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Farm Frenzy 3: Ice Domain Free

Farm Frenzy 3: Ice Domain Free for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Alawar Entertainment, Inc. located at 16192 Coastal Highway Lewes, Sussex County, DE United States 19958. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love the game but please remove the ads and this game freezes like every 5 to 10 minutes very annoying
The game only works half the time. After 2 levels it's guaranteed to freeze and start you over just like the rest of this series of games. And when trying to cage a bear it goes sooo slow to ensure all of your animals get thrown away. Also you don't get the whole game free you only get 30 levels after that they make sure you pay before you can continue.
Cant even play the game with all of the ads! Everytime you accomplish a goal ads pop up for other games or river cruises or whatever. Too frustrating. GET RID OF THE ADS!
Liked the game, but frustrated there is no option to purchase full version. I don't like having to watch videos or install stupid stuff to unlock.
It's great since I love the original farm frenzy but this one crashes often mid-game. Also, ads are terrible. Actually, I'd be willing to endure a 30-sec ad if I were compensated nicely afterwards. But without any bonuses or something else you get in return, it's just utter annoyance.
I really like this game. I enjoy learning how to improve and get better and better. Not giving it quite five stars because it crashes regularly on certain levels. I've now rwached a level where I can't seem to get past the crashing...no matter how often I restart it...=(
I hate that you can't advance to the next set of levels without having 200 gems or tons of stars. Plus I have never received gems from "earning free gems" offers.
10 million adds search thing you do there's an add that pops up.. I realize there is a need for adds but this is just way too many takes away from the game completely
This game will not stop freezing and crashing right at the moment that I complete a level. It's so frustrating because I haved loved these games for years and actually bought all of the PC versions
The game is fun and challenging BUT you need jems to move to the next level and if you don't have them you do the old play other games to earn Jens. It doesn't work! Use your days and time and never get credit for the Jens you earned so you can't advance in the game. So frustrated!
I was very into this game until I had to download a game to get gems so I could progress. I wouldn't have minded if I would have gotten the gems. I tried to go to the main site or anywhere to get help with this issue and not one place I went to would allow me to send the email. That's pretty shady.
Good game too many intrusive ads. I understand the need for them but I would like to able to push a button without an as popping up in front of it.
It's different to original Farm Frenzy, but it's okay. Dogs taking the bears away and then disappearing is a bit stupid.
Good game, but too many adverts. I do accept that advertising is necessary to fund the games, but not to spoil the game. I've encountered 4 adverts within one level and it is the same one over and over again! Before you start. .. advert, you look at the menu. ..advert, receive an achievement. ..advert, restart the level. ..advert, finish the level before you can glance at the score. ..advert. Seriously? Come on guys! Less is more! Calm down with the ads and I will give 5 stars.
I enjoy the game, it is very addictive. However it crashes frequently and there are too many adds. I think the requirements to unlock past level 30 is ridiculous, you have to repeat levels to get the require stars and gems.
Ridiculously too many adverts... can't put a product in a factory when the processed product is still in the process of exiting it... probably the worst farm frenzy edition. How can you even have an average of 4.3 stars?
I don't mind ads in free games, but the sheer number is ridiculous. They don't even wait until after a game but actually interupt it. I enjoyed this game before but now it is just too annoying to play.
Far to many adverts, spoils the game. Top rated game. I'd give 5stars if they'd get rid of so many adverts n make bear cages easier to build. Uninstalling due to the ads, they completely ridiculous
Too many ads, impossible to get to further levels. Would have paid real money to play but no option for this. I've Uninstalled it now. Hoping future Farm frenzys are better. Pervious ones I had enjoyed.
You get two ads every thirty sec even when in game play. This is crazy videos even pop up and make you watch while in the middle of a level. I dont mind free for ad games but come on you can't even playthe game there are so many.
