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Fantasy of Atlantis

Fantasy of Atlantis for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Alizee Walker located at HongKong. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Horror) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I'd love to rate it higher but this is the second time I've been charged for items and Never recieved them. I have attempted to contact support EVERY day since its happened and NOONE has gotten back to me my items are still missing and I'm out $$. Save your time and money.
I think the update was a bit messy because I would NOT know what to do had I not come and read the reviews. They sent messages in game but thats really the last place you will check if you tap start and find out your entire game has been wiped. PLAYERS! Tap the arrows at the top left and log in THAT way. And continue to do so every time you start the game. Because if not it will ask to bind again if you press start. I have enjoyed the game and will continue to play.
The game itself is fun and has more events than other merge games. The events are also a little easier to get closer to completing than other merge games. They are really bad at responding to the in game contact to report issues or problems you are having. Also there are a lot of times that you can't complete a purchase in app. I made a purchase today that hasn't been unlocked in the game yet and I have yet to hear back from the game developers on any in game contact I have sent regarding issues
Id give a 0 if I were able to. I Lost a years worth of gameplay and no one ever messaged me back to help me get it back and I really liked the game until then. Very frustrating since I tried every Avenue to contact someone and never got a response. This and merge dragons I've had the same exact issue. I'm about done with these games.
Used to play and love this game. I work in the medical field and it was a great destresser for me. Lately game crashes, Quits abruptly or stops fully loading. If it is not fully fixed and working withing a few days. I will use my Uninstaller on this game. And start a different game to play. Too bad that I have been a loyal player. But the people who made this game and recieve money from other players are not loyal to their fellow players....
I got to play like 1 day, was able to get to required amount of "power" to play special event, got to play that once and ever since I have not been able to open the app to continue to play. This has been happening for daysss. Each time I open, I click start, and while loading it closes or as soon as it opens to my home it immediately closes the app. It was fun while it lasted...just another dead merge game me.
Was good at first updated my phone kicked me out reinstalled only to have more issues with merging of anything on the game messaged developers got no response now once again kicks me out deleting it again and won't be putting it back on again
Great Game, I would rate 5 stars if it did not drain my battery. Normal day use I charge once a day. When I play this game, I have to charge it about every 2 hours. The game is also really choppy. But!!! I LOVE the game. I enjoy playing it very much
So, I played it for a bit on my wife's tablet, seemed ok, she'd been playing it for ages, and had opened up a lot of land, seemed fun, so I thought i'd try it on my phone (an S7). Its too small to see whats going on, too slow to regenerate stuff, and seriously eats my battery and overheats my phone, so nevermind.
Was a great game until the new version came out! I could not blinded my previous game with the one. Now in the Spring Carnival I cannot combine items so they are taking up a lot of land space.
Customer service for this game sucks. There's a contact us feature in the game that is a joke, they never answer it. In a recent special event, I purchased the special land in the event and the charge went through and I didn't get the land, and they never gave me my money back.
I love this game, however it's getting a 1 star review because I haven't been able to play it in almost 2 weeks. Is there any chance in the foreseeable future that this will change? I've missed so many events due to this. Please fix it soon. Edit - are you going to fix the bug that causes the game to instantly crash when you open it? Or answer anyone's review??
I have had the same issue as the reviewers below, I followed the binding email instructions and still couldn't play the game. I too have lost all progress, dimonds, creatures, levels etc, along with purchased items. I would like a refund of ALL monies paid and an explanation from the developers as to why players have had no notice that this was what would be happening.
App not opening. Just crashing It's been weeks since the Android OS update, the app is still crashing and not opening. This is one of my favorite games so I'm sad the developers have not addressed this to make it compatible with the latest OS update.
It won't open anymore, the app just crashes, please look into this, I've spent money to play the last event, but I have not been able to access the game since Monday night. I've deleted unused apps to open up space, everything possible on my end, but it still crashes. I would delete it altogether but I've spent money on it and don't want to go that route. It would be nice if someone would contact me, I've sent emails, left reviews, still, no communication, seems they don't care about their users
Purely because I can't get into the game. It works logging in as guest but not with an account?? Makes no sense, the app just closes when you try and log in. I've played this game for months and spent money now it won't open with my account
It used to be a cool game to play but lately it has been crashing continuously. Wish you will fix whatever is issues the game has. I put it to sleep and will try again next week. Hopefully I will pleasantly surprise.
