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Farm Snow: Happy Christmas Story With Toys & Santa

Farm Snow: Happy Christmas Story With Toys & Santa for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by foranj located at Russian Federation Moscow City, 119435 Maly Savinsky per. d5 office 3. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Just started, but enjoyable and fun so far. Very cute graphics. Noticed a couple of wee glitches, but once the app was closed and opened again it was fine.
Great game, but there are quite a few glitches going on with the timer when things are being processly made.
Cute game very glitchy need building to get pink elixir but cannot build building without paint you get from selling items to truck that need pink items
the game is fun to play.. but the tools you need to cearn the land is hard to get.... so i give you 3 stars for now...
I was gonna give this game a better rating, but then I noticed that every time I leave when I get back into this game it says that I have to wait 7 or 8 hours for workshops and other things to produce items when in fact when I left it said it would take less than an hour or less than 30 minutes. If they fix this problem maybe I'll give this game a better rating.
I have a new phone and i transfer my game in my phone but my account in this game is not connecting..i ended playing again in level 1..i reach out to the server but they didnt assist me..how can i play my account again..its frustrating.i want my account again to play.help me fix tgis issues.
I really like the game it's colorful and very good graghics. The only thing I don't like is that it's too hard to get tools to remove the trees and rocks and the peppermints to upgrade the storage without having to buy them. I don't want to have to play a bunch of games to get the peppermints because I don't have enough space on my phone or tablet. The fact that I can't sync the game on 2 different devices so when I downloaded it to my tablet I had to start from the beginning.
Liked this game for a long time until it kept crashing and kicking me out. I uninstalled and reinstalled to find I had been set back in many levels . It worked for a while but now crashes all the time. Have reinstalled several times to no avail. I'm really sorry because I had enjoyed the game.
Love the game. But it froze putting everything on a 3 hour timer. It said i was connected to facebook, so i asumed my game play was saved, like my other games. Took it out, reinstalled, LOST EVERYTHING!!!!
Takes way to long to expand the warehouse.even to fill orders which you have in stock you can nit use
A fun game that doesn't need special items or hundreds of friends to advance levels. You can, of course, get items and friends involved, but you aren't stuck if you choose not to.
Starting this game is a nightmare, it constantly crashes and does not save your progress. I have made in store purchases and now cannot get in to play the game!
I love this game but recently the game dont save and have to redo the actions and everytime i log in i get 25 candies .i have emailed 3 times now . Still not working properly i may just delete and not bother with it
UPDATE: it's pretty buggy, and tech support doesn't give good support. They are telling me that the chocolate And marshmallows it wants me to collect are in the chocolate factory, but they're not. I find chocolate and licorice, And I find cream. Others have this problem. Now with new samsung s21, Android 11, the game settings page has a grayed out facebook button, so I can't login to get my history back. It wants me to start over. I am logged into FB app. Game still won't allow login. Uninstall
The quest I have to do is get 30 chocolate and marshmallows but yet they can't be made where it says it should be. Now I'm stuck and can't make any progress. Until then I enjoyed playing it.
WORST GAME EVER, LOUSY CUSTOMER SERVICE!! I contacted them saying I did not get my candies thru email, but they said to send a message in game. Tried that, yet it did not work, so I contacted them thru email again stating exactly that, but never heard back. I have not deleted the game, in fear I won't get anything if I do, and have sent many emails, no answer and still cannot send in-game reports to them.
I like the game itself a lot it is very cute I have had it for some time on my tablet my battery on my tablet is no good so I have switched to trying to play on my phone I downloaded it and it makes me complete level 6 before I can even connect to Facebook. On my tablet I am on level 12 fixing to be level 13 now my phone won't go to level 12 I've not had this problem with any other games when I connect it goes to my saved progress so anything I have done on the game seems to be lost. Thanks
I really ❤️❤️❤️ this game the graphics are Great ! I love the cute animals ! You did a Great Job keep it up ! 😁 I love Santa 🎅 and the children ! Great game ! Everyone needs to download this game its Absolutely AMAZING !!! 🎅🤶🌲🦄🐰🐇
I'll update this app always and i really like it now 😊i just want to suggest.. can the user or can I name my own farm harvesting.. just like my real farm.
