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Farm Paradise - Fun farm trade game at lost island

Farm Paradise - Fun farm trade game at lost island for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by foranj located at Russian Federation Moscow City, 119435 Maly Savinsky per. d5 office 3. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is an amazing app of time killing. I and my sisters and brother are also playing the game. I love this app.
I loved this game untill the new update.. the game has become just impossible to play... it gives you tension rather than relaxing... so slow and difficult it has become... Uninstalling! 😦
Very nice game but the further you play the more problems you get with this game keep on freezing or the game does not respond. Makes me very agry.
It is the game I finally choose as the speed is suitable to my daily activities. I do not need to attend everyday to keep the animal and crops alive. I do not have to race eagerly to keep the production going. Nothing will collapse if I do not play for a few days. Yet it is interesting enough to keep me coming, in my spare time while waiting for a queu in a bank, waiting for a meeting, or just a break to refresh the day.
The time to grow crops is OK Nice animals But the only problem I have with this game That u can get out of crops and to get them back you can not buy them at market you have to buy them with gems which is really bad
I like this type of game, so far had no problem with this game. Still in the process of expanding my paradise farm. 😊
I like the game but i feel bored because of the strawberry when it died it's hard to remove and i have lots of strawberry to remove. I hope there's another way on that not just the shovel it's hard to find and the others tools.
I reached at the max level but still one part is unlocked and when I touch that part then message comes will come soon... So when and how it will start.. And also no new updates are coming... Nothing interesting is their to do..
So far so good, love the characters , vivid colors, great detail of cute animals ,fish, and scenery. The playability seems pretty fluid ,easy to understand. The more I play ,the more I'll see how it goes. For now I'd say ..... Down load this game , seems like a winner.
It's a great farm game... So far it's fun ... I'm only on lvl 6 so if my opinion changes I will leave a different review.. πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œβœŒοΈπŸ˜Š
It was fun and so enjoyable I really like it so much thank you for all of the creators of this game it was really great and fun
Guys u just say me 1 thing why there are many games same like this but with a lil new features Ok coming back to the point I gave 3 starts cause i love this game very much The reason i dint guve 1 more star is that of money its damn difficult to earn money and u ask us to buy the shop too and i never reached atleast to 500β‚Ή ,sure u keeep everything to earn money easy and take out that buying the shop the reason i dint give other star is that the orders on the plane are difficult! All the best
Very hard to advance without paying "real life" money for virtual / fake money. Other wise a "kind of fun for a while" , kind of nice , and kind of cute game. How ever , there are similar games that allow more and are easier to play with out ending up spending money. This game could be so much more but falls a bit short and I need the space any way.
The most common game are the farm games I like to see how far I can go without getting bored So far I am not bored I am very interested in this game
i like the game works Good just one thing i dont like is when i started the game i started tapping on all the crabs, birds, shells etc without thinking about my storage so it got full an now i have all these shells an stuff i cant get rid of and there taking up more than half of my storage but thats the only bad thing i gotta say about it, Cool game tho
I love this game 😍 but the money you give is so little and to buy things the money is to high to much and it take long to cook any way download is a good game and like it
This app was very amazing and good but when it is updated its all fecilities are gone we cant use some things we before did so now it gives very bad expirence
his is a game i feel like you have to really understand because it is quite hard to get the hang of what your meant to do because it doesent really tell you much instructions . Now i have been playing it for a while i find it really fun. So over all it is a decent game to play and good to fill up the boring times when you need something to do
Well, players, I read most of the feedback here, and I do have same experience as the rest of you, like storage is always full, when I first try this game, I un install it.. because it stop, I cant harvest, I cant feed the animals and etc. All of my bad experience is not about the game is not cool but because I dont know how to play it.. now its getting handy and everyting works and The game is by far the best farming game there is. You jyst need to learn how it works.
This is really fun and really beautiful, the graphics are great, the performance is good, and I love it and all.. But It's kinda tough to place factories/yards/enclosures/paths when there's trees and weeds and rocks everywhere with not enough tools to cut them. On top of it the rocks don't clear out in one try, and you have take out the strawberry bushes after they die. That leaves you with no option but to buy gems. Hoping for improvements.
I have installed the game for at least 4 times. The 1st one, I rated it 5 stars cause I really did enjoy it. I even reached max level. The 2nd one, I have to change phones. I installed it to the new one and DAAANG, started all over again. I did connect it via facebook - cause it is the only available one, on the 1st installation. My whole progress was gone. I hated it. Now, I changed phones again cause the other one broke. Installed it. Started all over again. connevtivity issues again.
