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Fashion Story: Ballet

Fashion Story: Ballet for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by TeamLava Games located at 901 Mariners Island Blvd, Suite 300 San Mateo, CA 94404. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is one of the main games I play, and I play several times every day. I've been playing well over a year now. I just found out though how unfair the game is to those of us who do not play on the IOS system! If you are on IOS, then you have the option to buy the Makeup Counter and produce extras for your counters to sell. This is SO unfair!!! It's as if the developers punish you if you don't own and play on an Apple device. :-(
Hate it don't waste your data they say it's offline but online and avatars are really slow and all fashion stories are the same thingπŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ˜’πŸ˜ˆ from team lava are all the saaaaame
I love this game, I play it every day but I would suggest the themes be better. We should be preparing for thanksgiving now or Fall/Autumn. And can other clothes be added to gift. I'm tired of getting red sweaters, black pants and those hideous yellow purses.
I loved this game on my other device so I downloaded here on my phone. I had Fashion Story just the regular version. And after that was downloading I got Fashion Story Ballet. So I opened up Fashion Story and got my store up and running. So then while I waited for my customers to buy and shop, I opened up Fashion Story Ballet. The same Fashion Story came up. There is no difference between Fashion Story Ballet and just plain ole' Fashion Story. Is it my phone? PLEASE FIX.
I enjoy this game. It's cute. But I agree on some of the other reviews. It does cost a lot to expand and some of the prettier clothes takes forever to order. 2 days?! Seriously?! Omg lol. Also, may I suggest 1. Confirm box. I've accidentally wasted my hard earned gem's a few times! 2. My inventory chest. It would be nice to have my own chest to store my items in whenever I remodel my store. I hate having to search through everything. And I wish I knew I'd lose it all when I remodeled. CONFIRM box please.
I love this game. It's very addictive. But they need to add more money to the goals because your spending about a $ 1,000 or more to complete a goal but u only get $500 or$ 600 back.Also I downloaded the fashion story ballet the ballet is the same thing as the regular fashion story .Plzzzz fix it
How was it? I played it before ,but you know I am a ballet dance! for Fashion Story only😚 with love
I would give five stars but to play the game it's kinda expensive. The game starts you off with little to nothing and basically you have to build from the ground up. Maybe if they start you off with a little more money it would be easier to achieve the goals. Maybe adding mini games with like a puzzle or jewel to earn more gems and money. Definitely more clothing ,makeup etc for the avatar. Maybe you guys should just make a Fashion Story 2 and do it bigger and better.
First of all I understand it would be nice to have the Option to buy the make up counter but its not worth it. Its like a decoration because it only has four items in it. And its worth a lot of gems. That brings me to the next point. That where people complain about not having enoigh gems. Having gems takes hard work and dedication. There are plenty of items that coat coins and are nice. Third you can play the game for free and go to higher levels. I love this game! It's my favorite because it is fabulous!
I really enjoy this game, however, I do have some complaints about the issue of gems. I am not able to spend money on this app so I wish that you could earn more gems on quests. That being said I spend way to much time on this game not to rate it 5 stars. 🌟 I do wish you would cater to the super fans like me who play on knowing who long I will have to play on forever to achieve expansion and awesome outfits with no money πŸ’°
I really like this game. My daughters play it but I made them delete it after seeing what was going on. The kids on this game go to other people's walls and say very mean things and the support people do nothing. Kids play this game. Get off your lazy butts and do something. I have sent many emails to team lava for nothing it seems. My kids had a lot of fun on it until this. If your going to just let this go on after many many people complain then you should close your support center since they do nothing.
I like to play the game, but you please need to make some changes to make it more enjoyable. Often when I open the game, old goals which I have already completed pop up. And regarding the goals, there are too many where you have to load other games to complete those goals. Some of us don't have enough space on our phones or tablets for all these games, nor do we have the time to play them all.
Im on line other games running well but f/s only not responding or saying to chk me my net connection. plzz fix d problem getting all stuff expired fed up frm 2 weeks.
Love this game, I've been playing it for years. Only thing is every time I get a new phone I have to start over😭
I love fashion story! But I'm only on level 21 and I have already reached the expanding limit, and if I add anything more to my boutique, it will get pretty crowded. I bought gems, and I have around 633 gems-what will I do with them now? I miss planning out what I would do in my boutique in my free time and so and so..please don't end this game so soon. I'm sure at least 500, 000 females who play this game agree with me. Do it for the sake of fulfilling a 'girl's dream'.
Love it! Great graphics lots of fashion choices. BUT this game does not let you know when ur purchases are ready. You end up throwing everything away because they expired and have to start all over again. Plus the items take forever, the timing is way too long, 13,18,22 hours is too long to wait for an outfit and not get notify when they ready. Needs to be fix asap! Or will delete all story games, they all are doing the same thing.
GET RID OF THE POP UPS FOR QUESTS THAT HAVE ALREADY BEEN COMPLETED. It takes forever to get through them all, and again, I HAVE ALREADY DONE THEM. While the last update of this game had no problems with this, it is not the first time I've had problems. It's annoying, FIX IT.