I Love this game but haven't been able to expand in over 30 levels. Why? I have so many shovels, cookies, axes, ect but nothing to do.
I love this game a lot it's so cute and fun but if I'm off the game for to long it sends me back a couple levels and all my progress is gone,and it's very frustrating. Maybe an update or something to fix these things? The support/help links dont help at all.
This is a pretty good farming game during the holidays and beyond. 🙂 The only thing is that it takes a bit too long, to me, to open most of the new buildings you get when you level up, but at least when you give your phone a break, for other things you have to do, like work or taking care of your children, your new buildings will be ready when you can get back to the game a few hours later. 😉
The game is too good . But the building upgrade time and few times are too slow . Please make it faster . And please add few more options like watching ads to get what we want . Because the gems is not easy to get . So we can't clear the slots easily . If it becomes too hard , then it's making the people to lose interest in the game. So please add the option to watch videos as much as we want to get what we need . It's now only 3 or 2 videos per a thing . Otherwise it's a great & lovely game .
I like the game but it keeps turning back it doesn't save,I was on level 29 then the following day I was back to level 25.It repeat it over and over again please fix this and reduce the time you have to wait when you bought a new factory please this is too much,I really love your games please keep it up and I am looking forward to the latest uptade
The game is nice and my grandchildren can play it. So that's nice. What I don't like is having to clear the cache everytime I want to open it on this phone.
Nice game a few glitches that need attention will give 5 stars once those are taken care of. Thanks for the upgrades love this games
I like the game but so many glitches with it. Play game then come back and what ever is being made take hours instead of minutes like it says it would. It takes the candy I have paid/worked for. I wish I could give higher stars but I can't till this issue is fixed.
I got to level 62 or there abouts, I really enjoyed it until it was recently updated, and it's so bad now that I have deleted it
Game is gone!! Tried contacting developer who won't listen! Game support button doesn't work but will they listen? NO!! Don't waste years of your life like I did!!
I like the game but it keeps turning back it doesn't save,I was on level 29 then the following day I was back to level 25.It repeat it over and over again please fix this and reduce the time you have to wait when you bought a new factory please this is too much,I thank you
I like it only thing wrong is it takes to long for the kids to get done and to long for gift to be made
What's going on with the app? I can't do anything, all my factories I have making things and they all say 22 days wth is gping on? This is my favorite game 😪 Update everytging is working great now 😃
Please improve your game. actually I updat my game but no any improvement. Please give us a house. We decorated the house like the photo.
Fun. I want to recover my farm I accidentally uninstalled it plz help I've been playing non stop since I installed it and have achieved alot in the farm spent $ also that's how much I LOVE the game just happened about 20-30 minutes ago , when I realized what I done I was so upset with myself reinstalled and the entire farm was gone HELP ASAP PLEASE.....Ty 12-9-2020 Still no farm?update absolutely screwed it. I seriously am going through rebooting cell n same thing happens c'mon guys it's re
Great game I'm playing two more and I'm playing this one as well keep up the great work please stay safe thanks for all you guys are doing doing this covid-19 time of the year listen to your beautiful family and co-workers love from a true game player
Fun and relaxing. But does get boring when you choose to play for free or low cost. Not enough decorations that you don't need to spend real money to obtain. But for the most part its a cute game and passes some time.
There is way way to many ads interrupting when your playing and especially when you move to fast straight into the ad it's very annoy and makes you wanna stop playing and find something else to play thank you hope you can fix this
It's cute. I love the Christmas theme. Update 1/29/21: it's getting buggy. Keeps hesitating, or hanging altogether. I don't know if this is because I have more data in it as I advance. Have dumped cache multiple times. Rebooted. Definitely giving a lot of trouble this morning. Didn't occur until I'd been in and playing for several hours today. Same on some other days, too. But not all of them.
