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Fashion Story™

Fashion Story™ for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Storm8 Studios located at 901 Mariners Island Blvd, Suite 300 San Mateo, CA 94404. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is a REALLY good game but unfortunately its not sending notifications, i also couldn't tell how to find the support thing directly I also think customers should pay with gems occasionally. I really want notifications to be sent and have tried every possible way. I thing this game is really good though.
I think it's good but could u add more stuff and outfits because it's like u gave up on this game . U can be creative with your boutique please add more stuff on the game .If you do I will play A lot more often i would give it a 4 BECAUSE you haven't updated it 4 years please update it and make all the collections available on Android and Apple because I see lots of things I want to put in my boutique but I can't but good game
It's ok, but sometimes it's boring because there aren't goals after some levels, I would like that you'll be able to add rates as special missions or more interaction with players.
I uninstalled this game! This game is nice and fun but need some updates! For instance, where did all my cashiers go? I can't even earn money and achieve customer's satisfaction because there's no cashier!!!!
I love this game! play it everyday and it becomes addictive. But it constantly glitches and you lose orders. Very frustrating!! Can no longer play this game It constantly glitches!!!
I really like this game! I'm so addicted. But you guys REALLY need to make some more updates!! Literally nothing has changed since the first time I installed this game 6 years ago. Make a search button where you can look for the clothes you want to add (ex. Night, then you will find items with that in the the title.) Make it easier to earn coins, add more interesting things to it. I think you left this game to rot after you made it. 👀 Make it so people can have several shops... U get it!!
This is overall a great game. The concept is addicting and the gralhics are cute. I have one of the newest Samsung phones and this game gets kind of glitchy. Sometimes it wont load certain images or numbers and it wont let me see tbe progress bars in the catalog. Is there any way we can get an update so that this app works just as great for the higher level androids?
Very enjoyable, its fun "owning" ur own little boutique. Deciding which clothing, shoes, and accessories to sell, decorating ur boutique, even styling ur own avatar. Its fun...only thing that cud be better is the cost of the items to design ur store. Its hard to earn so many stars to be able to buy certain items. Maybe make earning more stars easier, or making it cost less stars, or have the option to use the coins instead. Also it would be so much better if it was more detailed. Still 💖it tho
I absolutely love this game. Lots of cute items and I love that neighbors visit your shop. If you have Bakery/restaurant Story you can access your game on new devices. I would love new updates or new items to purchase.
keeps asking me too rate it so i am. it sucks, does not save at all. i will go back and clothes i already put out would be expired. needs an update. until that happens my $ can go towards a different game.
Love this app! But this game needs to be updated. I had this game a few years ago and everything is the same !
I have been playing it for years and its still the same ..but now when i place order which is of hours and when i come to check it after certain hours the things disappear .this is so bad ..having so many issues dont know why just the dont develop it for newer android versions
I love this fashion game. It is so addicting for me. I play it every day or every 2 days and when you wait a couple of days without playing the game rewards you with more coins to save up for expanding the shop or buying more items for it.
I REALLY like this game but for over a month my walls have been missing and the clothes that are hanging on the clothing racks. I don't know what the issue is.
OMG 🤩......memories...... It was my favourite game when I was 13 I use to play it everyday....... I downloaded it again after a long time. I forget its name I search for some other game and it appears 🤩. Ah! Lovely all my memories are rewinding. The closets! the orders! 🤩 everything!
What's with this game I played it , it was awesome. Then I come back to the game again all my clothes are gone the racks are empty. I am so dissapointed.
I enjoyed playing the app when it worked but I had several issues with the app not being updated for over 5 years so I am not receiving the whole game I reached out to the app and they can't help they said I had to contact google to update the app and that's not true what a shame I will be deleting the app
I think this game have a a glitch because it's not giving me all my money all my racks and shelve was full when I got off the game when I get back on the game 5 racks and three shelf empty in my money still at the same spot.
This is the 2nd time that I have played and I do enjoy it very much. It is fun to design a store and keep it full but when it comes to visiting and gifting neighbors the app closes and that is frustrating. Other than that I do recommend this app.
I like this game but the glitch nees to be fixed my store was full of inventory I get off the game go back less than 5 mins everything is gone . Also the over pricing and waiting time need to change
Use to love this game but their hasnt been no update in a long time. No new clothes,decor or even goal. But yet the prices are extremly high. If u guys gave up lower the prices on everything! I mean its nor fair to us to buy gems if ur not gonna update. Played this game for YEARS!!
