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Fashion All Stars

Fashion All Stars for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Fashion All Stars located at 1715 West Cleveland Street Tampa, FL 33606. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is a very fun and entertaining game, changes that could be made is when you level up you get certain things unlocked but still very little to no access to get the unlocked items, another change is all the contest are the same and can be a bore to get the same contests all day, one last change is leveling up is very hard because you only level up when you buy clothes in the contest but not from the contest itself and coins and jems are not easy to get
I love this game a lot like a lot a lot and I support it with all of my heart it's just it's has a lot of ads and it takes long to load.
Now that I've been playing a few weeks I can say honestly this is one of the best fashion games ever! They are not money hounds(so far). Making your own money is easy if you have a little patience. When competing in challenges there are always enough free items to select from. I don't have to spend money, but I will just to support the game. The competitions are challenging in a good way and the results are quick and fair to me. Realistic models and clothes, win win...come play it!
I love this app but the reason I didn't give 5 stars is because sometimes it freezes and it becomes annoying because if you already made an outfit and spent your coins you won't be able to get the outfit for free again
I really like this game but do not like that it crashes a lot and now it won't even let me in. Says no internet connection but that is not true.
Fun game with lots of multiple choices. The one thing is that when i am about to vote it glitches and get stuck on the page.
Ok need improvements .Play the same contests over and over which is boring.The voting is unfair they rate the ugly outfits the winner when it clear other outfits were better..glitchy and freezes alot ,sometimes I could not even get on the game. I uninstalled the game
Awesome. I love that you don't have to wait 1-3 days for results like other similar games. I will be playing daily n telling friends.
Game have far too many glitches, models are shapes very weird, their bellies are pushed out and up towards their faces, neck in shoulders, and standing very weird. Then game close down in the middle of a game. Players wear the same clothing at every event and win the gains, it is rigged. The clothes are out dated. Other and that it would be a really great game
Fantastic game. Very accessible, great choice, graphics are sleek and lifelike and the best bit is that is is extremely playable. Covert is extortionate and you can't play for long without spending a fortune. This game I can spend the money on the clothes themselves in the real world and get great enjoyment and insight on how to wear them in game. Perfect and well done!!!
Sadly if your not throwing money into this game to buy stuff for the challenges then you dont stand a chance. Even when you do what they ask (ex: casual) you still dont stand a chance unless you are putting money into, thats how i see it. Uninstalling!!!
So this game is great on all like sometimes Im just straight on addicted to this game, but I feel like it takes for ever to get new clothes or like a new face or even hair. So yeah I like this game but I just kinda tics me off
I am SO in love with this game! It is so addicting, and very fun to play when you're bored. You get to dress up your personalized avatar on a certain theme, and get to vote on other people. However, I have this app only 4/5 stars because it keeps freezing and I have to exit the app and go back in. Just a suggestion, but maybe you could make a way to get more gems than just going up a level. Overall, this is the BEST fashion game I have ever played! :)
I love, love, love this game but am having connection problems all of the sudden. Please help me get back to my game. Why am I having connection issues? Please help me. Well my game is back but i lost my level i was on , i had to start over.
I love love love this game! It is probably the best fashion game I have played so far as it is easy to progress/level up. The only downside in my opinion is the voting process which I have explained already by email and I got a reply very quickly saying that they were working on improving it. Overall, I am really happy with the game and communication with the creators.
They have now corrected some of the issues with it freezing. And still it can say can't connect to my internet, but I'm still able to play my other games hmmm. And does anyone no how to earn gems, because you can buy clothing and makeup that I need to win competitions? But overall I really Love this game, it's very addicting and challenging!!!!
Love πŸ’– this game but it takes a while to get more cash so u have to use your free clothing. It's sometimes slow and it crashes a lot. Results are painful to watch too much and too slow for each one. Also Wish they would add so more settings then just snowy outdoors, prom, beach, tennis etc.