I Love This Cute Game. I had a glitch happen but contacted support and problem was fixed within a couple hours. You have to be careful not to let your warehouse get totally full or you are stuck until you can feed the animals to free up enough space to get going again. I took advantage of the glitch where the fairies wouldn't disappear and kept gaining cookies from them. Positive side of a problem. I do think that $19 PER MONTH is way too high for this game.
I spent $20 on the game to get 600 peppermints and all I got was a little bit over 100 and everytime I go to play my game I end up starting over like it's groundhogs day over and over and if I can't get my peppermints I want my money back and I will delete the game becomes it's not right I very upset about this 😭😠😡😢
ive moved my 5 stars down to 2 why cuz im getting sick and tired of this game keep crashing over and over and over and over again cuz everytime i sort stuff out it crashes so i have to start all over again sort this out or im deleting this game so frustrating but would be ashame if i deleted it cuz im past 40+ plus levels but i will if i have to if u dont sort this out
It has a different title after installation, New Year Farm! I completed level 3, and it skipped to level six and won't play
I love this game but it's doing the same thing that caused me to uninstall it the first time I downloaded it. After playing for a while I will shut the game down. Usually when I reopen the game, the time left on the things in my factories is a few minutes and the Polar Car is also within an hour or two of returning. However today, after reopening the game the time to finish all items was 2 hours and 4 hours and the Polar Car was 7 hours. Help function forced me to change passwords and shut down
Tried to play game today, but after your big new update could not even get on to play tried numerous times and still the same PROBLEM, so I was on level 69 uninstalled to see if that would help and you have taken me and ALL the MONEY AND TIME I HAVE SPENT BACK TO LEVEL ONE. SO I WILL NOT GIVE YOU A RATING BECAUSE YOU DON'T HAVE MINUS ZERO THANKS FOR NOTHING YOU ARE DISHONEST
I love the graphics, lots of options and things to do. I have one major issue..... You dont offer the special tool to just buy And you charge sooo much to keep going on. Ill probably end up quitting this game soon.
Nice 👏 game i like it . this is good for kids they can learn many things from the game .❤️👍🌺
A lot of glitches! Characters often get stuck on the bridge together. The tree is totally messed up. The presents never go down, yeti open at least 20-30 daily depending on storage. Love the game tho! Lots of gifts and easy to understand..
Wanted to rate higher but since new update I no longer have the train. Guest, flower shop. One guest is stuck here and not fun.
Boring boring boring need to release more properties .tired of the same old thing - nothing 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
I've just started playing, but so far I really like it! It would be nice if you didn't have to wait so long for your buildings to be built.
Although I like this game it glitches a lot. I work my farm then it starts glitching so I reload and everything I have done I have to do again and it does this over and over. Major glitches. And still can't load old game even signed in to Facebook it wouldn't go to old game.
Update: Game is very cute and I am enjoying it. I am stuck not being able to get enough cookies to buy the next factory and I feel like I am just a bit stalled. Buying the cookies and peppermints is a bit too costly so that is not an option. Buying a paid subscription is insanely expensive and I wont do that either. Other than the purchased expenses, this is a well thought out game and anyone who loves Christmas will like it!
Im still giving it 5 stars. But the problem im having now. Is that last night i did the expansion. I thought it would be done when i woke up this morning. But it wasnt. And i also am crafting the doll. At first when i got back on this morning it said i have 15 mins left. And when i went on again. It says i have 30 minutes left. Is there a way you can fix it?