I love this game, but the design of the items (like floor, walls, furniture) are not as good as the other 'story' games. It looks lame and dead. Please improve.
this game is really fun and addictive but in certain part of the game is cheating for example when I order my clothes it never showed up twice. But for those who are wondering to download it, you should really try playing it. its all about it's all it's all about creating
PLEASE FIX THE BUGS IN THE GAME. the walls,clothes,even the tiles on the ground keep on disappearing. Please i love this game. But fix the issues!
Addictive game. Good thing orders don't come instantly. I will have to wait most of the time for hours for them to be available, otherwise I will not put down my phone.
Too many crashes and it takes up a lot of battery and memory. I like the game but it sucks when I have to keep coming back on after the screen goes blank. Please fix this and it will be 5 stars.
I enjoy the actual game play but am super annoyed as have worked really hard at my shop to raise my coins/gems. I went in the design feature to expand my shop by spending my gems and when I opened the feature I accidently pressed on one of the surprise boxes...before I knew it 24 of my gems were taken and I was given a wooden sleigh? I find this ridiculous and think you should have to double click to confirm as you have to when buying something for the design section...total waste of time
I would rate a lot higher but I keep havine stuff expire because I can't get back in time to get them... plus you should have more items that only take 1 minute or 2 minutes, or 20 and30 minutes but there is only few tems that are less time... and really can't just set and play actively becasue I have to get up early to place an order then wait half the day or all day to recieve the items to put them on the racks
It's an entertaining game, it's not golden but it is definitely something I would recommend. The only problems there is, is that there is a few glitches. When you turn on your phone it's split screen. Another thing is that there isn't a reason for this to be online besides constantly sending ads about the creators other games. I also feel like things expire too early.
I really like the game but it needs to have more goals (for long time players) or other ways to earn more gems (like watching videos like the other Story games).
I love this game played it when I was little but I dont have stuff from the design area like some items or objects I dont have I see a lot a lot of my neighbors have these thing but i cant find them anywhere. Anyway would reccomend this game to anyone👍
At first , the game was good and all . But later I am not able to open the game . It shows to wait for 2 days . Even after the 2 days it shows to wait 2 more days . I really hope that I can play the game again . Though I reported this problem , I wasn't being helped or replied by the game support . This is the reason to my star rating
This game keeps charging me real money for things I haven't paid for. I dont know why but it keep purchasing me gems!! I NEVER BUY GEMS IT CHARGED ME 40 DOLLARS WORTH . I need to speak with someone on this asap!! FIX THE GLITCH!!
Everything is overpriced & u need gems to buy all the cute things. And a lot of the quest require gems to buy expansions
so far exciting. but hard to expand.lack of funds. and there is a need to install.one one goal.but can't install.sugar swap mania.
I like the game would have given it more Stars if the reports of all of the issues we are having actually mattered this game has been out for years and the complaints are the same as if we don't matter. so our reviews do not seem to be important.
I absolutely love this game. I have been playing this game for over 6 years & I love it, love it, love it! It has followed me over 2 states & 3 phones. I have introduced it to several of my family and friends. Even my 12 yr old daughter in all in on the game.
Love the game! They must update Android. No challenges for players who have hung in there for years. iPhone was alot easier to play and get updates. Google states no game updates since 2015. Update please.
This is a really good game but it glitches a lot. I stocked everything up and left the game. I reopened it one minute later to finish something and everything was gone.
It's a great game ! But the tasks are very limited & if you don't finish a task, it doesn't refresh to other tasks.
Keeps tweaking and not keeping the clothes I put in my catalog. I'll come back after waiting hours and some of my slots are empty after I placed clothes in them. It happens with all the story games. Edit~ I am un-downloading until bugs are fixed
I absolutely love this game but there have been no updates for the newer versions of Android. It's really disappointing. This game is always the first I download when I get a new phone so I hope it gets an update soon. I'd love to give it a 5 star review.
Well this game is superb its so addicting but the other 2 stars ⭐ i did not give because Fraud: i purchased something but wasnt given.,it happend thrice Online: this game is amazing but why is ti an online game EXPENSIVE: the prizes in this game are insane
Good game! It needs to be upgraded though...it needs something more than just picking out outfits and delivering them, gets kind of boring after awhile.
