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Farty Rocket

Farty Rocket for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by DaniDevStuff. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Um well i really like this game i love it. Btw you need some explosions effect, trail effect,more ships, new difficulty and multiplayer online and offline or local via Bluetooth and wifi hotspots with voice chat or message or emojis keeep it up thank you
Fix the timer dani but the game is well made the graphicis is normal the controlls are the same as flappy bird so it's well made thank you
I'm not rating this 5 stars because of nothing, this games performance is very good and the ads are well placed. The x button on the ad isn't too small and the gameplay is good.
There was a bug when I was playing Epic Gamer mode, the screen flipped upside down and when I died it didn't return to normal, so I proceeded to play casual while flipped over. Makes the game unplayable, please fix. Otherwise a fun game!
Great game! I yeh the controls are whack, but You made it in a hour so I won't blame. People who say that it is laggy, maybe because of your phone. Besides some bugs, Its great. The bugs only happens slightly so no biggy. So yeh the game is good for a game made in 1 hour!
It is really fun especially for a game made in 1 hour, people complain about ads even though this is a big way he makes money + there arent many ads, only if younwant to revive! People also complain anout the phisicks but i like them, they are different to flappy bird.
For the people who says the game is laggy, it's not, I tested it our, it runs very well, however even in the game it says "graphics mode is recommend" it runs well, the controls are fine but I'll admit the rocket moves fast after holding inaccurately, I ha r found a trick to play it finely, just tap it continuously without holding while making the rocket down a bit accurately, however with accuracy the game is perfect and playable very well, however I dont see ads getting in the app, not even pa
I was a really great game it definitely copied flappy bird but unlike other flappy bird clones it's as good as flappy bird its actually better than flappy bird, the controls are a lot better and it's easy to play and it's still challenging but fun to play you can even unlock new rockets, the only thing that bugs me are the ads and the title of the game so I can't give it a perfect score but I still had a good time playing it.
Very good game but 3 star rating because the ๐Ÿš€ flies terribly it just launches up when we tap once. Just fix the rocket and this will be a 5 star arcade game
Ahhh as annoying as a game can be. I have to say Dani your channel is improving. But the thing is the ads. Umm...... yea that's the thing but all the rest is fun! Continue drinking milk!!
Thanks Dani, very cool. Other than the fact that my hand hurts because I end up spamming the screen as the rocker goes up and down to fast for my liking it's a pretty solid game. Especially considering the biggest part was done in an hour. People who say it's laggy probably have a bit of an outdated device. Even saw reviews saying they had a good wifi connection and it still was laggy like bruh this game doesn't need a wifi connection to be played. Y'all probably just are not real milkers
This game is awesome, almost no ads. But to get the other vehicles, you gotta be an EPIC Gamer. Also I like your other games, Dani.
Amazing. Also Dani, i found a bug in this game, in the settings, the SFX and Music on off buttons are actually inverse๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ
If you have epilepsy, DO NOT play on Epic Gamer mode. It spins around like crazy. Other than that, the game is great. Thanks, Dani!
Pretty good game , i like it little hard to control but its same in flappy bird maybe it is cuz me idk,but great game Dani.
The game is great except I found a minor bug that occured when i died while the screen was tilted in epic gamer mode so i went to casual and the screen is stuck in the tilted position. It corrects itself if you leave the game and re-enter but I just thought you should know.
Hi Dani, love your videos. This game is really good considering that you made it in an hour. However I have noticed that when you turn off music, close the app, and open it again, then music will be on no matter what when you open it. That means that the on and off is flipped sometimes.
Dani, I watched your vid and it was awsome! Even the game.. People say it's a copied version of flappy bird but the challenge was to finish it in one hour
Game awesome! Good job dani! Here is a thing - bug when you die in ep gm mode when the world is flipped and instantly click retry world starts flipping fastly to normal pose but at start it is still flipped!