Love the game. Its lots of fun.. I'd give it 5 stars but it's the only game on my phone that has connection issues. Like today I can't get on it at all. It just keeps saying connection issues try again later.
I absolutely love this game. Play it daily. I just got to level 21 and now it isn't working, it keeps saying "CONNECTION ISSUE PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER. After reading most of the other reviews it seems like everyone is having the same issue. Is there a way to resolve this problem without having to uninstall the app. Internet connection isn't the issue bc all other apps work. I really don't want to start from the beginning again. Another of time and money would have been wasted.
I was very excited to play this game, but no matter what I did I could not get past the home screen because it wants you to enter a username but no in game keyboard populates to allow you to create one. I tried uninstalling and reinstall and resetting the settings on my phone and nothing helped.
This is THE MOST DETAIED game I have EVER played! It is so 3D that no matter what you chose, everything goes gorgeously together. Brilliant graphics, except just one single problem. It is such a huge game with such detailed features that it is glitchy often. I recommend this game to anyone, even if you have no sense of fashion. I wrote this with my own mind, I promise! Great game, good job!
I kinda like this game but the voting system is awful! Being rated against 6 people only is so dumb! It is like Covet Fashion for people with short attention spans. And there is no prize for getting 1st
Now look! This game has such good potential, but, it keeps crashing and it doesnt make sense that someone wins when the recommendation is casual and someone dresses their model in formal clothes, then wins!! I dont think the voting is fair...if there's a bunch of friends playing, they will all vote for each other no matter what, just to win or get a good score!!! I bet if it was a computer vote it would be a different story!! There are other problems. Do something or I cant play this any more!
First thing you have to do is you have to give your character a name, otherwise you can't play the game. However, the keyboard isn't enabled so you can't do that, therefore you cannot play this game. πŸ˜‰
The game is addictive, however it has a lot of flaws. You'll follow the challenge but score low. Then the person who wins their outfit makes no sense. Also items that are free in one round won't be free in the next one. I've had an item on that's free and as I'm finishing my outfit, the price will change on it. So then it forces you to buy more coins or go back and change your outfit. I dont have a problem buying coins but that's just dirty to do while you're in gameplay.
They're free clothes that you can use anytime for any challenge also the clothes are very very very reasonably price you can't go wrong with this game you get results within a few minutes it's you and a few other people voting for each other it's fun you win challenges you lose challenges but it's not outlandish it doesn't cost a million dollars to play and I really enjoy it and I think anybody is playing covet right now would too
Although I really do like this game, I absolutely agree with others that something's definitely wrong with the voting system. When the instructions say "dress casual" or "swim wear" people dress formal and win! So what's the point? Another thing I don't like is items I own aren't always available and you don't always get the hair you want. Lately the game keeps crashing, but it's still a fav.
The graphics are pretty good it has potential for sure!The clothes are kinda ugly, wish it had more variety. Also the winning looks tend to be hideous mismatched looks like a child put it together also i believe there are alot of in game profile bots judging the looks just look at how your looks are judged by other "players" and you will see what i mean ,so needless to say it can be hard to win so i only play once in a while now last choice of apps i have.
Hey, how many levels ate there to this game? I'm on level 73 and I can no longer buy clothes so I can't advance any further. Is there a glitch or is that the end of the game? Thanks
Like the game but it takes entirely to long to get new items / faces & hairstyles. & who ever judges the looks need to be FIRED some of these outfits be hideous & I know for sure I know style.
UPDATE: I'm uninstalling! I may spend 3 mins in the game at a time and then it freezes! This is freaking ridiculous and it's this game only!!! Freezes constantly and habitually tells me no internet connection, which is not true. I have yet played where I don't have to completely close out and start all over because of this. Other than that, great fashion game with good graphics and affordable.
