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Farm Story 2

Farm Story 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Storm8 Studios located at 901 Mariners Island Blvd, Suite 300 San Mateo, CA 94404. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Lately I can't even play or complete any of the challenges. It takes a number of tries to even play and then it goes off by itself. Very disappointing and hard to play when it doesnt stay on long enough to play or fill the train for diamonds.
You play 1 farm game, you've played them all, there are minor differences, but when you look at it simply, it's just another farm produce & supply game.... no thanks!
It's a really fun game however it can get really frustrating at times. It's really hard to earn money and the buildings are really expensive. Another issue is that it's hard to earn things like spades, this makes it hard to clean up the small rocks and cut down trees and to expand the capacity of the barn and other buildings. The biggest issue of the game is that you are mostly assigned with tasks that require you to reach a higher level and then you cannot send your delivers OR level up.
Best graphics & gameplay of any farm app, but they are not providing support for this game anymore. You can't buy new buildings, there are massive synchronizarion errors, and old buildings are broken (you can't produce foundation items to create other items). I check in on the game every now & then but while they program seasonal additions and sell packs, they will not make any fixes. Any email sent to support will auto-reply that they won't provide support for these older games anymore.
This game doesn't transfer to a new phone. You have to start from scratch everytime you get a new phone. No backups. No tech support available. Don't waste your time. There are better games out there.
The game itself is a lot of fun and a pretty good way to relieve stress however it can also be frustrating... I just REALLY HATE when you first open the game(every single day) that it has like 10-15 things that pop-up and you have to close them before you can get to the game itself. That's THE ONLY REASON why I deleted it.. I like the game a lot but that was that was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back....
I have played this game for a while. Yesterday I went in to play the game and it will not open it starts to open then closes right back down. It is still doing it again today(12/27/2020). Low stars because I can not play anymore.
The game is great and it's fun but I'm only limited to three gifts to friends a day and I have more than that . Also it takes forever to gain coin. But all in all its really fun
I like the game. However the only irritating thing is that there is no confirmation befire using gems, so sometimes you can accidentally use them....if you change it, you will get 5 stars
The game would have been better if the gears weren't so expensive. And the by the time you make enough money to buy one gear you level up and then you have 5 more gear to buy. Which makes the orders impossible to complete, which also means no money to buy new gear.
Great till it's not. I used to love this game, but I don't receive notifications again on my phone about what's happening on the farm. Sometimes I'll miss my train leaving and stuffs like that. All my notifications icons are turned on, but still nothing. I hate to waste time producing items, only to miss the train to load them on... ☹☹☹☹. Please fix ASAP
You have ruined this game with all the challenges!!! 80% of my friends have left and i have to flick away at least 10 or more"challenges"before i can even play the game,i used to love playing these games but you have ruined them. Another 0 star.
I've played this game for a very long time on my iPad. Now I'm on android, but the game won't even load. I just open the game, and it just shows the Storm8 logo. At one point I thought that my internet must not be working very well, and I let it load for six hours while I was busy. Could you please fix this?
if you like spending money on gems every couple weeks to participate in lame events that your effectively forced to be a part of, because thry overload your storage space, but can't play for free, then this is the game for you.
I love this game but I hate how you get to a certain point where if you don't spend actual money, you can't really do anything. It takes the fun away for sure.
This game had storm continued to support it, had great potential as a farming game. Most of which I don't care for. Pity it's pointless to complain about it here since it's no longer supported, at least when people contact them that's a complaint . They updated the apple version of this game but evidently left android users in the dust. Pity
It's okay but it's no where near being as good as the first one, they really should've just kept developing the first one, by adding more stuff not making it like this, I don't like how structured this game is. Considering the first one was designed so you could do whatever you want to do with your farm. There weren't really limits on anything. If you wanted to fill your entire plot with crops so you could get a lot of money and develop your farm, you could. With this version it's just boring.
I've played this game for years and put it alot of work into this game. I'm mad because somehow I'm logged out of the game and I can't sign in through my Facebook page. It says error when trying to do it. Can someone help please because now I have to start all over.
