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Farm Story 2: Birthday Party

Farm Story 2: Birthday Party for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by TeamLava Games located at 901 Mariners Island Blvd, Suite 300 San Mateo, CA 94404. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
If I was able to connect to fb and able to get cool things like the iphone users then I would give the game 5 stars. A fun and addictive game, but very unfair to android users and irritated that I cannot connect to fb to save game. Spent lots of $$$ on this app. Would be nice to feel safe with my fb connection.
I finally got to download, i really love this farm game. I would give five stars only thing is it takes a long time to acquire coins to buy shops i.e.. bakery juicer and all. Also for some reason in bait shop it wont allow me to make the pink frilly hook and it shows when i want to fisj but nit to make why? If those things were fixed it get five stars. I hve spent real money and still cant get the stuff need so really need to pay out more coins. Thank u.
I'm a very active player and my barn keeps getting full. I then have to upgrade it or sell stuff to make space. At the moment I am stuck as my barn is full and I cannot do anything to empty it out.
I am tired of losing gems... I upgraded something that cost me 16gems and then it took my gems and didn't upgrade so I had to use another 16 gems.... Not fair... If possible I would like my 16 gems back its not right
I don't know why I'm so addicted to a farming game but I am. Fun to play but there are times when changes aren't saved and after time elaspes have to go back and redo work. Overall, fun! Highly recommend if you want to waste hours of your day! Lol
I would of rated it higher but a couple of times in the week I have been playing I have bought things within the game with gems and money earned in the game it takes my money but does not give me what I purchased. Fix this and its definitely five stars!
I love the game but every time im playing it crashes at least 100 times a day. It is very frustrating to the point of deleting the game. Every time i open the store for Selling it just resets the game. Please fix this issue and i will rate 5 stars. Thanks
I bought a cat scratcher because it recommended I do, but the cats cost too many gems. On top of it, I can't sell the cat scratcher or even store it, which is obnoxious because it takes up way too much space. Please fix either the cat price by giving a coin option or let me delete the cat post!!
I haven't even got to really start the game and it already crashed on me. My other games that require internet work perfectly fine so I know its not my connection. I only joined for a friend... Good bye forever farm story 2.
One big fat star. With all the games I've download, these game cut out my tablet. I had to boot up my tablet from not working. Try to open these game again wouldn't open. Got out open again and cut out my tablet
The game is killed with pop-ups as soon as you open the app. Each and every time. Its incredibly difficult to gain enough money to buy all the buildings needed for orders they throw at you, especially when the orders are for levels higher then yours. The graphics are nice but this is definitely not a game I recommend to anyone to be honest. They told me to buy an item for a goal using my gems. It was a small amount of gems so I said sure, it'll make a nice decoration. It took the decoration.
Needs more animals and walking people. Different foods would be great also. Goals are to long with to many things to cook with so few equipment. Can't expand regular enough to collect and put out items....more storage please and at least fewer maps to expand.. overall great game.
Kinda like hay day but hay day is much better. This one charges too much. Doesn't pay much on deliveries or bonuses for goals so takes forever to get enough to buy what you need. You have to wait 10 hours to advertise for free in the shop? Hay day its 5 mins.
This game should have less time for production. They should reduce the time for production of products
I'm android Samsung Galaxy s5 lollipop and always seeing new decorations , goodies in market etc but I never get any of the new items. For instance pop rock candies, ice cream n cones. Birthday balloons and the list goes on and on! FIX THE GAME FOR ANDROID USERS AND 5 STARS
I really like to play but it won't let me upgrade my capacity unless I buy gems!? My storage is full but now I cant even get past level 4! Seriously? Developer, this is very discouraging! No thanks, uninstalled!
Unfortunately this like most of TL games are nice to play and I play quite a few but they don't have everything that ios player's get. It's a little discouraging sometimes when other players get things that are not available for you to get. Like recently all my neighbors have been able to buy ice cream trucks, I never had the opportunity. It's not like I knew I would get better options on my games when I bought my phone. But the game is still enjoyable even on a Droid
I love this game. Which is why it is so frustrating that it crashes so often. Besides that, it is unfair that android users don't get access to features that iPhone users do, like items from the tree house and the truffle patch.....n those are only the ones I know of. Please fix these glitches.....until then, 3 stars it is.
Need more things to look forward to maybe? Too much idle time between new goals, ie... birthday party, ice cream truck, spring planting, etc. Seems like we go 6 months before some new fun goal is out for us. Like, start something new in September for Fall? That would be fun. Thank you!
Rubbish game as it takes so long to load up. Stopped playing in April 15 and took till end of June 15 for an update. When downloading message appeared to close game down before it had opened. Only downloaded to get rewards on other games. Waste of space game.
That wasn't a good start tryed about 4 times to play this game and each time it comes up with this game has stopped playing my WIFI is fine so what's going on? ?.YOU TELL ME.
Would have given a 4 star but it uses so much memory space on my phone just like dragon story. I have to delete your other games just to play another. Is there a fix for that? Is there a way the memory space usage could be diverted to the SD card?