The game itself is enjoyable. Ads - No. 250,000 coins to unlock the next stage - No. You can only earn the coins [150 max] each level or by watching a video, for 50 coins each. I have 17,000 coins. ** Why not have an option to buy coins and gems?? My goodness, I'd buy my way in at this point AND pay for no ads!
Very annoying as game keeps stopping. Also can't find any option to buy the game, hoping that purchasing it would stop the crashing. Normally love farm frenzy games but this one is proving a disappointment will probably end up uninstalling.
I loved the original PC versions of the farm frenzy franchise, owning most of them. Sadly, this is just an advert ridden crash cow! Mid level it will freeze, crash or even play yet another advert; even pausing the game triggers an advert! I'm on level 7 and the game has ctashed at LEAST 3 times! How we're expected to pay for the full version when the trial is so unreliable I'll never know!
The unlock requirements are ridiculous! ! With not enough levels to put all the effort into replaying and earning the credentials you need to unlock them. With all of that said, it highly addictive and has good touch response. I just want more levels and a more realistic goal to unlock the levels. Great game otherwise!
Need 1million stars and 1k gems to unlock 3rd area....I paid to open game but apparently that was only to open area 2 $6 and now the only option to earn stars is play the 10k star reward level 100xs or watch videos for 50 stars for about 2 years so frustrated....update.... Uninstalled and reinstalled to fix only to lose ALL PROGRESS AND ALL PURCHASED CONTENT!!!!!! WHAT A SCAM
Bearly on level 12 and the game has crashed on me three times. Enjoyed the original version I purchased on my laptop, but this one seems impossible to enjoy.
You get the first set of levels free, then you are required to install other apps they have chosen in order to unlock new levels, but they never unlock. Also, there are tons of ads that cause the game to freeze a lot. I used to buy all they farm frenzy games, but that's not an option anymore. I used to love them, now I hate them, don't waste your time.
It won't load, and there's too many adds. If I try to start a level the screen turns black and it takes me back to the welcome screen. Don't download this
Ridiculously annoying adds! I understand ads are important for developers, I dont mind ads every few minutes. But 25sec ad every few seconds???? You click on play -25sec ad, you click on ok-25 sec ad. You finish level which last 2 minutes - 25sec ad. Before they show you score -25sec.after they show you score -25 sec. Then finally new level opens - there you go another 25sec of the same ad. This is over too much. You don't let people to try your game before buying - your fault...I have now decided not to buy
This game was fun on pc so I decided to try it on my phone play 30 lvls then realized they don't want plp playing past that. Outrageous goals make games not fun. Not even having the option to spend real life money to unlock the next level is ludicrous.
Was great until i tried to unlock the last area Obviously this isnt allowed because i did what was asked in the offer and still refuses to give me my gems. Dont waist your time. Fix it and give my my gems owed and i will change this to a good review as this is the only problem with the game
it keeps freezing and too many ads every time you pause the game ads come and they are very horrible ads
Great until level 28 which you can't get past, stuck in loop. Lots of ads which u can close, app hangs sometimes. Overall ok for a free app but you can't proceed to 2 top levels so 1 star for that
I love so much this game but, too much adv..much..much..much!! Always freeze then restart over and over..Frustrating! *sorry to say
Game kept crashing, ads were non stop!!!!? And the control was terrible. Pity, would've been a good game. Don't waste your time.
I play a lot of free games, I'm okay with advertising. This game is absolutely ridiculous with the ads popping up literally 4 times per round. I was willing to deal with it to play, but something is wrong with the bear cages. I have to click bears 12-20 times each to cage them. I purchased FF3:American Pie and have had no problems with it. Completed it, wanted another Farm Frenzy game, so I tried Ice Domain. Sorry, but it's way below par. I hope that's not just because it's free.
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Why the Hell does it crash???? My phone's not even hot, but it already crashes!!! WT*???!!?!!! Come on, developers!!!!
The ads are ridiculous! And don't even bother downloading apps for gems, you never get them, even after meeting requirements. The game itself is fun, but seriously fix the ads and gems!