS LONG I FOLLOWED THEIR INSTRUCTIONS. I will admit to not getting refunds because I just did not "jump through sufficient hoops" , too busy. So if you're wary ie customer service... don't be.
I love playing the game but come on now we the players need something new here. I've done played every fashion story and restaurant story in the play store. Need something new
Love the game but some of the dress takes to long 22 hours a whole day and i have been playin for years i just like to see new things the longer u play it should be new things but all and all i love this game
Like always I only installed this for gold for dragon story and gems for your other games like restaurant story 😘 like always I want an easier way to earn gems. Remove the pop ups also. Furthermore nice fashion game 👕👖👗👙👡👢👚👜👛👓👒⌚💄
I totally agree with the them when they say that it's the number one fashion game. I'd only been playing this game for fifteen minutes, and now I'll definitely recommend this game to my friends. It's fun, and if you're aiming to work at a fashion boutique, or just want a game to pass the time, this is a game for you. The only thing I would tweek is if you could buy all of a collection at once.
I love the game, I play all three games. The only complaint I have about this one is the goals. They are too hard to complete. Like when you first the game they are asking you to do a goal and it takes diamonds,and you don't have enough. So in all they are you to purchase them. A lot of my goal goes uncompleted,bc i'm not spending money. I have one sitting there right now, i need a 150 diamond to complete it. My shop is close so i can purchase the white dress that take 2day to complete, then shoe,purse,err
I've been playing 4 years and like the game but there's never no new quest,updates or anyways to earn diamonds after the initial couple games they make you download 2 earn 2 diamonds SMH. GAME DEFF NEEXS SOME REVAMPING! FOR ALL THE DIFF STYLES THEY HAVE OF THE GAME THEY SHOULD DO MORE UPDATING BC IT GETS BORING FAST!
Great game. Been playing quite a few year's. I love all there games by I'm by Storm 8 and Team Lava!! TERRIFIC JOB! I'm a game junkie of these games.
Super fun played for years. However no new levels, episodes, updatea, or designs for a couple yeares. Ot would be great if items were broken down into further categories to make it quicker to view. Also add a storage button so we can c what we own. When ordering clothes id like 2 b able 2 order more than 1 @ a time. Please keep working on this. Id like to make purchases but not if no new developments are made.
Actually it's a really nice game but I should not give it five star becuz five star is for very nice games but it isn't as nice as five star games 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