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Farm Story 2: Winter

Farm Story 2: Winter for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by TeamLava Games located at 901 Mariners Island Blvd, Suite 300 San Mateo, CA 94404. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I was really enjoying playing this game daily until the last few days.. Everytime I collect something that is done the game will reload causing the thing I just collected to return to the place I picked it up from.. It is very frustrating being able to make things but unable to pick them up long enough to move forward in the game. Plz fix
I haven't played yet but what is wrong with some of you people. I get that games crash but those are bugs and CAN be fixed. Give it time. You say that all of the games are glitchey and crash but I have played most of them and have had NO problem with the game so before you judge games you haven't even played yet download and play.
I like it but I can't find an update, it still says winter when loading and a Santa sleigh for deliveries in game, its so hot outside..... Summer..... Lol also expanding is way too hard, leveling isn't a cake walk either :-( uninstalling soon because of this :-(
OK, now I will give TeamLava the nice comment I know they crave (and worth it this time). After some patience I managed to get to lv23 (nr 24), cleared all debris & managed to run the farm like a pro...I still want goats tho! LOL
I don't like this game. It is no different than most farm games out there. Why people like it is beyond me. "The Great Farming Theory" NOW that is a farming game. But Google took the game out of their store, WHY? As I see it they were wrong taking that game out, I love that game & rated it 5!
I love the sounds and movements of everything. My only REAL complaint was when I got a new phone I had to start at level 1 and had been at 52. very frustrating.
I like this game alot but it is starting to become boring. It is so unfair. Iphone users have all the new places to unlock but android users dont hav air baloon, truffle forest or well. Team lava needs to update android version of this game and make all these things available to the android users as well cause without that i think i dont have anything else to do in this game :/
I think it is so wrong that TeamLava does not let me install games on all my devices if they are not connected to a carrier. My tablet is strictly wifi. I am not far from level 100 on my farm story game. I cannot download Farm Story 2 as a goal or to play because my tablet is not connected to my carrier. it would be like starting over and so I cannot earn the gems on my tablet game. TeamLava are you going to fix this? My Farm Story is on my tablet so why can't I have all TeamLava games on my tablet?
I recently jumped to a new phone and I'm unable to restore all the progress I made in this game even though I saved and backed up. I used real money to purchase some items in this game but I promise you I won't spend another penny on it. This isn't the only storm 8 game I have and the other did the same thing.
I can only play the Winter version, the other one freezes up constantly. Good customer support response time and feedback. Due to playing on such a small screen I often find myself making unintentional purchases with gems. Really wish I could play this on my PC - that would surely give a better rating.
Game is fun and addicting and it wasn't available for the longest time if u had a droid product. Many other people offered special extras like holiday items but not offered to droid users. Get that fixed and i'll give it 5 stars. Disappointed that the original farm story has no new updates since this game came along!
I just quit smoking and I play this to keep my mind busy. it is fun and I have a great time trying to keep with all the buildings and deliveries.
This is an addictive game! Its fun to complete quests and build up a thriving farm. The downsides are there is a lot of down time unless you are willing to make in app purchases and that the game will freeze up when your barn is too full usually around 200 items. Definitely fun if you're patient!
I play this on another tablet and have zero problems with crashing. Now that I'm playing okay this one, all it does is crash and stop. The tablets are the same just different sizes so I don't get why some of the lava games crash on this one.
Got to play the game for 5 minutes after installing when it stopped responding and shut down. :-( Very disappointing if it continues doing that it will be u installed like castle story was. Except castle story wouldn't let me type to neighbors or on my wall.
I'm sure it's cause I have a tracphone. I just want my diamonds for restaurant n bakery. Can't wait to delete this huge file. Level 9 going to level 11. Its a lot like hayday. A better device runs it better. I've played it on an iPhone.
This game is a waste of time it never gives you the items you need, like shovels or saws to clear things out to make room. And I'm so not spending real money on a dumb game. Fix this or I'm deleting
I love this game, but the crafting buildings are ridiculously expensive while the goods delivered do not make much money. Also, even though I deliver lots of goods, most of the time I don't receive anything such as land deed, or other things that can only be collected via delivery. That's why I'm giving it 4 stars. How do you expect me to collect 120k while the goods I deliver cost only 100-300?
I have really enjoyed this game because I can play it for hours or I can quickly play it and come back to it. Other games have huge time limits as things are building or being created. This game has smaller time limits on this and other things to do like butterflies and moles. Those things will make sense when you star playing. I also love it because I just get to enjoy the game instead of waiting for the next level to finally get to do stuff I want to do. I enjoy looking and my chickens fall on their face.
This edition is a minimal nod to a holiday theme, as barely anything "wintery" about it. More like it is just another release to get rid of the accumulated 1-star ratings from the previous edition. Still has no special currency spend confirmation prompts. TL, your blatant greed and subterfuge are showing again.
With, each level the price increases for items that are needed. Then you end up Purchasing gems to buy the items, not only to store your goods, but to expand, and purchase storage space. It's supposed to be Free and fun, not break the bank. Uninstalling and cutting my loses. I'M VERY DISAPPOINTED IN STORM 8.
please explain to me whats going on w this game?!!! used to be favorite. so many glitches anymore. exp. just purchased 7 minoes took my money never got the minoes, go in mine use a tool throws u out takes the tool and i get nothing. please fix or probably one of ur best cust. may just delete after many yrs of playing. so disapointed.
Listen up Admin, u guys suck! I downgraded my rating to 3 stars as I'm tired of u not replying or considering my suggestions! I will uninstall if this game keeps cheating me of my hard earned gems, and if I continue to not be notified, when someone messages me! For people considering downloading, BEWARE! The Admin here are non-existent, incompetents! Pfftttt!! 😡😾
I loved this game... Then you guys just had to go and "update and make it better". Now it crashes anywhere from 10 seconds to 4 minutes after opening it. Extremely frustrating. Would be 5 if it wouldn't crash like this. Please fix it or it is completely useless. What a shame. :(
This game just plan s*cks after paying to get the farm to the point that I'm at and it just lock up and locks you out , all that happens is a stupid chicken walking a cross the screen come on fix it you took our money. TeamLava fix the game and are all Team Lava games this bad. Store8 studio has a better game .
Got stuck only on level 6 from overfilled barns. Only way to move on is to purchase gems to expand. Normally I'll support games I enjoy, but this game isn't fun enough to invest actual money in.
I enjoy this game, but it takes way too long to get needed items from deliveries. Land clearing items only come once every blue moon and papers stop coming when ur close to completing the task and u only need one in particular. Wish they would change these things.
Android gets just the basic game. There is no cash item spending protection. You can spend your cash without wanting to due to lag, screen sensitivity or timeouts. More games are treating players as hard working humans and giving the option to protect purchase taps and to not have that here is very, very frustrating. $3 of my $20 purchase gone to lag so far. Don't buy gems!
This is a fitting name. You slowly ooze out crap games that no one wants to touch. Only installed it for the gems in another "good" game I actually play. This game opened for about 30 secs on my new tablet then crashed. I hope you guys actually read these because...YOU SHOULD!
Was at level 45 or 44 and had to replace my phone! Lost everything! I spent a lot of money on this game and Castle Story too! Very disappointed that I couldn't be where I was at the time! Need to be able to continue the game where you left off! Got any way to help me be back to my original level? Please! Thanks Deborah