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Farm Island - Journey Story

Farm Island - Journey Story for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by foranj located at Russian Federation Moscow City, 119435 Maly Savinsky per. d5 office 3. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Was better before the update. The boat option used to be you could choose 1 or 2 of the boxes, then send the boat away to come back later with new goods. Now you have to pick all 3 even if you don't want those goods in order to get new choices. There used to be people walking around the money tree to sell to, now they aren't there. For the visitor/animal zoo, you cannot delete/trash a request to get a new one, so I no longer use that either. Will probably delete soon.
Frustrating. Have only been playing for a few days just getting into it but I don't have enough storage to do anything or a way of increasing storage. So now so I give up. If it's this hard to be able to do anything at the beginning of the game that's not worth it.
this game would be a lot of fun but the wait times are ridiculous for things. you need coins to build things and the amounts needed are insane considering the ridiculously small amount you receive for completing tasks. you need diamonds for everything and there isnt a consistant way to even receive them in the game. so if you want to shell out lots of money from your own pockets to play....stay away from this game.
Give us some free coins an gem until we can get started an moved forward.please would really help alot.
10 times installed -uninstalled...but not able to go on other area for ploughing or something new....play play only for storage.
Likes: graphics, availability of certain resources island-wide, 2 ways to complete orders for coins/exp before lv10. Dislikes: waiting 4 hrs for a single strawberry, cancelling orders requesting an item I can't make - only to have said item in the NEXT order (went through 10 orders to finally get something new), free gem system not rewarding, not enough ways to sell items for coins, boat focusing on animal cards after lv9 and no longer receiving necessary tools.
I downloaded game. Got to level 9 and the game shut down. Downloaded game again and got to level 10 and game shut down. Sad.
I labbbbbbb dij gamme...... One thing about the game is it takes away my stressed "Me". Thanks for the game. Edit- The game is not working. It's degrading. I can't plant carrots, the spear does not works and blah blah blah....
The storage always gets full , I wished if the storgae would never.................................................. get full
I love also this game...in the 1st hard to play because you cannot sell the item tapos I go to level 22 it was change...more sell and more coins can earn.
Very good game.... but problem in storage capacity. Very difficult to get tools to upgrade the storage capacity...at least if market is available to buy tools, than that will be good...
The game is awesome when I used the beta version I didn't like so I decided to reinstall but I lossed my progress please use Google play games to retrieve all data
Its old version was very good,,so I am not enjoy this new version,,,I want that old app,,can I get this?? Plz,,,I love the old version of this game,,,can u help me??
Only just started playing and enjoying game but certain expantion parts takes to long to get and or you just don't get and prep time on products just to long.
Liked the game the graphics are good its not like other games you have temples to explore and a lot of other things but you cant sell your crops when your barn is full thats the only broblem i have
love it play it untill my tablet runs out of battery !!!πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ˜€πŸ˜€ one problem i wanted to rate 4.5 but i could not make half star the reason is it just turns off and i have to get in yo the game again and coins are use less mostly but it is good
It's a fun and addictive game but I have an issue with a zoo tourist that has been at a enclosure for weeks now that won't move and I can't get her to move either. Fix this
Im at level 37 _ and cant go any further , acording to me i had completed the game in full , i bought out everything and nothing more to do , i also did the update but know it is one way , will there be any update again soon ?
How to express will lead us to have low amount of words . This is amazing as it does not give so much pressure in mind . Good game
Superb game.. Earning coins and diamonds are difficulte..good entertainer.. Waiting for goods preparation is irritating.. Bt i like this game very much
Takes too long to advance. SHOULD NOT HAVE TO UPGRADE STORAGES! Great game, much to do and great graphics!πŸ€—β€
i was enjoying the game until a few weeks ago. i lost my feed factory. it says it was bought out. i had no idea this could happen. i can not get it back. i have sent a message via Facebook several days ago and have got no reply. I am getting ready to uninstall the game since i can't play it .
Very basic and clunky farming game. Not a patch on the major competitors. The content is good but there are several things that spoil it. Fields that look empty actually have crops in. Very glitchy trying to move things. You have to get the balance right for people who won't pay for in game diamonds to progress.
I will give it 5 star.It was better before updating. But after updating I can't find pumpkins and the people's of the island are invisible. I can't grow hibiscus plant. But otherwise it's mind-blowing. I hope you'll repair this.
LoL why call it Hay Bay? You totally took that from Hay Day and just added bay. You could've simply left it as Farm Island City Paradise. I understand there's a lot of developers' competition out there but Hay Day will always be the top farming game out there. I always read the negative reviews first to see what people are saying and so far I'm not liking what I'm seeing about not being able to progress in game without spending $. What's diff in this game from Hay Day then apart from graphics? It's the same elements like farming.
it wont let me click on the setting. nothing tech support sucks. no one ever answers . app stopped working. no one to help/ i could not access anything on the game. even the app settings. i have a chrome book . deleted game then reinstalled it. now it only loads to initial farm and wont let me click on anything. sent an email to you. this is only way to reach u so i edited review
Ok but the game takes a while for processing food and refreshing items to get. Especially for tools (ropes, dynamite etc for mining)
This game is nice however the time frame of having the cheese and food processed is a bit to long other wise it's awesome addictive I have reached level 12 in 3 days so download and enjoy guys
Game starts well, but the storage fills too fast and have trouble being able to use farm animals and tools. I am trying to figure it out better. Keep trying... Now using on boat better...ok.
I was loving it till the game started to crash. I can't grow my crops, slice off the coin from the tree, can't plant trees and neither the factories r working. Please please FIX IT. I don't wanna uninstall it after spending so much money in it. And also I like this game.