Have you completely abandoned this game? Either update it or take it down. Buildings are too expensive for the amount of time you have to save up for them. You get tiny amounts of coins for completing tasks. Ridiculous.
Nearly 20 pop ups in the game when I try to sign in. I try to go to Help/FAQ to comment about it and the app crashes sending me to a feedback form. LOL In one of the game notifications, it asked if something Jed said kept me from playing for months. Nope! It's the insane pop ups and complete inability to connect with devs who care or CS who can help. LOL Which stinks because I actually like the game. The frustration of the rest is enough to keep me away and playing other games, though.
i like the game. what i dont like is you cant buy cones, and it takes your damonds and dont give you what you paid for. another thing is you have to wate an hour 1/2 to 2 hours to get the product. Now that you know, are you gone fix it?.
This game started out strong and I was really enjoying it! However as you progress you need specific tools to do the basics of the game like expanding, building, clearing land, etc. The problem is they don't make these widely available so you can only expand so much unless you buy the tools for gems. Currently the only way to upgrade my barn is to use gems, which ALSO aren't widely available. Farm Story basically corners you into buying their gems if you don't want to get stuck eventually and you need them for so many things! This game has so much potential and would be fantastic but it is too expensive to play...
its almost impossible to sign into my storm8 account have a Asus chromebook 4g ram which i got in dec 2019 your game will not work shuts off everytime i try to contact support\sign in. facebook will not connect i am at the point where im just going to stop playing it if bugs are not fixed soon also tried using two different tablets to sign in as well did the same thing closing itself
My games from you all wont open keeps telling me i need internet. I have internet and they still keep doing it. I am over this. I spent money and now they dont work. This sucks i dont recommend these games to no one.
Enjoy the game but the events get frustrating as barn & silo get filled up too fast. Might be nice to have a seperate storage space for these items.
I love this game. It does have issues from time to time but who doesn't. Nothing and no one is perfect. I hope the creators can fix the problems like products getting locked in and gems too easily being accidentally used. But I've been playing for almost 4 years and I'm not going to quit because of a couple of imperfections. It's the only game other than free cell that has kept my attention all these years
Love the game! Only issue is a LOT of features that are available on iOS devices are not available on Android devices. How does that even happen? It makes it hard to play now as you know most of the features that help you expand faster aren't available!!! How can they not have fixed this yet??
One of my favorite games.It gets very addictive....you can play as much as u want and helps past the time in a very good way.
I was really enjoying the game until it started crashing i'm gutted. I've even deleted it and installed it again but it still dies it. This is only the reason why i'm not giving it 5 stars :-(
I played this game a few yrs ago. Had to get a new phone and lost my game and didn't start new game. It sucks!!!!! Can't advance can't make money too many building that can't pay barn and silo full all the time. Very flusterading ready to delete. I liked the old game but this one sucks
This game could be fun but a lack of storage space slows it down and makes it impossible to play or find a good flow. The temporary goals do more harm than good, actually preventing game play. Fatally flawed to force gem purchases. I expect better from Storm 8
I like the game,but it's hard to get things to make barn etc bigger and the orders are things I don't have so I get stuck!,,
was enjoying the game until new expensive items were unlocked. I could not afford to buy these items and all the orders were for these. after spending a whole day cancelling every order because I didn't have the items, I gave up and deleted the game. This is a pay to play game, you will not be able to progress unless you buy gems.
Needs an update, not sure what's going on but since the last mini game ( october 2918 ) started I keep having to redo the missions as if nothing was ever done, and my game resets. Very annoying, not going to keep redoing the same things just to complete this mission.
Hi good game but when I'm going to the shop all the animals and the items is still loading I check our wifi and the connection is good. And I think it's a GLITCH plz fix it
I have spent money in this game.....and now all of a sudden it doesn't want to download....never again after playing this for some time. I am very disappointed
The game is fun but is also frustrating... I REALLY HATE when you first open the game(every single day) that it has like 15 things that pop-up and you have to close them before you can get to the game. And another thing that pissed me off to no end I FINALLY get some diamonds(btw you should make it easier to get them like watching videos) that I try to save to use for my mine but instead I end up accidentally using it mostly on my crops. There REALLY needs to be a "are you sure" button!!!!
