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Is a Casual game developed by Viral s.r.o. located at Martinska dolina 1275/82 94901 Nitra Slovakia. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 2.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I have an account and forgot my password. Three times I have been told your sending me an email. Never have received one. No worries i have farkle on my tablet. Guess I just won't play when I'm not home.
The dam thing won't last me play other players on line. Said I was idling. What ever that means. I did nothing wrong. It's got to be a mistake. Now it won't let me contact anyone. It just says we received your message
I love playin w family, friends. Except it kicks me right outta where u pick a room. Sayin disconnected due to idling. I've uninstalled the game and then installed it back I've logged out log back in and it still does it I've sent them feedback but they can't respond back to me what's up with that
I write my password down this game will not let me login and will not let me retrieve my password by email says email sent but never does worst game ever
Terrible. Can't even login with new account, nor with my old account. If I could give it "0" stars, I would.! Not worth your time!
Did not install. They demand access to access to everything on your phone, including contacts, phone numbers and anything on your hard drive. No thank you.
Sent message after message, in the game the other person's turn and it would count down to zero they would loose, but it would say I lost and take my coins...beware...horrible, never played a game that just kept messing up before this...I played Farkle a long time ago and loved it, but this version needs a lot of repairs...
I love this game but after too many times of rolling a farkle on the first roll, I'm uninstalling. Too many of the rolls are exact same sequence of numbers, too.
Not Free! Allows you to play a striped down version of the game.. 10 hands (or rolls). But then it asks you to buy tokens or "coins". Also... Unrealistic rolls. House more than often wins. Bad game app!... uninstalling.
Game play is good however after that it freezes and then try to load an add which causes it to crashπŸ™ƒ
Something needs to be updated i have over 100,000 chips but can only bet 1000 max...there needs to be bigger amounts to bet or something else added to the game... I use to enjoy it but now not so much
I like Farkle but you should have some kind of a chat where you could chat with the other person and Report the other person when you have to wait 30 seconds each time they decide they want to roll takes forever they're messing with you to quit so they get their points and the spin roulette wheel that you win stuff every once in awhile it freezes and you have to back it up or restart the game or not Yachts fun nice time killer please fix the bugs
love the c hallenge except for "cheating" when some people are sore losers ... they'll hold the time and let go till when its ur turn but miracleulously i left the game and lose
I was in the middle of a game and the app closed saying cant find signal yet phone had full bars. This is not the first time this has happened. App is currently up to date.
Glitches regulary causing you to lose games and the coins you wagered. It also doesnt allow you to build up large coin reserves. If you start to win the game will rig itnto where you start to lose by ridiculous margins to ensure you cant get ahead.
Just bad game overall. You always get farkles and they give very little points. I had 5 ones and 3,000 pts and the next roll I got a farkle and it gave me -500 pts. Played it for ~5 mins. Uninstalled it quickly. Fix that -500 pts thing and I'll give a 5*
good game but some people just don't play and so u end up leaving the game and losing u money. They should be kicked out of the game but that's the problem u don't kick them out and that's cheating. U need to sort something out about it.
When playing another player, the game continues to glitch, running out your time and giving the other player the chips, even if you are ahead in points. Quite frustrating.
Aggravating app. Keeps losing server connection mid game and taking your chips. Not customizable: no avatar, dice 🎲, shakers, hats. No scoring, leveling up. No viewing opponent statistics. No way of earning chips beyond once a day "wheel", play and purchase. Half of the time when you pick a seated player the app freezes and you have to force shutdown via your phone's settings to get out of the game. Also not enough players. Have to wait too long for opponents. I uninstalled this today. No fun.
The game play is fine, but the best score feature could use some work. All the scores are the same, whether Week, Month or All Time. It would make more sense for the Week and Month to be the best score for the current week and month respectively, but instead they are the same as the All Time best score.
I have 50,000 chips. Why won't it let me bet more than 1000?? ...look at when the app was last updated.... 2016. DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON THIS GAME! Old app and still collecting money if you want extra chips ughhh
This game has a ton of glitches! It glitches right in the middle of a game causing me to lose my money! I uninstalled this game before because of the same issue. I guess I'm going to have to uninstall and never reinstall again! Get it together!
