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Farm and Click - Idle Farming Clicker PRO

Farm and Click - Idle Farming Clicker PRO for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Red Machine located at 115114. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Same game in Google multiple times. You get to the point where you feel like you've arrived, like there's no point in going forward. Also, buttons are sticky and don't register right.
I loved this game until yesterday and then, it started giving me major problems. The screen stays stuck on the Banjo Frenzy after the coin collection is complete. I have to restart the app to resume gaming. I thought reinstalling the app would resolve the issue, but instead I lost some of the game progress and the issue still persists.
The shop tab often bugs out and won't load, so after some time you're forced to reset. There's obviously other problems as well, but this is a pretty major issue.
I recently made a purchase 2 days ago for the promo pack at $2.99 and still have not received anything, but the payment went through. :(
It was a good game, up untill the few last update - first you need to click 140 in 10 sec to "wakeup"? I mean.. common. Now I can't even play (all is locked except the "login") because they want me to logon to Facebook, which even if I wish to do it, I can't as it has "wrong" hash or something. Shame.. it was a fun casual game.
It's cute, but my only issue is that it won't let me log in with my Facebook even though it says it can. Please fix?
Since this last update it logged me out of Facebook from the game and will not let me sign back in on the game and connect it to Facebook and it is making me restart the whole game over again.
Played for 4 days...no new seeds,all the same over and over again. There are so many much better idle games...kingdom for example
I'm not sure what the purpose of this (type of) game is. Basically it is just (exponential) growth in everything. Especially time wasted.
I absolutely LOVE IT! The only reason I gave you guys a 3 is because of this racoon with his ads to purchase; I swear I'll change it to a 5 if you get him off the screen when I close its window!!
I bought a pack for $3.59 and never Recieved anything. I have the order receipt saying it went threw but never recieved the package. I would either like to get what I paid for or get a full refund.
This game is good, but no landscape mode available. For tablet users, that is not nice i think. Farming games should have landscape mode available.
I worked hard with my farm and then suddenly my farm is ruined with bugs and glitch. I can't progress anymore the plants are loading but I can't do anything. I can't collect the coins.
I got the pro version on sale, and found I really enjoyed the game. I only had to watch ads for extra gems. I left the app alone for a couple of weeks, and come back find I need to watch an ad for the profit boost, and to sell my crops. What's next? I have to watch ads to buy my crops? What's the point of having a "pro" version if you have to watch ads all the time?
When i leave the game with lots of progress, i come back to see my game wiped back at the tutorial. Very bad. Install if you dare.
The game is simple and easy to play for something idle to pass time. Issue I faced was with purchasing their intro pack... they got paid but I didn't receive the perks due to mid glitch of some sort. I've already emailed but to no reply back.
Stuck on "buy 6 crops" even after i opened up the entire farm. It said it gave me 100 boxes, yet theres no boxes or anything to indicate that i have got boxes (from the message and from the grandpa). No sense of direction and just terrible
It is a great game! I just hope you could maybe add other areas or maybe remove the thing that says," any purchase removes banner ads!"
I came back still one day play but yes cool to wake up next day have all you cash waiting to put on or buy new plot.. Still look like I need gam's that why I come back here to say but yes two day so far and not take of phone so yes I happy the bum asleep now asking me to tap him 100 times in 10 second get to 86 or so may still give up depending on the rest of game play buy lost of cash and upgraded in my two day time
Well I am enjoying myself so far some things make no sense to me... But there is no ads! Even to get two hours double earnings! Just TAP ! And I got it while it's temporarily free. It's hard to get seeds, although I've only been playing two days. But I did start my farm over ( like everyone probably does ).. I thought that would get me better seeds as it seemed to imply but I am still stuck with the same original seeds mostly. After seeing i had 1200 diamonds somehow.. I used some trying to complete seed puzzles on the 150 d box, i stopped doing that wandering if there is some way else i could be earning seeds and somewhere else I should be spending diamonds...because it didn't give any tips about that? Im still enjoying it enough for 4 stars though. Much better then what I expected! Thanks!
A good game but what is the point of the upgrade which means it's impossible to operate the "grandpa" feature? I don't believe anyone can tap 125 times in 10 seconds to get gems. Unless this returns to a manageable level soon I shall uninstall as there is only very slow progress without it.
Not sure what the point of pro is I still get random ads. Update: when you wake up the farmer after watching the ad it freezes screen. You have to close the app completely to get it to respond. VERY ANNOYING!!!!!
Perfect if want to waste your time, money and potentially destroy your phone's touchscreen and gain nothing in Return, other than that game has no issues, bugs or glitches well made as programming goesπŸ‘
It is easy to use, for everyone. The controls are good, graphics are also good, but maybe you could add other worlds with unheard of plants and even aliens (we could go to Pluto). I really love this and i see so much potential for the game. Thanks so much!!
Really great game except in the pro version, you can't connect to facebook, get free gems, or download the other game to get free boxes. Would give 5 stars if I could at least connect to facebook. Other than that, the gameplay is simple and fun. Oh and grandpa is a pain to wake up after 100 clicks.
I lost everything, First puzzle collections after update (it's ok) But the second one I lost my money 42560 IDR (i'm bought a pack on this game) Suck game... I'm so disappointed
i love this game very much. it is beause this game is really fun. anywhere buy it now , it is free until 10.3.2019 if you late you need to pay 3.99 . buy it now if you read this before 10.3.2019. i bought in my birthdqy 8.3 . this is a best present for my birthday today (8.3)
unsatisfied, played the game just fine,. the wanted to purchase gems 600 for 2.49. but never recoeved them. emailed developers. no response. so got my refund back . game is good but they need to work on if you buy stuff they should make sure you get what you purchased .
