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Is a Board game developed by fabros located at Minsk, 220062 BELARUS, Prospekt Pobediteley 106, office 300. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Sexual Innuendo, Scary Content) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
if you like an app to close out consistently and email/report the opportunity on multiple occasions then this app is for you! I have never been this critical about a free app but wow I'm so disappointed in the lack of respect demonstrated by the creator.
Fun and addicting but I can only play tournament or single player. everytime I start a multiplayer game it exits out of the app and I lose my chips.
I absolutely love this game. The user interface is good as well.and the netting amount is low so u can play a lot of time. No pop up ads.love it. Thanks a lot to the de elopera and fir making it free.
exactly what i wanted, ads are not too terribly intrusive. i like the option to play alone or multiple
this game actually is a lot of fun, it does relieve a little bit of stress and passes time quite well, you've done a good job with this app and the ads are really not all that intrusive for a free game. keep up the good work guys.
I wish I could post up the screenshot of the last game. Every roll turned into a farkle after getting over 1000. It ended with -3000 points. Anytime I get doubles with a 1 or 5 the next roll is a farkle. I am uninstalling this app since it's impossible to ever win or get anything over 500 each try. Had the app less than a week and this is all it's ever done. No good!!!
I liked the first farkle game I played. Started whistling a western tune with a western theme (not the latest western version). I liked playing until it started cheating! I could play against (forget the name). I really liked the format, but this is not it.
Was a great time killer for a couple of minutes at a time. That is, until the game is telling me to check my internet connection for tournament games. This is the only app I'm having issues with online, so I'm assuming there's a major bug in this game. Please fix this and I'll be happy to adjust the rating.
Too many ads, also should make multiplayer selection so that you can choose a friend to play with option! otherwise great!
Love the game, but they no longer update the website for free coins and it wouldn't let me transfer to a new phone and I lost my golden dice, otherwise it would have been a 5 star rating.
Fun game. Good spare time filler. I like that the rolls are fair and not one sided against me. Highly recommend.
I have played this app for many years. I used to love it. In one game, when you get 5 farkles in a row, on the first roll, it gets aggravating. When it happens 4 games in a row, time after time, it's time to uninstall. There should be something written in your program to avoid this. Thank you for the good years.
just love this game. everything works perfectly fine. the design is not my favorite but that's personal interest ;) would be awesome to have a chat function or something when opponents taje forever or a bell botton or something. other than that, well done!
Once upon a time this was a functional app and a great way to fill a few minutes "or hours" of downtime. Unfortunately it no longer works, and whomever was left with the task of ensuring it's functionality must have passed on to the other side. My condilences are with his family, in what I can only assume is a tragic time for all of them.
You are limited to a minimum 300 points on every roll, and in single player you aren't racing a bot to the score goal, but given 10 turns to make it. In a 10000 point game you are basically betting you can roll over 1000 every turn. I spent more time my first couple games fighting rules than enjoying the game.
dropping it down to one star. would give it zero if it would let me. I can roll 6k-10k when I play to 5000. yet when I bet 3k on the 6k game I barely get anything. people must know glitches and stuff to get all of these points. used to like this game but now its garbage.
Decent dice game. I own the real tabletop version of Farkle and this is a close representation of the original but not an exact match. Wish the single player mode didn't have a 4 hour timer before playing again if you run out of chips.
Something isn't right about farkling every other roll. You can get to the goal points because you farkle so much
Fun when it works, but has a tendency to crash in the middle of rounds. Also turns off the tablet's wall paper.
y'all need to fixt this game I cant play it every time I go in it close out on me and I can play it so fixts the game
fun game but started giving me trouble saying that i have internet connection problem. Its been like this for 2 week. Tried to contact them with no responce. Has anyone else having this problem. I tried reloading app, lost all my point and still dosn't show internet connection. Yhis sucks.
they don't give you what you deserve in this game. no matter they are a little l wrigged anyway. And that is so unfair for us by making them a lot of $$$ while we keep playing and pray for a miricall. please make all the games worth playing
for the visibly impared it is very hard to see the tip of the game on a cellphone. i can make out some of it but just enough.
