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Farm Story™

Farm Story™ for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by TeamLava Games located at 901 Mariners Island Blvd, Suite 300 San Mateo, CA 94404. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love this game I just wanted to plant stuff and have a small game on the side that wasn't complicated like Farmvill now. And I love the friends I've made on here. I wish this game was still bring updated.
I like the game however, it would be better if players were able to turn animals, buildings and other items 180 degrees, More pieces 1-5 hours
love this game, but this time im very frustrated like i lost my 24 gems. i just want to buy things in the enhancement. the gems was lost but i didnt buy anything.
I had lost my eight year-old account because my old phone died. Storm8 team were so co-operative and transfered my old farm to my new phone. And the game itself ? Played so many hours in it and it's always been so much fun. Love it. :)
This game is good but i think the animals should do more. And you should be able to sell and trade food with your "friends" on the game. But, other than that, the game is great. 😊
I like this game. When I started playing this game I felt that I am in a real farm. It is a good game
Farm Story is really struggling on Android 9. While the Android platform develops, Farm Story does not develop with it. Will there come a time where we will not be able to play our most favourite game? I truly hope not. Developers, please help keep our beloved Farm Story alive.
Could be better why is there no people moving around & doing there chores like they on farm's then i would give it 5 star's would luv to see people.
the developer sucks they won't reply to emails. you can have an awesome farm , get a new phone and lose it all no cloud storage. don't waste your time
Great app, but have come back to this game over and over on more that several occasions for going on 5 years now off and on. I just recently come back to this game app again and nothing has changed. Nothing new has been added. I have read on the (" what's new"....) Updates where it states new items added often. Not true. Disappointed.
I absolutely love this game but it keeps shutting down or when I try to put stuff out of my farm from my inventory or doesn't put it out other than that I absolutely love it when that's fixed you'll get my 5 stars
love this game but we need an update please. I cant see what i type to my neighbors.. I've tried everything. 😢
Love this game but when I upgraded my phone list all my info. And the game I want to know how to recovered it. Please I need help.it my favorite game.
love the game but wish they would update enhancements and made it so you can get more holiday crops and items.
It is a great game. I have played plenty on farmville. This is almost the same. It would be 5 stars except the difference between this game and farmville is experience is harder to get and no working for others and others who work for you. Just get to water 10 times someone's crop a day. You should be able to hire worker's to plow or gather crops for you. It would be more of a social game.
Its like the old classic Farmville but their is too many bugs due to the inactivity of the developers
Great game but would be so much better if the were lots more crops with a much shorter growing time, most are 22 hours, far to long.
I been playing farm story for over 10 years ilove it.the only thing is the never give the farm NOTHING for 10 years I been playing with the same old thing like the houses. Barn. Cows pigs dogs birds EVERYTHING PLEASE GIVE US SOME NEW THINGS TY
Love this game but it has never been updated in all the years i have played it which is a pity because loads of players play it so come ontl update the game please
I love this game!!! Is there a you can give one access to the sane game on different devices? I had a farm years ago and was unable to access that account. I would love for you guys to create a sign in & password settings.
love the game. had it across multiple devices. one thing I would bring into the game is direct messaging, only with neighbors so that you don't have to write on each others wall constantly and get lost in the other messages along the way. just an idea definitely worth 5 stars as is but would be amazing to have that
It's a great game. Nice, peaceful, and relaxing. An update would be wonderful! Maybe add new features such as new decorations and maybe a farmer. I know it's an older game but that would be nice.
Really enjoy this game. Play it with my young son. Only downside is the items that cost gems. You never get enough to buy.
I've got two games running ,that should tell you how much i like this game it's quirky , colourful , doesn't have to be competetive , just relaxe & play at being a farmer it's great !
Devoted Farm Story fan & player since 2011. The creators gave those of us who enjoy "design", an opportunity to be creative ourselves. My sadness is the ending years back of the "Christmas" edition, along w/no more new weekly items, crops or tree's. If teamlava only understood how many "friendships" you have inadvertently forged in this sweet game!! Surely lava would keep updated?? Especially now w/covid, we all benefit frm a place to share n nurture friendships. Thanku Teamlava!!