I like this game is very entertained I been playing for many years, the only problem when the player reached de limit they can't buy more houses for the animals and the animals are in the cellar and I can't put them out I sent emails to storm service but no one reply to me doesn't making sense to keep playing
Upset Put real cash into this game to get the July event sprite pet, got her and.... No habitats for her, I'm an Android player and on google play the only editions are the original and the second birthday edition we are on year 7! I can't find an up to date version to download or know what it's called or where to get it. Woulda kept putting cash into game but me and my little girl are frustrated by lack of this😞
Unable to transfer to my new phone . Unable to login through fb , and no option to sign in with existing storm 8 Id.
I would've added stars but, my deep fryer does allow me to make anything and when I'm trying to make feed for my animals I'm being limited on it as well even though I have 3 mills to make feed in and why does it take so long to get to the next level, get tools or earn diamonds! I just really want to know what's going on, because everything worked fine before I did the last update? Please figure out the bugs and kinks so I can get back to playing my game without getting frustrated!
It doesn't let me open the app it keeps crashing you need to fix it I don't not recommend it I can't even enjoy a stupid game because it doesn't work
Great game, can play for hours and days! The only annoying downside is that the iOS version has much mors capabilities and features. Seems odd that Storm8 couldn't find the time to provide Android users the full version, or fix some basic bugs in the display
It was a fun game up until level 14. When I hit level 15, I will quit. This game is absolutely ridiculous. Level 14 bombarded me with so many expensive buildings that I needed to buy in order to create new products to sell off that fulfil the new delivery orders. Problem is, I can't afford them and had to keep recruiting for new orders to deliver because they all required buildings I don't have. I've done this about three times now and still getting new orders that I can't reach. And deliveries are the only reliable source of income in this game, as you can only sell something on your online shop every 6 hours or you have to lay up some gems. So I'm basically stuck when it comes to cash, and converting gems to cash is a really bad idea as gems are valuable and need to be preserved. That said, product deliveries should be based on what buildings you have on your farm that you can create those products with not what level you are on. If this was the case I would boost my review to 4 stars, but it's such a big issue.
I love this game so much that I have downloaded this game 3x to my upgraded phones. My only complaint is there is no way to save the game if you switch devices. How a bout having it connect to facebook.
So many problems. I dont know how the did it but this game is somehow unbalanced. For some reason you have limited inventory which horribly unbalances the game. Events are awful because they give you a ton of useless items that take up inventory and the only way to get rid of them is selling them but everyone is trying to sell them so the market gets flooded with junk. On top of that inventory upgrading and getting more slots in buildings is also too difficult. Expanding farm is also horrible.
I purchased 20 gems for 99 cents twice and did not receive my gems but was charged for my purchase and every time I click on the help section it says farmstory 2 has stopped working, please help!
I like the game so very much, but down part is there should be a reset in the game. So other gamers can start over again from the beginning of the game. i appreciated it though.
To players having problems with images only half showing,or missing altogether,you need to be using WiFi..i discovered this by accident when using a friends WiFi...it needs a very steady connection..
they put have you do so much it's like it goes really smoothly at first and then they stopped giving you things that should be able to play the game so you're growing things but they're not needing it so then it takes forever to get anywhere in the game
I like the game a lot but I don't like how much the items cost. It takes a whole day to craft some things and minutes for others. You get stuck and can't really play which makes me want to uninstall..
This game make us feel as we actually own a farm nd are genuinely working on it........ Very realistic nd easy to understand game nd kids friendly. No disturbances occur in the middle.....my favt game.
Fun, so many duties: farming, businesses, sell. My favorite parts are the garden, orchard-acquiring trees- and selling products. Con, wish the prices were realistic, lol.
I was enjoying the game, and then they suddenly unlocked a slew of new and expensive items and all orders want the new items, so now I am stuck, because I cannot afford the new items and cannot make money since all orders want new items. we went from buoldings requiring hundreds to build to suddenly requiring 3,000 to build.