Have played on/off for years..really can be a fun game and great time killer...only few things I would like to see changed; would like a goal a month like it used to be...and the gifts are really old & ugly....would like to see those updated...the game still has a " glitch" in it so that if you block doors to close, the lill people will rob you!😒 That is so not cool. But all in all a good game...
This game is amazing and I love it. The main issue I have is there is no way to block neighbors that harass you and say inappropriate things to you. Reporting it doesn't help the problem. PLEASE add a block button for both Android and iPhone users.
Lost account , recovery communications is poor unlike other games support. Originally had been playing this game for years. And put a bit of money into it . The rigmarole of stupid questions to ask to recover a account is stupid you submit a ticket and it gets denied. Dropped review from 5 starts to 1
Uninstalled for the constant bugs and glitches, app developers are not even interested to update the game anymore I guess. It was my favourite game, but it's difficult to play with such irritating bugs.
Almost everything is overpriced! You wait hours and gain few coins. Then, when you buy tables it is so overpriced, 40k for only one table? And theres only ten gems when you download the game, then ONE floor tile costs 2 gems? Wow Theres a lot of bugs, i accidentally bought a 16 gems hair because of a bug!
Hi, I'm resuming back my fashion story store. However I am upset that the application is still the same old one that I left 1-2 years ago. No new flooring/wallpaper/rack/decorations that I'm looking forward to make my own collections. I really hope that this application can make improvements.
I had uninstalled this app previously due to the technical issues related to downloading speed. Glad to see that these have been fixed. Enjoying this game now but i will appreciate it if earning the gems is made easier because it is not always convenient to keep on downloading new apps for gems
Litterally had to delete because the server keeps updating and deleting all my hard work. Make an update and fix this. Really annoying.
I like the game but I don't like how expensive the things are.please do something with it we can't buy anything cuz things are too expensive but I like the game so that's why I am giving 3 stars.😉
I will change the rating if you could pls help me, the notifications have stopped and my dresses usually expire. Very frustrating. Yes, i have the notifications turned on, still nothing. It used to give notifications before, and now for several months it has stopped. Very annoying. Pls help
This game is the best!! I have a million friends in this game! Fashion Story is a big part of my life now! You should make a ton of interactive games like this! I LUV IT😘😍☺️!!!!!
Great game, really fun, it's a bit annoying how long it takes to get the clothes to be ready and when you're level 40 it becomes almost impossible to expand
Overall, good game. But there is some issues with it, like how the clothes expire after 1-2 hours, where as before it was like 6 hours. The diamonds are also super hard to get for free, and way to expensive to buy. Like almost ten bucks for five diamonds?!
I love this game it really helps during covid because of being able to socialize this game had always been one of my favorites I only wish we could save to another device when the device we were using dies I've had to start over twice
This game can be fun at first but once you get past the tutorial it can get quite boring. It's extremely hard to get gems ,and you have to wait several hours to get any decent amount of stock, and when you do it's gone within an hour or two.I do like how you can stack the stocks of clothes on top of each other,but other than that it's an good but boring game.
I like this game because it teaches you what fashion is and how business works when you buy things. But the thing I har eis that it is very slow to download and to load into the game. Also it is super glitchy and this is why it is not my fav. I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone.
Needs an easy way to earn gems like watching unlimited ads for maybe 1 gem each. Also, YOU CAN TRANSFER TO A NEW PHONE IN THIS GAME. If you have a special case, just contact them on their website like I did I've had the same game through multiple devices over the years.
So I love this game. So as game play is its a 10. But when i had to change phones and reload the game I lost everything for that account and had to make a new one. I spent a lot of time and money on my old game. There isn't even an option to log in so I could log into my old account. So i think that this needs to be addressed and fixed. I have seen a lot of other people upset for the same reason. And because of this issue i DO NOT RECOMMEND this game to others. Sorry...
I like the game, and have been playing it for a few years. However, anytime I get a new phone, I have to start over. Also, it doesn't give me notifications when my clothing is finished so sometimes they end up expiring. The app could really use an update with easier ways to earn gems, fix the notifications issue, and there should be a way to link it somehow so that you don't lose your game/progress if you change phones.
Love this game! Can design and change your shop to whatever you want! The best is that I have made some very special and caring friends♡
I love this game, but last night I had 21 game and today I have 12 gems! I did not use them , I save them to expand the store. I don't like this. If this is not fixed I am unistalling it!
The game itself is great, besides the fact that it wasn't updated since 2015 and it continuously shows the message that it's out of since with the server so it refreshed itself.