Ive played since 2016 and i enjoy playing and meeting people since ive started ive seen alot of trouble between people i would just like everyone to get along and team lava have suspended some and that great the game should be enjoyed by all id give farmstory 4start
I rate it 5 stars because i used to play this literally every day on my old decice. There is a problem though. I got a new phone and suddenly, the app isnt working as it should. It gave me a warning that would happen but i still play. I dont like Farm Story 2 so i dont want to switch. Sometimes my crops will dissapear. Like i will plant them and go away. When i come back some of them are gone. Ive lost countless coins this way. Other than that, this game is nostalgic to me. Im hooked.
Each version has different things. I kept plowimg and it would accidently hit my gems and use them . When I contacted support they would not replace. Do not put money into game ever
I just wish the game had weekly challenges like years ago. It can be a bit boring when you get to the higher levels.
Cant expand your farm without friends. That's dick. I'm playing apps cuz I don't have real friends. I would have rather paid real money to expand my farm than try to scrounge friends out of nowhere.
So much fun The only thing that bothers me is when I'm playing it it says my server is out of sync I have no clue why it's doing that other than that I love playing this game
I have been playing for a while. But really frustrated with glitches!! It took all my diamonds and when I plow sometimes doesn't show up as plowed. Very disappointed.
Update needed : 10/26/2020, otherwise, possibly 5 Stars. Also a few grammar errors (proofread). Thanks.
they've taken away a bunch of cool holiday items that you see on others farms. no new updates since 2014. it gets boring after awhile
I just love this game.. but i have an issue as sometimes even being connected to the internet this game doesnt open..
I need the video Games back to get diamonds farm story and restaurant coffee shop please it would be more intetraining if I had the Video games to get diamonds will change if I get the diamonds
great farm USA! Aaaaahhnnn, nope! never activated this sdtibker here. Not a farm more of a ap opera darn intro. uninstalled. thankfully!
I meet diffrent kinds of people of different countries and places. I love the game coz it gives me soothing comfortably game that makes me relax by creating my farm of my own designs and desires.
Yay thank you Storm 8 for bringing back the chicken coop!!😊😊 Please add white paint! Bring back the holiday decorations!
I love the game but eveey time i get a new phone i lose my farm and its hard to get it back. Team lava sucks. They need to upgrade so we can go to the game and use are storm id an go right to our farms.
I'm only giving this 1 star, this is a great app, but what a disappointment due to there being no choices. The things you get for your hard to earn gems are an insult. I played this years ago when there were different seasons to be had. I did try that F/story 2 but I couldn't get away with it. Please put the original back for those of us that like this one. Then I'll give you full marks.
This game seriously need a update, why have a game if you're not going to update it. Team lava is known for neglecting their games when they release a sequel to them.
Its so outdated. All you do is grow and harvest. No missions. It drains your battery. No interactive pieces like a market.
WHY cant I unlock land unless I have neighbours?????? I just want to play the game, I dont have anyone who wants to play. Dont bother downloading unless you know other people who play this game.
I love this game. But you play and expect to get the coins for havesting your crops and animals. I have emailed support two times now with no response. Becaus now matter what I harvest only get 30 points and some time less. Now haversti g my animals onlt 3 coins. Why pkay if you can not get what your are suppose to.....
Please don't downlod this the app has too many security issues it has access to too many unwanted permissions, WHY DOES THIS HAVE ACCESS TO: 1) device and browser history and bookmarks ? (Monitors activity and full access to info of all other apps in your phone) 3) photos and media storage? 3) phone id? EXPLAIN AND DELETE YOUR GARBAGE APP FROM PLAY STORE.
Been playing it for years. This will be my third farm and have a score to settle for getting banned from my last farm. "Revenge is best served wet" from tye movie Kill Bill
Fun interactions with people across the globe. Met new friends. Only down side is haven't put anything new on it in a long time..
