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Fashion Nation: Style & Fame

Fashion Nation: Style & Fame for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Nanobit.com located at Slovenska 23 10 000 Zagreb Hrvatska. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love the concept for the game, it's a little buggy sometimes though. I'll have to restart the app for options to work properly or for the backdrops to load. Like another game it can be price though so if you want to enjoy it be ready to spend money. At least $20-$30 if you just want to idlely play and get decent scores. The training phase is pvp and standard challenges are voter based so bear that I'm mind. Unworn and Trending need to be maxed every time if you're hoping to do well.
Far too expensive, A voting ticket cap and no way to earn money or Diamonds without using real money. A shame as it looks nice but you cannot progress. The voting challenges do not meet the requirements.
So far I'm liking this game. I really enjoyed playing one similar to this but it's just too expensive to play that one. This one might be better cost wise but still just as fun, so far it looks to be a winner!!
I really wanted to love this game... however I can't even get past creating the first look you're supposed to. The game excited out and said it may affect the game, then wouldn't load again past the intro screen. Uninstalled
Freezes on first challenge. Will not let me tap on clothing or anything else. Just goes through the intro takes me to first challenge and becomes non responsive. Will try again later. Im still interested in the format and game design and would like to play.....
It becomes repetitive at some point. You have to buy and buy to be able to get something. Pricey stuff, not much rewards. Game has potential though.
Still feeling it out.. So I really want to love this game but it gets disheartening after spending countless money and diamonds you still get a low rating on outfits. Once you get to level 10 that's when the voting becomes more challenging. I also hate that there's no way to purchase stamina you have no choice but to wait it out and it's 20 minutes for one stamina and the trainings require 10 of them. If the ratings on my looks don't improve then I'm uninstalling not worth the disappointment
Like alot of other reviews, game has alot of potential, but....I Cant get in, for a week like others, although I'm playing on a tablet. also, we need to be able to win more cash or stars. And I will spend $ just don't be overly greedy...please
Changed my rating because while the game IS fun, the is no way you can place in ANY competition unless you constantly shovel money into this game. So unless you plan on spending A LOT don't even bother. To prove this every completion I entered yesterday, in runway and training, I bought new unworn trending clothing and won every one. Spent over $40. Today I cannot win because I have bought nothing in any event and none of the clothes I own are trending in any comp. Fix this or lose customers.
Good game, awesome outfits, but unless you pay the 14.99 for VIP.. your never going to level up. Every thing in outfits is high priced shoes, purses, thought out would be fun and challenging, but turned out to be challenging because you don't get enough money to at least get a few outfits to win a couple times..I think I'll find another game if you ever give newbies more money I'll change my rating
Love this game. I just wish that you didn't run out of diamonds so fast, or that most of the accessories are just bought with diamonds. There should at least be matching options to buy without just diamonds. But great work!
Fun, but the challenges are very repetitive and impossible to get high scores on without new outfits. It's impossible to get new pieces to wear with a small amount of cash being given as a reward.
Is this something I'm missing because when I try to pick an outfit nothing is happening all I hear is the tapping effect...
You should have more options to earn more money and diamonds. I ran out way too fast and I'm only on level 6. I really hope they'll fix this soon. Overall it's a really fun game but, it'll end up being costly.
Just like Covet used to be like. Focusing on the clothes and style. Teaches you different styling rips. No groups, props, backgrounds, hair accessories to buy. Back to the reason I played Covet for years. Loving the game so far!
Wow Awesome just like real fashion world nowadays with the set up as well competition against Fashion trends completely with new beautiful colours that would match any Fashion House for most definitely occasion to suits classes Lady's
This game is great!!! I've used it to replace COVET because fashion nation is way more player friendly and you actually get $ for every show you enter and it doesn't take long to build up enough$ to buy some really nice items. The only issue I've had is that it takes a really long time for your energy to fill up. Fortunately, they also have tickets you can use to enter shows in the other section and the awards, are given for those in just a couple hours usually. Bye bye COVET🙂
I was hoping this was not another money hog, but it would seem there are no truly "free" games any more. Unless you have a good amount of cash to buy diamonds you will not get far in this game. Concept is great...cost not so much.