Justva tad annoyed. I neexmore slots but 49 gems is to much for slots. Also should be a cash buy option. Make the price reasonable or give more chances for gems as not enough. No watch adds for free gems on samsung Its really hard to get gems.
I liked the game but I am going to uninstall it soon because the goal is to download property brothers so i downloaded it but according to it i should get 4 gems but i did not get it and also in every challenge you want more neighbours i can not even expand my shop without more neighbours ....... Please solve my problem otherwise i will surely delete it and tell my all 23 friends to delete the game ...... Pls solve my problem
My sister used to play this game was she was younger and it's still the same when I downloaded it but I have a couple of issues.One, you have to wait ages just to get certain stuff.As much as I love the game, I'm not going to wait 22 hours to get one item on one whole outfit each. Second, the notifications on the progress on the app is SO irritating.And finally, the gems. You have to have 10 gems just to change your boutique name . seriously no.
Good So I played this game quite a while, and I can tell that the game itself is very interesting and cool, though the graphics are not the Best.And yeah, I definitely recommend this game.
Good game but tired of items expiring if you can't get them in time TIRED OF IT... Other games don't have this PROBLEM. Please copy other games and made this one better. Ty.
It's very cool game and I like it very much, but the clothes are expiring and I don't like that thing so you should improve that. And sometimes it sync and I have to order the clothes again. I would have given 5 stars but you have to improve that all.
I have played Fashion Story for approximately 13 years.on all my devices throughout the years, and I absolutely LOVE THIS GAME !!! I have and will recommend it to family and friends ALWAYS.Ita a wonderful escape for me to enjoy sometime and sit,stand,work,etc. To get some fun and relaxation in a day. It's an AWSOME GAME IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY PLAYED OR ARE PKAYING, IT'S TRULY A MUST TO CHECK OUT. THANK TO YOU ALL AT FASHION STORY !! LET'S SHOP!!!! 😁❤
I love this game but it needs updates like watching limited daily videos so that I can earn one gem for each video as a reward ....please update this feature just like there in reastaurant story.
Its a great game but pls update it , here's why I gave it a 3 star : stop with the adds saying to install ur apps, remove the thing where clothes expire,I hate that the most,pls add more stuff
i absoulutly love it! the game is super fun and addictive. it barely takes up any damage as well. this is the best game ever!!!!! i am so glad i downloaded it. this game is totally worth deleting another game. BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!
well this was a great idea to have a game this cute and simple. its amazing. i absolutely love this game. it inspires me to grow up and be a fashion teqnique and pro! thank you creator, for making this awfully gorgeous game!!!!
This is an interesting game and definitely helps kill time however I have it set to sent me notifications for when items are ready but it stopped sending me them about 3 weeks ago. My settings have stayed the same I have uninstalled and reinstalled an well as cleared data but this issue has not been fixed. 😠😑😬
I wish i could change my tile multiple at once. Not one by one 😞 redecorating will be so much easier for bigger store 🥺🥺
I love the app but it needs to be updated for later models of phones- also all of the jem prices are extortionate. The game is practically set up to force you to spend jems to get anywhere so be aware of that before downloading
The constant resetting of the server is driving me crazy. I've played on different devices for about 4 years and it seems to have gotten worse. It makes it unplayable when you order clothes and everything's fine then hop on 8 hours later to collect and the server updated and didn't keep the clothes on order or you place them and come back and it's reset and the clothes have expired.
This game has so much potential, I've been playing this since i was younger on and off and on and off however it would be way more consistent if gems weren't ridiculous. Micro-transactions should be a fun boost and help the creators but when you make it super hard to get and at ridiculously high prices and put it in every aspect of the game it makes it feel more like a pay to play, nobody wants to support greedy developers. Games are supposed to be fun escapes, not feel like I'm slaving away...
Just a tad annoyed. I neexmore slots but 49 gems is to much for slots. Also should be a cash buy option. Make the price reasonable or give more chances for gems as not enough. No watch adds for free gems on samsung Its really hard to get gems. Annoyed im losing so much money in the app. I log in goes up and then all comes off. Every time i login. Been happening for a week now. Fix if plz
I personally do love the game because it's your own mini store that you design however you want. However, I hate the fact that in order to continue to expand your shop you have to have a certain amount of neighbors.