Spent money on gems then tried to use them and they didn't work contacted the support team and haven't heard anything back. I only asked to have the gems back or a refund. And nothing
I love this game. It helps me pass the time and meet new people. But I love the graphics and how the fruit and veggies grow.
Fun..strategic..friendly..only one thing would improve it, the support..but all in all, there arent alotta problems.
it's nice but can u give free gems like 10 a day if you watch videos can u give us more expansion please and why is this game and pet shop story not in the more games options on the top right hand corner
This game has been stuck and I can't move on no matter how much money I earn because I don't have neighbors again I can't continue this game. Thanks a lot
I love this game I have wanted to work on a farm when I was younger but that changed so this game can bring my old dreams back and I can have the "expierience" working on a farm😊 Thanks
I am utterly disappointed with the customer service. I can't expand my farm because of its missing options in Expansion Tab. Its only 25 by 25 so definitely something is wrong somewhere. Filled up the request form so many times only to get a reply to join in forum. Not useful at all!!!!! Appalling!
Farm story is what I've been playing for the last 7 years. Great game, just wish they had more things to purchase
This is a brilliant little game . I love it. It makes me happy.🙂 However 20 of my gems went missing. Some I bought and some I earned. When I contacted Storm about it they said I had used them to recover crops but I never do that as the gems are expensive and I was saving them to buy something special. It doesnt stop me playing but I wont buy anymore gems .
I have lost three farms & receive no assistance from tech support. Game is slow But friendships made are priceless. No assistance available when trying to move game to a new device.
I love this game so much! Met some great friends. My only issue is the lack of updates for new crops.
cant play on iphone anymore,, but need updates and for those that want to play on othet devices you can... just download do first planting and them hit upper right corner and you will see another acct.. sign in and yours will come up. i play restrauant story so when i do that on that game all my story games come up my acct...
This is absolutely amazing ❣️ I play a lot of games by Storm8 and TeamLava and they never disappoints me other than they are not updating their games but it's okay ... I still love their games and this game has good graphics ♥♥ You guys should definitely try this out 🌸
Love the game, but it keeps closing in the middle of play. I reported it via in phone feed back, but it's still doing it at least 2 times a day.
I thought i would not like this game .but i downloaded it and i cant say enough about it i love love this farm story game.i been playing over 10 long years and still playing 😁🌹
Excellent, except for English verb tenses need to be : "has" for singular noun ; and "have" for plural nouns. I have been playing Restaurant Story and Farm Story for about 8 years, including thru upgrades to phones. Recently Added Bakery Story.
I love this game! I have for over ten years. But PLEASE reactivate this game! It's the best Storm8 has ever made.
The huge nostalgic effect this game has on me just looking at the apps graphic makes me fall in love again with this game. This game is very addictive and the soundtrack to this game never gets old. In my grade school years playing this game was everything to me. Now in college and looking back at this and forgetting where I am right now. This game brings comfort wherever you are and connects with lots of people. Find out for yourself and you will enjoy it as well
This is my favorite game and I would love it to continue. It would be great if there was updates to be able to use on all the newer devices. I have it on several older ones but didn't have it for my new kindle. I'm almost 64 so I like relaxing easy games. We should count too.
I have played this game off and on for a few years. It is enjoyable and fun to be creative when making your farm site. .. you have an opportunity to interact with nice people while playing. I think if the game makers would go back to all the nice extras that could be obtained during the holidays and other special occasions it would make the game more interesting...many players ask about a lot of the items that can no longer be obtained...I think more players would stay with the game and more new players would stay with the game if it was more like it used to be
Fun, easy way for the not so tech savvy among us to kill some time. I enjoy meeting folks from across the USA and around the world.
You can not expand your property unless you have "neighbors". Why? It's your property, why in hell do you need neighbors to expand your own land?? I'm going to uninstall soon, because there's only so much you can do with an 11x11 piece of land, and the game is getting real boring, real quick! And BTW, support WILL NOT assist with any questions.
The app is really easy to use and understand, with very little flaws. Gems are easy to obtain, however there should be a way to cancel an action.