It was fun and i saw the video. There is just one thing. The controls are too powerful. I hold the button for 0.5 seconds and i touch the top of the screen and it is really laggy. Fix the game so you can actually get past 2 points. #TabletLivesMatter
This is going to be the new standard to put on every device. An absolute must have video game! Comes packed with years of philosophy, over a decade of brainstorm sessions and many years of experience in game making. So when it all came together, it was a matter of an single hour to actually make this game. And it is brilliant!
It's really addictive but boring, what about you add some more nice features like themes,skins or maybe a story mode.... An easter egg would be nice, when the player reaches a specified score he would have to meet flappy bird and compete against him.... ovarall pretty good
Hey Dani, you're game is great! It's fun to play, but hard to earn enough points. I saw this game in your youtube channel. You should make it more easy to make a player happy with new characters. You should add more characters. These are just a few advises. You can improve this game more!Whatever, it's fun!
The only thing bad about this is speed you fly when you hold for 1 second you go flying up really fast
I wish I can give it a 3.5 The controls were weird for a clone video game but it was made in an hour so fair play I have played it and finishing my video about this game this is done good but there are a few problems like (graphics) I lagged so much it was unplayable (Performance) it Wales alright but bland if just a few colour's since I mostly play games which are colourful overall it's accauly allright Thx Dani
The app is great reminds me of flappy bird I'm pretty sure all the levels are auto generated but that doesn't matter I love this game
I like this game but i have a few stagestons, first add a brginer mode whare nothing counts towards your stats but you respawn after you die without watching an ad and it's mainly for getting good second thing is add a sensitivity slider because I need one one last thing is that I can't play with the friends I'm getting because I'm used to playing with bad internet but besides that it's really fun improves a challenge I will set the world record record score, thehehe.
Is this a bug: when you switch to epic gamer difficulty and when the part it's start rotating the screen like sideways and then when you die and switch back to casual mode the angle it rotated stay the same so it's exploitable... (It looks like bad grammar)
This was a very fun game but sometimes i got ads and when they ended i would crash and die but overall this is quite the game for a single hour! Its free,its a fun iq test and many more positive things! The game is fun,five stars.
It was a fun game and was almost flawless. I also loved the fact that the ads where controlled and not spammed after every death, like every other flappy bird style game.
The characters are thicc , the shapes are triangles , if you just started playing , then you know how hard it is when you just started. thx dani for making another thicc game.
I love this game. Who says BAD CONTROLS AND COPY OF A GAME I want to see you try make a game In one hour. Yes, it is hard to control it but Dani made it in an hour and its hard to make games. If you dont like this do t say it's horrible. Just don't say anything
Its amazing game and you created it in just one hour, although sometime its impossible to pass throw those triangles and you mentioned it in the video too. But i know you can create more games even better than that. Next time drink apple juise instead milk.
Hey Dani, I'm your subscriber and this game's great. I got to this game from the video and its is good as made in an hour.
Hey bro this has nothing to do with the game but can we have a first person shooter for mobile make it really cool no intended time limit
For an app made in a day, it's amazing. Big congrats for making it. Some people need to chill out that you put ads on it to make revenue. He needs to put food on his plate somehow! Give him a break! He worked hard to make the app. Enjoy it :)
i like the game is pretty good but i find some problems that u should fix... 1.when you go up it sometimes lags and i just fall down and lose. 2. when i get close to the the next point i got pretty close but not in and i still got a point. 3. sometimes when i tap it doesnt fly up. but other than these problems tha game is good and i like it p.s: this game is a copy of flappy bird but u just changed it a litle lol. (i still give it a 5 star)
I Finnaly made 200 points! And I have an idea for you. Make a X2 system random on the map to make the points easier! Another idea:A shield that cost 300 coins and save you 1 time per game. And another idea:Some cannons that shots balls at you. The last idea:A gun that spawns randomly on the map and if you use it to destroy the cannon you get 50 coins PS:it's rare to get that gun Okay the last one๐Ÿ˜:A xp bar that is used to unlock a (skin, coins, etc.) when you reach a level(10,15,20,100)Bye!
