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Fantasy Forest Story

Fantasy Forest Story for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Storm8 Studios located at 901 Mariners Island Blvd, Suite 300 San Mateo, CA 94404. The game is suitable for Everyone (Mild Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love this game, it's a really fun and cute time killer! The graphics are great and collecting new and rare animals is fun and satisfying. However, I do have a few issues; the game glitches a lot and can get really laggy. The battle system is also very unpredictable and doesn't really make any semse.
I like this game. The only things I don't like is it's hard to get gems, not enough letters to put in names, and when I got my old phones data on my new phone, it didn't save my account. So maybe help with these things but I do recommend to get this game.
Love playing this game. The more you play and let time go by the better your land and animals get. Soo much fun.
While I wished i could enjoy this game, starting this game ridiculous. My first breeding has me waiting 7 hours!! That's just too long, making the process of starting slow and boring. The expanding is also too much, unlocking a new piece of land (which you will have to as you start of with the bare minimum of land) it's 10,000 off the bat, pair that with the fact you have no animal's to bring in money (because of the ridiculous waiting for your first breeding) games just not worth it
Its a really fun game to play, but it is entirely to gem based. I have almost a Billion coins and the only thing i can use them on are a handful of Habitats and the Occasional Expansion that takes forever to get to do. It would be great if you could get some of the more Powerful Animals for coins too or to be able to expand with just coins, not just Jems that you have to buy with Real Money. I get the game has to make money some how but gez... dial it back a bit.
Have played this game for a long time. I like it, but I miss the Storybook Adventures. Is Storybook Adventure coming back? There used to be one every month, but the last one was in April.
I am getting frustrated, I've had an egg in my nest and another waiting, two in storage it said I could get a habitat at level 22, hit that, then it said level 23. so it has been at least 2 to 3 weeks since I could breed or hatch. and by not breeding I can't get runes to expand. vicious circle, oh yeah I could buy my way though the game. except I won't.
This game is nice and all, but the game won't let me restart. I used to have this game and it kept the data. I would like to restart and play again, but it won't let me do so. Everything you do takes way too much time and things cost a lot more money than it should. Getting enough coins and gems, as well as waiting, is extremely annoying. The game is slow and overall a pain to play.
ok great game but I think the animals should produce money and stuff play dragonvale and get some pointers on this game and to know what I'm talking about
It's probably a good game but it takes everything too long. The eggs take forver, habits and animals are too much money as well. Getting the amount of coins you need is incredibly slow and frustrating. When thing's are getting started you shouldn't have everything take 6 hours+. I'm incredibly disappointed, it looks amazing but its too slow for me.
I love the game. It's interesting and entertaining to see what type of animal is going to hatch from each combination. The only drawback is that it takes so many gems to either get things done more expediently or to have to buy certain creatures needed for certain quests because they aren't available by breeding
The problem with Storm8 games is that the make all of the events impossible to complete without spending gold/actual money. For instance, they change the battle odds in a tournament so you constantly fail to beat an animal that is 10+ levels below you, nevermind the higher levels as the tournament progresses. It's super disheartening to fail over and over to get tournament animals when you play all the time.
this review actually should be zero stars but I can't put that I couldn't even play the game it kept saying check my internet connection and my internet connection was perfectly fine and every time
its an ok game but paying so much money for apples and clearing rubbage is crazy. 45k to clear a tree and a rock...really?? also feeding them so many apples is crazy especially When your paying so much to grow them. and pretty sucky when your battling a level 6 animal and ur level 13 and they beat you smh
I love this game but the only thing that ruins it is that when there is the championship thing where you earn crowns and get ranked and all, there is a quest to play home makeover or something like that, and by playing that you can earn 1500 crowns, so I downloaded the game and Im on level 30 I think and the quest says that I have 0% in completing it when I have the correct game and all, so fix that please unless its a scam for people just to doenload it. Everything else about this game is fine.
horrendous battle system everything takes too long and the quests suck. gems are practically a paid for only thing. don't bother.
["In-app purchases","Supports in-app purchases",[null,2,null,[null,null,"https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/OHPOv1_KARAq6le0gvoUqeZ7Nr5SLmY5Jgbzutmg5LRcj3q_1lV_cgfPeuAB2mRFYDTC"] ] ]
The app is great, but this is what i found irritating- 1- The game only provided me with 20 gems. It should have been a bit more than 20. 2- I started playing this recently, but suddenly it stopped working and the app did not open. I am really angry about that. But, it is a great game and i really enjoy playing it.
