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Fashion Story: Arena Fierce

Fashion Story: Arena Fierce for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by TeamLava Games located at 901 Mariners Island Blvd, Suite 300 San Mateo, CA 94404. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I played for years. I even set aside a monthly allowance for this game to buy gems. I feel cheated because iphone users get more in their version of the game. I finally quit playing three months ago. I downloaded today for gems in a different game.
For the most part. Game is fun. But every other hour or so all my clothes disappear. It's so frustrating after waiting hours to create the outfits I put them on racks, leave the game for a minute and when I return all clothing are gone. Please Team Lava fix this glitch. If it keeps up I am going to stop playing game. Period!
I only downloaded this fashion story arena fierce game so I could get gams on a couple other games I play by Storm. It must be good, I haven't deleted yet...... Usually I get what I need and delete but even though this isn't my kind of game, I'm still playing.... That says alot !!!!!!
I used to be a retail store manager for almost 10 years. I, unfortunately, became disabled and cannot work anymore. I LOVE being able to pretend I'm still working, but actually it wasn't work! It was fun and I change my boutique often like I did at my real stores ..lol
Just too frustrating... 100, 000 points to increase store size, only to have to pay again to complete another of the numerous daily challenges. SUrely we should be able to see who we have sent gifts or requests to... and what time of day does my 'today ' start. Its 9.39am in Europe, early hours in USA... but still 'yesterday'!! No new challengesin over a week... fed up now! What happened?
I'm on level 96 and there's no goals! Is it going to be like restaurant story? I will never complete level 99, though there are still actual goals, rather than install this n that on fashion story. Going to get a bit pointless if so in 3 levels there will be nothing to do. What's this about apple etc getting a fuller version of the game?! That's totally unfair! Changing to 2 star now...
Would you please give my Gems back? Accidentally touched buy slot for 49 gems. Would you please add confirmation question before buy anything using Gems? Would you please and I will give 5 star-rating.
Love this game so much. But i hope i can sell the floors and wallppers that i already bought ^-^. Everything else is just nice~~~
Even though I completely enjoy this game I think there should be a storage place that way you don't have to go through everything just to find what you put in it not to mention you need to be able to sell wallpaper and floor tiles!!! If not for that this game would be fantastic :-)!
I downloaded the games and their were 20 gems. I'm just getting started and have'nt bought anything. The best stuff you need gems so you try to save your gems since they are very rare, every now and then you get a gem not to often though. Storm 8 and Team lava are the same people so you go through the same stuff. It says 10 friends you get a free expansion, thats a lie. They these lies for you to play their games. Yes I am dissatisfied with the lies, but thats the way Satan do, he tricks you.
I love this game. But it hasn't gotten an update in I don't know how long. Lots of problems lately. Can you please update it?
I've played this game daily for way over a year. What I cannot stand is how the developers are biased against anyone not using an Apple device. Android users never get the new updates until about a week after IOS users. And! I just found out that IOS users of the game get special counters to be able to produce special items to sell in their shops! This is SO completely unfair!!
I have been playing for quite a while and have a large store with a large inventory...thousands of pieces per rack and hundreds of racks. It sold out completely in 65 minutes!! Very annoying!! This must be fixed! I can never leave the store open! It has taken me over a week to fill the racks again. Not fun anymore...
At first the only reason I downloaded the game was so I could get keys to my other games , but as soon as I started playing this game I ended up being addicted to it. Now I can't stop playing it. Lol thanks a lot. No really it is a great game to play.
I LOVE this game I've been playing on & off for yrs. The only reason I'm not giving 5* is because theres been no update, no new decor or clothes in FOREVER! I would absolutely love some kind of update, just because theres new games please dont forget the older ones. Earning gems is way too few & far between. The one thing that really aggravates me is apple users get a nice makeup counter, apparently android doesn't support it? THATS EXTREMELY UNFAIR!!
Playing this game to get free currency in other, much more fun, games. Just like restaurant story, if you don't tend this game, you have to start your orders over again. Farm & Castle Story are much better games!
I have been playing this game for about 2 yrs nd i love it. But as my level is increasing im losing my interest in playing this game..... To make it more interesting plizzzzz add more challenges..... Coz theres none at the moment....... And also add easier way to earn gems....... If this is done i will rate it full 5 stars........... Plizzzzzzz
I have not spent any money. Only those wanting instant gratification need to spend. I find the ability to design my shop and my avatar to be that little bit to personalize the game for me. Its not time demandive. If I don't log on for a week I lose nothing. I would enjoy a few new challenges. I think I did them all . And the ppl. I have became nieghbors with are so friendly. Thank you. Skorned
This game says customer service is not available for fashion story, yet for some nonexistent reason I was blocked. By whom , for what..utterly ridiculous. The world today is something else people curse on these games worship the devil, bully each other and I was blocked lol. Thanks it takes up too much time,and I've beat it ling ago.
Why are there no updates to this game? I love playing. And there are times I get a message that it's offline, but there is nothing wrong with my internet. So that's why I gave it 3 stars
This game is great. I have it on my s4 tablet and it plays brilliantly. I downloaded it on my s6 phone but the graphics are horrible. When I try to order stuff, you can't see the levels of all the outfits and everything is red. My niece can't even get the ads off the screen when it pops up because there's no option to x it out and she can't access her back button from this game. She had to close it and restart. Yep, this game needs updating.
Like this game but all the avatar clothes cost to many gems and most of the stuff you buy for your store cost either alot of gems or coins, also to expand the store is too expensive and its hard to save up if you want to remodle your store when theres new merchandise. Once i acendently hit the button to buy an extra catalog space and it cost 49 gems which i didnt mean to do so can you please put a are you sure you want to do this type of thing just in case they didnt mean to hit the button.
