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Farmers 2050

Farmers 2050 for PC and MAC

Is a Educational game developed by Nutrien Ltd.. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Educational game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is easy to use and is a LOT more educational than other games I come across. The graphics and music are cute too :) I really like how I can refer back to info that was taught previously to refresh my memory and that they have a lot more info available on their website and YouTube channel. Thanks to whoever made this! I love it 😊
Good Game and the newest updates worked. When I first installed after playing for 4yrs I lost all of my save data and had tonstart back from square one. I almost uninstalled, but still liked the game. Also during that I could not connect to the world events, but after the update or connection issues I was able to keep my save data and connect to world events. It took me only 3 days to reach level 30 where it tops out and would like to be able to progress forward so looking forward to more updates. It would be nice to add more tractors to plant and harvest faster and more buildings for space and crop fields. Only reason I am still playing is for the world events.
Brilliant game, love the idea and the graphics are on point. Please add more stuff e.g. Introducing farms across the world that you run as well as just one
This is such a unique and awesome farming game with no ads or micro-transactions. Warning: Save to Google Play ASAP because you will loose a lot of progress so if you do it in the beginning you will not loose much.
Lovely game.... now has a 40 max level. Nice game, nice job guys.... i spect a new update to continous playing
We use this as a learning tool in out middle school class. It is a great way two to teach kids and they enjoy it. I would like to see the ability to pay off the farm loan earlier when I had enough money. Then be give the deed to the property. I think it would give the kids a goal of what ownership feels like
NOT ABLE TO RECEIVE AWARD FOR ANY SUCCESFULY COMPLETED EVENTS and other event that concluded recently real life heroes I m not able to receive potatoes event prize when I click claim rewards it promots server error please help me receive the award qnd request this does not happen again STILL NO REPLY FROM DEVELOOER SEEMS NOT INTRESTED IN IMPROVING I m using Samsung galaxy tab 2 even can't read text still few days for cauvery calling event to end hopefully before that I can reedem my rewards
100% free to play. Random agricultural education is fun but gameplay is AWESOME. Around lvl 29 it gets stale. Nothing left to unlock really, im sitting on millions of dollars with nothing to do with it. Would be cool if you could build a water tower to expand your refreshing capacity. Would be cool to upgrade processing plants to handle more than 4 things at a time. Remarkable game and I hope you add a bunch more content cuz I don't wanna quit playing!
I enjoy it, educational and yet pretty fun. Not boring at all and will keep you playing constantly. They don't hound you about microtransactions. Also there are no adds. The only thing is complain about would be the selection of a plot, coop etc.. I have to tap 4 times or more to do what I want, wether it be moving the plot or trying to harvest. I'll still give 5 stars for sure!
I LOVE THIS GAME! It's so intuitive and educational, but I was upset to come back a couple years later and find that all the videos are unavailable. They were one of the most helpful parts for learning about each topic. Otherwise, still love the game after three years!
On the last day of a global event, the game somehow lost my profile, including which picture I had set, and kicked me out of the team I was in, which is full now so I can't rejoin. I had to join another team. What the HECK?!
I got to level 17 then i attempted to connect it to google play games. It deleted my save progress after i did that. FIX THE SAVING SYSTEM. I have no intent to play your game anymore because all my progress is gone. You have no help page so no-one can get help for this game.
Fix apple orchard and berry bushes after a disaster they don't fully yield and now i can't level anymore
I love this game. Very educational but fun at the same time, and the gameplay is very addicting. This will always be one of my favorite mobile games.
It's the best farming game on Android. Great realism of the environment, market, and economics. Balances this with a easy to use interface and small scale. I particularly like the fact that the crafting aspects are represented as separate business in the town and not thing you have to build on your farm. Only negative is that it's too easy to earn money.
Very buggy when it comes to the crops. Doest respond most of the time when you click on them. So it makes it very hard to progress through the game.
It was good, but i wish you could go inside the buildings and see from all different ways not just that one way but anyway anything other than that is amazing.
Farmers 2050 is a wonderful game. At the same time that you get the farm experience you also handle market prices, charity, global events, all the while you learn about sustainable farming practices, methods and overall knowledge on what you are growing and how to help your local community. Great to teach both kids and adults! Highly recommend
Best real life farming game ive played. Deleted it once cause i got bored of it but downloaded it again and started from scratch and already almost level 34 in under 24 hours.
I really wanted to check out or play this App, BUT not enough money to buy the farm for $200,000,00].00, Jennifer the Real Estate Agent is a Useless Agent, too! O Uninstalled this app, too! Goodbye! USA.
Totally enjoy the strategy behind the game of growing crops to feed the animals, which produce milk and eggs that go into products for the community. Also a production plant turns the wheat into flour for bread and pasta. There are three layers (being sustainable, contribute to economy and community) to complete and that makes the game educational too.
I posted about an issue I had it's now been fixed and I can enjoy the game again thanku so much for helping me I really appreciate it it's an awesome game well done! Love it it's actually very attractive thanku again for your help and fixing my problem
I really want to play this game, but it keeps telling me that I can't install it. I've seen that other people had this problem, too. I know it's not because I dont have enough space. I wondered if it was because it could only work on Apple devices and mine's an Android?
Good game but almost every single time when I'm scrolling it makes me go back to the very top. Very frustrating.
this game is great and all it just has a small bug to where if your gone for a while you will have to wait like 691 days to havest a crop
since when do you need an internet connection, my mom's phone has it fully updated, yet it DOESN'T NEED AN INTERNET CONNECTION, I enjoyed the game yet I can't play due to internet problem barely enough to download stuff, not enough for YouTube 🙁🙁🙁😫😫😫😡
this game is very fun! ,but i dont like when you have to wait for the seeds to grow cause it takes 1 minute
All round a pretty decent game. Some of the supplied info is wrong. The game is very very railroaded - you get some different upgrade choices.. Except they aren't choices. It's highly annoying to be forced to watch the videos to progress, especially the very long ones. Movement of items is pretty buggy and the game will much rather move you around the screen than move items which puts a hamper on improving the item placement as you progress. Events which supply needed currency for certain upgrades seem rare.
A amazing and adictive game that carrys a important message and delivers it in a great way, i love this game and can play all day.
This developers nailed it with this one. Absolutely love the game. I've played for a little bit now and have gotten the gist of the game, and oh boy, its incredible. There is always something to do. Never nothing, you could non-stop play, even while you wait for crops to grow. I like how of teaches you a thing or two about real world farming as well, its very inspiring. 10/10
Hi guys i love this game so much .But its so slow that i cant even go in my settings the rest of my games that has allot more stuff going on doesent even try to lag.i know its not your fault but i just whould like to know if this is a regular problem or not.thank you .
Extremely fun game! Placing is a little iffy, but otherwise this game is very fun and unique. It also has more active gameplay, where crops take 3 minutes to grow instead of other games where it takes 3 hours. Very addicting and has many challenges to complete.