I used to love this game but now since I've started a new game and leveled up pretty high I'm not getting any of the leaderboard events or story book events which are the only thing that even make this game fun. Your regular quests are so dull and boring you can go weeks without having anything to do. Why would I want an endless list of animals to breed and get? Give us some interesting quests make us do something...otherwise why even keep this game up?
This game is so much fun to play! Although, once you have quite the amount of animals its pretty hard to breed a new one. And in the shop the ones you probably need are for so many gems. Also, waiting is a BIG problem with me. im not that patient and you should probably make the waiting a FEW PINCHES longer each time you breed. the first though... Why so long?
fun, but it keeps bugging me about spending time with the animals. I cant dedicate my entire life to some fake animals.
I really enjoy the awesome graphics, but they crash my phone when i visit other people with high levels. I also wish it didnt take as long to breed and evolve some pets. And some of the items are way to high priced in gems, you should make optional for coins verses gems. Not impressed with having to watch ads and not recieving anything when it says watch for bonuses. 0 *nil* is not a gift or bonus.
Cool game I love it so much it is fun, exciting and the creatures are so cute. Everyone should have this game.
This game used to be so fun now it keeps gliching after all the money i spent on this game they need to hurry up and fix itASAP.
im giving this 5 stars because it is a very good game, but the game closes every 2 minutes and doesnt save my progress! very frustrating! can u help?
I love this game although the reason I give it 4 stars is cuz it's so hard to get more gems you should make it with when people up they get 50 gems or something but overall this is a great game im gonna keep on playing it either way
This game is amazing! but I'm currently unable to watch ads for prizes right now, and I feel like that players should he able to upload there own profile pictures from there files or gallery either way I recommand to anyone who loves animals and fantasy the graphics are stunning.
I never got to play it becuase it takes foever to load up and it keeps telling me I have no internet connection when I clearly do!!! Fix this problem and add a loding bar and you'll be good to go!
I bought a pack that came with an egg apple and gems. But a couple days later 100 gems had been taken away, I know I didn't spend them, I think it has to do with a problem in the game.
Excuse me but i bought the bundle pack2 (fantasy forest story) just a while ago but my animal and diamonds and food still hasnt arrived. I received the first purchase but not the second on. Storm8 can you please look into this matter cause i dont think its fair for me to pay sgd 2.98 and not receive my product.
I visit other people it always comes out and it takes ages to load again . If you don't fix these horrible things I'll uninstall it . I am also angry because I had 2 explosives , used one but on my second go it came out 1/8 of the way . I already had 4 expand things + the 3 I got on my first go + 1 I got on my second go = 8 . But when I went back on I had 7 expand things and no explosives . Do not install this waste of time silly game .If you visit stormy it always comes out and it is so annoying
If there is any known way to fix this complication please reply to my comment/review. I had a terrible experience with this app/game! It wouldn't load, and instead kept going on and on about there being no internet connection. I had checked the connection multiple times and it was perfectly fine! I reloaded it but that did nothing, so I tried restarting my whole electronic device; also a waste of time. I even tried clearing the cache and data which did nothing!
Hi! This game is very cool and is very exciting for me, but... when I want to watch an ad It keeps on saying video didn't finish.. I would LOVE if you'd fix that. Anyways, your game is awesome!
I love this game but I wish you could use coins to purchase gems in the game and also wish there was a way to delete unwanted items from your storage area.
I love it but when you get gems most of the time it just takes them away.Also,it takes for ever to breed the animals i have had this game for 2 days i am at level 12 i mean it like goes by so fast i mean I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IT IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This game is definitely addictive and very enjoyable however, all of the good/nicer looking animals are extremely expensive in the games' money system. Even to buy(with real money)more game money(or gems, as referred to in the game)is way out if prince range to buy any of the better animals. I do love this game but I believe it is very unreasonable in prices.