Good for a game that was literally made in an hour. The rocket actually feels a little different from flappy bird, even if it is a straight up clone of it. It has good effects, too.
The game overall is pretty good and fun to play. Tho the epic gamer mode is pretty easy. Got to 71 on my first run in rpic gamer mode. Maybe make the spaces between the triangles smaller. Would make it a lot harder. Still fun to play :)
It's Such An Amazing game!! But everyone I click retry It puts A Ad on Which is really disappointing. Other than that This Game is Amazing! :)
Thanks for making it kinda easier but the best strat is after you die from reached 2 (which most people die at) watch an ad then you get a 1 temporary skip death card My high score is 14 now! But itself not fun so 3 starts Yw Dani
Its a good app. However when you lose when the game starts tilting on epic gamer mode, the screen gets stuck like that even after you switch back to classic mode and lose a few times too. However if ypu close the app and go back on, it all goes back to normal.
Impressive game for only spending a hour of work on it. But it's too simple even for a mobile game. Would be cool if you added a mode where you crash into things. (Or, you can't do that...)
There's a bug where if you play EPIC mode or whatever. When you reach the part where the map flips around and it inverts the entire thing. I died at that part and when i played in the normal mode afterwards it bugged out and kept me in the inverted mode which really makes it hard to play with inverted controls and map
Its a eh because ADS ARE HAPPENING RECOMEND TO PLAY OFFLINE FOR BEST EXPERIENCE. Choose good graphics/preformance because if you pick the best unity graphics engine WILL lag. Controls are easier with good graphics. Otherwise the game is great.
The games good but can you make the drop less fast and also can you make going up less fast to? also can you make it to where you just got to tap like flappy bird? btw drink milk boners ๐Ÿฅ›
I love this game the guy who made it has a youtube channel he made it in one hour it was impressive! It's a fun and addictive game and it's not spammed with ads I've been playing for at least 25 minutes and have only gotten one ad I really like the game and I love the guy who made it it was made with care effort and in a way that I love please try it out and subscribe to danni
Great experience. Fun game for playing when your not at the computer. I came across the bug where it creates an impossible situation after the patch though.
Fun game. Simple enough to figure out and can be played as a time-passer. Only issue I've seen is the impossible situation bug, even though the changelog says it was fixed.
The quality is insane, the mechanic are good, the graphics are the best part. It runs so smooth too definitely worth downloading
Dani, ur game is a masterpeice but my only problem are the adds, keep up the amazing workโ˜บโ˜บ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
Here are some straight up things you need to fix: 1. Pause button on menu 2. Where tf are coins? 3. 50 points is too much for the first rocket. IK this needs $, but that is too much. Overall it is a different take on flappy bird, but 1 hour games need updates. :)
Its pretty great I gotta say pretty well made at first it seems impossible to control then you realize that you're just being a idiot and it's actually not hard to control good game mate
This game is super good. Listen kids, Dani made this game in one hour, not like that stupid game you play called fortnite. This game is expected to have bugs, because it was made in an hour.
The app is fun overall, but it has some flaws. The point system is still a bit off because it gives a point before fully entering the triangle. Also when I start the game and dont do nothing, I can see a little bit under the map, and it gives a unpolished feeling. Fix those things are you got a better game!
Ads ads ads ads why those every game have a ton of ads there is no point of making a game if it's not fun even tho it's made in 1 hour. Iv watched more ads than 1 hour greedy Dani (no offence I just rage a lot๐Ÿ˜‚)
The game is really fun, especially with the option for two different difficulties, but I have a decent phone and still had a few fps issues on higher graphics. When I die and start spinning, sometimes when I return to the main menu it keeps spinning (When you start you still point in the right direction though).