I was liking this game to the extent that a day I didn't play it, I will feel bad but after updating the addictive game, it became boring that I wanted to uninstall it. Honestly the game is no longer giving me joy to play it as usual. I once rated it 5 stars but now I'm rating it 2 stars, that's to tell you how boring it is now.
I love this game very much because it was so nice and adjustments. I download the game and playing now. So fun. The sound of birds, earning money, hmm so nice game. πŸ˜€
Its a very good game .. I enjoyed this game for every day to play.. And get more updates to gave a game .. So..
The worst game ever. Why can't you make different graphics for different games? In all games the graphics are almost similar. Try to make a fair available in every game- for requesting,selling & buying things. The experience level of the game is too much. Try to reduce the experience level. Thank u so much for ur improvements. So nice of u. We suggest u to make more foranj games. It's really nice to play foranj games as it's offline. Please make it run smoother also. Thanks
This an very very superb game and also I like that tourist scene..... But the silo storage is too short for an upgrade.....superb game and I will rate for this 4 stars because of the silo storage......
Like the game but the leeway is too small I'm now in stale mate because I can't harvest anymore. But can't make anything else as no room with out buying yet again. It's just a way of getting money out of us. Which is a shame.
I am downloading it in the 5 th time. I love it so much. But the problem is some times the game don't work. All the best
I really love this game since 2018 and i love how they make the game because i love trading farming and buillding my own island specially when making jewelrys and advanturing i love this game.
Would have given it more stars if it didnt lag so much, after two minutes of playing its starts to lag and that get pretty annoying really quickly.
While I was glad to find this app after Paradise Bay was shut down, I'm disappointed with the amount of glitches in the game. I have shared concerns through the help and support channel but nothing seems to have been rectified.
loved game until change took all my full slots open on every item put buildings on my plants where annot possibly use .. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS GAME AT ALL RIGHT NOW. PUT A LOT OF TIME AN MONEY IN THIS GAME FOR NOTHING RIGHT NOW.
I like the game, the graphics are wonderful, kudos to the developers of this game. I'll rate four star for it. how i wish i can tap on the goods And sell them in order to acquire more space in the barn and silo,
It is a good game my only suggestion would be to automatically renew the crops when they have ran out rather than waiting to watch an ad it would be a lot easier
Did rate this game 5 star but take it back because idk how me must pay for crops to plant and is not like I don't have any to plant if I don't have any crop to plant then u collect money to plant them but I have crop to plant so how u fi collect money kmt
Nice game, If you can play this game, you can manage a real farm 😁.... But no reward for updating again πŸ˜”
Take to long to get enough coins to progress at any speed. Yes you can watch ads to get some things but it takes to long to get enough coins to buy anything
Its a decent farming game with all the classic tropes. But the gameplay isn't well thought through. What the game demands and what you earn or produce is miles apart. For example, you need ropes for mines, roof tiles for building expansion or gold/silver/gems for jewellery. The game hardly has any way to find, make or earn these things except watch video ads or pay with diamonds. Instead the game has abundant fish and honey and sea shells which you store in hundreds but hardly use anywhere.
Its a very good game .. I enjoyed this game for every day to play.. And get more updates for.. Get a daily coins increase him..then ship too late coming so.. Decrese for time pls...
I like playing this game but the problem is that there is that there is no space in the storage. ... Which is so embarrassing because we can't even harvest and there is also lack of free diamonds.. It take a lot of time please fix πŸ”© it on the next update.....
the storage needs to be upgrade.needs to wait for too long! why not just for seconds????the items are so expensive.even the level too long to wait!why make it short so that it will not extend for too long????????whats the reason???hard to get the diamond so expensive!!!!making food needs to wait for too long why then too long in waiting? why just for seconds..huhuhu i love this game but im tired waiting..
It' cool , some of the products like the sowing off seeds give trouble at first but it ok. I had it once but deleted it cuz it was to hard but reistalled it,cuz am up for a challenge
Actual game was quite happy while play then after there is no options to play becoz it asks for diamond there is no way to collect diamond automatically it shows but diamond for amount so the game play was totally collapsed..
I love this game 😍 lalo na pag NASA level 23 arranging young mga animals sa farm...like 🦁, 🦘 and etc.
