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Farm Town Village Build Story

Farm Town Village Build Story for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by foranj located at Russian Federation Moscow City, 119435 Maly Savinsky per. d5 office 3. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's great game but I'm having a hard time upgrading the silo. I wish you can give us bigger one. ❀
it is really a good app and I love playing this game and I would say it is really good farming and it just you just say lessonable about that how how to start to just earn money and I was just begging for money and I was really really in a poor condition and I was just using my money in an limit and I started just taking a lot of Orders and farming a lot of things like cons rice cabbage potato pumpkin that's all the thing I could say the person who are downloading this app please give fivestars
Love the game it's suppose to give videos to help get the shovels ,saws, and snips to get rid of dead flowers and trees but the videos don't work all the time so frustrating please fix it
The game becomes very boring very quickly unless you're willing to spend tons of money on gems/coins. Money takes too long to accumulate, crafting anything takes forever. You run out of storage very quickly and the materials to upgrade are locked behind spending money on coins or gems. The game would be nicer if it was more balanced. Getting paid 15 coins for items that took a total of 2 hours to produce is ridiculous.
the barn fills up too fast and you can't show anything straight out of your barn and really $1,200 to make a market? that's funny when all the orders you get are stuff that you can't yet neat why don't you mean it won't fit in your barn. you need to give us other ways to sell stuff and lower the price for the market
Getting no where fast. 50% of the ads don't play and I have to shut it down completely. Only get 1 ruby per ad and it takes too many to upgrade
Very nice πŸ‘Œ game I am happy in play but please I need more animals even sheep and pig ,if you update more animals are more I am πŸ’― happy this game
Please add the ability to add friends from your Android phone contact list and add the ability to login to Google play for people who don't have Facebook and add decorations to please you need to add a Google cloud service so people can load their farm and not have to start all over again because of all the work they did to get where they are
This game makes me angry. First you start out good then everyone eants what you dont have it takes too long to even make one not less 3 item. Storage is full. Cant buy anything cause broke cause you cant sell anythong. Even order board is hust insane. I want a game that isnt so stressful to play. Even real farming isnt this stressful at the start. Im deketed this game. I will find a game that nots stressing.
I think there's something wrong with the economy of the game cause upgrading the storage is so difficult! storage got full too soon and then I couldn't upgrade it so I couldn't collect the stuff that was produced and got stuck at a point that neither could collect (or sell products) nor upgrade the storage... so I had to remove the game...
fun farm game. I just wish it would be easier to sell the items you make (pies, sushi, pastries, etc.) and that you could choose how much storage you want to expand. But, overall, addicting game and I love it!
After the new update of farm paradise which is messing with the app, i came across this one. Glad to see its like more or less like the earlier version. I just love it. Specially when it does work offline. A great way to take breaks from reality. Keep it up and please, let us have gems available more often.
This game is good for someone who is bored with nothing to do. The only frustrating thing is that the time on making the products are quite long.
Fun little game, challenging strategy at times, cute graphics. Bad side is it is hard to do some advancements, such as clearing the land or upgradinv storage unless you want to pay. Otherwise I am addicted.
I love this little farming game. it passes the time and it is quite fun to play. i love the graphics and i love the gamplay. ive never found any farm game that has kept my interest like this one. my only thought....could you add pets like dogs, cats, and horses?
I like the game, but I'm having trouble or much better I can't connect, my tablet game with my phone one ... I played this game before, and can not find it... I installed 3 times on my phone and this is the second one on my tablet... and I have no friends either. ..
Noob here, you really can't get far without spending and it's expensive, and i hadn't played in awhile and it made me start over.... There no way to advance without a lot money, or you click 3 or 4 things abs then stop, so not much progress and you need money money πŸ’΅, too much money especially after you lose all the stuff you did buy. Not doing it again, there could be a free slower version and better ways to earn than installing games you don't want.
The order board always says 'will unlock after completing #!##!# quest' even after level 7. So,i don't get any order !!
I love this game but after sometime this is so hard and difficult its so difficult to collect diamond plz work on it....
I find this app annoying due to the silo storage constantly being full and need to pay for it! I also don't like that there are no ingredients needed to bake and cook items. Otherwise, graphics are cute and I don't understand why there's a circus on plot/land.
I like this game very much. It is very interesting game. When I play this game I don't know the time went.thank you for the game owner
Since its last update its just adverts galore and a total waste of time playing it now so delete and move on not even worth a star now
I think this game is so nice. But, if I always play this game every day… i will be bored. And the time to make cake or other too slow. So hard for get the diamond and item. Storage is problem.
Every time you watch a video for something you never get the rewards. Other than that it's a fun game.