Made a purchase and didn't get the perks. tried contacting developers via email multiple times and got no response. It wasn't much but at least respect your users
ive tried purchasing gems, it tells me payment successful and i have the email receipts but i dont get the gems. when i click contact in the game it doesnt load.
I paid 2.99 for the raccoon pack with 3x rain. got nothing. now the raccoon icon just glitches when I click on it. took my money
For the pro version there's too many ads. I couldnt even get in the menu of the game without an ad playing and I've only been playing the game for 20 minutes.
"Upgrade Kit: Get 50 levels for Raccoon" doesn't work. It consumes seeds but no level up happens at all. Please fix.
This is very interesting game and I very enjoy it. again and again I tap it.and there is more games like this:idle hell clicker,idle miner tycoon,idle factory tycoon and more other games like them.πŸ‘πŸ‘
Ok farming/clicker game, but grandpa is one time only thing. You can wake him up only about 10 times and he is useless after that. It gets stuck around 130-160 clicks in 10 seconds and is no use after that because he never seems to reset. Doubling income after being away has worked only once. Just used 250 mln seeds to get 50 levels for raccoon, but got nothing. Sometimes upgrades don't do anything so gotta reset. Always have to be ready not to use too much seeds too early because you never know if something doesn't work. Check the income and try to compare that to previous round. If it doesn't match, you gotta go to the market to reset. Seems to me the free version works better with longer stackable rain, repeatedly usable grandpa and better working income doubling after being away. Only thing better with premium is not having to watch add when going to market, but not sure if it's worth all the minuses.
Controls aren't great and there's a lot of lag. Your farm is ridiculously tiny. One quest early on is to buy six crops but there's only space for three. I got this for free on sale so I'm not too exactly gutted about this game being a bust but if I'd bought it I'd go for the refund. Uninstalled.
Noooo update broke my gameplay. I have been playing this game for 40 days . After last update . All my progress is gone .. why? :(
Well I loved and will change my rating if they fix my app. I had a ton of puzzle pieces and all of a sudden I reopen the app and all of it was gone.
Stole my money. wish I could give this a better reciw, but I have purches both the 'Great Offer' that you promote above the Facebook payphone, and also the first Gem option. i have yet to actually receive any of the items that I bought, yet you charged my card and took my money.
simply this game has the most stupid idea about resetting you also lose what you bought with your seeds seriously :/ you need to save 5b seeds in order to reset and buy 1 extra upgrade from what you had before seriously?? what is bought with seeds are supposed to stay not rebought everytime. oh btw thanks for stealing my money robbers. I think rather than asking me to send an email you should read and deliver the message to the right people you have my feedback don't ask for more do your job.
Enjoyed this game until I noticed multiple glitches, if you purchase an upgrade, say 50 levels for seahorse, it uses your seeds but the levels dont go up, also, the boosters for earning seem to reset as soon as you level up, causing the earning to drop massively! On top of this, my could and grandpa have been missing for 2 weeks now, tried all sorts but cant seem to enjoy the profit boost feature both of these provide, pretty disappointing!
If you are looking for 2-3 days of time killer this game is great. But it's so small you kind of peak around the third day with average play time. After that it's just working around what you had. Where you made thousands you know make millions or billions but upgrades also increase exponentially. With only 7 fields to plant you run out of new things pretty fast. Also, get ready to watch around 2 hours of ads because they are everywhere, you even get ads just by opening the upgrade menu xD. HF&GL
As play progressed various issues occurred. First I could not buy the add-on to triple my crops with rain instead of double. Then the rain option disappeared. When Granpa disappeared I decided to quit and am now uninstalling the game.
Love the game but woke up this morning to find I had lost most of my animals and there were no coins next to of the one's I had got .oh well,start again.On the point of unloading game .Paid for 2000 gems and never received them.contacted the developer direct 4 times and never had a reply .Got my money back through PayPal ,they told me they had been unable to contact you either ..Now when I get over 150 gems and use them for a guaranteed piece it takes the gems and I don't get anything .x 6 times.
bought the 2.99 pack and caused the game to lock up and got nothing for it and money was taken out of my account and looks like developers are ignoring other people with similar problems. game is fun but not worth playing if the developers are going to steal money from their players
Okay for a while, then it becomes very repetitive. I've kept playing to see if much else happens, seem to exhausted most of. It's not bad or terrible. It's just one of those games you could play forever as it never finishes and you stop progressing. I've uninstalled it, would rather play other games.
It's a shame when the developers of this game decides to pocket money paid for upgrades and not respond emails or refuse to give refunds. Google Play should look into this. I like the idea of the game. The graphics are good. Until they sort out the bugs DO NOT BUY ANYTHING WITHIN THIS GAME ( CASH) BECAUSE YOU WON'T GET IT. I am stil waiting for my Β£2.69 Start Up Package. I sent emails and received no response.
I bought a package where it said I'll get some extra things and it was Β£3 and I didn't get it. I bought it but it just did nothing. Can You please give the item or a refund?
Purchased the 2.99$ pack, never received it. Couldn't open in-game Contact Us (which froze the game for a few seconds before going back to normal). No response from developer on their website. If this happened to you, just go to your orders on Google Play and dispute the charge, state it was mever received, and get your money back. Also, this game is a blatant copy of Idle Farming Empires (came out a full year before Farm and Click), a free game.
They have Absolutely Decimated my Game, Unlocked Crops Gone, Bonus Purchases Unlocked Through Gems Gone, and All Upgrades Gone, including All Square Tiles are Completely Gone too, Play this Game at the Risk of Losing your Data when You Update, Thing is this Game Away from the Errors is a Great Time Killer, I Love It!
I was enjoying this game until the update. I had put money on this game and gotten several of the other crops to use and after the update everything reset as if I had just installed it. I feel like my money was ripped off and I was taken advantage of.