I have been playing since months and been loving it. I can't find tiles named "whitewash floor" and "waterfall" divider and i need them in my shop. Please resolve this as soon as possible. I want them but i can't see em in mine whilst others have it. Thanks
I love this game! There are great incentives to continue playing and grow your store. Very addictive, but I love that I can order clothes to arrive in 8 hours time, then close the app. When I get around to checking my orders have arrived and I have earned money and sold out of other items. Love this game!
I used to play fashion story many years ago but I deleted it after 1 year because of boredom.... Not that it's a great game! Today I downloaded it again... so I just want to know that can I restore my earlier account again? I had reached quite far in the game and I don't want to start again... I hereby request the solution if there is any.
I couldn't even install this game before the problems started. First it asks me for allowing it to have acess to certain things. Some of the things i understand, like in app purcheses, wifi, ect. But some of the things i dont get. WHY DOES THIS GAME NEED MY IDENTITY AND PHOTOS!?!?!? This doesnt make any sense. The only logicall conclusion that i can draw from this is that the game wants to steal my information and sell it on the web. This company is desperat for money, to break the law.
love the game been awhile since i played but now that im playing it now I'm more addicted than the last time i was playing. What would make this an even better game is to allow the players to play their own music inside the boutique. Also, a feed or community where everyone can see comments all at once or blog maybe and an opportunity to create groups and partnership.
This game is so awesome and fun because I want to be a fashion designer, nail artist, and do makeup. it helps me get ideas for fashion.
Good game but you have a few issues. When you go to order clothing, the price is out of the box so you can't actually see. The clients faces in the game look evil too, no offense. Besides that pretty good game, just got some things to fix that are quite annoying and get in the way of game play. Thank you
It is an interedting ,and amazing game.I keep playing it for hours.The only thing i hate about this game is that if you uninstall the game and install it again ,the game i left would start to resume.I want to paly a game where the data restarts jot resumes.Hopefully u can answer my review soon.
i love this game but there are so many people saying mean things to me. like there is someone who's boutique name is heavenly she said mean things to me! bty and when i order an outfit i come back i'm late so please fix these.
I've been playing this for so long, great game. But I got a new device and finally restored my game but I can't get notifications from it for some reason. I'm using a galaxy s9. If anyone knows how to help my storm8 ID is hannahhew
The game still works but what they don't tell you is they no longer do updates anymore and if you put the game on your new phone it's going to glitch or won't run as well which makes me think they should have just gotten rid of the games off of Google Play as they should have, so if you continue to play Fashion Story and any of the games associated with it play it at your own risk
the game is enjoyable to play but it becomes boring after time. I have been playing for three years u need to add more goals and different clothes. have more black friday specials I really like them. your treasure chests cost to many jewels to get very often. overall I do enjoy the game though just wish u would update it and make it not so slow to play.
Too many bugs, I have produce some clothes in this game, but when I log out and relogin to this game, the production disappeared, but the cost used to the production not back, there's no refund, I lost the balance & time, worst
Nice comment. 1 star less for les pricing freedom. Identity and contacts of family are sold in order to install this game. Game hangs stalls often.
been playing for years . However I don't have some of the items as other players have . they arent even an option for me . why is thst. I'm level 97 ppl say they had the items avail at level 20 or 40. Very frustrating. I have even spent money buying gems . just wish I had same option for items and clothes as so many others do . feel like the creator has just forgot about this game
I love this game a lot, but when is there gonna be a new update? There are many things that need fixing and improvement. For instance, it's so hard to acquire gems, which is needed to buy almost anything. The time to order are also too much, there's barely any minute ones. Can't you guys add daily spins or easier missions with better rewards? Please don't abandon this game!! Even though it's been 4 years since an update happened and I think is hopeless.
I love this game but it crashes about once an hour and I have to reopen. The staff told me they are understaffed and can't fix it. People are quitting because it is annoying. The developer will not update this game and don't care if it doesn't work properly so I personally don't think it's worth it.
I love this game but there are a few glitches. My store was filled with clothing...went out and went back in and everything was gone. Also would be great if there were more challenges. But all in all this is a great game!
I'm only giving a poor review because it wasn't my kind of game. But from what I did play of it, it was fine. And my friend recommend it to me because she really likes it, so it must be pretty good for those who like this kind of game.
Love this game SO much! But, the customer support is terrible. I recently switched my phone and I tried to get my account back on this one, I e-mailed them and they said they'd get back to me A.S.A.P. That was months ago. I had a million coins, a very high level, a shop I worked so hard for!