The red and white sale banner blocks the countdown clock and needs to be moved to restore the functionality of the clock. That the game designers have allowed this to go on uncorrected speaks poorly of the supervision for this product. BUFFS.
I'm on level 14 and all of a sudden my deliveries are asking for items from buildings I haven't even got. I am unable to progress in the game, as I obviously can't complete these orders. My storages are full too, so I can't do anything else. My only option appears to delete the game, but I really don't want to do that. Please help me. ☹️☹️☹️
My issues/suggestions: 1. Audio is never consistent (I'll sometimes here the characters or animals, other times I wont) 2. There should be a Coin to Gem option that goes with the Gem to Coin option 3. An "Are you sure" button 4. I saw that apparently Android doesn't have the other delivery things, maybe add that? 5. A way to buy building/expanding materials with coins 6. Only show quests when someone has all the means of making an item (i can't make candles yet but i have the quest???)
I just got a new tablet. I have been playing for 3 to 4 years now. I don't want to start over. Why am I allowed to sign in on both devices with the same log in But still have to start over on the new one? This really sucks!
So much fun! Just to pass the time and collect cool farm related animals. Very real and neat animations. Just wish you could sell extra items for coins....
Game needs an option to play events or not. It's terribly annoying having your barn fill up with unnecessary items and having to constantly put them up for sell just to delete them. Even an option to delete items from the barn would be helpful, but this isn't the game for helpful support.
You cant restart. I accidentally sold all my screws and stuff and I'm stuck because I cant upgrade. I just want to start over! Also, when I'm trying to cook something i have all of the ingredients but a notice pops up and says buy rest of ingredients for 0 gems and when I click by it still wont let me cook. Very annoying
The game has no update consequently is constantly poping out of the game. Or is hesitating then pops out of the game
it is a fun game but they make the challenges almost impossible. I always reach one, like collecting an item from the bakery and it takes forever ti get the item.
This game is garbage, I paid for some gems and never got them, no one from support responds, it constantly has issues, waste of time and my damn money..don't install I'm uninstalling
It's rigged. Upgrading and expanding its damn near impossible. You can be in the neighbors market and see tons of the ingredient, like eggs, I every shop but you don't need them. Close the neighbor markets. Check you orders. You now need eggs. Go to the neighbors market but there are more no eggs to be found anywhere. Paint cans? Nails? Shovels? Take months to get even 1, and it's single use only. This game is rigged.
I used to play this game alot then i uninstalled it for a year or two I reccently found it in the app store and downloaded it And i had to start all over its Riduclous i hooked it up with my facebook now when i try to log in with my facebook it says error try again later i have internet and it dosnt even let me try to log in with facebook or email its horrible and i dont even know what my ID is so i cant even use that I want my progress backand Soon I spent a long time ob this game for nothing!
I have been playing for a couple of years. For some reason the game wont load and freezes if it does load. I just spent money on jewels to upgrade. I cant get a response from developer at all.
It's impossible to play the challenges in the game because you do not get any room for storage and all the parts for the challenge goes into same inventory so you end up having to delete all product. I'm at level 26 and rarely get part to increase storage. I don't find it fun playing a game that keeps choking you off
Upfront game is relaxing, enioyable, graphics are cute, and ideas are nice. Standard waiting game where every action requires either time or and item involve. If resources are not readily available, the player has the option to buy via "Gem". Get "Gems" by farming or flat out pay with real money Standard boring miscrotransaction. Biggest problem long term issue, there is not delete button for excess items. There are many complaints about it on forums. See for yourself. Devs won't listen.
The pluses: Gameplay is a bit more interesting with the new craft buildings, however the game does not allow you to store or sell buildings, pets or animals you no longer want. The cons: Seemingly literal zero support. They no longer reply to emails or provide any forum gameplay ticket support. I have no beehive because my account is that old, and in all these years they have not made it purchase-able @ market to old-timers like me. Newstand full of items not needed, upgrade items are scarce.
