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Farm Mania

Farm Mania for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Qumaron located at Cyprus, Nicosia, 41-43 Klimentos, Klimentos Tower, Flat/ Office 25. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I like the game since ive been playing this since I was a kid. The real problem is the game is forcing me to buy the full version since I can't go to the next level if I wont choose between watching an ad or buying the full version. I clicked watch an ad a lot of times but it keeps saying i dont have internet connection, which is really funny. You cant force your users to buy the full version lol.
Ads for the next level is always not available even when the connection is okay. Edit: Saw that you keep on telling people about the in-app purchases in these cases. My opinion is not a lot of people would be willing spend money on games. Isn't it enough that they are willing to watch ads to play levels? At least fix that for them. Thank you.
The best farm mania ever, no glitch & all star is gold reachable. So Fun & Easy to play. Thankyou so much for this wonderful free game, Qumaron 😚.
After buying the game , it doesn't start Shows black screen Please fix I dont know should I reinstall or not Could lose progress and money I paid
I like it but why do I need to watch ads to unlock another level its fun but i hope the levels can be unlocked without ads
Nice game. Enjoyed playing. I just need to complete last 2 stages but when I reach second last stage they want me to sell 1 goat but I have already one goat only and I can't sell it as the option of sell is not coming. So only 2 stars. Please fix it.
Love this game but only 3 stars becauae it needs network. However, please make this game offline. I can't play day 25. If you do this, then I will rate this game 5 stars.
im so cross Right now i used to play this game for years on my moms computer now i downloaded the game just to find all my sheeps and that i cant play any further without spending money on it.. Guys this is an awesome game but cant u guys fix it pls i will rate it 5 star if u fix it and will get more people to play the game but until them im rating this game a with a one star.. i was so happy to have the game and then i just wasted my data because i cant play😀
Every thing about this game is amazing except the fact it f-ing forces u to buy it. pls don't download this or you are gonna lose your mind..
Game is good, but could make it free as two more versions are released. I uninstalled because of the issue telling me to pay to unlock all levels, which is not worth spending or server not responding connectivity error and couldn't find any video in this game
Very beautiful game till you pass the 6 or 7 level after that you are forced to pay money or you will not play because when you choose the ads they pretend that your server is down🀧
I like this game since I play this on my PC years ago. I'd like to buy the full version, but can you make it cheaper? I saw at the info provided, the price is [email protected] If it's true then I think it's too expensive. Im sorry but I'd rather watch the ads you provided than buying the apps ☺
it is nice but you should be able to go relaxe mode without paying for it. then i would totally give five stars or more!!!!πŸ˜ƒ
I love it but too many ads, everytime i want to go to another level, i have to watch ads. I dont have money to spend on games. I decide to uninstall it :(
MON 18.02.2019: Farm Mania, 2 & 3 Play & OK don't work, they waste my data, time & money. I've Internet connection, it's your end, not mine. Yesterday I went between the 2 buttons 400 times still no good, before that it was 200, earlier between 15-45 They work very occasionally. There's a Cancel button above this does work. No doubt the apps have a bug, virus, or they were made this way. It really spoils all of the games they are also time wasting. 10.4.20 ditto got rid AGAIN.
this game is amazing i used to play it on my computer when i was a kid. One problem I have been facing is that when i move onto the next level. I click on the view ad option but it keeps saying unable to connevt server please check internet connection. Even though my internet is working just fine. I tried everything. Sometimes by just clicking it multiple times it works but now its not working no matter what i do.
There are few levels in farm mania 1 where proper hints are not given especially related to factories. Just with signs it becomes confusing. I hope you guys bring farm mania 4 soon. I also want Jane's hotel in the similar pattern.please make amendments. All the installments of Jane's hotel game.
When I reach at level 7 it asks me to watch video its too boring πŸ˜‘ because I click on that but video comes too late and big
I really been patient because of the ads. It has ads in every level of the game but its worth it because it was may childhood
I love this game, I don't have any ads pop up just the game. I play all three of the farm mania games and have no complaints about any of them , until now. Suddenly I can't get into any of them. The Qumaron logo comes up as normal, and that's it, nothing!! I've tried deleting them then reinstalling them, but still nothing, HELP.