I love this game and have spent quiet a bit of money on it but it's hard to score high in voting. Some suggestions: Have one main store to buy all items instead of different items for each challenge Provide more basic clothing items that can be mixed and matched eg. Dark sneakers, red belt Have a section for outerwear like vests and cardigans and another for heavier coats Have more variety in runway challenges. Maybe do a daily challenge Larger daily rewards or rewards system
The current updates have prevented the game from loading properly, and being able to play it. I have tried several times to uninstall and then re-install but same issues.
Changed my rating as the game gets boring and repetitive after a while. The challenges are all the same all the time, there's no new sets in Training after you finish the initial 6. There's almost no way to get diamonds and the nicer clothes and shoes are only bought with diamonds. If you're not willing to spend money on diamonds, you'd never get a high score in voting or win any duels.
I've had this for a day and I really like it. It's way more fun to play than covet which is what this is a dupe for. The only downside is that the clothes are less exciting and a lot of them aren't really cute at all. But I'm having fun.
I originally gave this 5 stars but all of a sudden the app stopped working and won't load. It says it's loading but it never opens. It's a shame because I really love this game, the graphics are beautiful, its well organized and the catalog of clothing is endless. Maybe someone at nanobit can help me??
I do enjoy this app immensely, but I just wish the gems weren't so expensive. Also, it kicks me out of the game a lot stating poor connection. I'm not sure what that's about as I have pretty decent wifi. 🤷 That's why I gave only 4/5 stars.
I love it. Very well made little game. People need to stop complaining about money though, I understand from both sides, the developers need to make money too. It's no big deal.
I've played this game for some time now every day, and I finally got the premium plan for 14.99 or so.. then the game went down for 3 to 4 days where the game wouldn't open up. As of today the game app finally let me in. I went to collect my daily items....and its asking for another payment. The plan should last for 30 days. DON'T WAST YOUR TIME OR MONEY!
even though it has a long wait time for each things its truly a nice game to practice specific fashion styles. so stop reading bad reviews and download for a good experience!!
Very fun. If youve ever played covet fasion, this one is better. More chances to actually earn cash and garmets
ZERO STARS! This game is not even playable. It takes you through some half a$$ed tutorial and the freezes. Every time. I've tried several times. Don't waste your time. Covet is a million times better.
Love this game, I've been searching and playing fashion games for years, and this by far is the best one yet.
You have to be a millionaire to play this game longer than two days . I'm so disappointed!! Would have really enjoyed this . The models and clothes all so realistic and beautiful, exactly the same as covet fashion , another game I'd love to afford to play . . Please please please game developers, can you stop making these games so RIDICULOUSLY expensive, or just make a cheap version .
As soon as i started sinking cash in it, the desired effect, it got buggy and now won't allow me back in access to my beautiful fake online clothes! Its actually frustrating, any assistance or update about the app would be appreciated especially because I've actually spent money in the app.
I have to constantly restart and it freezes to much and then I have to restart my phone again and also for 19:99 should be able to get more money for the price I would give it a 5 star because it a great game but because of the problems within I give it a 1 Star 🌠
While I do like the game and its close to a Covet Fashion Dupe. What could be better, if you got paid game cash for each challenge you enter and a daily challenge with pay out more than regular challenges, that can keep you afloat. Covet has actual designers and the items are based on that in real life prices, this game doesn't have that and the items are ridiculously priced. It feels forced to pay to play, so won't be able to play daily like I do with Covet Fashion .
I've had the game for a month now and I'm at level 24! The game gives you money for EVERY Runway challenge you enter so you're NEVER broke! The money you get is either 480 or 960 per challenge so I'm not sure why people are saying you have to spend real money to play, I make around 12 500 per day to spend on sets and challenges! I love the sets as you win prizes and diamonds! I'd say the makeup needs a lot of work! I think Covet has the better makeup but this game has the potential to be better!
I'm enjoying it unlike covet it's not a money grabbing game which is great it will be so popular I think the outfits are good and there is no cost or limit to using them this game should go a long way
Really good idea but impossible to move forward in the game without diamonds as buying is also too high. No diamond rewards so I'm deleting the game after 24 hours as I was forced to buy on day 1 which just shows how greedy the designer of the game Really is.