I LOVE the peaceful vibe & gorgeous graphics! It does have major issues for Android users like myself sadly & it doesn't look like the developers will be able to provide the support + Android specific changes/updates to address them anytime soon (conclusion drawn following MANY conversations with the lovely support team over the years including the last one a few days ago only). The Android version is limited, glitchy, slow & overall really doesn't offer the same game experience as IOS sadly 😔
I loved the first one. Its almost impossible to advance on this one, unless youre ready to spend real money on gems to upgrade, upgrade, upgrade. And it takes forever to everything you need for delivery.
I really wanted to love this game but it's impossible. 1. If you don't spend considerable cash, you quickly run out of fillable orders. Deleting orders only brings more unfillable orders. Tried that. 2. Every single upgrade (even extra slots for machines you already own!) requires parts! 3. The parts are expensive. 4. The orders you fill don't even begin to cover the cost of the many production machines (32.5k worth of machines!) you are expected to buy. And so on. Very pay-to-win driven!
Buildings cost way too much, and too many "quests" at one time. Upgrading and expanding takes forever unless you spend real $$.
I really like playing the game but I get orders to fill that are several levels above me. It is very frustrating when 90% of orders are like that
in app purchases take your money but never gives you gems paid for & they do not allow you to contact them to correct the issues or refund. fraudulent charges, fraudulent game!
Used to like and played for hours a day, but all then my game started loosing items such as my balloon, and my honey maker, and other stuff. I've removed and reinstalled several times, and even sent in a ticket to report and they turned me down :(
Don't like the extra games taking up storage space and preventing you from putting on items that you need to proceed in the fulfilment of orders
this is hopeless game don't play, it only loss your time also graphic not good and game is online for advertise propose only, after downloading game you will uninstall it within 5 to 10 minute.
Still has a few bugs to work out like some items can be retrieved when Barn is at Max but others you totally loose. Neighbors farm show 12 items for sale when they only have two or none. The train upon completion only gives you 5 Gems, should be more especially on the complicated ones that you have 2 or 3 different items that are done in the same area like the kitchen. We should be given more Gems throughout the game.
Got a new phone, doesn't work. Was able to transfer the rest of the games by the same company just fine, but not this one. Tried to contact support, they do nothing but close the ticket.
I feel that the time it takes for the orders to be ready is too long , how can you wait for 30 minutes? What will one be doing while waiting ? The time frame for the order should be reduced at least 5-10 minutes.
I just finished ALL 10 items for my train but the last, 6 Lily candles, only show 3 on the train. I've tried 3 times to write to support so they could fix it and I would get my 5 gems. Looks like that won't happen because I can't seem to get the link to work. I don't have much faith in a game if I can't get help if I need it. Just because I use an android tablet instead of an I-pad doesn't mean I should be treated like I don't matter. All Storm8 games cater to I-phones and I-pads. Those users get the better prizes and decorations. Bet THEY can get help when they need it! I have played this game for a long time and been frustrated many times, but kept playing cause I really like this game. But having a 'glitch keep me from getting the gems I worked hard to get might be the final straw. Maybe someone from Storm8 will see this and contact me. If not then it was fun while it lasted.
game play has improved a bit & yes I do like it.but no webpage found for events all outdated the the1 from linked webpage U enter your pass but it does not log U in awful game news/guide is a must, for such a game on a app 1 should not have to grind so much!over 50 items made in deep fryer/sugar spinner only3 drops awful not ev1 can buy gems to get item 20g for achievements gem drops are to rare the game is to expensive the down under event lol the flowers beds paid so much for now do nothing!😑
so many gems you'll never get back. One wrong swipe& you spend all your gems on something stupid like making an orange tree ready for harvest. I've had 100+ gems wasted on things I DID NOT WANT. if you email for support, they'll just tell you they can't credit gems back;yet you could buy them. I've been saving gems for a show pony since I got the game. With all the accidental purchases I'll never be able to. I've suggested they add a " are you sure you'd like to purchase" pop up. they don't care
I love Storm8 games but wish their were more online communities dedicates to getting active players to play along with another. Outside of that I always enjoy the game, no lag ever. I would like to see events like competitions but outside of that perfect.