Very frequent freeze ups, and drops. The clothes & accessories very awful. My complaint goes unnoticed. Find the company is in a mess, it is not however, good business to stop caring for the game. The players are the judges, some have two models, and join with friends to monoplize the game, making it very difficult for the rest of us to have a chance. They don't follow the event rules, yet win most of the time. Reporting them, is a waste. The models are shaped very strangely.
I Looove this game! Its soo much fun and great clothes/looks to choose from. And great rewards. The challenges keep you inspired...well at least they do me! Lol! Even find it changing how I design my daily look and atmosphere. Anyway a great app...Truly addicting! : )
Some of the other competitors take it personal if they get a low score so they take it out on others also its obvious that other contestants have more than one account because they're always on at the same time judging in the same category. Instead I feel that the creator of the fashion all stars shouldn't put the names of the contestants up until after the winner is announced . Moreover one of my makeup models that I paid 5 dollars for ,her face is darker color than her body!
I really like this game but there are so many issues. The game lags and glitches. Themes never change so you become bored rather quickly. Too, I don't understand the voting. Who does the voting really? It amazes me the fashion that wins first place because it looks like a child put the outfit together. I must move on.
It's ok. It has potential. I like the clothing choices. I dont like that you have to either buy or win hairstyles. The challenges are repetitive so that gets boring. And the voting is really strange. Honestly, some of the ugliest outfits win. It's weird. Also, items that I've won or bought disappear.
I have two issues. I wish there were more ways to win gems other than buying them and there need to be more events. I have done them all and some multiple times so I'm bored. I like that they have an event evey ten minutes but I'd rather they had daily new events. It's been like 5 days and I keep seeing the same events I've already done. Add more events!!!!
I would like to give more stars, but the game kicks me out in the middle of revealing my score. The game should save all of the event pictures. Also there is not enough events. You have to repeat the same events over and over. The graphics are good.
I really like this App, no problems to speak of and I hope it stay that way, great job to all involved on this. But as of now, I had to uninstall, because the freezing and keeping me from voting was getting on one's nerve and I could not take it anymore, so I removed a few stars.
I super love this game. The only thing I don't like about it is if I'm doing a challenge that requires you to match clothes to a certain item ,why is it judged with people who aren't doing the same challenge. People also should be able to win first place if they didn't hit the challenge (ex. Casual but they won with formal clothes). I wish it was easier to get hair or makeup, I feel like you should be able to get it with a bag or a box prize. Also there no Daily challenges or prizes.
I really love this game, but I had to take away the 5 stars I gave it, because when I try to play it gives me a sorry can't connect to server please try again later! I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it just won't connect and it's not my signal! Sucks! Cause I really loved this game!
Great game. You can play all day and use items you havent yet before consitently and you dont run out of points or coins like ever. My only issue is that the app crashes often. Moreso after everytime I finish a look or after I check a rating
Oh my gosh! The funnest game ever! Im such a girly girl and love fashon! This was perfect! The style of clothes were on point and over all it was a great app!
I downloaded the app super exited to play it and it worked fine until it came up to the rusults and it kicked me out of the game. I didn't think much of it, until I was playing it and the game completely froze my entire phone. It would turn of, it wouldn't restart and I couldn't leave the app. Everything was frozen. It took a while to get my phone back up and running again, but I had to delete. I really think this game could be fun and enjoyable if you actually fixed the game. ThxπŸ–€
Fun! I spend time playing this game pretty much every day. It's fun to use creativity and to see other people's efforts. It's challenging enough to keep interest but stress free. And you dont have to buy to play.
Not a bad game but please can we have more themes? Its the same ones over and over and its getting boring! And whats with the voting?! Awful outfits that dont even match the theme win while amazing outfits get low scores i dont mind losing to a great outfit that matches the theme but when the winner hasnt even tried its very frustrating! Also please make the diamonds easier to get. I dont expect to get thousands but when you need them to open purses and bags we need more than we currently get
Fun, but inconvenient. This game has a simple premise. The focus has been put on the details and that's good. My only real issue is that there are constantly "server problems" and I'm always being kicked out of the game. I am using high-speed internet so that shouldn't be an issue on my end. Please fix this.