Please update this game. I really liked playing it but now it keeps getting rid of things that I do. Like if I start the product of an item of clothing I can come back 2 hours later and it is gone like I never did anything. Then items that have been placed on the rack will disappear after a few hours even though you don't have customers coming in the store. It is really frustrating and it is happening on other games like baking story and restaurant story. Please fix this.
Fun nostalgic game to pass the time! I'm 18 and 7 months pregnant and I've been playing this game off and on since I was 11 😂 it is time consuming and its for an older version of android and there's hardly any Christmas stuff or updates in general but hey, its still pretty fun honestly. I play it when im up at 3am puking since yknow, preggo life
Still playing my favorite childhood game since 2012. Lovee it! But there are a few bugs and glitches. Sometimes my close disappear or whenever I put my clothes on the racks or accesories on the counters, I leave the game, come back, and my clothes are back in the catalog. Please fix it!
I have played this game for years, spent money on items. I switched phones lost my store and this has happened multiple times now. Why is there not away for us to log into our accounts when they have a place for us to save a password. I think an updated version of this game should be made with a place to log in and out. At this point I am considering just deleting it all together.
At first I thought it was my internet but it's the game it's so slow I can't add neighbor's it's getting annoying I it was great a year ago but not anymore.
its a pretty decent time killer. it is fun and as long as you are okay with building your way up and a slow start its worth playing. you really have to enjoy clothes, shoes, and fashion in general to enjoy playing.
i like the old one better. with the earrings and more options. this new one sucks not a lot of options. theres also a lot of ads
This game truly amaxing. I go on it daily and even get some friends too play with me!! But, I only rank this game 4 stars because sometimes my friends dont have much coins and I wanna donate them some. I feel like they should add a feature where you could donate to neighbors coins. Still, this is game addicting!
Some of the time limits are absolutely insane. Like we're talking 22 hours for some of these. Or perhaps more inconveniently, 6 hours. If the 6 hour items aren't ordered in the morning, you will have to stay up late into the night or let them expire. I would be totally fine with these extreme limits if items didn't expire so quick. This doesn't add challenge but rather makes it frustrating. Most of the "challenges" are just downloading and playing other games. Knock that off, it's obnoxious.
I rate it 3 stars because it takes alot of time to open. Or it do not open for 2 to 3 days...... The game stops automatically....after putting dresses in order it automatically remove them and when we open it the dresses are not there and it's empty.this game is not opening what to doooooooo,..........Game is nice but I hate the games that stuck in between................. solve the issue as soon as possible....
it is a good game but diamonds are very less and money is also very less and we are getting very less profit and the British less money the interest is going due to we cannot decorate it and without money cannot do anything in the shop so I hope the money should the creator should create again with the more money and more diamonds and in the closed and more space also should be there for space it is going till 50,000 we cannot buy it so I hope it should be decrease thanks
There are only few way you can get gems in the game (1)wait for a dress to reach at a certain level (2) completing the missions/Tasks (3) downloding games, so its very hard to buy things with gems in the shop, for that i will give 4 stars If a new and easy way is there in next Update then i will gove 5 star.
this game is a really nice for the first time but later ...😶😐😑 it becomes error , there are many clothes on the rack but when the customer come , they keeps waiting and waiting🙄. i want the game before 😔
I love the game and played this game on other devices and the notifications worked fine. I reinstalled it on my new phone but received no notifications when my clothes were ready so I lost a few thousand coins in game so now I'm not playing. I tried to contact support through the email and they don't respond via email anymore, it told me to fill out a form online and I did just that, my only response was they don't have a support team for fashion story so no one can help me with my issue, upset
Make your advertisements for your other apps at the bottom of the quest list. I hate having to scroll through about 10 quests for out of game just to get to the 2 actual quests for the game I'm playing. Also, I get no notifications even though all the settings for me to receive them are on. AND it's annoying for us to remember other people's IDs just to add them. Make an option to add them when we visit.
I've played for years and recently turned in a issue of someone posting with my account. I was told not to let anyone have my phone. My phone is always with me and nobody but I can unlock it. I was still having issues with someone on my account when I was blocked from playing until the 15th. I reported a problem plus recieved no warning so I would like to know why I got locked out? I had a ticket showing my problem and no warning was given to me! I would do 0 stars but you have to use 1.