Very relaxing and fun game, but the storages where you keep your crops etc. is too small so i'm always stocked in a level for many days before someone buys it. but i'm satisfied, just fix the storage make them huge SILO
Terrible I hate this game so much half of the time you do nothing and it's like I'm going to do nothing for like a feels like a half an hour and I'm the girl I talked to the girl and she's like a lalalala I'm an idiot idiot idiot idiot idiot idiot am I an idiot I'm an idiot idiot idiot idiot idiot idiot idiot and then I say shut up
Farm town is very happy games because you can buy an animals and they you feed them and you can harvest wheat and anything,then you can buy design and at last you can buy a stores
excellent game but the coins are too low to buy anything and the sello upgrade is difficult so .......
I love this game, although there is no other way to get the diamond. It's better than any other farm games ...β™₯️
Connected my game through facebook. Changed my phone and then my Saved game is gone!!!!! Im not happy... Edit: i did what you told me to do, but it was still the same. Old farm was gone.
I was thinking of giving a 5 🌟 rating but from last week my farmtown app cannot be open.. i dont know why... When i click on the app the screen became just white and done closed again.. what kind of app is this??? And that i have already reached level 31... So frustrating
I'm playing FTC. It's nice game, but how about some modifications? For instance, factories can be sold as same as products or, maybe, rubies can be bought using coins of the game. On the other side of town is NOT used at all! Why don't we use it? Like users can buy buildings, too. It would be more fun. Finally I'd like to say sth about the time factories or garden beds take to finish tasks, this really can be like spoiler to the game! I think it would be great if that is shorter. Thx & lol
I just really wish the things we need for the storage/silo upgrading of capacity does not have to be that hard, like nails etc. The villagers request a lot and those nails woods etc, can only be paid by them. And i have given a lot and I dont get that much for upgrading. I mean it doesnt make sense why would you buy up the storage capacity of your own game? and its like what? every upgrade only has an additional 10-15 capacity? and its always full. if you can fix this that would be appreciated.
It's a very very very very nice game... This is my favorite game. If I would to select any best farm game then I would select this game........ I request you to install this game.πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
Got stuck waiting to do anything, can't upgrade fast, ads take forever and for only 1 gem, frustrating instead of fun
Trials was good but to actually play this game well.. you have to know what you in for when I play township game I love it better this a similar game to that but ehh not for me
The storage increases very fast and everything stops but it can be more fun if you add an option to play an additional game and earn money and diamonds and more and
I played this farm game back in 2016, I liked it then as I still do now, it's laid back uncomplicated relaxing fun, although some of the tool should be made available without a $ 11.99 subscription. A answer to a review I read: if you push promote on goods you are selling, it will sell faster but it will only do one at a time.
The silo and storage fells very quickly, 😯if we want to make things like burgers etc. It asks for gems only πŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž...it should ask for moneyπŸ€‘πŸ€‘ too...and the gems are so less........😐😟😟 Try to improve it soon.............πŸ˜’πŸ€•
This game is really fun...i enjoy my game play...the only problem is that it is taking forever to dig up the dead flowers...can you find a way to swipe over them all to remove...or add some type of lawn equiptment to remove them...like a cycle or push lawn mower something.plz
I like this game.But it is important thing:You have to watch 10 ad to harvest anything. (Upgrade your storage πŸ‘‰ harvest your crop) .Except of this,this is very good game.
quite a good game apart from there needs to be a way of using coins to buy shovels/ saws/ clippers etc. instead of real cash. also it won't allow me to unlock the 2nd mine, even though I've cleared all the land and since the update the game keeps freezing and it doesn't remember what you've done just before it does
great game. really enjoy playing it. just that sometimes i feel it will be better if i dont have to wait a lot for the crops to grow. but overall I enjoy the game.
my name Lyra. I play this game since it was with title farm town 1 When my mobile phone broken all my stage level playing was dissepear too. My regret when i should reinstall this game, i dont realize i install the different version, which is farm town 3. the things i don't like 1. I think i get mischief by "man with beard" that offering me to give him $50 or 5 red diamond to barter for item but the fact i dont get anything i order. 2.the food processor for cattle has less out put quantity
The best farming game I have ever played... i tried so many similar ones, and everything was glitching as hell... and this one is running sooo smoothly... the only thing I dont like is the storage... but I will expand it :) Great work... I will try your other games too
Too many regulations. The old farm town allowed users to spend their money. A player should be able to buy planting blocks unlimited, cut down trees if a player can buy the tools (which should be used more than one time), not limited to the number of items that can be purchased, etc. The old Farm Town was better back in the day.
I like this ..... It's good to play ..... but it takes a long time to produce any item ...... You need to shorten this time to get more and more ratings ......