Downloaded this game and it was cool but after hitting stage 14....tired of the same thing over and over again.
the game overall is very fun however i am still stuck on level three and my points are not going any further. This limits new outfits, hair and makeup. What can i do without starting the whole game again to level up? would mean a lot if you would get back to this.
Great game. Love it.ould have given 5 stars if there were more venues and if collecting coins & diamonds were easier. I love the fact that you don't have to purchase every item you select. I am addicted to this game. I have played every venue at least 10 times. Please update with more venues soon!!
Really really realistic graphics I love that a lot! It's an amazing app! And you are the best dress up game maker ever! Please comment back to me please. And I am so addicted and I've only been playing 1 day! Thank you so much for making this game!
This game is amazing! I've had no issues with it. You dont have to spend money which is great and it is an easy but challenging game. I love it so much. This is one of the best fashion games I've seen and exa tly what I look for in them. Its realistic whi h is also great and there are lots of free items so you dont have to spend coins on everything. You also get a lot of coins and gems to start out with which is a bonus.
I'm addicted to this game. Very realistic, fun events, voting results are fast and the fashion items are good. I wish there were more events as you level up though, and that you could be able to have a lookbook of your winning outfits
I enjoy the realistic looking models. They don't look "cartoonish" like most fashion apps. After playing this game for about a year now, I'd love to see new themes & style of clothes! Plus an expalnatioin of the judging system. That would boost my rating to 5 stars for sure! We want new upgrades to the game to avoid becoming bored with repetitive looks. I can't stress it enough how crucial it is to add new items to avoid users becoming bored of repetitive looks &themes without change!
I really like the game but it will not let me play unless it's connected to wifi which is very frustrating, please fix server issue. I keep getting server not connecting, sorry for your inconvenience errors on both Android phone and tablet.
Keeps saying server is unavailable. Barely played the game. I see from other reviews that several other people have the same problem. Uninstalled.
this game is good if you look at it in a total way. but it's so laggy. it's not fast at all ! the clothes are so good. I'm satisfied with the total idea of the game, but it's so slow. I think you should add an offline mode that all the clothes are free and we can create styles and save them for ourselves. that would be great ! but the most important thing about this game is that it's soooo slow. please fix it, thanks! πŸ’™
I really like this game! I've been playing another game like this for quite awhile until I saw this one in an ad. I have quit playing the other almost entirely. The ability to use clothing choices for free really opens up the ability to play. The rotation , zoom and the flip-flop option between pieces for comparison is fantastic. The avatars and backgrounds are almost lifelike. Some hair, make-up, clothing choices could be more readily available. Overall I highly recommend you get this game.
Fashion all stars is a.very good simulation game its developmently put together and organized just right for a fun filled for competitive play.πŸ‹οΈπŸ€ΎπŸ€ΎI made #One in the top ten contestant sounds like a plan.πŸ˜­πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…into the third or fourth month in a twenty level game 🀾🌺🌸🏡️🌻🌻🌼It just gets better level 25 here and still styling newer outfits thYs wonderful. 🌼🏡️🌸🌺😎
Love the game, BUT... It freezes and some days does not work at all. I get a message pop up that says "the server is down, we're working on it, sorry for the inconvenience". I couldn't play yesterday or today because of the problem. It happens a lot! PLEASE FIX THIS! I'd rate you 5 starts if this would stop happening!
So it fun but it so hard to get diamonds after when you spend them all so i like it I was wondering if you can add like you can get like a leaf like a hundred diamonds when we open our reward cuz I really need more and if u did fix that thanks but it's still a fun game thank u
Great game for the most part. A little confused though why the game says I've unlocked all these items and hairstyles but I still have no access to. In other games similar to this one, all hairstyles and makeup were free and available all through the game. Also, a suggestion, maybe have an option in the shop to view and purchase any items available on current level.