Nice game. Needs some tweeking. The items are a little pricey making it harder to enter the challenges. Maybe you should offer diamonds or cash for entering, that way your players could keep up and not necessarily have to win a challenge to get a cash prize. Borrowing from other players is another option as well. I do like the option to be able to try on all your items to see how they look before purchasing this is awesome. I love choice of items as well, the fashion is great.
It's very good and interesting, no glitches or anything, so far one of the best fashion games I have played, download it, I recommend it.
This game is pretty fun, however the clothes you need are expensive. There should be a easier way to get money or diamonds.
Too expensive, not enough energy & choice of items limited for each challenge! Challenges always the same, they don't change!! So ridiculous & highly annoying! AND no way to earn cash etc if you don't win, & can't win if you can't buy items, BECAUSE WINNING IS BASED ON WHO CAN AFFORD THE MOST ITEMS THAT MEET THE CRITERIA WHEN COMPETING LIVE IN THE TRAINING SECTION!!! Impossible to enter challenges without spending real money, so it's impossible to do them & impossible to advance in the game!!
Loved this game for the first 2 days. Then I ran out of money and gems so I bought a gems and money pack. That lasted enough to do 1 challenge!! I have not been able to progress since. Only being rated 1 star because I cant buy new clothes because there is no way of earning money or gems. Meaning you can never progress. This has the potential to be a great game. All the reviews say the same thing. Im hoping the creators can fix this and more people would be able to play this game.
Originally gave a unpositive review but have them been able to access the game and do like it. I just wish their were any easier way to get cash... But then the game would be to easy I'm guessing lol
Probly would have given a five star..but the voting is terrible...follow the rules given for the faceoffs..and u lose to someone who just throws any old thing on...but it passes my time daily..if u fix the voting then I might give it a five ⭐
I was curious about trying this because I love fashion games. I've just started to really use up the last of what you initially get when you start the game, you know the tickets, and cash and gems, so I'll see how it goes from here but I have high hopes for this game. My only wish is that when an challenge calls for certain colors, I wish that with filtering we could actually filter by color. I think that would be perfect.
As I said before the secret to winning this game is to constantly upgrade your closet. Which means spending a lot of money for unworn or trending clothing. You will never win over $480 in the runway comps unless it is unworn clothing. This last update also has a glitch where the game doesn't load unless you come to Google and enter that way. I want so badly to give this a better score but can't until they figure out a better way to do things update causes game to stop working.
I truly don't understand why people say it's too expensive when there aren't requirements for any of the challenges and you can easily make four to five hundred dollars per challenge that you choose to enter for free. I also don't understand why your runway look has an anonymized username. I would specifically chose a username that I always use and now I can't see it when I'm on the runway it just says a Fnzbo88 (randomized username) and that's disappointing.
Just started playing the game, and doesn't even function propery. Once you go to dress them up, won't even open ANY clothing items, just instantly stops working. Highly disappointed
Amazing dress up game. Helpful support team, they listened and solved the problem I had with the game.
Great game. I would have given 5 stars but there are a lot of glitches with graphics not showing up, disappearing, etc. Very frustrating but still worth it to play this great game.
I think this game is really fun but it's stopped working, no.matter how many votes I do I don't receive any more tickets to enter competitions, therefore can't do anything!! Please fix soon and I will change my review.
Nice game and the graphics are awesome but it can get pretty boring once you enter the challenges, and you run out of diamonds, cash, and energy. The runway challenges are repetitive, seems you can only win the clothes if you spend cash or diamonds, and interns/newcomers seem to win them all even though the outfits are basic. Please add maybe mini games to win diamonds or cash, and an undo button to remove the clothes. Can be a great game if it wasn't too repetitive, or wait too long for result
Spin off Redecor! LOVE IT! This game is ridiculously addictive if you love all things fashion. Just like the app redecor, you vote on other designs, collect tickets to the events and grow your collection of items for your creations. This game is wonderful.
Great game. My opinion, it's better and wayyyyyyyy cheaper and easier to lvl up and buy gems than covet fashion. Love this. The clothes are nice and the competitions are easy and voting is fast and you lvl up quickly ☺️😉😋💯 so addicting and fun. Must have!!!