I'm addicted...I really like farm story. It takes me back to when i used to play farmville. I'm still trying to understand the diamond concept. They have alot of "they're game" pop ups (a little annoying), but I roll with it.
its sad everytime someone changes there phone device they have to start the game all the way from the beging and then have to have money and friends to expand your farm please upgrade this app!!!! NEEDS UPDATING
I love this app its very entertaining. But the reason I rated it a Four star is becuase When you use the plow, it takes your money Please fix that =_=
we need a new way to earn gems so we can buy cool stuff a lot of games give options for watching ads I'm ALl for it. Please Please update this game. add stuff like a tractor that actually farms for you that would be entertaining to watch and but please advertisements to earn jewels and money mostly jewels
This is very very nice game.. But it's need an improvement... We can send money and diamonds 🔹 to our neighbors.. And can send our things...which are available in my farm or inventory.. Hope u will look after my lines
loved this game and had alot of fun playing it till i got a new device and had to start from scratch on the farm fix the game where your farm can be saved where if you get a new phone your farm can transfer over and i will take it back to the 5 star rating
Excellent game. Still some Grammar errors (example : has(1) for have -- more than 1). Played since 2012.
I really like this game BUT I'm having some issues🤔 I have been trying to add some friends to this game. And it says I need to do this to expand my land. Well every time I go to type there info in the box it freezes or just Disappears! Sometimes it won't let me put anything in the storm 8 box?!?! I'm not sure what to do here I need friends to expand my land and I really don't want to uninstall this game.... Help 🙋
I love playing Farm Story . I enjoy this game , I love plants and gardening . And U get to make new friends in this game .
Needs updates, desperately. The new Farm Story game is ugly and not fun at all, totally a different gameplay style from this one. They still offer you the option to buy things in game on this one, though, which is dirty. You shouldn't take people's money when you aren't updating the game, nor responding to customers. Storm 8 needs to update or just get rid of this game, stop the charades already. It's frustrating because I love this game so much and WOULD spend money if they updated it.
LOVE THIS GAME!!......BUT, it seems to have been forgotten by its design team. It no longer receives updates, nor holiday related decorations, etc.
i love it and always have as well as family and friends ..you interact with very nice people,everyone is respectful,the farm brings out your creative side and opens your mind,its very calming and relaxing..i cant stop playing it
Doesn't work on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 😢 Developers, please update so that FS works on newer version android. It only works properly on older version of Android. Thank you!^^
Farm Story, Fashion Story, Bakery Story and Restaurant Story have all been fallen behind. These games are not being updated to keep up with new smart phone that are coming out on the market. As a result, certain functions of the games STOPPED working, frequently games WON'T LAUNCH and things you've accomplished will DISAPPEAR when you launch the game next time. You'll have to start from scratch (level 1) if you switch your device. So don't bother spending your money buying gems :(
Fun game to play! If you love farms and the environment then this is the game for you! Completely free and easy to play! All the other players are so caring and kind! No inappropriate language allowed! It's great you get to water and help out others and give them friendly comments! You can have as many neighbors as you'd like! The problem is it never gets any updates and it's quite hard to get any diamonds! BY THE WAY: ANY PROBLEMS FROM PLAYERS LIKE PERVERTS, PORN, MEANNESS ETC THEN UNINSTALL!🚜
Best simulation game ive ever played, its on fire. It should have more plays then what its got. Five stars, if i could, More! 😝
i like the game, reminds me of farmtown on facebook, however i can not expand my farm cause of not having neighbors and i dont want to invite my own friends and bug them to by my neighbor just to expand my farm, is there a way to get neighbors without bugging people, and if i cant or expand my farm, ill just delete
I love farm story and I am playing it for a long time and it is an amazing game to play I don't think it has any fault in love it and play it with many friends and also with my brother ❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤
This used to be a great game but bullies are running the game and storn 8 administration does nothing about it and suspends the people that are getting bullied. I was going to spend money and buy diamonds but won't now
Re Farm Story. Continual pop ups of farmer trying to get me to try other games. I can't even play. This happened a week or so ago as well.