I've never seen or heard of this game before. It's not bad. I like it. Couple of things though, the weekly monthly and overall scores don't work. Every time I play they always start at zero. Also the feedback function doesn't work
Something's fishy when you Farkle or roll very low scores and your opponent constantly scores 800+ points per roll. On average, I'd win two out of ten games on this app. Not much fun there...
I'm frustrated with this app today. It logged me out on my tablet. Now it won't let me sign back in on my phone or tablet, ( says there is a conectivity problem. My wifi is connected at full strength on both). I can't even start a new game under a new user id. Same reason as above. I also can't send feedback on the app for some unknown reason. Urg
game is super glitchy. definitely don't spend money because you'll lose what you spend in purchases. i haven't spent, but I've lost my earnings, and it's extremely frustrating.
I have this game on my kindle andi love it but on my phone I sign in and get directions to play but don't get to play . It freezes
This game is tons of fun but WAY to many glitches! And when these glitches happen you loose money, or like last night it glitched when i spun the bonus wheel so i didnt get my bonus or my power dice, and droped back down in power dice
Super fun and addictive. The only problem I have had is with weekly and monthly high scores not working.
I've had this app for years and loved it, but I apparently haven't played it in awhile because it has recently changed drastically. It used to be a great single player game that you could play against a computer opponent, but now you either have to create an account and log in to play live with others, or play a boring yahtzee style version with no opponents. Not impressed with the new version. Will most likely be uninstalling.
I've had the game mess up on me twice while playing in duel mode. Caused me to lose 300 chips. Please fix whatever problem is causing it.
this game is so messed up. you used to get 7 dice daily now with the messed up update you only get 1. if you contact them about a problem you can guarantee you won't win any games. they make it so the other player gets high rolls. I don't understand how they have a 3.9 rating when all I see is negative comments. I'm looking for a different fare game. Any suggestions? Update: I haven't won a game since rating this game. That's how messed up it is. UNFAIR!
I am no longer able to get into the game. I keep sending a message I need to update my password so I can play my favorite farkle. I never receive the link. I look both in my inbox & spam. Nothing. Frustrated to say the least. Help please.
game freezes up about 30% of the time. will stop, won't let you take your turn and then say you've "left the game" which makes you lose any coins you've bet. very frustrating. the other 70% of the time is really fun.
I love the game, but I brought the power up for $5.00 and haven't received them.. I will never buy anything again, and to make it worse nobody has gotten back to me on the matter.
This game gets ZERO! Stars from me. Until you upgrade the music the graphics and FIX! The D* glitching thats costing me my coins. I. Just started playing this game and lost two games that I rolled one time and it cut completely OFF! This game sucks!! D*. I. Had to give it 1 star to put in my post. Sucks!
I really like this game and would love to keep it however I'm giving you a low rating after the game I was playing with another person when it was there turn and they farkled but were still playing and ended up with a lot of points which essentially helped them win but when I farkeled my turn stopped i feel that i should get my chips back because of this so unless it is fixed I'm uninstalling
The daily spin often fails to work. Bonus awards do not add to the current total. A farkle turn completes before you have a chance to choose antifarkle (less than 2 seconds)!! The developer NEVER responds to comments, error reports or requests. Not acceptable!!
This app is so hacked. Can't get thru a single game without other players shutting you down when you use a power or just steal your chips. There's another Farkle think I'll try it.
Ok i like this game almost the same as yrs ago which i played everyday but with this game i hardly get to play bc #1no players if i get lucky i could get a few players but thats it #2 the screen is always blank where it takes me hrs to even get a chance to play and when i do nobody ever wants to play more stuck waiting for like 30 mins i wish the blank would stop and get more players bc i like playing it when fixed i will change my rating
The only thing I hate is the glitch that happens when you're trying to join a game only to be in the game by yourself, unable to scrap or cancel the game. Now the server keeps losing connection.πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ
It always glitches ive lost over 2000 coins cause someone scraps but it just stays on the screening for minutes. 🀬
This game is a joke, its hilarious how you can never win online and ive farkled on first roll way too many times during the week ive been playing. Opponent always (every game thus far) gets score streaks that are as high as 3950. Just a waste of time, avoid playing online as its a joke. Unistalling and recommending never to play. WASTE OF TIME
Ok game, but, twice I was in the lead, n out of nowhere the opponent suddenly is clocking more points. Also, the chips spin wheel goes black every time I spend. Update ALL N MAYBE 5***** sometime ithink this game cheats
I like this game....only problem is I forgot my password. When I enter my email address to change it to a new one. There's no response from the makers of the game. Bummer!!!!
