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Fashion Story: Pink Punk

Fashion Story: Pink Punk for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by TeamLava Games located at 901 Mariners Island Blvd, Suite 300 San Mateo, CA 94404. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
i like the game having all the pretty clothes, shoes, purses, & jewelry. just wished that the majority of the stuff has to be bought with diamonds. the goals i can not finish bcuz i can not expand due to not having diamonds. i am not going to buy them the diamonds that is so i am stuck can't move forward in the game
The Android version does not have all the fashions and decor items that some other versions offer. Would change to 5 stars if that was fixed. The quests stopped after a certain point also, except for installing and playing different games. It makes it take longer to level up. There doesn't seem to be any rhythm or reason to quantity and experience in relation to the time for the order. A lot of the new fashions take a long time and you don't get that much from it. The gifts are getting stale, need to add.
And there are still some really irritating things - 1. Why can you only place one floor tile/wallpaper at a time? Do you know how long it can take you to lay a floor in a large shop? 2. Still having problems with gems I see - 4yrs and still haven't sorted it is out? 3. Gifts - boring and again - time consuming - god help you if you have more then 20!
have been playing since 6 years... however i uninstall it during my exams... so that i can concentrate 😄😄
Will you please update this game for Android users? We have many options missing that iphone users have. Who can I contact? Thanks!
How do I get 8 tabs? Love this! Also can u make it easier to earn diamonds and offer more goals? Keeps earning the diamonds a little easier! Please stop that old goal reminder lady off....she just continues even after u try to quit?
I wanna say OMG really!!! This is the best gane ever i deleted all my other games 4 this i love it u try it ppl I know it may look super hard but it's all like 'IM SO EASY TO PLAY' so try it its great 😀📱
I collected some things last night that took 3 hours. I was at 7567 coins when I put them on the racks. I come back 2 hours later and all of them are gone but my coins stayed at 7567. So I sat and watched the customers buy my other items and my coins still hadn't changed at all. I'm suppose to have over 10,000 coins at this point. Please fix. Its no fun if I can't move further into the game.
Fashion Faux pas... I've been playing this game for a while on my iPhone for years. I've changed to android and notice a lot of things are missing. Clothing options are different and so are decorating choices. I wish both apple and android had every option the same. It's a highly addictive game and for those that love fashion have a hard time putting the game down!
Just to feedback that sometimes my money will decrease while im playing the game. It will remain only if i restart the app. Kindly do fix the bug. And also its kinda hard to earn money. The coins we get after completing the quest is ridiculous. I spent more than 5k to buy the furniture, yet i got 500 coins only? Hope you can increase the prize money for us so it'll be easier Thank you.
I would give this 5 star's if it didn't take so much coin to buy decorations I literally saved a million coin and that was only enough to decorate 1\4 of my store and I ran out of money. Really I have to save for years to decorate my whole store. Other than that the game is fun.
ive played this game an several other storm 8,there great games,but i got a new phone and all the storm 8 games say that it was made for older version of android,no updates,no way to contace all my emails said closed due to no support,please update an fix your game issues,ive played for 5 yrs...
I really like this game....but it would be great if u made it easier to transfer stores. I have had at least 5 stores (I switch phones a lot). Also, it would be nice if there were better gift options. The gifts are boring and have not changed since the first time I played. Oh...and gems are so hard to get.
Again you take all but 1gem n give me crap i totally don't want to spent 1gem on, never mind 25gems! Get real!! I'd give you a 0 if i could! Add confirmation on gems and cash purchases! Be honest ffs!! 👎👎👎
I have always loved playing with Restaurant Story, Bakery Story, and Fashion Story but my phone got stolen and I don't know all the information they want to restore my games. After all the time and money wasted they are unwilling to help. I was in levels 60 and up and for them to tell me that they can't do anything is really upsetting. I'm completely disappointed.
Doing betr with some of the glitches. Enjoying playing a lot more. The only thing I don't care for is how much expansions are. It takes a long time to save up for them even if you nvr buy anythn bt new orders. I also enjoy the variety of decor. decorating is half the fun! Lol :)
I love this game but lately everything is selling way to fast. I had stuff that i had to wait 24hrs to 2 days. And when i came back 30 mins later everything is gone, and im missing a fair bit of money ever since this stuff around. If this didn't happen i would've given it 5 stars.
I am very angry with Fashion Story. I have submitted a request 2 weeks ago to transfer my fashion story from old phone to new phone. NO ONE HAS TOUCHED MY REQUEST!! I just want my store back. This is very upsetting. Can you please help?
I love it.. Ive been playing it for years.. Just that some items too expensive but still Worth playing.. I wish some celebs would come to visit and buy some lol
Downloaded this game so I could get points on another.. And now i am completely hooked! Just wish it was easier to earn gems.. And can we PLEASE lower some of the bigger expansion costs.. I get that you want/need people to buy gems, but a lot of folks quit playing because they can't advance to 15×18 and so on.... Most people would continue playing (and purchasing the smaller gem packages) if it was a little bit easier/cheaper to advance..