There a glitch in the game. When you are playing multi-player at the 10k wager level, the other player doesn't play. It's all Farkles. You might as well play be yourself.
I have played this game for years but recently I had to replace my phone and now I cannot get anyone to respond to me I had over 400 power dice and a great score will you please tell me how to get back to the game I have had for years.
Not true farkle...uses different scoring. The screen is obnoxious and cluttered, the stupid bimbo that keeps popping up gets on my nerves.
this game is fun and addicting but I can't play with anyone online, I start a game with someone and they are never there so I quit the game and I have to forfeit my coins I spent on that game....so frustrating
dice doesnt seem to b random, when u need something, ur not getting it, if u get it, u cant collect, next roll, you guessed it, FARKLE! uninstalled.
Gave one star only because I had to. This game is a big waste of time. Impossible to win. Always farkle out. I deleted it.
Game play is decent. Graphics are great. This is a game I considered purchasing, but the turn off was the extreme graphic nature of the ads they use. Not only were many of them 30 seconds long, but they were offensive due to content I would stop the game. I'd rather pay for a less polished game than support one that resorts to these type of ads.
wish there was more too it... like group interaction or something to work towards ..possibly work in groups...idk...its fun..addicting but not much purpose....lol so why do i play.... who knows... i like it but its lacking and i want more from it
AVOID! This app used to be fun, but now they have an insane amount of ads (you can't even pay to avoid them).
I love this game we got ten thousand, but every time I play multiplayer the other player doesn't play I don't know what's going on but it really makes me not like the game all the sudden or at least this one maybe it's I don't know it's every single player so hopefully you can fix this, or maybe there's a meeting meeting give up and then they get the points? I don't know but otherwise the game is wonderful
Either I have really good luck rolling in real life or this game is rigged. Played 10 or so games when first opening. Only rolled 1 "big hand".
Was a great app until the newest update. Now multiplayer does not work and it really isn't fun playing yourself. You get an opponent but you don't see them rolling so all they get is farkle. If I could go back to the version before the latest update I would give it 4 stars I give the app developer zero stars. Contacted them twice about the problem with absolutely no response.
This game is grossly unbalanced with farkle often appearing well too often making it both unrealistic and boring. Get your algorithm fixed guys. Also, it would be nice if the developers spent a bit of time on making the background a bit more live and interesting vs current still one with boring music. There was a nice Farkle Live by PlayKot which unfortunately, is no longer supported by their developers. I wish this team bothered to utilize some of those nice futures.
it was fun at first but now it just keeps giving me nothing, so whats the point in playing if youre going to get farkle everytime you roll?
Just basic fun 😜. Great for passing time and you can play against other people. Does get addicting I must say.
This is almost exactly the Farkle game I was looking for. Multiplayer option, easy to use, nice graphics. I only wish it had the option to play to 10,000 as well as 5,000.
I enjoy this game, but frustrated when I can't play. Quite often I get so many farkle that it is impossible to play. Too many times I have gotten 5-7 farkle in play. Other than that I thoroughly enjoy this version and would recommend it. Thank you.
What happened?? I love this game but suddenly in the last couple of days it crashes every time it starts to load. I uninstalled and reinstalled it, and it still won't open without crashing immediately.
The loser roll does not register. Plus, if you change phones you lose every thing. So years of playing mean nothing to this company.
Farkle is really fun game to play this one is the best.and newer it is the golden edition.you get bit your chips on your dices and you can play other with your friends online.
It's ok... great time killer... seems very cpu biased though. Online mechanics are way out... I play the real game with family and friends and in 10 dice rolls to get 6 or 7 farkles... regularly, is a little hard to handle.... needs some balancing as the appeal of the game is rapidly diminishing... it actually seems worse if you've purchased micro transactions. Probably in line for an uninstall soon unless fixes are implemented.