This game allows me to really express myself in fashion with the models . It can be a little pricey. Real time fashions. So far a great game
It's a great game and I enjoyed it so far. The only problem I have with it is that some of the clothes are too expensive since we have to use diamonds most of the time. That's the only issue for me so far and I will really appreciate if they reduce the price for some of them.
A beautifully done game, glides excellently on my tablet. I love the clothes and I love the dolls. Unfortunately, the only way to win here is to spend your real money. They tag clothes with tags such as lovely, vibrant and elegant, then they select a few items with to be trending and you have to purchase these items. Then to win they add up the amount you spent. There would really be no way to get ahead without spending a LOT of your real money. I'm okay with spending some but this is to much.
Your game is not working when I was trying to do the game it wouldn't work all it did was just keep loading and it said it failed to load the game and you said you tried to fix it but I guess it didn't work YOU NEED TO FIX THIS GAME SO PEOPLE CAN PLAY IT
The concept of the game is very good my problem is that the makeup on the avatar could be better defined there also needs to be better skintones also you need to put in move levels for purchasing the diamonds packs there also needs to be more hair colors hopefully you have a sale on the diamonds packs
Pretty much a knock off of Covet fashion, but I enjoy it, the artwork is great, It could use more work, and is a little laggy but has great potential, I'm here for it.
Just like covet, it's too expensive to play. You have to buy and wear new items for each event, and if you don't have a bunch of unworn items, you lose. You get cash instead of diamonds, but if you don't wear clothes bought with diamonds, you lose. Great game if you like spending a bunch of your own money.
The clothing items are overpriced, it's hard to gain money or gems without spending money. Prizes barely give you anything. I thought covet was bad, but this is worse. It has potential but the developers need to fix this cause it's not fun if you can't play it.
Helps me with my fashion in real life. Amazing game! I like the way you can be your self and do training and challenges! So very entertaining and fun. Thank you for making the fun amazing cool and entertaining game!
I really was super interested and excited for this game but it froze on the tutorial for me every time I opened it.
I enjoy the game except the progress is very slow. Maybe if we could get more tickets for voting not only 2 per category. Also too many items cost diamonds
I have yet to get past loading, to try the game. It gets stuck on phase 8. Not a good start. UPDATE: I figured out I have to use my phone for the game. Not tablet friendly. Btw, I love the game so far! GREAT GRAFICS! A suggestion, the game when in a challange could use and undo button. So we don't have to try something on and want to change back, and have to hunt down the original outfit.
Mostly enjoyable. Clothes too expensive. Algorithm that is set for the duel challenges are sort of odd sometimes. You can spend money purchasing a whole new outfit and lose against one with no shoes or jeans are considered formal, etc.. Also, be nice to have more ways to win diamonds. And lastly, when you've spent all that time and cash to get enough stars for a startlet package, would be nice to have a choice of what which package you get.
I am so impressed with this game. Great graphics and you have the chance to earn diamonds and tickets to enter the challenges. I love the variety although I hope they can add more items, skins, hairstyles, and make up.
Fun and addicting, however it is very limited in it the selections would love to change the colors of the items and please stop making us use items that make no sense
Unfair, apparently dressing in a dress and high heels is the perfect outfit for a morning run, not sure how some people exercise in this world but you would get fair in the training that I do. If you don't spend money on this app you don't go anywhere. Waste of time if you ask me.
the game itself is great.. all these ppl complaining its too expensive just dont know how to play the duels right. I've won every duel so far. only complaint is the energy.. its 20 minutes for 1 energy.. so u cant even do 1 duel till over 3 hours???!!! then another 3 hours for only one more duel... thats ridiculous. i think the wait time should be less or there should be more stuff to do while waiting because in the mean time you're also waiting for contests to finish voting..
