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Farm Fantasy: Fantastic Day and Happy Magic Beasts

Farm Fantasy: Fantastic Day and Happy Magic Beasts for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by foranj located at Russian Federation Moscow City, 119435 Maly Savinsky per. d5 office 3. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game has become a favorite of mine. Unfortunately, the game began freezing up and became sluggish. I think there is just too much animation occurring at the same time and it overwhelms my device. I've tried deleting other apps off my device, clearing cache and browsing, and restarting my computer but nothing seems to help. I found this to be an issue with all the games by this developer. They develop really cute and entertaining characters and landscapes, but just too much movement for my Chromebook 15. I hope this can be fixed. I have not been able to get any replies from the developer regarding this issue, even though I've sent 20 or more messages. Very dissappointing!
This game is very interesting but it takes a lot of time to complete each levels and the fruit if we sow 1 so we should get around 4 fruits. Else everything is OK.
I fast play this game is best but I need to diamonds purchased a 13 level to so hardware in stroge is full go hell not received any attachments in approved another attached loss
Not enough space to build needed buildings, some of the animal spots are to big and get in the way when trying to harvest buildings or clean up land.
First off it will not allow me ro login from facebook from the game which i dont understand all games i play do go through face book but its laying login fail blah blah blah so thats a major issue. 2 this game is great
Seems to be a good game but it needs more pink crystals at the beginning though I am just playing it for the first time. But i will see just how good it is though the graphics are great and I will see how far I can get or delete it after a while if I get to bored with it. It seems to be okay and working well as I do have any glitches with it.
I loved the first version better. takes to long to get land or remove rocks and trees. I could have more animals and buildings but trying to get those supplies and have land takes forever.
Nope not a game you wanna play. As soon as it starts you will have to just wait til your first orders are done or you'll have spend just to play as soon as it starts! I will day it has beautiful graphics and potential if the makers start the game off better.
Fun game getting started. Once you hit level 10 then everything cost too much and you don't get enough selling goods to do much. I've logged in every day for a week and made every sell available and have made less than 1000. Too much to unlock more land and get more items.
Great game...Really enjoy playing. The only problem is...i hate waiting and it takes hours to build something...wish the time could be reduce a bit. Other than that i got no problem...i love it.
Liked it. But it is slow to earn things. For example right now i want to put a couple if decoratice items i put in back in storage. And i don't know how to do it. Or this i have so many things i can buy but i have no where to put any of it since i have to earn money in not just buying the land but also earning showels and axes to clear each rock and tree separately. This is taking a lot of time and annoying to no end. I loved playing this but i am uninstalling this.
Enjoying this game very good for my concentration and my confidence great I can t get enough thanx so much just wish there,s a way to get more jewels quicker
Love the game. didn't think I will like it so much but one thing that is frustrating and that is that all things, your factories, animals and their holdings is so expensive that you can't afford nothing. For example level 12 you get a new factory R20 000. And then you couldn't buy the factory for lv 10 as yet cause you are still saving. Please change it or think of ways to make coins on game to purchase things much needed. No factory no deliveries and no coins.
I love the game. It could use some improvements, but it is a great game to play. One problem is it really needs to make it easier to get the items needed to remove trees, rocks and bushes out of the way. Maybe makes things you need to build a little cheaper also. I also can not connect to Facebook. If those things could be addressed and fixed I would definitely give it 5 stars without doubt.
Just started playing game & have enjoyed so far. The only problem I have found is there is an issue connecting to Facebook. It states there is an implementation problem and the game crashes. Thank you.
Too expensive, and have to cut down so many trees for you to obtain a clear spot.. Couldn't connect in Facebook too,
It's not bad. The only thing I would change is how much money you earn at a time. Everything cost so much and it's takes forever to earn the gold you need to continue on. If they would up the amount of gold u earn at a time I would rate it better.