I hate this app! It is the worst farkle app I have ever downloaded. There is no way that my luck is that bad every single roll of the dice. I had over 100 power dice and they lowered it down to 30! I used my coins to pay for the extra bonus to get the power dice! WTH!
I loved this game at first and played it a ton. But after awhile, it becomes ridiculously obvious that the dice rolls are not random, and it makes you lose far more than you win in single payer mode. The amount of farkles is silly. It's not as bad in multi player mode, but it still sometimes makes you farkle multiple times if your opponent is too far behind in points. I eventually looked for a different app.
I like the fact that it is quick and accurate, unlike alot of other farkle games. I like playing with the same person too.It seems more personal. I enjoy it very much.
changed my review from a 5 to a 1 because for some reason everytime i play against someone online they never make a move and just farkle. every player i come across no one makes moves except myself. very frustrating and completely killed the game for me. please fix.
Pretty chill, easy to understand, and simple enough that you can play one game and go on with your life, or sit for hous rolling virtual dice. The multiplayer option kinda sucks because no one responds and, unless you're incredibly lucky and can win in about 5 rounds, it'll time out and take your game money. Otherwise, it's perfect!
Multiplayer isn't working and hasn't been for at least a week. Solo isn't as fun. One star for this. However, when the game is working, I'd give it 5 stars and it is fun.
Was a great app until the newest update. Now multiplayer does not work and it really isn't fun playing yourself. If I could go back to the version before the latest update I would give it 4 stars
Im new to this game and I tried two other apps and I couldn't understand it this app I really helped me to understanding and I'm having a really good time thanks a lot
i absolutely love the game i play with my friends who taught me how to play!!! y'all play different y'all play like your playing $10,000 but it's still the same the play
Good fun version of Farkle with different modes to mix things up a bit. One big flaw though is the inability to login so you can save your scores across devices. There's also a glitch which allows people to cheat that needs fixing urgently.
Always get stuck on yahtzee ad after every game. Can't get out of it. Too bad, farkle was fun but had to uninstall-bsttrry life are up by being stuck on the yahtzee ad page. If I wanted to download yahtzee I would have from the play store. I wanted farkle not yahtzee. I hate when they push games on you when you don't want them.
Love the game, but so many Farkles that it is frustrating! I've had as many as 7 in a game! so I Quit!. Too many!
I've played farkle my whole life & it's not statistically possible to throw that many farkles! Your graphics are great, but I'm fed up. Time to delete.
Edited review 1/29/2020 For two months this game had all sorts of issues. The only part of the game that worked was single player. As I like playing Farkle, I continued to play using that feature. I had earned over 80,000 chips and had about 125 power dice. The glitches were happily fixed in the last couple of days, but both my chips and power dice were reset. This is an unacceptable way to treat loyal fans.
Was able to play this for a few days, recently been on it and nothing will work. I've left it loading a tournament for an hour and nothing...
Multiplayer doesn't work. It just times out every time because no one is there. This is dumb. Please please fix that.
players have cheat bots to roll for them. i get 1 roll the whole game before they take command of the board and roll all the way to the winning score
It's an alright game, but I wish it had achievements, and that there was more game modes/betting options.
five times I was put with a random player they timed out every role. never once did a second player role. just me. then I get to a certain amount of points and the game cuts out brings me back to home screen and I lose my being chips. stupid
Updated to 5 stars on 5/9/2019 Thank you for fixing, it no longer crashes. I love this game! *********** What happened?? I love this game but suddenly in the last couple of days it crashes every time it starts to load. I uninstalled and reinstalled it, and it still won't open without crashing immediately.
Ads regularly kill the fun. Most times, the ads appear so fast after finishing a game, I totally miss the results page which offers a second chance. Other times, the ads appear after selecting a single player game and the program has to restart, and it takes my chips as if I lost! Sometimes the ads appear back to back to back, which destroys the experience. Gameplay is good, scoring can be confusing and differs from the board version, but that is only a minor issue.