I would have loved to rate this higher than a measly 2 stars but the progression is so slow. Both career and runway challenges take tickets, which have a daily cap that covers a total of 4 challenges, so you have to choose wisely where to spend them on.Challenge rewards are pitiful unless you get a top look, so don't bank on getting a daily cashflow to boost your wardrobe. Login rewards are randomised but they're far from exciting. Premium daily pass offers too little ( either 1 item or a small currency boost a day and again randomized) to warrant its 15$ pricetag per 30 days. The only fun part are the energy challenges of the career portion, where you need to create a look in a mix of 2 styles, and you get a showdown with another player, but that feels awfully skewed not by making an actual decent outfit but by min-maxing the items to feature both styles required across the board, resulting in a rainbow fiesta of colors and mismatched items winning over decent styled looks very often. Energy gain is 1 per 10min, with 15 required per career challenge. It won't be fully restored overnight so again a slow crawl to progression and gates beyond gates.
This isn't a game it's more of a money making scheme. I've only had it for a few days and already its impossible to advance without spending real money. It takes ages to get tickets or bolts to play. There isn't enough ways to make gems or money. Even if you win you don't get enough to buy anything. The clothes, shoes and accessories are very expensive upwards of 300 gems to buy 1 item meaning if you spend £5 real money you can only buy around 3 clothing items and you need far more than this.
Very Fun an lots of clothing options. I really enjoy the music in the background is not obnoxious. Nice game. I like it 👌
Cool game but could use some changes. Such as the things we to play for votes. Overall I like the game.
Fun game. I can see where you might have to purchase gems or cash to play at some point, but not in the same extent as Covet. And this game doesn't pummel you for reusing your closet. Which is nice. That's why you have it, right?
Was fun when it worked. Played many many hours and it just quit working. Hasn't worked in over a week. I've been patient . I thought surely they would fix their game but they have not. It's very disappointing. There is no reason that it would take this long to fix the game or at least give the players a notification explaining why it wont work. Went on to the website and found nothing helpful. Feel like I wasted a lot of time on this.
It looks expensive, I have not seen any new player sales yet.. so that tells me they don't offer sales! I won't buy diamonds at those prices. Not for the minimal prizes we get.
Lovely game very similar to covet, but very difficult to earn diamonds and it's almost impossible to win prizes in runway challenges. Please make them little less difficult to earn and win and it will become top fashion game, it can compete with Covet Fashion.
I like this game. But my issue is: the outfits that win the votes seem to be very simple and often times off challenge promps. Creativity and cohesion are not rewarded. Because voting allows you to enter challenges, my suspicion is that lots of people vote quickly and at random so they can earn the tickets more quickly.
The game is beautiful, but this is a very pricey game and not worth it. You buy clothes and basically can't wear them again because you won't get the unworn bonus so you are constantly having to buy more. Then in the training area there's trending, unworn and specific types so there's more buying. So this game is buy, buy, buy and more buy. You'll end up needing to spend real money to get anywhere.
Love this game so far, but i wish there were more to choose from in everything. Other than that its fun designing different looks.
Great game, great graphics, great options as well as vast variety, able to obtain resources easily. My only complaints are: 1) Not being able to review your design results (old and current) versus other players to see where you can improve, 2) accessories are kind of janky, such as belts sitting too high on the torso, and necklaces and scarves create odd points on necklines such as on hoodies. MUCH better game than Covet!!! Love that it's not strictly pay to win like many other PvP games!
Awful! I downloaded the app. Went to play and dress the model but when I clicked on the clothes, nothing happened. I tried to come out back to main page and nothing happened. Fix this please..
Great game beautiful designs. I love that every challenge has different picks to choose from, it never gets boring. Best fashion game by far and I literally have played them all!!!!!!!!!
I like this game. My only issue is that they should have different body types. Skinny, thicc, and everything in between. Then you can choose which body type you want based on what you have in real life and still wear the stylish clothing. I think it is a bit damaging for girls to play this game and style ONLY thin people, especially if they look nothing like them.
I would've given a 5 star review, but it takes extremely too long to have access to new hairstyles. I'm on level 17 and won't get a new option until level 67 now that's ridiculous, you get one every blue moon as a prize but the same styles make me bored. Almost ready to throw in the towel. That sucks because this is cool alternative to Covet Fashion which is expensive, but Covet moves a lot quicker with hairstyles and you get more than one as well, as the makeup!!!! PLEASE FIX THIS NOW!!!☹️☹️☹️
It takes my tickets to enter the event then freezes and won't let me play the game, I have uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times now, still no difference
Direct ripoff of Covet, but not as high quality. Shop items do not stay in store between challenges, e.g. a cute hat you think would match the theme doesn't show up in shop, even though it was there in a previous challenge.