I have played spot of farming games, Because I'm disabled ! So I was trying to find one that wasn't to complex! I just wanted semple, I'm not to good in math or spealing! THANKS for Making This Game!!!πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸŒ·πŸŒ·πŸŒ·πŸŒ·πŸŒ·πŸŒ·πŸ’•πŸ’•
I play this game for a long time and it really interesting.i have experience and I suggest to people see my review download this game.. Really best I luv it
This is very cool game I play it 4 years ago and I played it again. Its different like the old one, please in the next update make the factories be upgrade like the other farm town versions.
Not complex game and very nice offline game .I think this why not download more possible than other , only 5M + I like this graphic .Thank U
It's so good. It maybe be a little hard at first but it gets better. The only problem that i have it's that yon can NOT delete what you bought :/ my land is full stuff that my finger accidently tuched and bought and I don't like ://
the silo & barn are to hard to upgrade, you don't give enough resorces to upgrade them easily, how can we harvest the crops & animals if the storage is full all the time. the storage should be unlimited.other then that its a fun game.
It was very interesting game because children will learn how to farm. How to be good. Business game there is a coffee shop Sushi shop and more please install and be happy your children will also happy
As with all games of this genre, the storage space in barns is inadequate. This forces the player to sell needed items, pay real money to increase storage...or just quit the game, like me.
I love this game at first but when you buy trees of fruits or flowers after you harvest for 3-4 times the plants such as fruits and flowers will become useless. It cannot be revived anymore. And you will have a bunch of flowers and fruits that is useless and it occupy space. You need buy lot just to have ah place for them... It Sucks!!!
nice game! but there was storage,axe,cutter,sloval,saw these are tool are getting very difficult,then in the field space got full and the old bush,trees,flower bushes aquired so many space. after all the game is good all !
i love this game, it got me hooked!! i do have problems with kiosks, i recently repaired it and whenever i open it, it got stuck, its like you cant do anything after tht, i need to close the app, so pls fix tht, other than tht its great, also can you make it easier for us to get axe, saw etc ,i love it tht you made it easier for us for the storage ,but can you make it to 25 instead of 10 .thanks, good job by the way tho
Good game to play in leisure time........ Really recreates the mind..... I thinks that the time should be shortened for the production of anything in the factory. Thereby I request to the developer that this improvement must be done
This is game would get 5 stars if it fixed certain problems. 1. Land expansion wouldn't get more expensive everytime you buy land. 2. Tree, flowers, and fruit wouldn't die after a 3 time use. Once you buy it they should be good forever 3. Don't ask to make orders that you haven't bought yet.
I love all games this developer creates! wow! all games amazing graphics & animation GENIUS thank you! fun & relaxing, and i check in everyday for bonuses they all give, I highly recomend all games made by foranj to everyone! THANK YOU 4 ALL THE FUN NEEDED DAILY!!! FIVE STARS!!!!! this game is more challenging to save for the fair & hele pad at 1,200.00 each but catching fish & picking flowers is fun!
What the hack is going on I have 100 coins but I cant buy anything bcs it says that I need to come to third level withoutdoing anything how can I come to thirdlevel 😑😑😑
i play games on my devices for when i have down time at a Dr. office or while being a passenger in a car. I want to be able to play for more than a few minutes. You have items that take hours and when you have to make multiples at 5, 4, 3 hours forget it it! Because of this I am deleting this game. Who wants s7ch long wait times? not me!
At first I loved this game but now I hate it. The barn is always full and doesn't let you do anything and to upgrade it it's so expensive. Soo disappointed with this game.
Love this game. Im on level 38 and play it daily. Great fun. Got stuck early on with the storage, i almost deleted it, my daughter gave up on hers. Iv managed to watch adverts and upgrade a lot so its not an issue now. If i could change anything it would be trees not dying, more freedom to buy what we want....amount of factorys, flower beds etc and more decorative items available to buy...ie fences, pets, streams etc. Buildings could twist and gems could be more freely available
I am having so much fun playing this game now that I'm cooped up at home. But, why is there always an error right after I played the video that you suggested to watch to get a rubies then there's no rubies to give anyway?
I really like this game :) I play games on my tablet and not aphone and have had no problems. As I am retired, the time to create an item is not a problem like it is for others..
Too Good game I like it very much there are five types of animals i.e. hens cow's ostrich's peacocks and pigs too much fun to play this game
Every 60 seconds, there is an ad. Its becoming quite disgusting. I'm not ninterested in Snoop Dogg or black out Bingo.
Takes way to long for products to make plus it takes coins away with each thing you plant you can not save up coins to buy anything with
In this game on the photo they are added the photo of newspaper but there is no newspaper like head in this game that's why I have give it two star.