This used to be fun. Now it just locks up and then says "You left the game." and takes your chips. Takes forever to find someone to play with. Don't waste your time.
There seems to be for sum reason while playing game the screen will go black like lost game server connection...not sure what 2do
I love this app. My favorite dice addiction, however, I have a new phone and forgot my password. I went to "Forgot Password" it states the recovery instructions will be sent to my e-mail 4 days ago, in which still has not happened. Please help.
The only reason I gave it one star is because I can't remember my password and I have tried to reset my password but never got the email to reset it I've tried at least seven times fix this and will give 5 stars
I used to love this game and play it all the time. then in the last probably 6 months sometimes it loads to play and other times it wont. While I'm in the middle of the game it'll just shut down. when you go for the bonus points sometimes it's just a black wheel. I have uninstalled and restarted it. I have tried to contact the company. I've sent feedback. I'm so disappointed
This game keeps kicking me out and taking my chips because the app stops working, something needs to be done about it and chips need to be returned, it's unfair especially for those who buy the chips!!
I really like this game BUT...it has the tendency to freeze up, then says "you have left the game" takes what coins you've bet .I have to completely close the game and reopen,Soo... if you can tolerate that then you'll have fun it doesn't freeze up a lot it's been about 4 months since the last time
Used to love the game. A bit simple now. Phone keeps saying it's too old a version also but no updates
Will not allow me to sign up or sign in. Just downloaded game. So far it's a no go. I found a better Farkle game. So this ones DELETED
This used to be my favorite farkle game and had it for years! But its now outdated... thanks for the fun times but I'm gonna find something thats still around and being updated.
The game is rigged. if you dont spend money, they literally never let you win. Not even occasionally. I was creamed EVERY TIME I PLAYED A LIVE GAME. I lost 30 live games in a row! i uninstalled it, because It was ridiculous, and makes for a very unenjoyable dice experience. GREEDY people make no sense to me at all.. You'd think they'd get you pumped by letting people win on there dime, so they'd possibly get hooked enough to want to buy chips. In my opinion, The creator can go farkle himself!
This game sucks. Seems like the other opponent wins more than I do. Fix the graphics. Game really doesn't make sense
You can tell that the dice don't fall on random numbers all the time for one. For two, it keeps losing g connection and costs you the loss when it does.
The high score resets every day....why bother having a high score for day, week and all time if it has no memory. And please don't tell me I have to create an account.....you should be able to have a record of games without establishing an account
I like the app. There seems to be a bug. It will allow one person to score like crazy, while the other player is rolling 300, 350, 400 and so on.
I just lost 300 chips because this stupid app keeps freezing! I think I should get that 300 back so please make that happen and I might change review! Super pissed off
This game has a server that needs to be replaced. I have had connections lost in the middle of playing opponents. All on a verified strong wifi connection. I'm uninstalling now.. Good thing its fake money. Bad thing its a waste of efffort. Overall FARKLE SUCKS ASS!!! Dont install this "app".
love the game!! great app. suggestion: I wish you could chat in farkle. Or at least have preset bubbles like, "hi", "bye", "good game", "oops", "sorry", "nice!”
It's good to see another Farkle game out there. This one has good graphics and well put together UI. Only gets two stars because the game requires an email and password if you want to do more than solitaire game play. I'll be sticking with my current favorite Farkle game.
Just awful. It kicks you out at times and when the other players clock times out and it does nothing and you lose the chips. Just lost 1000 chips due to that. Could be much better.
Right i want to know whats going on ..... just played a game opponent rolls first .... on my 16th roll im in the lead by a couple hundred , game gives him a 17th roll puts him in the lead then game ends .... why does my opponent get 17 rolls and i get 16 ??? Nit much chance of winning if opponents get more rolls ....
Fun when its not lagging. Lagging between rolls causes you to be kicked due to inactivity and you lose coins. I also have instances where I join a room and no one is there so when I am forced to leave I lose coins as well.