Fun game but it's too glitchy and doesn't let you log on most of the time cause it doesn't get past the loading part.
This game is fun to start, you win runway challenges but I think all newbies win to lure you in. You'll never win again! You'll quickly learn to win the training duels you need every piece of clothing or accessories to be trending and inevitably you'll need to buy them. Diamonds are few and far between though you earn a fair amount of money from doing runway challenges (but all the good stuff costs diamonds). All in all its an ok game to waste some time.
UPDATE: Great concept. I think it would be awesome to be able to have different faces and body types. Also, if we had the ability to change the models and for them to be more life like. Overall decent fashion game. In addition, I feel the items are really expensive especially when they are items that are required for a competitions EXUBERANTLY EXPENSIVE . It makes game play and winning challenging to accomplish in addition the majority of the items cost diamonds which in turn cost money.
Fun and addicting but really hard to get money and diamonds. It's also weird that its the same voting and challenges all of the time.
I just installed this game just moments ago and I still haven't gotten to play it because this game just takes it forever to load and that's if it is loading because to be honest it doesn't even look like it's even loading or even trying to load and I even tried to restart my phone just to see if that would help and that didn't even help so I think whoever made this game they need to improve this game and they need to fix the bugs in this game and they need to fix the problem and or problems ..
Great game for a "cash grab game". The outfits are cute and it's fun to play. Would have gave it 5stars, but game play is limited (unless you throw down some dollars), but if you play smart, your gameplay time will last. Room for improvement on the challenge and ticket system, but other than that. Excellent.
This is a fun app if you love fashion. But it's next to impossible to level up in the game unless you plan on spending real money which sucks. I spend half my time watching ads just to get more in game money to buy clothes just to win to get more money.
What a fun dress up game, I like the 2 different ways to get fashionable. I would give it 5 stars, but you have to buy points that are too expensive.
It's an enjoyable game however you progress very very slowly. Unless you pay real money you don't go anywhere cause the clothes are super expensive and it's hard to make the money you require for each step.
All the reviews say it's too expensive. It is ridiculous really I am stuck on level six no way to progress further unless I spend really money.. it was a fun game I liked it more than covet. But not enough to spend minium five dollars on barley 1000 diamonds. Scam
Love playing but could be made better! For example: more groupings full length dresses, diamonds or cash items etc and the current groupings to work. :)
Needs some work, but it's got a lot of potential. The ads for the game aren't what the game looks like at all. My biggest issue is that the clothes are expensive and you go through money quickly. Plus, the challenges don't really change?? And I entered competitions at the beginning and got the top score but now I'm reentering those same competitions and getting 2.47* with the same outfit?? I'm not really sure what changed between the two times I entered.
it'd be a good game but the clothing selections are very limited and the only way to win computing is to purchase new clothes for each one..I've bought already almost every piece of clothing and assesories and now I can't move forward because I can't get points for new clothes in each competition..and its grown old really fast..its already run out of levels and it's just repetitive in each competition...they really should have made more clothing and assessories available and give better scoring
It is ok but u have to spend to much money not worth it .voting sucks and the categories say one thing like run but they want u to dress up with heels and dress clothes stupid .have the clothes to match the category uninstalling
I enjoy the amount of different styles to choose from & the realistic look of them but the items are very expensive makes it hard to things the longer you play this game. Would be a better game if the items where cheaper
Great fashion game so far, nice assortment of up to date clothing as well as vintage. Only just started playing so I'll see how much its gonna cost me before I decide to carry on lol, I'm already spending money on Fashion Fantasy and Pocket Styler. So we'll see how it goes.
Can't rate this game if it won't even play. Can't even get past the first seasonal challenge it wants me to do. It won't let me open any category to dress up the character.
Would love to play this game more often, but don't seem to be getting anywhere because everything is just so expensive to buy. I rarely get voted full stars and its hopeless to win the training so just not enjoying it. I might just delete app! Which is a shame really..