I will make this a 5 star when you code a warning when you are tapping needed objects in an event and give an option to cancel your action to tap it. I have 3 times now not compleated an event because the game did not warn me that I was about to use a needed object to unlock part of the map. Not happy at all because i have earned those exploration rewards and did not get them because of it.
I have downgraded my rating due to the glitches I still seem to have even before the baaad update. My fellow players, if you join the Fantasy of Atlantis group on Facebook, the admin there is pretty great. She tries to solve your problems with the game and seems to have contact with the developers. This is not a pitch to join the group, just trying to help 😁.
I like it but it glitches too much, can't do anything with the event horns (merge or sell). The fish take too long too go to sleep (make a big mess). On the islands the fish take too long to collect.
Have not been able to play since last update.. Won't open. It loads to 10% then crashes. Will be deleting this game which is a pity since it was good and fun til latest update and trying to contact support and get help from them is useless and futile.
If I could give this game negative Stars I would. They make you do all the work of getting 35 creatures and then when you're to the point to where you can join the events that are going on it won't even let the app start it keeps crashing. I would highly highly recommend against this game to save you the frustrations
This game used to be a really good one. The only one I actually spend money on. Then it started having major issues. You try to contact the company and they don't even respond to you any more. Getting really irritated and upset with the way they've changed
I purchased a gems pack last week and they have taken money out of my account but not actioned the gems. I have tried to contact them on two different occasions and am still yet to hear anything.
It's a pretty fun game. Just a few suggestions.... 1.Be able to tap on the flowers to get more than one creature to harvest from them. 2. Be able to mass 5 merge 3. Be able to delete the Dome items (bonus items) in events 4. Respond when someone contacts you through the support tab in the game
I love it. But the app moved.i couldn't make purchases for awhile. Now it wants me to shift to new version downloaded to device I put in requested code and isn't responding? Help?it doesn't recognize my normal e mail .My apologies for typos.please fix.
I would give this game a 5 star. I love this game, but ever since I updated my phone, I can't play. It keeps crashing while it is trying to load. I would love if this could get fixed.
I love this game but I lost EVERYTHING!They sent a mass message if you lost your game after some update they did and how to get it back. Well it didn't work and I probably spent over $100+ on this game and it's ALL gone! I sent them multiple messages and haven't heard anything anything from them! Fun game but DONT spend any money on it. You might get screwed over and they obviously only care about making money and not helping the people who play/pay the game.
Would be 5 stars if I could still play. Game starts to load and crashes. Colton, your Facebook admin is completely rude and condescending. Pretty big muscles for someone who can't answer any questions besides "they're aware". And then to be blocked...great representation!! I really like this game, but your customer service needs as much work as the game glitches!!
Fun but super glitchy. Can play for about 2 to 5 minutes before getting kicked out of game. When that happens, have to restart from where I 1st opened app on that day.
Constant issues, which is a shame because the concept and design are much better than most merge games. There are too many bugs. An entire game failure led to a rebrand, cash usage problems often happen and now the game doesn't work at all with the latest android update. No one responds to messages, except the fb page, who are often quite abrupt/rude to enquiries or even questions about basic game play. I would have given it 5 stars a few months ago, but the issues are too frustrating now.
It has been a month since I added to my review and I still can't access my game unless I want to start from the beginning, I am not starting again. I have deleted and reloaded so many times I have lost count and I am thinking of deleting it permanently. I have spent a lot of money getting to the level I was at and that has really pissed me off that now I can't even access the game. SORT IT OUT please.
This is a good game but it hasn't let me open in the last week. Just keeps crashing money spent or not if you can't fix I'll just delete. I see I'm not the only one on here having problems. So I uninstalled and reinstalled and still can't get this app to open!!!. It was a good game but this is irritating !
I absolutely ADORE this game. I've spent way too much money on it. Tonight I tried to purchase some land and a gem package. I was charged, but I received nothing!! I have emailed and messaged in the game. I am furious!
Not loading at all. Previously connected account to fb but it still will not let me into the game. I was almost finished opening everything and now I can't even play the game because of the bind glitch
Update - no response from creators and now game won't load at all. Uninstalled. The game stalled so I had to restart it, which happens often. When it came back up most of the rewards I received from the last event disappeared. Also, it took over 100 points, some eggs/baskets, and unlocked land. Please correct.
Totally stressed out with this game right now, had an update 3 or 4 days ago and now the game will only load if I go back to the start and that ain't happening. This was my favourite merge game until that update, now thinking of deleting it completely. Please sort it out ASAP, I'm housebound and disabled this game help keep me sane.