Its a good game! Fun! Wish still had as much to do tho. What I liked about it was there was more to do than other farming games n things weren't as pricey. But that's changed n had less goals, n things are pretty pricey! Really should lower prices on buildings etc. And/or up what u receive for deliveries. And add some more Fun, silly lil goals to do in mean time. Think a lot of ppl would stick with the game n not lose interest if had more to do other than just the same repeated actions daily. So lower costs some or make more on deliveries n add some more goals, action, spice! Lol n it will truely b a 5 stars!! Thx
I love Farm Story 2, but it takes too many coins and gems to buy from the market. I keep the game because whenever there is another updated Story, you can get more gems and coins. Honestly, if it wasn't for that I would delete this game and Dragon Story.
Farm story2 birthday party 6 mths ago got goals 2 play winter edition..would not run. AGAIN recieved goal 2 install & play..shuts down game on my samsung galaxy tablet after 2 or 3 actions..had really looked forward to this game being available on android! VERY disappointed in not meeting goals! A shame
Great fun! Would give 5 stars if it didn't stop all of the time. I've dropped a star because it keeps stopping. Please fix the bug and you will have an excellent product.
The game shuts itself off every 5 minutes. Buying gems is pointless cause they take your money and don't give you the gems. Team lava owe me twenty bucks or 530 gems and won't even acknowledge the email I sent, much less fix the problem.
Long time player. Why is it with the last quest you had us buy the ICE CREAM TRUCK, than we can spend 250 gems to buy a second one which I did. Now THEY ARE WORTHLESS!!! You can't make a single thing on them now that the quest is over. So what both of them are just DECORATIONS? Tell me how that's right? It's not it's complete BS! Fix it to where we can use the stuff we buy or I'm boycotting this game with everything I can. I'm sick of you guys pulling stuff like this off!
I like playing, it's quite a challenge, but, it's so hard to advance. Out of over ten deliveries I only got a pickaxe. Rarely do I get any permits or licenses or anything to upgrade my buildings. It is such a struggle to increase my playing field. Several times I have thought about deleting this game. I still might. I can't continue this game at this rate. It is more frustrating than fun. So I gave it 3 stars but really it's only a one. I only keep the game so I can send mystery boxes to my friends.
Bit different to the other farm games that copy each other this one doesn't!! I'm annoyed at how things cost so many gems but you hardly get them without buying them! The dog should be a must on a farm the kennel is free but the dog is 250 gems!!!! How is that fair nobody will pay that just for the dog! Come on storm8 be realistic let us have these things for free and enjoy the game please!!! I will def uninstall if can't get nice items!!
NEEDS TO HAVE THE CATS-DOGS- AND OTHER COOL ANIMALS NOT ONLY COST HUNDREDS OF DIAMONDS.MORE CHEAP decorations please. And they building s are too expensive. Or the goals don't make you enough money. Other than that awesome! !
Need free gems updates. The updates for free gems remaining cannot be downloaded on my tablet. Please stop issuing new app games to be played for free gems. There is no way to keep up leveling or playing these additional games and have a life in order to get free game. Perfect solution is to have GetJar apps accessible to these games that way we can get free gems amount equal to paying for the gems! Thanks - Ready to uninstall these games
shame you cant play the same game on different devices because when you upgrade your phone you have to restart the game
I play both Restaurant Story and Bakery Story and have no problems with those. I tried a previous version of Farm Story and this and have had the same problem with both versions in that it constantly crashes. I have managed to get to level 3 and have uninstalled and reinstalled several times with no change. I get a few seconds play before crashing!
Game keeps crashing and I'm getting aggravated. Half the time I can't buy what I need or talk to my nbrs. Fix it bc I don't want to have to delete the game I do enjoy it when it works
This game would be great if it actually allowed you to win 100 gems when you turn in a butterfly collection or 10 tools when you turn in a mole collection at least once a year! I've been playing this game for close to 3 years now and have never won EITHER once! It would also be better if it didn't constantly bombard you with advertisements to play other games. May uninstall this because I refuse to pay another dime for any items if I can't win them once in awhile.
I like the game itself it's a good way to pass time. However, it would be a lot better if it didn't crash so much. Right when you really start to get into it, it just crashes. That takes away from the fun. If you fix this problem this would be an awesome app...
I found out that only level 17 and up can partake in the Halloween decorations. That doesn't make sense. They should be available to all who have the coin to purchase them. This is foolish. On Storm8's behalf. Please fix this.
Just downloaded this and it wont even let me get more then 7 seconds of play before it shuts down. I play other storm 8 games and love them. This one I'm not even given the chance to like it! Will be uninstalling and maybe, (and i mean maybe) I'll try again at a later date!
I give it 15 mins tops before ur kicked off the game and have to go back and get in to continue playing. Fun game..addictive... But gonna give it up soon. I kept playing hoping by now that something was done but nope! Keep dreaming. Also...on top of it...u won't get anywhere far without paying into their game. Not cool at all.