I REALLY enjoy the concept of this game but it's NOT long-lasting AT ALL. Unless you're willing to pay real cash, which I WILL NOT be doing. I'm on level 7 now but I'm stuck because I'm very low on money. I've tried replaying the Training and Daily challenges but ALWAYS lose because you only get your major winnings from unworn clothing. IMPOSSIBLE to wear unworn clothing when you've run out of money. This game needs to improve because it does NOT deserve 5 stars.
Definitely very similar to Covet fashion however there are a couple of things that are slightly irritating. If you're doing a challenge that has the tags e.g. elegant, minimal etc, it'll tell you to dress a girl to look like she's on a run, but all the tags relating to that look nothing like active wear. This is just one example. Overall it's a good game. Would appreciate some new challenges instead of the same ones again and again
Great graphics, fun gameplay. But it has connection issues. It takes me three times of opening and then closing the game before it actually loads and begins.
Love this game, except for the voting, and the fact that the clothes are ridiculously expensive. So frustrating when the style that wins didn't go by the rules of the challenge every time.
I'd been playing fine until a week ago. Now I can't get past loading screen I sent a message to support and received an email saying to send my issue in English. Ummm that's the only language I speak. I'd reload but I'm afraid I'll lose everything. Oh yeah the clothes are expensive.
I wanted to like this, I used to play covet, and thought this would be similar. The clothes selection is okay but you can't even play because everything is so expensive. If it were worth it I wouldn't mind spending it here and there but this is ridiculous. Can't win a challenge when you can't get new stuff. I'm just gonna go back to the Covet.
Game stopped working and won't load. Have to change rating and delete the game. What a shame!! This game needs improvement. Pay out when you enter a challenge and maybe borrow an item from a friend.
Good game..nice graphics..clothes are fantastic...but the cost is rediculous..14.99 a month to pay for VIP....and then the clothes to buy come on..and when you run out of diamonds you pay to get more..and thats the only way you can buy some shoes or dress ,clothes period..other people just left, me ..i need to tell you, 4.500 for dress 3,000 for shoes??!! If you dont spend your money, your not going to win
Still new to the game and so far I'm loving it! However, you quickly run out of cash and diamonds, wish we could earn them by voting and/or watching short videos. Items are also way too expensive. Overall it seems great but I'd like to be able to give better feedback.
Takes too long to progress. 1 token every 24 mins, no way to get them faster anymore. And you need 15 tokens to compete in a training challenge.. There is daily caps on tickets that you need and have to vote to get. Yeah, becomes boring waiting around for enough time to pass. When you actually get to compete, the game is good, but yeah I have lost interest.
I loved playing this til a I ran into the fact it wont finish starting up. I unistalled the re installed but same problem now wont even start now just stays on loading screen so unhappy i was enjoying this. Andriod user.
This game was fab til the latest update. Takes far too long to regain stamina resulting in only being able to do 2/3 challenges a day. I was really enjoying it until this happened. Disappointed.
Loved this game at first, but now the app either refuses to open or restarts in the midst of play. And why are the best items only purchasable with diamonds, which you only get a limited amount of? That on top of everything being expensive in general, that you can end up coming out of pocket. Some of the runway challenges lasts so long that it would be nice if you could earn gems that way too
This game was fun until the recent update making it IMPOSSIBLE to complete any tasks or gain any new clothing items. Takes way too long to get more tickets for the training section and the tickets you get from voting are pointless because unless you spend all your cash you can't get enough stars to win anything. Used to be my fave and now pointless to play.
Such a stupid app. You have to have gems and money. I've had this about 2 days and everything is gone. If you think I'm paying real money for this you are mental. Why cant you just pick whatever you like without the money and gems. Ridiculous. Dont even waste your time its pathetic.
It would b a cool game if it didn't have loading problems. It's been 3 day of me not being able to play because it won't load app just keeps closing on its own . I put real money into this game all for it not to work .
I am loving this app.. maybe a little too much! I have literally spent hours at a time playing this which is totally easy to do given it's the best of it's kind available right now.. everything about it is just flawless.. I highly recommend seeing it for yourself.. definitely worth the download💜
Game won't load. Very frustrating! I would send a screenshot as requestef but I'm not sure how a screenshot of a game not loading will be of any help. Lots of people having the same issue it seems so it's more than likely a technical issue with the game.