Farkle is one of those games you can play anywhere. Camping, waiting at the doctor's office anywhere! The game has 3 modes single player, multi-player, and tournament. All of the modes are fun. Do read the help page if you've never played Farkle beore. There are power ups to help you increase your score. Lots of fun for all ages in my book! I love that you can play offline too!
I hate this app! It is the worst farkle app I have ever downloaded. There is no way that my luck is that bad every single roll of the dice.
Overall its a good app. Ads are after every game but pressing the back button on your phone will exit the ads. So not too bad on that front. Gameplay is smooth and runs awesome. Will say its pretty predictable like other farkle apps on how well you're going do so that sucks a bit
Can't start the game without agreeing to my data being sold, also can't decline this agreement unless I forcibly close the app. There literally is no decline button, and the back button does nothing on this screen.
Great game easy way to waste time away without barely noticing. Ads are the only downfall hence the 4 stars other than that great application. Thanking you.
this game was a lot of fun the now I'll try multiplayer the other player cannot play it just farkle game over can it be fixed please let me know
Wouldn't even let me get one roll in before it inundated me with ads. This shows they don't have enough faith in their game that they think people will keep playing. So they have to get that one ad view in first.
Blah Was my favorite game until the update. It won't open at all on my tablet and freezes quite a bit on my phone. I'll go back to 5 stars when the glitches are fixed.
What a cool game! It runs very smoothly and correctly, unlike most of the other farkle games out there. Great job, and thank you very much for making an awsome, fun, FREE game! :D
single play review only...the odds calculation on rolls appears less random. This seems to cause patterns in rolling dice where it is very hot and very not. I personally find it unbelievable/not realistic resulting in a love/hate relationship with this app.
typical free download game, its rigged to try and get you to spend money. not very realistic dice rolls, Farkle on a 5-6 dice roll alot
I even paid the $3.99 to get rid of the ads, but this game has odds leaning hard towards always losing. It gets boring pretty quickly when there's no way to make progress. Plus the so-called two player game is just silly. I hardly got my moneys worth.
Best single player farkle I've found. I'm pretty sure the multiplayer are all bots though. There just aren't enough farkle players in this world for there to always be a game available instantly. The cheezy usernames kindof give it away too.
We've played this game IRL for a long time without knowing it was Farkle. This game follows all the same rules we use, so its not just fun but good practice too! I do wish it had available some of the many variations.
This game could be great. The tournaments are fun with a kind of rush mode. However, when trying to play multiplayer the oponent never plays resulting in me losing part of my chips wager..... soooo that should be changed that if the game ends due to lack of participation we should lose no chips, or we should win the wager from the match. eitjer way works. fix that and it would be 5 stars
not bad. wish i could get rid of adds. just want to play farkle. not betting or tournaments. i can mostly do just that.
So far so good! Wish they had more side collections or something something like a little funnier on the side but other than that great game!
Great game. I love playing this game. Thank you.this game will piss you off too! I hate the fact that a compouter runs this game or human because i shouldn't be getting this many farkles.just saying.I really love game. thank you.this game is fun and I'm happy to play it
This was one of my favorite games but now the multiple player part does not work :( Says you are playing with someone else but there is never anyone else rolling. I quit playing the game after being a daily player. Really bummed it no longer works correctly. Going to uninstall the app.
probably the best Farkle game in the Play Store. the tournament games aren't my favorite (I like the one where it's like a 5 minute dash to see who can get the most points) but they're still good... all in all; nothing is bad about this game, but it could still be improved. other apps my do some things better, but then they die the ball with everything else.
It's fun when you get good at it.... and then every play vs player they seem to get all the big rolls the money making rolls while you're getting a 1 or 5 at a time and they come from way behind ....... that's straight-up cheating! It needs to be fixed!!! If not, I'm going to bury this app!!! And take everyone I know with me!