Worst scum. Gems gone missing out of sudden. Wrote to support team and their reply, can't recover any currency lost in the game. Like all the others' reviews, it is so difficult to play and require real money to purchase those gems. It is so easy for them to say, we can't recover those gems. And I don't even know why gems were missing - close to 200 gems. So irresponsible and worst support. All they want is your MONEY and they don't bother about your complaints.
I absolutely hate the side "events" that get in the way and give me ridiculous extra items that take up storage space.
I just downloaded this game and so far I am really enjoying it only problem is I can't sign into Facebook when it asks me to post ... I get as far as sign under my name and I press ok and the it says there's an error...
I have played this game for years spending my own money to tryto advance. I was playing my game as usual and all of sucden my coin balance went from ,106,000 to 63,000. I submitted a ticket twice and both times it was sent back saying that the matter was closed. I emailed them and it was the same thing. How do you reach these people? I don't have time for this ish. Im uninstalling this app Ive had enough and I was a loyal customer.
I love this app I just wish that I could get back into it since I've moved phones I haven't been able to get into my regular account 😒. It really makes me mad becuz I had just bought some diamonds and everything. SO IF ANYONE KNOWS HOW I CAN DO THIS PLZ HELP TY!!!I HAVE A ZTE ZMAXBLAZE AGAIN THANKS..But When I was able to play the only thing that I didn't like is how you can't store certain things after buying them an you run out of room but other than that loved it.
Nice game with decent graphics but it got to a point where I could hardly ever buy anything useful from the market due to a constant flood of event items nor could I make anything for deliveries since a player apparently needs to have every available building but I only wished to run a simple small farm so that my phone would neither bog down with incessant lag or experience the inevitable crashes.
My favorite game Ever!!! I have downloaded it 4 times... I just really wish u could transfer it to your new devices..then it would be 5 stars!!!
Don't like to be cheated Downloaded design game to get crafting table on farm....3 times ....never got the 3 tables.. And I do not like the Design game at all. I love the farm but I can't seem to make alot of goals because it doesn't allow them to be earned in play Sad ...very sad...please remember....Androids are playing too....Please
I love this game. I've been playing for years now. I would like for there to be bigger capacity in the silo and barn, and to able to sell enclosures I no longer want or need. but other then that this game is very addicting. love it
Overall it's good gameplay. I can't seem to login with my Facebook account tho. All of my past progress is lost! On top of that, I am on level 25 and have expanded to the train but it will not let me open it! I'm racking my brain trying figure it out. I used to play this game years ago and just decided to play again. I'm not sure if I like it so much now especially starting all over like I had to.
First off this game doesn't give you enough coins to buy the buildings you need to buy to make your products to make deliveries. Every time you level up you get new buildings to buy and in your deliveries you have that new product but no buildings for it. You have to keep selling everything just to get money to buy all these buildings and you can't expand anything because you have to sell all your deeds just to make money to buy your buildings for new product or you got to buy everything in the store. The game was fun at first but now its impossible to play unless you spend real money. Covid-19 has got me jobless and I cant even enjoy a simple game without spending real money. This game shouldn't be this way. I'll give 1 more chance but if nothing improves on my game in 24 hours I am deleting this game and keeping 1 star. This game doesn't deserve no more then 1 star. For everyone please read the reviews before you download. This game is a joke and all this company wants is your real money.
A. Too much need to buy gems. B. Items take too long to build C. Required to build further buildings to move forward, deliveries required new buildings I didn't want. D. Game is a good way to kill time, nothing crazy or spectacular and at times slow but... I'LL KEEP PLAYING
So apparently some things are for only iOS devices.....why? Otherwise I like it. I honestly hated it at first. I loved farm story 1.... I like it now except for the fact that I just burned a ton of resources expanding to the the treehouse to find that it does nothing for me and it is only open to iOS.....