I played farm mania 1,2,3.i completed all level.its really an interesting game.i love it..need to upgrade more level...
I love it! Because when you buy something it super createful So. Join the farmania its fun.😁😁😁
I really love this game because I played it when I was young on a computer and now it's very awesome playing it on the phone but the problem is, it's not a full version game.....please make it full version. Thank you
I loved this game. But now I can't play it without buying. Everytime I click on watch ad, it shows server down.
Gam is addicted bt after 4-5 stage its stop , when i play next stage 'The server is not responding . Please ,check your internet connection and try again 'come on my screen again n again, i delete ths game 5 time n download again bt its nt working. I like ths gm vry much. Y every time add come n thn v can play ?
I first played this in a computer and its free,and when i click watch to play the next level it says that it cannot connect to the server youve made a great game but next time make it functional.
I have played this years ago and it was great But this version is literally unplayable, i never could watch an ad to keep playing It says server not responding
I really like the game but the ads that we need to watch like 1000 times is seriously annoying. Thank you very much
Please help me I really want to play this app but it keeps saying enter name and keyboard didn't work πŸ˜«πŸ˜’πŸ˜” d For mania 2 and 3.
I can not watch an ad for the next level, as it keeps saying server is down. You keep replying to similar complaints that when there are ads they will appear, but this is ongoing for a few days now. I can't play and it's very annoying and time wasting.
Cant plant anything on this game, no idea on what to do, no coins when you first start. This game is boring, uninstalling
i have being playing this game with no problems but one my second last level of arcade is at a complete stop now i cant finish farm mania game for this reason plz help me out
I still need to watch ad to unlock next level. And the worst thing is that it keeps on saying that the server is not responding even though I have 4G internet connection.
Don't bother downloading it guys.. It is scam...it allows you to play upto only 6 levels.. And to play further you have to pay.. Coz the watch ad option is a scam.. It doesn't work.. Nice trick to earn money.. But people are not that stupid πŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ
Can't move on without buying sais server can't connect and I know this is on purpose because in every farm mania I play this happens. I wouldn't download. These people seem shady
After i finishing the free level, it states that i can get 1 level free when i watch adds . But it said that i cant connect to server eventhough my internet connection is super fast . Please fix this . Thankyou
Yep, I see what so many people are talking about..."server down". What they really mean is "server is fine but we prefer to take ur money and if u don't pay us, we'll just lie and say 'server down'". Too bad cuz I kinda liked it... not enough to pay $4 but enough to watch those stupid ads to continue playing. Oh well, time to uninstall. Thanks for almost having a good game.
this is the best game. I'm so happy that now this is on playstore, I've been playing this since my childhood
I have been addicted to this game since 2010 and i might say it's worth the wait because you don't need to pay to unlock levels, just few videos and advertisements to watch is enough to be able to unlock levels and won't even pay for a penny.. Great game indeed..
Hi I have purchase the game before. i downloaded the full version of it. but i lost my phone. I got a new email address. i wasnt able to recover the previous email i have on file. im so glad that finally, developers are active. been waiting for this game for over 2yrs now. Is there any chance I can retrieve my old account? like the one i paid for the full version. IF I CAN RETRIEVE THE ACCOUNT CAB I HAVE THE FULL VERSION AGAIN?
This game is good to play but there is problem with the second last leavel and i think this is why I started hating this game and now I think this game doesn't deserve stars I hate this game because of the second last leavel '' IT'S NOT A GOOD GAME ''
This whole game is fun but should be free since there are 2 other newer versions. Ad to watch after every level, then the server doesnt respond...?#Unistalled.
I love the game but after completing some levels they are asked to buy the version for new levels.without that buying option the game is good and encouraging and nice and try to remove that buying feature
The game is interesting but there are two problems. First, it has so many ads. Second, before every level it keeps saying the server isn't responding and you have to try many times to start the level... It is annoying.
i just absolutely love this game.. i have been trying to find this game since 2011.. i was so addicted to it and im so glad that we dont have to pay to unlovk levels now..thanks
I couldn't continue to play since it's asked me to watch the video ads, but it keeps say that my connection has issue which actually not true. Please, my connection is fine now. Might delete it if there is no change later