Great fun. I have one complaint: when l click on an item in a manufacturing menu to see which ingredients are needed WHY are you pushing that other other menu in my face to irritate me into subscribing????
this game is beautiful i store so many toys and chocolates.. but i have one thing that i didn't like the time of every each machine is too tired to wait i love to play contiously but how can i do that if other machine spend an hour after it will finish the production. can you please decrease atlease 10 minutes of other machine because my other machine have 20-30 minutes waiting time.
Literally a waiting game! I played this a few years ago and thought I'd see if my progress had saved (nope). No big deal, but I don't recall being stuck like I am now. You can't clear land or expand storage (huge, aggravating problem) without tools and there is no way to make the tools! I've gotten a few shovels but no axes or pickaxes. I'm giving up if that doesn't change. It makes no sense.
I started just today and I'm already on level 18 (I think). I've really enjoyed myself. Everything is festive and fun. So far I have been able to play without buying too many Candie mints (they are used like diamonds in other games) I find that if I just take my time and don't get in too big of hurry I don't need to spend them. Anyway, it's a fun little holiday game and I thank you for creating it.
Adorable theme! Great graphics. Great music. But the game freezes a lot. It would be a 5 star game if it did not freeze.
Best game ever, not too adicting (which is great) but it will keep you interested! I love it so much, and it is great too play, even if its not December!😍🎅🎄
I like the game but in order to progress i have to keep buying gems and its hard to harvest anything because i dont have enough resources
Cute and fun game. Only downside is they want $19.99 a month for VIP. Yes I get it there are bonuses. But THAT much?! Other than that would have been a five ⭐
You really don't want people to play your game anymore. I've been playing this game for 3 years. I earned everything in the game. I have had to start over 4 times now. This is the worst update. Of starting over.
It's a fabulous game .I like this but sometime when I play ,unfortunately it stopped again and again So that's why I gave it 3 star
Just downloaded the game and I can't even play it. It tells me how to gather my trees and it lags and closes out before I can even do that my husband downloaded it and it works just fine why would it not work for me I have tried reinstalling it 2 times still the same problem
Slow going, storage is an issue and need items to upgrade that uses your other items needed to play. Makes no sense.
The problem with the holiday games is they get you going and then make it impossible to go forward without spending real money. Which makes the possible good game suck in the end. Here it is 2020, I'm trying it again. It is cute. This year I have spent a little money like 3 dollars but that was just because I wasn't hip to tricks. I am moving right along with the game. It's a cute pass time. E,enjoy if much.
Crashes if I leave the app and try to launch it again. The only way to get it working is to restart my phone everything I want to launch it.
This game needs alot of fixing .Storage is full you cant do anything. You cant get tools to cut things down. The christmas gifts wont slide under tree. This game sucks.
This game is so hard to play now, you spend more time watching commercials than actually playing. The buildings cost so much it takes FOREVER to get them 🥱😴 I have too many other games more interesting, I can see me losing interest again. I mean a year ago I played this all the time and got as high up as you could go but stopped playing for a so I uninstalled. Lost all my progress and decided to start over. BAD IDEA it was much easier and more fun. I do like the update, but too hard to keep up
Fun Christmas game which is easy to enjoy over the festive season xx Update - Ever since my game updated 3 days ago, it won't open, so sad as I was really enjoying it, anyone else having same problem?
Fun and makes me exited when thinking about Christmas this year! Although the graphics is 2D, but grateful, the kartoon is walking and makes some movement. Love the Santa, animals, visitors, factories and the present too. Not giving me any pressure except for the time to wait it. I recommand for anyone who likes Christmas, very much.
I don't have a clue what is going on most of the time, but the artwork is so nice and christmassy I don't care.