Can be an excellent game but... The themes are actually boring, you should change them more often. Also I don't understand anything about the scores it's too confusing. Players vote sometimes for an outfit without accessories or bag it's not very fair as it's a part of the Complete styling. Should impose to wear at least 1 accessory to participate in a contest. Finally I find it very disrespectful of Indian culture and some religions to use a bindi as a fashion accessory.
This game is ok. Its not as fancy or costly as Covet but it gets the job done. The only issue I have is with the scoring. As others have stated, its very flawed. There are specific scenarios that require casual or relax looks; however models with evening gowns are submitted they win! What is the point of the rules? Also, many outfits that deserve high scores are down voted and lose against plain outfits. I am 99 percent sure nothing will be fixed or updated the creators do not care.
I like the game but i think you should come up with some different style challenges. I mean it's the same ones over and over. Please think about that.Can you please reset the boat challenge? It keeps playing over and over and i haven"t even played.
Fun at first, but after you get thru all the events to dress for....the game becomes repetitive and lacks interest! It also seems like it takes a very long time to advance to getting new makeup and hairstyles....it's easier to earn coins then it is to earn diamonds...which is what you need to get advanced makeup and hairstyle looks. Fix the game, create new dress up scenarios and I would rate the game all together.
Good game but recently It won't let me open the app because of internet issues or server issues. Please fix this. This has Been going on for 3 days now.
This game would be great if some changes were made to the scoring system. Something similar to Home Design's? People can vote 1-5 β˜† for your outfit. Too many will vote low even if yours is perfectly suited to the challenge & it matches. So many people don't even make their outfits match, let alone meet the challenge & then vote the worst as the best. Even if you win the challenge, you may end up doing it with only 2 or 3 β˜†. I'm so frustrated! I'm done with it. No point in playing & being mad.
Game freezes a lot. I have to keep quiting and log back in. The graphics are great. I really enjoy the game. The app needs to be updated.
Would be better if the people playing actually knew what fashion was! I'll admit sometimes the outfit that wins will be amazing. But other times it's a steaming pile of garbage. It's also slightly lag infested when you choose an article of clothing
This game is very fun to play and highly addictive! If your looking for some entertainment look no further as this game has it, you can Express yourself through your avatars style, and compete to see who's outfits fit diffrent themes better, the controls are easy to uses and easy to figure out, and the outfits are super cute! I reccomend this game to you all, it honestly can work for any age as my older sister likes it and my younger sister! Definitely Download this and play with me!
Love this game. The models look realistic and it's easy to figure out how to play. The only problem is it takes forever to level up, so you're stuck with the same hairstyle you chose in the beginning for a long time. Also, the same "challenges" repeat for a while, so if you play alot, you get sick of them quickly. Also, you can't change the models makeup every time. You have to "win" different makeup looks which also takes forever. Overall, it's fun and my 5 year old and I love playing together.
Seriously need to come up with more challenges. The same ones over and over and over again gets so daunting pretty quick. Also, if you're going to show the shirts full length yet the default has the top tucked in (so stupid you don't have an untuck option) you should have some belts in accessories.... My main suggestions are: come up with some new challenges. Add belts if you do not give the option to UNTUCK ANY TOPS!!!!
I uninstalled this after the third time it froze my phone up. This, after repeatedly getting kicked out of the game while trying to view my scores. Scoring is harsh at times, and it's not always clear how to dress my model for an event. Still, there are things to like. Besides the ability to adapt skin tones, the variety of distinct models' faces is a plus. But please, fix the glitches
I'd give this game 5 stars but its annoying af, takes too long to level up & when you do the outfits they give arent available each time. They dong let you choose from all available outfits. If they combined the Covet games available outfits with the set up of this game it would be a perfect game.