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Fantasy Summon Defence

Fantasy Summon Defence for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Roontams located at 경남 창원시 진해구 진해대로 975번길 26 105-1001. The game is suitable for Teen (Fantasy Violence, Mild Blood) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
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Thanks for replying and hope you guys add another map, character which have party bonus on unique and legend tier like dra, tess and jules since they are vampire or new characters. Think i got a bug, when dra's bloodhole skill runs out, the creeps that got suck, travel through diagonally back to their last position instead of square. Anyway, thanks for the game
Hey roontams i purchased a 1000 crystals. But i did not recieved it. Pls i like this game. I hope you will give me the crystals or refund my money thanks
Impressive for a single developer, a really accessible, fun and so far generous game. I'm having fun and paid some money to remove the Ads and access the 4x and 5x game speeds , so please Roontam keep building and improving this great game!
I enjoy the game a lot, but I can't get past dungeon 49 and legendary heroes hard to farm...even overnight
Good stuff in here, guys. IAP's are handled very well, game is very enjoyable even without paying money. Give it a try.
Unable to play, I clicked wrong button in tutorial and it will not let me progress further. This was 5 minutes into play. Not worth deleting data and trying again when it breaks so quickly.
The game is a simple tower defense that relies more on stats than real strategy (at least so far in area2) A few spelling mistakes here and there . The game has iaps but they are incredibly low and they do make the game easier (higher rank heroes = better stats) but everything can be obtained without ever paying (and it's not some insane grind)
Amazing game, even managed to push Swarm Sim to the back of my mind. There are some bugs, and the English isn't great, but the gameplay, very generous premium currency drops, and entirely reasonable IAPs more than make up for it. Very impressive for a first game, looking forward to updates and more of your games!
It's a bit crazy how much I've enjoyed this simple game. Achieving level 100 with all non-legendary heroes was quite easy, and satisfying. Unlocking the features for 200 ads watched was extremely helpful, and such a great implementation. I wish other games would add such a feature. Only problems I'm facing are defeating the floor 25 boss, druid. I have all characters at level 100, and wearing dungeon drop gear. I've also tried several different hero combinations, and still no luck. I also don't like the guessing game as to which hero combinations grant party bonuses. I tried both vampires, and was suprised to not receive a bonus. I imagined it would increase all healing effects, or something amazing like that. Edit: I've found a pretty huge flaw in the game now. It seems as though using heroes with fast attack speed, and in maps with high enemy counts will cause a lot of unregistered attacks while using X2-X5 speed up features. It's pretty annoying only being able to progress through the dungeon at normal speed.
Pretty good game over all. Could use some minor enhancements. Hero menu should be removed and just combined with the level selection menu to make everything flow much smoother. Bonus combinations should be listed if there are more than just the 2 sisters. In game loot guide would be nice replacement for the hero menu. The English is a little rough, but understandable. Even with the rough English, I'm glad this isn't just a foreign game. Watching 200 adds(Not too intrusive. Non gem adds are only 5 seconds long, although I'm not a fan of adds, so atleast making a purchase removes them) gives the same effect of making a $0.99 purchase, I'd rather just spend the dollar. In app purchases are really well priced for those that want to buy a very large quantity of gems(the gem amounts for the price are crazy good in the dungeon as they scale) Not sure if I'm going to continue past dungeon level 37, but I might. Depends if I feel like repeating level 25 over night. Looking forward to any other games this dev may put out or any possible content update after the iOS is released. As long as the iaps aren't crazy priced I'd be willing to spend a few bucks here and there. Most games out there want to milk you dry and make it impossible to progress without hundreds or thousands of dollars. If the dev is looking for profit may I suggest an original online game or a card battle type game, something that will keep players interested for a long time. Currently the longest game on my phone is elder scroll legends(spent way more than I care to admit on that game, but it can be played 100% free(but takes forever to get good cards that way, but they are semi generous with all in game currency if you have tons of time on your hand), unless you want some of the solo content which has to purchased sometimes or is given free sometimes, just depends)
Amazing job by a single developer. I supported you by purchasing the 1000crystals package. Please continue the good work. And just curious, where are you from? ;)
Your game is just retarded it's it's really good game it's just a glitched out and then I never get to play again so I needed to get the game again and we play all the things I did because your game glitched out on the first mission and I was probably supposed to get a gym and I never did so your game is kind of f****** piece of s***
The translations need work but other than that this is an excellent example of a mobile tower defense game and is truly free to play. Definetly download it and give it a shot.