It's a good game but we can't restart this game that's why I don't like it's more but it is good I am giving this 3 star
i love it its amazing game , the problem is its laggy some times we can't open others profile or see my neighbor's list and stuff i love it and so sad to be laggy like this and the hair +eyes +dresses when i want to change for the model its small size cubes its not full size like when i had the i phone and when i want to order dress shoes or any thing to put in my store some times the list dosint show up and some times i order thing and when i come after hours i dont find it , plz fix it ❤
The app and game is attractive and fun no doubt..just update the version please because after I download it the notification mobile gives is the apps version is very old which is why it doesn't function well sometimes. Also why does this app and it's other games like Fashion Story: Enchanted and Fashion Story:Arena need so many permissions. Please update the apps only then will I download it.
Admittedly , the game was fun at first . However , soon enough it got boring and i lost interest in it as aside from getting to manage your very own fashion boutique , there's nothing - no fun mini games / puzzles nor are there any interesting "tasks" to sustain interest in the game for long .
Still playing my favorite childhood game since 2012. Lovee it! But there are a few bugs and glitches. Sometimes my close disappear or whenever I put my clothes on the racks or accesories on the counters, I leave the game, come back, and my clothes are back in the catalog. Please fix it! Edit: Coming back a second time to ask you guys to please fix these bugs and glitches! My clothes keep disappearing and its really annoying and even sometimes my money Decreases out of nowhere. Fix it please!
I love this game, as well as bakery story and restaurant story... if I stock up on clothing it all goes within 5 minutes! I spend a week stocking up in total probably about 50,000 items all together in the shop and it goes too fast! Bakery story and restaurant story are not this bad! It just makes me not want too play the game. You need to sort something out about how fast the stock goes! It goes within minutes! Way too fast. Should be a steady pace like bakery story and resturant stoy.
its a great game. if tgere was one thing i could change, it would be the time it takes to get clothes. it takes way too long to get good stuff. i tried making a costume shop, but it takes ages to get the clothes. also, diamonds are SO HARD TO GET! can u maybe make ways to get them other than installing other games? thanks. and it shouldnt cost 10 diamonds to change your name. thank you for your understanding 😀
It is supposed to be an offline game but can only be played online. Keeps crashing. Would like to have more updates and also be able to see how close I am to finishing an item
This game is quite fun and exciting especially when you want to upgrade your shop.. It's fun I really enjoy it. But I have a question when we go to design and supposing we touch an item there are three column sell ,store so about the second option the store, If I have some stuffs in the store how can I get it back form the store
I do like this game but I think it could be improved. For example, the gems are too expensive, £1.50 for 9 and that doesn't even pay for 1 skipped quest, doesn't seem like good value. Also, it would be better if you could watch videos to speed items up, and 2 days for clothes is too long.
i love this game so much there are no add i also love it cause we can make and decorate your own place/shop if someone is reading this i recommend this game! and if you read this and find my shop called jc's closet
It is one of the best game ever I have seen soo beautiful and wonderful. But there is having some glitch and sync . which should be fixed and gems are very costly most of the Beau clothes we can buy only through the gems so PLEASE reduce the rate of gems and fix the glitch. Otherwise it is wonderful game since im playing 3years and i have transferred my old account to new device easily ♥️im giving 4star 🌟 because of the glitch
Good! keep going but it needs update though.I have never given it any kind of update since after I downloaded it.But it's still very interesting and easy to play I would recommend dress lovers to play it.
This app is fantastic. I use to play it when i was younger and got super excited i found again. The only downfall is that the notifications dont work. I have to rely on either timers i set for myself or hopefully remembering. But other than that, a fantastic game.
PLEASE UPDATE!! I am addicted to this game but, I'm tired of the boutique refreshing and my game resets, wasting hours of time. I'm ready to delete because this happens to me every day. I love playing it though, so please UPDATE!!! Thank you 😊😊
I saw there many people say there no way to get into game from a different devices which there is. You just have to create a storm8 ID and password.
I love it but what i dont like it that you need Diamonds to expand your store. There should be for us videis to watch and receive a free diamond like other games. Everything else is great.
I love this game. It is addictive. It just has 1 problem. The stuff is too expensive. I can't expand because it costs a whooping 100,000 coins. And the diamond products have prices so high, even like changing the name of the botique you need to spend 10 diamonds, and I can't do that. Just do one thing, stop the diamond prices, like make very thing available for coins. And please if you do that, don't make the coins very expensive. You can even add some mini games to win coins. Do this and I promise I'll give you 5 stars.
This game is great! But, I have a one problem: I can't open this game when I am not connected to the internet!. 😡 I'm only 10 and half years old so, please, 🙏🏻 make it offline game if you want 5 stars!