What's Up With Not Giving Android User's No Stuff For New Year's?! ~ I've been saying it for over at least a year and Β½ that TEAM LAVA/STORM8 discriminate's against Android user's by giving Apple iOS user's special product's in ALL of their game's that they DO NOT give Android user's!! Teamlava and STORM8, you know what you're doing is not right so it's about time that you do Android User's right by making both platforms equal!!!!
I love all lava games. My only complaint is the amount of rimes I get dropped and all my work goes unsaved. Or I spend two days stocking the store and in 5 minutes its all gone. All in all one year with team lava and I love them. Just fix the bugs ;););)
Teanlava games plz answer why my coins are decreasing? Is it because the custermors's heart is broken? Because my coins were 10,000 around or something but i wanna know what happened i opend my catalog for a while and when i returned it was 9000 something plz answer otherwise i have to uninstall the game
Galaxy Note: Just wish on Android System you got to have the make up counter. It's not right that only Apple Systems get that option. You don't make the systems equal. Maybe if you did I would have rated higher. On my IPad mini it always freezes up and I have to delete and re-install it. But I still love to play it.
STOP IT, STOP IT, STOP IT!!!!! With these past quest!!! Every time I get on fs I have to go through 5 minutes of these stupid quest! Its driving me insane! You have new downloads every month but you can't fix this?? I am on level 98 and I'm seriously fixing to uninstall due to this extreme lack of inability to listen to what your customers are telling you about this!
I missed out on Halloween items due to being 4 levels below the level that unlocked Halloween items. I really hope you bring out some great Christmas themed decorations by the beginning of December that all levels can buy with coins and not just gems. It is unfair to new players that they missed out on Halloween fun. I'm level 42 which is quite high. I've been playing a while now and still wasn't able to buy Halloween items or costumes.
love the game, but merchandise a bit pricey. Some items take to long on oders. Great Game though.πŸ‘πŸ‘
I bn playing this game for over 10yrs.. what I don't like is u can't save ur game to ur new phone.. after all the energy and money you put into it.. but overall I do like the game a lot..
I played this game for more than 3 years and lost it never to recover it on two separate occasions. The first time I was ar level 96. Had the best shop with everything I wanted even down to 3 puppies. Then, I started over and got to level 99. Now, perhaps, you think it must be easy to get to the high levels.. Well, it was fun but lots of work went into it. It is a fun game but I had to stop because I could not loss another store again. If I could get it back either one of the stores I would start playing today. If you start the game, you will not want to stop but to loss your store the game has to rated just ok. Also, I made many gamers into friends, two are on facebook with me now, and I haven't played in 18 months.
Its very good game for girls thoose who r interested in fashion designing in my life I've played many games but this one is too good
Played this game for a long time. Had to switch cell phone, re-download this app and have to start all over! Can't use my current Storm ID account! Not playing ANY more of these games! I played them all, Dragon, Pet, Fashion, Bakery, Restaurant... Not any more.
I like this app and the other fashion story variety. BUT, here's the problem, this game only gives challenges in the beginning and then quits! The only challenges that have been coming across this last year and a half has been to download other games! This game could be so much more fun! I'm getting seriously bored and I still haven't mastered all the outfits! I think I'm gonna call it quits. The other story games have challenges.
Its good but it doesn't have anything to do with ballet. And you just shop and sometimes you just stay there! I would rate it 0 stars or one and a half its that bad! it looks fun but it isn't. I really hate it and it really sucks! If I was you I would not get this game! Some people think it's fun and addicting it's not even fun or addicting! And whoever made this please do some bug fixes and if you already do it again! Sorry just fix it!
Love the game but prices are too high compared to how long it takes to make the money. I think they gave up making new challenges for game play which makes it a bit boring. If not for those issues would give 5* ,
Dear Team Lava, i occassionally played this game for 1 year. Then i had to changed my phone. So, is there any ways that i can get my old accounts. ? I already in high level. :'(
Wish that you didn't consider android users as a 2nd thought. I really would love some of the same features, and after playing on my daughter's ipad, i just don't play the teamlava games as often anymore because of that.
I downloaded the app thinking it was the ballet version, but when I opened the app it turned out that it was pretty much like fashion story! I must say that usually I like these games, but this time I'm really disappointed. If you're going to make a game that's related to something like ballet, then actually make it related to ballet! It's literally the same exact thing as fashion story... It would definitely be a better game if the content matched the title and the overall idea.It is a good idea, and if this game is fixed in the future, then I'll be back to play!
This is a pretty good timed goal game. The only things I have a problem are first the goal list that pops up saying I have not completed a goal that I have and even gotten the award for completion. The other problem is the new fashion awards were you can get new outfits. There is no tutorial saying how you can access them. The last one I tried to get was gold. I tried to follow the sketchy directions and it wasn't there. I have tried emailing you regarding this but that got no response. Very frustrating to say the least. Please fix this.
on level 64 so you know I love the game but we need more stuff to gift people. If not more new different stuff. just change it up a little. also it does not let me see my likes until I give to everybody and a lot of the times you can t see the clothes or anything in the store. if people can't see it how are they going to like it. Fix these little issues and I'll give you five stars