Stress less.., Very goood.. new update pls.. because im in a max level 37 ,im excited for those coming soon area....
Great GameΒ‘!Best farm game I have had, THANK YOU!! I'm disabled some get to complicated for me !! So again THANKS!!!
I still like this game , but you gugs make it impossible to play this game for more than ten minutes at time without money!!!!
No way to get rid of anything in silo. Unistalled. I refuse to pay for any game. My silo wad full and do not have money to waste in games. Unable to upgrade silo. Good game just not enough free things to do.
the game is better. but the strawberry die verry quickly. now i plant 4 strawberry plant in level 11.why they die verry quickly? plzzzzz answers me.please
I'm on level 13. I've got 7 people at the zoo waiting to see animals I haven't got and 5500 coins short to build their pen, and can't send the people away. Why!!! I've quit the game. Got fed up and frustrated
the latest update has destroyed the game. now it is taking coins to plant crops. before the update i can sent the boat without choosing any goods for new goods but now i have to choose all.the before game was very good. please bring it back.
I just love the music , so relax when u play the came . Just it takes a very long time to buy something coins very high for what u need to play the game . I do enjoy it althow !!!
i like these game.But the problem is storage ,i can't understand to solve the problem at all.But don't worried i like it.πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ’ž
before update it was good. but after update i am not able to find cotton and pumpkin..they are missing. I already sent a mail but no response.(using help and support button).I hope you fix this immediately..otherwise I have to Uninstall the game.
Almost perfect but can I suggest about the storage? make it unlimited and also buying some area..can you make it less and the tools like the machete and the dynamite. I can't easily buy an area because of that two things. And also about the garbage , I mean the useless trees, can you make it a way like if it's died it can be vanish like that . I really love this game. Thanks for reading.
New update is really awesome. Farm tools are rare to get. Plsss reduce cooking time. But after sometimes the characters in the game are not visiting the farm area .
Very very nice game. I enjoyed it and played it many times. Dear owner, its a humble request please update the game..I am waiting for a long time. please pay attention.
No so good because of lack storage to save the productions and also we can not buy things whitout spent diamonds and to get diamonds much difficult.Kindly update version
I like that this game is so fun and colorful. This game is quick with loading boats and planes. You get your first zoo animal at level 9. Very pleased with this game and the graphics
Was really enjoying this game, but they updated it and changed my whole layout of my island, and I couldnt use any of my things i'd built up over time. Also, you dont get enough farming tools.
Hi. Im at level 11. I repaired the shop its done repairing but now i cant open it ive clicked on it and nothing is happening. I myself love the game please help or fix the problem. Thank you
I am very happy to play this game. This game is very good. I rate this game graphics 2 star because this game graphics is not very good. You should improve this game graphics and make this game more realistic.
I really like this game. It's cute, fun and there are no random pop up ads that overwhelm the game. One of new top favorite phone games.
Its ok a bit dysfunctional with no clear objective or goal able to get to other friends but not able to help
This games a con I bought land never got it I'm using my diamonds for crops and mines it takes your diamonds but you don't get the goods half the time so annoying
I just love this game.But the problem is storage.Besides I am unable to understand from where l can get roof tiles to increase the storage.please tell me someone.l have tried a lot but l didn't understand.
Great game, but Silo capacity filles up to quick Shop should have been easier to access. But im working on getting it open, hopes it will change the access of rope and selling
Money trap. Pay to play. Very frustrating. Impossible to advance without spending a lot of money for gems. For example, game completely locks up if you fill storage. But you can't fill orders if you don't because it takes so long to make things. So, you have to buy storage with gems that you buy for cash. Strawberry plants die frequently, and you need a shovel to get rid of them or dead ones litter your island. Again, you have to buy gems to buy the shovels, one for each dead plant and on and on
Well it's fun to play I like it but // There's one ity bity problem there// The storage of silo get full very fast// And it's hard to earn money fast// And the resource// Sorry if English is bad
Very addictive game, I play this game 10 hours a day. Before I installed this I used to play a lot of games but now it is the only one I play. My only problem is that I can't unlock the lion, will you kindly resolve that
This game is incredible and very very wonderful I thank God I found this it is interesting and exciting
This is my ultimate favorite game! this game is like my comfort zone. It's always make me happy when I'm playing it😊
I just love this game... I just wanna know do we have any other levels after level 37... As I almost reached it.. . And don't know what to do next.. .
I am on level 20 and I overall love the game. Although I am enjoying the game there are many issues about the game that is very disappointing. I would mention a few. My lion habitat is not working. I cannot see the cost neither can I purchase it. I am not being allowed to request goods after pressing the 50coins and selecting the item. It is almost impossible to get ecplorer tools and of course treasures to make jewelries
Don't bother downloading, help from support is limited to paying customers only. I have tried to reach the developer through email but the address is no good. Yesterday I expanded my barn capacity to 140, today it is back down to 120. What gives? Hate to unistall but if I am going to get screwed, might as well. Progress is to slow anyway. I will recontinue playing the game when you restore my storage back where it was at 140.
I made it to level 11. Had to delete. Once the storage is full, you are stuck. You can't sell or trade items. All you can do is upgrade your storage or wait forever making small moves. It could just be my phone or fat fingers but many times the bees would fly infront of an item right as I was clicking on an item. Which filled my storage with lots of honey. taking up storage. Also, when I clicked on a shell, it would collect the one next to the one I wanted. taking up storage.
I didn't think I would like this game. But I very much so enjoy playing this game. It's Very interesting. I could play this game all day..