I have played this game for years. Now for months Lots of Glitches. Takes items candy table, etc. Takes merchandise that you start to make and then it disappears. I have had to start them and over and they keep disappearing. They need to fix it for Android phones.
I've been playing this game for years. But, now it keeps getting stuck & not adding the coins correctly....UGH!
just downloaded. what is worrying me is the beginning part when you first download it and is asking for access to millions of things.Ill see if I like it and if not i will delete it as i dont want it to see my personal data.Ill edit this as soon as I see how the app is like.Edit:I've tried it out and it's amazing, the only thing I'd like to improve would be the cash given in the game...it would be nice if it could give 100 000 cash or smthing
Support is bad. They won't help with issues. I will order clothes on my game, and I will check on them half way through their time, and they will be gone. They will still have a few hours on them so they don't expire. I asked support the first time and got told, they can't assist with gameplay. The second time I asked support, I put it under the bug and issue category, and got told Fashion Story doesn't have enough support staff to help individual issues.
I love the game but i have a few complaints. Firstly, i hate hate hate the fact that Android phones can't download makeup counter and some other beautiful decorations, rugs, wallpapers, changing room etc. Why are these things only available for iphone users? Thats just wrong. If i want to get makup counter ill have to buy an iPhone, which means ill have to sell a kidney because iPhone is super expensive here in Nigeria especially in this deteriorating economy. Pls fix this its not fair at all.
Game is fun. Good for killing time. Been playing a long time... needs improvements. Goals are unrealistic and take too long to achieve. Catalogue very hard to read. Would love to be able to sort it. Wish developers would update game and make it more realistic and 3D. If they did it would be a hot commodity!
I'm so happy I found this game again. When an old cell phone died and refused to ever work again, everything I had saved and programmed in it, was lost forever including this exact favorite pastime game of mine. I'm enjoying playing this fun game all over again, many years later.
I really LIKE this game! Especially because I LOVE fashion 😍😍 But I am so tired n disappointed, because every time I change my cellphone, I have to repeat everything from the beginning again, because my account / ID cannot be moved to other gadgets.. I am extremely sad, because I already repeat this game twice.. I hope, in the future, there will be updates about moving accounts to other gadgets, so that we do not need to always repeat the game, because we play this by used our times.. 😢😢
I had played this game 6 years ago for the 1st time and I downloaded it again in this quarantine,there was no any diff. betn all these years.App must be updated.Plus the items are very expensive and earnings is slow.Expanding area needs so much of coins and gems but expands very little.Short timed clothes must be added.Waiting makes it boringAnd the main minus point is GAME DEPENDS ONLY ON THE DOWNLOADED DEVICE!IT WOULD BE BETTER IF WE COULD JOIN IT ON OTHER SOCIAL APP AND USE FROM OTHER PHONE
This game has been around years and its the second time I've downloaded it not much has changed really. I enjoy the game and play it daily but I find a couple of things annoying. You can expand with 60 plus neighbours but when you get to 60 the option disappears delete a neighbor and it comes back Not good
I love this game 😍❤️ but please fix some problems be cause whatever I order clothes and when i display it, it returns to another things that i ordered. Example:if i ordered bags and when i display it. It returns to bracelets. So please fix this problem and please do new updates cause i play this game from 2012 and iam kinda disappointed but i love this game so much and thanks 😊.
Im on level 96, started out loving the game, as i got up on levels, the game would close and restart. Please fix, i will rate higher and be happy again with the game.
did you guys just forget about this game? I've been playing this since 2011, really disappointed how nothing is getting updated. Enough with all the matching games! Please show some love and update this game!
love this game. but I had to flash over my phone. and when I reinstalled it I can get back where I left off which is at level 42... how do I get back to my original level instead of starting over?
I really love all of these games, but Fashion story has a display issue with the times in the catalog; they aren't lined up properly graphically, so it's really hard to read them. Also, there needs to be a way to sort by time in the catalog. Sometimes when I'm actively playing, I prefer to stick to shorter order times, so to sort by duration would be a huge improvement.
I enjoy the game but please when will it add more items for floor decor that coins will buy not gems the game needs a major update in my opinion.
After downloading this game it made my phone run incredibly slow and hot.. had my phone doing weird things like when I would type a message on my actual phone my phone would lag and start typing random things on its own without me even touching the keyboard.... after un installing the game my phone is now fine.. There must be some sort of bug on the app.. do not download it!!