Game used to be fun. but now u only get expansion papers from deliveries, when u can do deliveries. no screws, hammers, paint nothing to do upgrades. now i cant even do deliveries because it calls for items i cant craft from buildings i cant get yet cause im not at that level, or cant afford them because i cant make any coins because i cant send deliveries. you make it to where we have to spend money to buy gems or coins to keep moving in game and it shouldnt be like that.
Throughly Enjoyable - Really helps when you have nothing at all to do - I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
I've been playing this game for yrs on my phone. I had to update and the new Android version doesn't support the game. Also I tried to put the game on my tablet and I have to start the game over. I never had any issues with this game or other Storm 8 games until this year. The developers of the game are capable of adding events then they should update the game so it's compatible for any device or the same game can be played on multiple devices. Such a waste of time and money.
I enjoy this game, but it wont load properly on my android all of a sudden. It takes forever & when it stops loading, as soon as I click on anything, it tries loading again. Guess its time to remove because my other games on phone work. So its only this game. Sad, because this was one of my faves. Also, android gets ripped off. We dont get stuff from treehouse, we dont get balloon deliveries, truck deliveries, no truffle forest, no wheels to spin. Definitely meant for ios only. But still fun.
i am on level 14 and the delivery asks for things that are coming after level 18 ?? why?? how to deliver them? last time also i uninstalled this game because of the same reason , how can i deliver goods that are not even open to purchase??and all of a sudden u asked me to purchase so many costly buildings and you dont even provide enough coins? do you want me to purchase every building with actual money?? reply me farm story
The main thing I dislike is your get stuck if you can't afford to pay for items then it gets to be boring
This game always crash. It is not running properly on andriod 10 or later version. There is no update or bug fix since 2016. Don't waste your MONEY on this game.
Was fun, now if you leave the game and try to go back to play, there are so many pop ups. So stressful. I need to uninstall. Sucks
I like the game but I can't log into Facebook. It says error and its been that way for along long time. And I have a previous saved game where I was at a higher level when logged into Facebook. I will probably uninstall bcuz I don't want to start over again.
I love this and I am nostalgic about it. Been playing since 2014 using a different account but I just love this and Bakery Story. The only thing is, I wish We can log out and log in a different account. Or get the oven I have missed from Bakery Story.
Can't progress without spending a fortune due to the lack of storage space. I have spent money on this game and I still don't have the barn and silo space needed to even do anything. VERY disappointed. Have uninstalled.
i am so sad i cant login to facebook to get my old farm story 2 data from my last phone becuse facebook removed the seting apps others use now its imposible to login to facebook using this app this needs to be fixed asap
Re: All the silly side challenges! Can y'all please create a separate storage shed or shop for all the side challenges. All the extra items are hogging up all the room in my barn and silo!!! I don't even play the side challenges half the time. It's annoying when I run out of space. Some days are slow and they don't sell fast enough. Love the game though. Thanks in advance for considering this option!
No longer works with my phone update. Updated my phone and my android version is not compatible with the game's. Not cool, have been playing for over a year now with no previous problems.
Don't bother. I used to love this game but got fed up with the slow progress. I recently tried it again but it has got complicated.too much going on for new comer. Really disappointed. Also makes my phone keep stalling. Honestly, don't bot
This game is just a money grab. It seems fun at first, but it's impossible to keep up with workout spending real money. By the time you're finally able to afford the machinery you need, you've leveled up and you have to save up for the next thing. The only way to get coins takes forever and usually costs money. The inventory is ridiculously limited and by the time you have the supplies you need to upgrade it, you need like two more upgrades than before. Only way to stay on top is to spend money.
the game is nice , but when it comes to getting all the collection items , like in the around the world you barely get any of the cards from the sugerspinner , and the nextoneis the bakery and then the deep fryer and then the dary , no problems with the others and the last thing I want to say is I finished getting 4 filled in the collection and was supposed to get the flying squirrel and all I got was a poll with a red flag on top , were is the flying squirrel? and how do I make the food in Mill
as soon as you hit level 14 you cant do anything. they brought out a bunch of different shops you cant afford because you cant complete any deliveries so then you cant make any miney to buy them. its stupid , im getting rid of it.