I love farm games from my chilhood...previously ami played many kind of farm games but in that's farm games i feel Boer...at last i found this farm game which i wanted....so i feel very happy..i want to said.. thanks a lot for which porson's who hard work for make this game...i liked more this farm graphics!!!I have also a req...guys you have to improve the games control...THANKS..."AHMED ROHAN"
I really enjoyed it..... its a great game but some items just cost too much... and sometimes its laggy plsss fix it....
beautiful game to play and watch your farm and village grow it takes to long for the tools to appear storage takes to long to upgrade
This is really great game everything running smoothly which is amazing compared to other games no cliche's
its one of the best game i ever play. Full of fun and making busy everytime. but please accept one kind request of mine, that is allow me to sell away Rake, Cutter and saw because i have already buy all the territory and this tools is just wastage and only occupying my storage, if not i could save my others set of tools which will be needed.
It was a good game in the beginning then I couldn't make tools cuz of a problem.tried to contact support many times couldn't even get them to respond.than my farm was gone and started over. Tried to contact support and again no answer.
So far, it's a sweet little game. However, it's the same as other games like this, where kids will lose interest in it, mainly due to it taking too long to build, grow some plants or make items. Kids don't have much patience. Gee sometimes it's too long for adults....so you turn the game on...do a few things then turn it off again. Apart from that, the graphics are cute.
A cute game, great graphics, and adorable creatures. BUT you will get to a point where you CANNOT level up anymore without using real money. Uninstalling
I'm not getting all my free gems upon completion of certain deals... I completed the one for homescapes, the one that has a lightning bolt icon where you have to answer 3 questions in 90 seconds, and the wendy's sweepstakes entry that made you take a survey along with registering for that particular site than picking one of the silver level deals to do and i did mine then they made it a mandatory thing that i had to agree to daily emails to finally submit my entry, and 1more I can't think of.
Beatiful game what i enjoy a lot but cant connect to facebook and dont get ten diamonds after you put on the games they give so please do something
Played Pearls Perils for over two chapers. I did not receive my gems. So I wrote to support. My email was sent back to me (no such email address.) I will change my mind if I receive gems. As receiving gems is really the only way to play the farm fantasy game. Just received a google play code for the gems i should have received. I really like this game. So i have to give it another chance.
Oh my! Ive never been attacked by so many ads in the beginning of a game. Cant enjoy the game due to pop up ads. Level 8 and im already deleting.
I love this game.I wish it was just a little faster with the quests tho.you play for a while in between quests.
The graphics are lovely but actually getting anywhere in this game is quite impossible. I can only play for about 10 mins and can't go any further
fun and addicted, but need some skill to collect coins and gems. and need along time just for enlarging the area
I have tried to log into Facebook numerous times without success, it just says failed, I am worried that my game is not being saved and I have spent quite a bit of money on it already, is anyone else having trouble logging into Facebook.
If you are not going to spend a lot of money to progress in this game, dont even bother installing it. Its almost impossible to expand your farm, grow and make items and keep up with the in-game demands without buying A LOT of gems. Even constant watching of ads won't even remotely cover it. I understand that its a good thing to spend some money and supporst creators, but for this game its just too much.
Please fix my farm. I have one garden bed missing. Also, great way to spend the time. I am already lvl 41. Thank you.
Im enjoying playing, I find myself always checking to see whats ready to harvest or build. I just wish it wouldn't take hours to finish a task.
Opened a ticket & have not received any information & have tried contacting customer service multiple times. Weeks later, still no word about the open ticket.
if it worked right it would be OK. I've spent a fortune on gems used them to expand my storage and sometimes it will let me collect or harvest things and sometimes it goes back to a hundred and says I'm out of space and will let me collect nothing. I been trying to play anyway since I bought the gems but honestly it's just frustrating and sucks. if you feed the animals sometimes there something to collect when time comes sometimes not.supposed to be able to report problem thru app. doesn't work
I really like the game. The only thing is there are 4 leaf clovers and leprechaun hats from St. Patrick's Day it looks like. It will be Christmas soon, so shouldn't it be a Christmas theme instead? Otherwise the game is awsome.
It takes way to long to level, up you need to grow things to make items but the stuff isn't available until 3 levels higher.
its kinda boring. theres no much to do since i cant buy land and machine aside from it being expensive its hard to collect more coins and some materials like axe and shovel. :(
the game taken for resources generation is very slow.. reduce timing so that game gets interesting.. not more than 20min on the last finished product will be much intersting to stick on in the game