This game is really awesome now I'm in level 29 and it is really very easy to play and no words to say about this game just awesome👏😊👍
There is way way to many ads interrupting when your playing and especially when you move to fast straight into the ad it's very annoy and makes you wanna stop playing and find something else to play thank you hope you can fix this... also I wanna add why does it go like 3 hours to make something when it normally takes 3 minutes that's very annoying... AND YOU NEED TO CHANGE THE WAY YOU DO THE STORAGE THAT SUCKS AND AGAIN DOING THE 3 HOURS WHEN iT NORMALLY TAKES 3 MINUTES
It's all good, except when your storage is full you get stuck and have a stalemate happy. You can't move forward to play the game. You should allow for an easier way to get out of that jam.
So nice games I loved your every game. Farm paradise, Monster farm and sweet candy farm yummmm. But when I tried to find the aqua farm game it was not there. Yesterday I played and my sister deleted it in a mistake so when I tried to find it was not there and when I was playing the candy farm. And when I was leaving from there I got a add of aqua farm so it was there in the google play. And I rate it also But today it is not.So please get back the that version please 😇. Thanks for your games.
Hello. I need help with my game. I love this game but it's glitching. My shops are not working and they are producing goods by taking longer than they should for instance if a good says it takes a few minutes it will take hours instead.
I think this game is so cute & fun, but I'm only giving 2 stars because every time I get on to play it says that my candies are taking 3 hours to make which it shouldn't even take that much time. Plus nothing happens from the time I quit playing to the time I get back on. I don't know what's going on with this game, but I wish you guys would fix ALL of this or I'll just have to move on.
I have improved my train station and I thought more guests would arrive but only 3 will arrive at a time. My ice skating rink is upgraded to hold more guests and my other shop can hold more guests.
This game is so nice 👌👌... I love to play this game... Me and my friend had downloaded this game and we enjoy this game very much.. And I would like to give five out of five star... 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Its really cool so far,brrrr!lolstill cool!you're quite welcome,and yay,it's getting even better.happy new year!
Several times in the last few days the time frames keep changing for everything. When I leave the game it says maybe 2 hrs then when I go back into the game it changes to 4 to 5 hrs. I liked this game the very first time I played which is why I downloaded again. Please fix the problems. Please do not tell me to email anyone. If you do, I will delete the game.
It's a good game but takes a lot of patience and time. I use it to take a break every few hours from work/life. If you have time to invest totally worth it
A lot of glitches! Characters often get stuck on the bridge together. The tree is totally messed up. The presents never go down, yeti open at least 20-30 daily depending on storage. Love the game tho! Lots of gifts and easy to understand.. Update... On level 37.. Quest is to make hour chocolate with marshmallows. But there is no factory to make it! It directs you to make it at the chocolate shop. But, its not there!! There's only hot chocolate with licorice. So i can't complete the quest!!!
Cute game. Just hard to be competitive without communication. Also the storage fills up too fast which makes it hard to continue to play.
It needs to be fixed . I was a level 24 and now i am at 14 again i am not very happy with it . Can you please help me out and fix it i really do like this game
please add the ability to login to Google play for people who don't have Facebook know please and add the ability to add friends from your android phone contact list and add decorations to please
The game is cute so I will reevaluate it in a few days. I just paid 21,000 hard earned cookies to restore a tower. Now I have to wait 34 hours for it to restore. That is uncalled for. Many buildings take excessively long times to build. The board for selling stuff fills with items from the incomplete buildings so it is impossible to fill the orders to earn cookies and level up. You can watch ads to speed up time or double rewards but they show randomly and not when you most need them.
This game is so much fun. The graphics are crisp and cute, and the game play is evenly balanced. You can watch 20-30 second videos to get extra cookies (money) when selling, or to speed up time, or get peppermints (gems). They make it easy to get peppermint in this game, unlike other games like this. I had a question and asked the support and got an answer less than 24 hours later. All in all, a great game. I just wish we could sell products to other players.
Really disappointing. Reached level 11 and there is bug which won't let you open the visitor centre . I contacted the helpline in settings and they just told me to uninstall then re install the game , which I did but it made no difference. They told me the bug is fixed but it isn't. Contacted them again to be told they will direct me to a link. Have heard nothing