We just switched platforms and the transition has been terrible to sync the least. For two days I couldn't access my original game, so I started from scratch. I purchased the daily gems package, plus other gems. In total I had over 600 gems. Then this morning I figured out how to switch back to my original profile. Problem is now I've lost all of the money I just spent in gems! As well as other being able to access the daily Gem haul that I purchased for $4.99. I like the game enhancements
I love the game itself, but on two separate occasions I have made a purchase, been charged for that purchase twice only to not receive what I purchased. I have tried contacting someone to have the issue fixed with no response.
I actually love this game problem is is I've probably spent $180 plus and the last 24 hours on this game but they haven't given me any of the gems or any of the downloads that I've paid for but they took the money out of my bank so I don't know who to call to either get my money back or I don't know so if you're looking for a fun game this is fun but it sure as hell wouldn't put any money into it because they're sure not going to give you anything for it
App keeps crashing when I open it. Fix it and give us credit for gems we lost out on because we can't get in!!! Have not been able to play in over a month. FIX THE GAME!!!!
This is more of a message to anyone writing a review trying to get help...unfortunately they suck at reponding... however go to the FB for the game..if you tell them about your issue they are able to get you answers, I do know the last update caused some problems, but believe they got fixed..instead of looking for help here search the game name in FB
I love this game and all the different objects and animals to merge it's fantastic! I also love all the events they have. This is no doubt one of my favorite merge games!
The graphics alone are 5 full 🌟, but right now no stars. I have sent feedback, I have written to support, and have gotten nothing in return. This game starts loading and crashes right at the 15% mark and goes back to the previous place on my phone when I clicked on it to open. I pay $15/month for the turtle island and I haven't been able to play for a month. At least with Google you have the option of pausing payments.
I was really enjoying this game, but after the rename I can't even get into the game now . Immediately on the start up screen it crashes and boots me . Such a shame
I love this game but I am having the same issues as everyone else. Crashes at 15%. I have Uninstalled & reinstalled and the same thing. Please fix or I will delete it!!
They rebranded this from a failed version of this game. From what I can tell it's still broken. Poor game design doesn't change with a name. Working with your consumers is still required. Fixing glitches is still required. Overall these developers shouldn't be allowed to publish. Let alone publish something where their last game had issues with micro transactions. The fb page is just as bad. The Admin verbally abused me after I said I was disappointed a comment was deleted.
Game was great but now it crashes upon opening. I have not been able to plan in a number of weeks. I have sent in multiple reports with no response.
I've NOT been able to log in for OVER 2 weeks! I LOVED this game WHEN I COULD play it! I spent real money in it & can't EVEN get in to play! I've missed the Christmas event & no telling HOW many other events in between!! IF you CAN play....then lucky you! I got to play ONLY TWICE AFTER all the "BUGS & GLITCHES" were "FIXED"!
This game is addicting, and I have enjoyed playing it. Great graphics. I'd give it 5 stars, however, there are too many breakdowns of the game and no response from developers when concerns are communicated regarding technical difficulties.
Level 92 is impossible to complete. I have used all my gems and moneys to complete it and it still won't work. Obviously they have made it this way so you lose everything.
Actually, I love this game, but it won't even open for me since the last android update. I press Start and it has gotten as far as 22% but then crashes. It will open on my phone, but it is no fun trying to play on that tiny screen.
Keeps crashing last 3 days can't access and spent a fortune on this game I'm very upset...i suggest others do as I did request refunds if made purchases within 48hrs from google if you are unable to play and so therefore you didn't get what you was promised and if used pp to pay they will refund as far back as 6 months if you can't access the game.
I used to love this game, have spent alot of time playing but this last event I can't merge anything and I have contacted them 3 times and no one has responded. This is not the first time I have had these problems and they keep getting worse
Avoid at all costs... literally. DO NOT buy the extra land on events as they falsely advertise you will receive items once you have paid real money for. Example....the extra land shows unlocked egg chests, however, once they receive your money, the chest is then locked and you do not receive items unless spending more money. Join the FB group at your own risk as freedom of speech is highly unappreciated. They will come up with any excuse possible and block you if you challenge anything they say.
Uninstalled, this game sucks too. Half the time it doesn't open, there's no way of closing it. It takes rewards, sometimes it doesn't respond at all. It takes progress, there's no way to save even though it wants you to log into ur facebook. Scam calls have quadupled