I really love this game!!! I've been playing ever since I was 10. I don't mind that this game takes slow for the animals to hatch. it's just normal for this type of game. but I do have a one problem. I don't know if this problem just happens to me or to everyone but. every time I level up I'm only able to place one den. now I don't think this is really fair. but really other than that it's pretty cool I love this game very much and it is also really fun to play if you like this type of game!!!
great story beutiful design,would give 5 stars if no blackout on my screan ,not able to see what should be clear,pls fix.
the only way to expand in this game is through mining. In order to mine I had to breed animals. I didn't and have room for more habitats, so I had to continually sell animals I had bred just to get bombs in order to get more room for habitats. it became such a pain I deleted the game
its good, and all, but you could really do to make the tutorial optional, every game of this sort forces you to do it, and its always miserable, I know you've only got to do it once, but it sucks, this applies to all you're games by the way
I like the fact that you can send gems to other players and that you can go mining, collect coins and buy very unique animals with them, plant apples, and much more!
it has a lot of potential. My always complain in all these Fantasy Forest Story is that it always steal your resources. the game will be lagged and then after that your resources will be decreased.
I love this game!! the animals r adorable and I love the battlegrounds. But something that seems a bit hard is when there r events. It's quite hard to get stones or other items. But that's all.
Loved it until i updated my phone. All my ganes are fine except for this one. I went to hatch the new egg that i had hatching, but everything was gone and it started me did at level 1 when i was at level 10.
Accidental clicks I just want to complain about how wrong the use of diamonds in your games are I'm sure it's intentional that you like stealing money from people Everyone misclicks it happens ! To have your diamonds stolen everytime u misclick is wrong honest games make you click a second time to verify you want to spend your diamonds but your game just steal them I have lost track of how many I have lost to accidental clicks I hope you would be a honest company stop stealing
Arrh! I really like the game but in the battle I am stuck on level six! I am not complaining because I don't have animals that are high enough in levels, but because the animal that you battle against is a level 1 pony. I used my level 5 pony against it, but SOMEHOW it actually caused more damage to me than it. Like, HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? It is like levels don't even matter. But I know they do. I am really confused! How am I meant to get past it? And another time I versed a pandaffodil to pandaffodil the same level and I defeated it on the first hit??? It is so weird. It should so be the other way round! It gets me really angry! >:(
It's really nice but ever since I got the Big Water Way there is a pink bar above it can yall fix that please .
Its a wonderful game to pass the time. I love the competitions but the last leaderboard I didn't recieve three of my prizes. I got first place and recieved those prizes but not the last three in the leaderboard. When I tried to report the issue through the game, its unable to do so. Its very frustrating as this is the first time I would have all the prizes of the event including all event animals. I've never really had a problem with the game before aside from small glitches.
Everything but the graphics are a waste of time. Doing quests is almost near impossible and even buying common animals are expensive. Arena and battle makes no sense so expect to lose unexplained half the time. Doing quest for events are useless so don't expect to get the rewards cause I havent
customer service is horrendous. ABSOLUTELY NO SUPPORT, and blames everything on "user issues". 3 separate issues at different times, all told was "my issue". Even with previous instructional advise and screen shots, was told the generic "user issue". statement.
This is a good game,apart from the mineing aspect to expand your park!Sometimes you explode an explosive & it says "too far"but later in the same mine,you find a rune stone,right next to the explosion that was too far!!What is going on here?!
I enjoy the game but unless you are ready to pump money in it, you get slowed by not being able to expand. We need to be able to get more runes to expand without spending real money.
Love this game apart from one flaw, gems are really hard to come by. Maybe cam you make gens easier to get otherwise great. Definitely recommend.
I like this game but everyone is right everything takes way to long and you have to pay to breed your animals and that in turn costs allot to get them to the breeding level all in all your constantly waiting. waiting for habitats waiting for breeding waiting for the eggs to hatch just to much waiting so sorry but I'll be uninstalling the game.
THE BATTLING IS NONSENSE how can my lv. 15 animal lose to lv. 8 animal... WHICH ACTUALLY BOTH ARE THE SAME TYPE. what kind of nonsense???? and lv. 12 rare animal also lose to this exact lv. 8 animal??? HOW?? AND THE TIME AND PRICE ARE NONSENSE??? pay 650 coins for 50 food??? every animal above lv. 3 eat more than 20 food. and how much i get from every habitat?? not enough to plant food for my animal which in average need HUNDREDS food. dont mention the time. ridiculously long.