Good first game. There are some issues, but not enough to deter me from playing. I look foward to you're next game.
Fun game and addicting but very repetitive. It would be fun to have some new modes where we can better take advantage of heroes skills. Also summoning needs to be better explained, where if you get a duplicate hero it just levels them up, i did not see that explained anywhere on summon page. Just needs some more polish, and depth. How about random item drops with random stats? Random zones, endless modes, and so on. Has potential to be 5 star game.
I love the game, just everything about it is great, i was wondering will there be more added to the game or is it finished?
Over all a good idle game, completely idle up until dungeons started spawning bomb units that deal a ton of damage. The only thing that irritated me at all with the game was legendary spawn rate. I dropped the 300k gems and got 0 to summon for me. Thanks for the response, it's never to late. Good luck on the new platform!
Amazing. Found it from a random reddit post a year ago when I Google'd idle defense. Ticks all the boxes. I'm very impressed. Fair system for gatcha, fair system for incremental difficulty, fair system for unlocking features through adds if you're between pay days. It doesn't fit the fantasy theme, but if there was a mech - like hero I think I might be in heaven. If you're looking for a good idle game this is it for sure.
Great game dude. More Maps is probably Nice. And I am ok that you only get Crystals when watching Ads.
great work dev, hopefully more people will get involved. your prices in app store are so cheap, im surprised more havent invested in you. its sad. us paying, is what helps the f2p people play and helps motivate you for updates and or another game. youre awesome
Found a bug immediately that prevented me from playing. I ran the first level and didn't kill enough link bunnies to complete the achievement, but finished the level. After clearing the level the tutorial tried to get me to collect my achievement for kill 40 pink bunnies but I didn't, so I couldn't collect the reward and since I didn't collect the reward I couldn't progress. Tried everything to get around it, nothing worked.
I absolutely love the game! Awesome job on keeping the free game actually free that is something you dont see much anymore.it can get difficult when you get to dungeon level 25 but if you farm level 11 you will get the legendary heroes and i used all 3 of them and squid and put them all on the top middle and cleared it. Im looking forward to seeing what new updates will bring. Awesome job!
Great game, great concept. Developer is super responsive and genuinely appreciative to customers. This game needs to be bigger, the IAPs are some of the best priced I've ever seen.
Love this game so much I'm so addicted can't stop playing love the art style reminds me of something that would be on adult swim.Congrats to the developer
Yeah! It s okey! from the begining, but summoning legendary... really hard for me! I have 0.224 probability to summon but it takes 300,000 gem to summon 3! It s say 10 times of my current prob... if i use gems but.. i dunno.. too hard? Yeah! And i can t use the infinite sign? Is that the right word for it? I think it s for reapeting the level? Maybe! Watch ads or buy gem if I want to use it! And need 200 times! If you watch ads, 1 ads = 2 times... but when I have 150 times, i can t watch ads, it always say "you dont have ads to watch"... but of course id enjoy, but a little disappoint too...
Wow, a lot of new games on playstore, though this is a unique one, its like a TD but better, it may still be in development though its already better then a lot of finished games on playstore, not to mention the dev doesn't try bribe you with gems to rate, I got Tess for my first unique hero after saving 1000 gems(pretty easy if you use quest rewards) I've grinded for a few hours and am quite happy with everything, only downside for me is no money to help the dev,great app thanks for this,looking forward to see where this goes.