Its so addicting and fun. Although you may have to spend real money to get the things you want. But you don't have to just play and earn money and gems. This way takes a very long time though. I just spend money for my gems but i only do it when they have a sale. I even had an issue with not receiving 105 gems for $19.99. Storm8 responded quickly and credited my account. Overall fun!
I love this game. I really do. But I was playing when all of a sudden, I got a message saying that the boutique is put of sync, and when it reloaded, my coins (which amounted to over 123,000 coins) suddenly disappeared and I was left with 3,000 coins. I don't know what happened but I'd like to have my coins back asap. Then maybe I'll give this game 5 stars.
Love this game but i wish it would add more decorations like this month. At least bring back the old Halloween decorations.
Fun to play but the constant reminder about other games you can download for extra gems or just to play EVERY TIME you log on to collect and play is annoying! I've hit it by mistake trying to clear the pop up off my screen and it takes you to the play store. I feel like I'm being pressured to download...that's the only thing
I havnt had any problems like with other games freezimg up or anything. I can't stop playing this game. I love it. Gives the opportunity to make your own store with a lot fabulous clothes, shoes and accessories.
It's really an addicting game, I wish they would give android and I phone players the same game play tho... and as for the expansion packs? I would live to be able to choose the items and it not just be chance, I don't care how many gems I need to pay for that opportunity! Otherwise it would be great if there were even more goals for higher level players, currently they stop after about 3 or 4 store expansions... complaints done! I've been joyfully playing for almost 4 yrs, it's the only game for me!
I request for some matter, if I order clothes 22hours but when people come to buy, only rm2 perclothes? C'mon dear..that unacceptable k.. And also, when some customer walking, they show like mirror or room on their thinking, when I press it's nothing comes out only broken hearted and customer walkout and I can't guess what they unsatisfied.. Can u fix it's? Pls add value for long hours item order.. 2 hours consider long time already Oh..
I use to love playing this game when it had quests often but now it's got boring. I only continue to play in order to get wordrobe's to four stars and to collect gems
Now since this is an arena theme and you do have a man on the cover I think the matching look you show is great. Not saying for all the games but this one would be great. I really love this game and everything about it except the same old gifts. I still don't like or trust TeamLava but way to go on this game.
Love the game very addictive but.... you dont get alot of gems for your money for £3.99 bit expensive if compared to clash of clans 500 for £3.99!!! And alot of the nice things can only be purchased with gems ..also things can be alot to buy with coins £10000 for a basic dressing room! Id enjoy it more if things were a little cheaper lol
I used to play this game every day. Once I found out that iPhone users get special privileges, I quit. It's completely unfair to punish those who either can't afford an iPhone or those in my case so just prefer android phones. I love my galaxy and I refuse to play again until they make it fair...
I go to add clothes to queue line, only to have them disappear later, I complete quests that make me pay about 100,000 coins only to have it reward me with 2,000. See the issue? I had over 100,000 coins, came back to 50,000. 50,000 coins disappeared.
this game gets boring after awhile, too many diamonds and coins to buy clothes and accessories, some of the items take one to two days, the avatars are robotic.
I actually HATE FASHION STORY! I'm a Android user we don't get NOTHING and Apple users get EVERYTHING! 2). I no longer get goals I've been complaining about this for 2 maybe 3 years now. You guys NEVER respond to any of us. Screw FASHION STORY and screw THE CREATERS!!!!!!!!!!
I would give this game a 5star rating but first I think one thing should change. So when a costumer sees ONE thing they don't like they leave, I think they should look around more. I have friends who play the game and they agree so until that changes or the game some how gets 10 times more amazing my rating will remain a 4star rating
This game is nice to play. Should use like Google or other like fb . Add friend also easy. Add friend like going other shop to add friend , like that will b easier for us to continue the game
It is a fun way to get to know others. As well as finding new friends. The only thing that concerns me is the amount of gems we have to have to do well. I'm on a strict budget and don't have the funds to buy them also I don't feel safe paying for stuff on line.
I love this game been playing it off and on since it was released but without updates it wont play on some newer phones at least up date it for the newer phones if nothing else. That's the only reason I only gave four stars because it's a 5 star game otherwise
Love the game.im addicted to it.Just one question; hope u guys can answer.ive installed the fashion story; daring red.but I keep on coming back to the one i played before I install the daring red. If I uninstall the DR is it okay? I mean the things inside are totally the same.
Don't count my customers. Lose alot of money can't complete. My goals if I can't get paidall the timeand work. I SPENDED ON THE GAME MAKES ITFRUSTRATING.A SHOP FULL OF CUSTOMERS. THE LEAVE AND I GOT O AND MY SUPPLY IS GONEOR FOR NO REASON THEY DISAPPEARED
Storm 8 gives challenges to install and play other games. However, all games aren't able to be played. One of the challenges i have is to install and play farm story 2. It isn't compatible with my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 but it is compatible with my son's Toshiba Thrive! The crappy cheap tablet is compatible but mine isn't???? What's wrong with this picture?
its almost IMPOSSIBLE to get gems! you should make it much easier to. and what happened to getting 10 gems when u dowload a random game? that takes up so much storage! and, when you charge someone to buy an item, and then they want to sell it, you should give them back as much money/gems as you made them pay. ex. if someone buys something for 4,000 coins, they sell it give them back 4,000 coins
I love this game and have played it on and off for years. I've been more into it lately and doing pretty well. But, there's quite a few times that I will turn it on like for the first time of the day where I've made at least 50,000 overnight and I'll accept it, then the game will drop me down to like 7,000. What?! THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED! It's hard enough to earn the money in the first place then the game takes it from you??