Love this game; but I still feel like the merchindise disappears quickly sometimes and I don't get anywhere near the amount of money I should have in sales. I've been going nonstop for months filling every inch of space with merchindise and still haven't gotten the $2,000,000. I need to expand. But I know I've sold enough that I should have been able to expand 2 or 3 times already. Would quit the game if I didn't enjoy it so much.
I like this app a lot. Same issues as others some of the fashions take entirely Too long. Keep in mind people. It is a free app, Omega makes NO money unless you purchase gems. That is why all the really fun stuff requires so many gems.
There are still wonderful "people of all beautiful nationalities" in this world & they're my shopping friends! People are dying all around us every day!. ..Enjoy this life while you can but don't make these game people rich! Just have friends rich @ heart! God loves us all!!!...Be my neighbor & Friend! :-D
I really do enjoy playing this game.. the only thing is some items just take too many hours..and what happens once you pass level 99... There definitely need to extend the game .. I enjoy the fashion, decorating the boutiques.. if you love fashion and like being creative this is a cool game to play
I loved this game and many others from Storm8 until today.. I opened my app and had made 47,000 bucks during the night AND IT DIDNT POST TO MY EARNINGS.. I emailed them and with in minutes recieved an email saying they cant help get my lost money back... I am disappointed in them.. They are such a big company and they cant help get the money i earned!!!!!! I am deleting every single Storm8 game i downloaded... They cant expect people to wait 22 hours for items and not recieve the earnings..
This game is so addicting. Don't be fooled by in app purchases though. My ID is Britmartin31287 check out my store because I got there and have millions in the bank without buying a single gem. You just need patience! Buy the gems, Idc. I'm just saying this game doesn't have to cost you money to play!! Sorry teamlava but it's true
I think it's one of the better games. Mainly because girls could learn something about managing a store. Also neighbors are a lot nicer. The only problem for me is data. The costs are high here in Canada. Until the prices go down I won't be playing too many games soon.
Another great addictive game for storm8. It would deserve 5 stars if you came up with some better gem earning quests. I've waited weeks without any quest unless I install other games, not cool or child friendly. Good thing I'm an adult. LOL
I think I like Fashion Story more than the other TeamLava games. I've only been playing for approx 6 months, and I'm already Level 96 with only a few expansions left. My levels /expansions did not require gems, and I don't spend hours playing daily. The trick is to maximize your space, tip your neighbors, and order a variety of fashions that complete at the same time. Your boutique will remain full and you'll have a steady stream of happy customers ~ magicallydelish2
Love all the story games...totally addicted... But would love to be able to get gems easiest than buying them!!!! And wish I could go back to the tasks that I didn't get to complete and be able to complete them!!! Cause a lot of us work and cannot sit on the game all the time... Other than that the games are great
Until you've been playing a while. Once you rerun out of challenges there is no point to the game. Though, it did take me some time before there where no new challenges. And too many of the items take way too long to make. The styles are cute, it would be nice if you could do something more with them, maybe create outfits? The game is worth a go, for sure if you like Bakery/Restaurant Story.
I do love the game, but after you reach a certain level there aren't anymore goals, so it gets boring. The quests/goals are what keeps it interesting. I am about to delete this game, bakery story and restaurant story for the same reason. I have reached levels to where there isn't anymore goals on any of these games. Dragon Story is the only one that has unlimited goals. Please add some interesting quests, because I really enjoy these games, especially the Fashion Story
Fun little boutique game. Love the outfits and accessories. Just confused as to where all the people come from when my boutique is on a street in the middle of nowhere with nothing else around. Lol! Not that it's a big deal but...zoom out of ur store and there's nothing. First rule of owning a business is location, location, location.
Every time you load the game it gives you loads of pop ups that drive you nuts. If you get past those then the game would have three stars it would get even more stars if you could dazzle up the place without paying money for the good upgrades.
Need data and time for everything I hate it . Also many ads. We can't delete an account and can't create a new account
Its a really fun game to pass time, especially in the earlier levels but after a while there is hardly any challenges to complete so I just continue making money and redecorating my shop! Plus i love dressing up my avatar
I would say this game is pretty cool and I have been playing it for a very long time take care it can get distracting but increase creativity and teachers you have to save money to buy what you want as things are expensive in the game but now as I went to play it .it said Thier is no WiFi when I am littery sitting next to source of WiFi and that's why I give it 4 starts and also it only goes on mainly old version of Android 😑so if you have a higher version it may do some glitches
uninstalled as it kept glitching I was losing orders and then losing money aswell because of this. also saying I had earned money whilst I was away but it was not credited to the account
I love the game, however having to keep installing new games is taking up way too much space on my phone! Just update the game! Don't force us to install new ones that aren't even a different game, it's literally just a few new items. This is the only gripe I have