Edit: you can sell stuff from level 16, i got it. Hey alls picture perfect but how to export goods from the shop. It looks like a bug, when i select the slot and click the item i want to sell and click load, it goes back to the slot screen but does not show the item selected and all slots are empty as before. May you please help?
the game is nice i took a quiz for gems the gems where not given to me. you always have to upgrade storage i wish i could bargain on the prices i sell my goods for.the dairy is always very slow can i buy more than one
Beautiful little farming game with plenty of actions to perform on the farm. Reason for the 3 star rating... Silo fills up way too quickly and there's no way to sale or delete any items, kind of locks you at a stand still for a bit. Also, you're forced, at a certain point, to write a review or rate the game before you can continue your game-play. Gems are difficult to earn. Land expansions require a lot of materials.
I love this game I have one thing I'm not loving and that is how hard it is to level up but other than that small little thing I love it
Horrible! The worst game I've ever come across. The creators are only interested in making money. There is NOTHING you can do without paying, accept collect coconuts & shells! As soon as you expand the silo or storage, it IMMEDIATELY asks to expand again??? A real disappointment.
the game is awesome with the exeption that we need more ways of getting tools to clear the land I've expanded with no tools to clear the land and increase on the amount of supplies needed to upgrade barn and silo and also being able to sell items from barn and silo would help to keep items to a minimum for cases when they say upgrade but you are without the materials to upgrade.Thanks for a great game otherwise.
It's getting boring to play too hard to earn money , items in the store , buildings plus expansion is to expensive.
This game is fun but sucks everytime i exit it takes me back to level 6 😠 i worked hard this morning to unlock everything and get to level 8 and it restarted me AGAIN im fixing to delete plus it takes to long for things to produce u get bored waiting fixing to uninstall
please add the ability to login to Google play on all of your games and add the ability to add friends from your android phone contact list and add decorations to please thank you so much
It was nice untill I updated the game. All the animals changed, the orders changed and also soo many adjustments were made making the game look different. I was really enjoying it but now the way everything looks doesn't make want to even play it again.
I like this game it's super interested and am not having any problem. am in exp 29 But after updating this game it change entirely, so i have to delete it and start over again
its fun and easy and not expensive so far,just start playing the game hope I will enjoyed it all the way
It's quite good game and I love to play.i evn gonna put 5 star ...but.. something stop me to do that...and that is unwillingly my storage r become low down whenever I am gonna grow something nw foods..and I just don't know why it's happening... but when I 1st installed this games.it has not that kind of problem.... So plz try to solve this problem otherwise I've to unstall this gamesπŸ™‚ Thank u
I have upgraded this game,didn't help.You buy territory but Im unable to excavate the property,cannot clear the trees or stones.Why is the buildings so ridiculously high.I love this game but Im not happy.Also now you forced to accept the prizes for shipments,I have to accept things I dont want or need.Please can I have the option to choose what I want to sell & what I need.
This is a fun farming game so far! One of the better ones with no pressure in play. I'm only on Level 10, and made 1 coin purchase so far. I would recommend this game.
Game is good but the number of rubies are in very small amount,silo and barn storage always get full.....and I need to sell or use the material and crops for again use the storage but the same thing is started barn storage is full limit crossed......plz do something for it......πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ I am not satisfied FORANJπŸ™€πŸ™€
I lost my coins. I lost my diamonds without a way to get them back. Customer service n refunding or giving what you pay for is slightly askew. I want my coins and diamonds
Not nice after update, no buyers coming, not earning money bad bad bad, thinking to uninstall, uninstalled
So far ok. The game play is good.. When going to ruins and zoo there is no direction o how to give products to guest
Just started game, I really like it so far! I will upgrade to 5+ if i had a lil more time b4 forcing players to evaluate to soon! Im just realizing that watching ads doesnt give full reward unless u install and PLAY the game! Thats not just this ap tho its all of them now, lol! Will update after a few days of play! Great Job Dev Team!!! πŸ˜€
Would be a really good game i like it my only problem is the storeage i find cant get the orders becouse cant get the itams to make them thats why im only giving two stars if the develipors change this ill be happy to give five stars if it dosent ill delet
This was very nice game but the silo is damaging the whole game it was very bad but because of that we cannot pluck the plants and because of that the diamonds are wasting if it comes totaly to 200 or 500 we can give the diamonds but it is coming little little spaces so we are spending the diamonds but i like this game it is a fabulous game but only the silo is the problem but i have gave 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ it is awesome game πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