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Fantasy Forest: Magic Masters!

Fantasy Forest: Magic Masters! for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by TeamLava Games located at 901 Mariners Island Blvd, Suite 300 San Mateo, CA 94404. The game is suitable for Everyone (Mild Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Reinstalled it, after not playing for awhile, keeps deleting the habitat I try to add or move. Don't like that you must have both coins and runes to expand. I like the animals though.
Sucks, it really sucks. It takes so damn long to even do anything, let alone load. And after a few days it completely stops working. Don't waste your time with this game or any of them on fact, I've played almost all of them and they have the same damn problem
Fantasy Forest is a wonderful dragon adventure story. We get to own virtual dragons. It has Awesome graphics.
Most annoying game ever ever 3 dam seconds the lady pops up with get started can't even do a single thing with out her popping up
I adore this game, and play it often. I highly recommend it! The "furry woodland creatures", as I call them, are very detailed and cute. Wonderful game, and great for any age. Suggestions/pleas for creators: Could you please make it an option for us to be able to keep the eggs as decoration in our parks if we don't want to sell them, and already have the animal? Also, make it a bit easier to expand? Thanks
I like the game a lot so far, but the game is kinda slow and the battling is to basic in my oppinion. The animation is decent and the animals are cute though! I suggest the game if you have time for a little buffering.
Takes too much time to di anything, gets boring each time you will have to wait for another cycle, like in gold, food and breeding. 3 star so if in near future, I see this game again, I would still install it to give a chance if it was updated.
Love the game, but hate the high cost of things... Lower the prices to a reasonable amount for people to advance, and I might raise ratint to 5 stars.
This game is fun but please do a update and then i will give it a 5 star please fix the problems in this game or play store must take it off I'm very disappointed it was a good game before!!!!!!!!!
the game is good I wish some of the rare animals like the skyger were free so will the creators make lots of the common and some of the rare ones free
I like this but I wanna game that is like this but offline tho I think this is not my cup of tea but I like and I think this game is pretty great if I was you I would like and love it but yet 🤔
I rated this a 2 star cause this is the same as the first Fantasy Forest their isn't anything different about this version an it wont let you connect to your Facebook to get your original progress back from playing it before that is messed up please fix
This game is great, and just like I remember, but for some reason a level 3 pyro pony can beat a level 7 pyro pony, and one last thing, the breeding and evolving takes way to long.
beautiful design, cute animals however 8 hours to hatch an egg is too long. 6 hours to breed an animal again too long. All animals cost diamonds that yes you can get if you do this or that but even installing games and trying them out you dont get the rewards because the game isnt recognizing you've down loaded said game.
its a good game however, it sometimes resets what i have done making me do it again and i think there isnt much need to make new games unless it helps you with income.
love the game! am always excited to play it. wish we could buy barrels of food instead of waiting so long to grow. i have 1 dragon that it takes about 800 apples in 1 feeding. also wish had more battles. the cost of upgrading a farm is way to high same with expansion. cause why expand ic have to constantly spend all your money trying to feed your animals. sorry some people dont have money to waste on games. still enjoy it!
really like this game, animals r very creative & colorful. Wish I started sooner & can't wait 2 progress further.
This game was probably my favourite game from my childhood. I see not much has changed apart from prices. I'm hoping here that the game will have saved my progress and that I will be able to log into that same account.
ive had it with this game..it used to be my favorite..now all it does is reboot back to a certain spot in the game..it wont let you hatch new eggs for more than 2 minutes..then reboot and back to no new baby..im deleting this game ..
I havent played in years. I downloaded the and everything is here. After 5 years. Thank you. Had some issues at first.
i LOVEEE the app storm8studios. but can you make the price of the animals lower and can you lower the MB thx ♡♡♡♡♡
Fantasy Forest Story is a great game! If you're thinking to download it then do it!! It has many beautiful and majestic animals of every sort and on your first day you level up very fast. Not only that it's not even been a few weeks and I am already in Level 13 and Have about 15 animals and I have beat all the battlegrounds (till Level 40. Now Part 2 And level 30)
ohh i love it,the animal is amazing,real and unique.i am in fantasy word.. thank you i have this game...
It is a very good game yet it is hard to earn diamonds but it is a beautiful game graphics are very good and creatures also love this game!
This is a piece of junk. Doesn't even start . I spent two hours waiting for the game to start with an internet connection and all it says that you don't have an internet connection. Hate this game . Waste of time.
Well I havent played this game in a year and it went back to my old progress only I wanted to start a new game but I can't
That I got robbed. I bought the plentiful rabbit and the rune fox and the habitats and now they're all gone after my game even bought supplies to a habitat getting ready to buy the canary bird and it is not there anymore I spent money on this and now I'm being robbed
I can't open the battlegrounds. It says you've reached the end of battlegrounds Does this mean I won't be able to battle again
This is an awesome game, but there is one thing I had a problem with I have this game on my iPad my phone and crome book, my phone has the most progress but at level 19 it started a glitch I thought it would get fixed but no it didn't, the glitch happens when I go in the mine, I try to get the orbs when I finally finished it it kicks me out of the game it gets really annoying because now I can't expand and I keep getting more and more animals so then I need more and more habitats but I can't.
Love the game issue is it wont let me back in the gake keeps saying this game is an online game n needs internet connection my wifi is great n id really appreciate if this problem gets fixed thank you
Its okish I realy like the grapics but the game just feels slow and theres not that much going on wait times take too long so it takes a whlie to make any progress the battle system is not that good all you do is press a button to atack its boring and theres really no way to detemine your animals level of power because you have no way of knowing how big an animals helth is or how big an atack is but i think its kinda good I like to breed and colect the animals Hope the feedback is useful
I can't even get onto the game, it keeps telling me I need an Internet connection when I already have a strong one so I don't know what is wrong
It takes alot of resourses and takes forever to get some of your creatures and diamonds are hard to get but they're sooooo adorable its super cute and battling is better than other similar games. Love it!!!
I loved this game. Some of it I have complications with. The most problem I have is I went pretty far in the game. But when I got my new phone I lost all my data completely my land was gone and I can't get it back!
This game is nice and all, but the game won't let me restart. I used to have this game and it kept the data. I would like to restart and play again, but it won't let me do so. Everything you do takes way too much time and things cost a lot more money than it should. Getting enough coins and gems, as well as waiting, is extremely annoying. The game is slow and overall a pain to play.
It is sooooooo cute and fun but why do you need to get the cutest and cool ones with gemes it is so hard to get gems
im tired of getting kicked out of the app..it has been rebooting back to the same spot for 3 days..you cant get ahead in the game when it keeps rebooting itself to the same spot constantly..i used to love playing but now its one of the worst games ive played
Nice game. But i dint get free gems after install few game that ask me to download. Very upset😔 Model : Huwawei Nova 5T
I don't understand why there are like three or four different versions of the same game except for maybe different versions so and if the versions outdated it shouldn't be on here and it makes it so I gave it one star
This game doesn't let you do what you want to because the girl from the tutorial keeps telling you to do stuff that you probably already did.Change the pop ups then I'll download it again.Also did anyone find it weird they needed to know our identity but they didn't ask for our age?
I havent been able to load my game for almost 2 weeks! I am not happy about that! I cant remember my account name so i cant uninstall and re install without losing all my progress!
Played this game again after a few years. Disappointed to see the same "Harry Potter" loading screen, I was hoping for there to be an obvious update. Upon entering the game I went through the tutorial, basic right? Whrn I wanted to link my account and log into Facebook, it simply said, "Facebook is not supported for this version". The developers neglected this game. Do not install, waste of your time.
Its so random sometimes the battles have less powered cretures like a leval 2 piro pony and my piro pony is at level 6 amd that hacker bot fefeted it this games is so fake even dragon ML makes more sense. And these are real animals instead of fantasy animals they have almost nothing different. EVEN DRAGONS LOOK COOLER THIS IS NOT LAND BEFORE DRAGONS ITS LAND AFTER DRAGONS!
This game is SUPER cool this might be my favourite game so far and I like the colours scheme, I hope you create more games just ;Iike this and because I got wi-fiand I like that it doesn't take to much GB TYYY
I love this game so much! But the reason why I rated it four stars is because I really wish it was offline.
I used to love this game as a kid And I mean love and I'm playing again my dream was always the crystal unicorn or snow leopard I was on a really high level ;-;
U should get this game i love this game my friend told me about this game and now im hoked on this game its great if your thinking of getting this game definetly do and they need to bring updates to the game like changeing the picure you see when u open the game when it loads and do fun events like addind minie games were you can get gems or stuff like a new map and new animals i think would make the game better
So I like this game, but I have something else to say. WHERE IS DRAGON STORY? It's always been my favourite & I went to reinstall it, but I couldn't find it! I downloaded this, but I miss Dragon Story so much. Please bring it back guys.
it is amazing i love perfect for children but the breeding and eggs take a while but i recomend it xx
I'm level 130 something. Gets boring because it's never updated and only one challenge. There use to be 2 different types. Would be nice if it changed up sometime. But still a good time killer. Cute animals and habitats.
Fantasy forest:magic masters is just a copy of fantasy story. How i know is i have fantasy story and when i go on fantasy forest:magic masters it shows my pets so its a copy 😑😔😢. I was thinking was going to be cuter😭☹.And the controls or bad.
it's not close to being as good as dragon story. Has very few options an not many players because you're unable to communicate with others etc. it's the very basic game and very boring
It has been a while since I've had this game, so I tried to get it back. Unfortunately all my data is gone and I cannot get it back. For some reason I can't even get Fantasy Forest Story (The one I actually played) or link my Facebook to get my data back. I have to start all over and I spent money on this game for nothing :(
It was fun but something keeps poping up my screen and it said i need more internet or sometjing like that yeah can you creators fix it please and it has been only one day please i love the game if you fix it i will give you 5 STARS
This game is my all time favorite. I have played this game meny times.it is the perfect game for fantasy pet lovers.😊😀🐶
One of the worst game ever .This game doesn't give update . It is usually waste of time . Don't install this game.If u install this game it is ur wish. It is boring and bad game.
its soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo popular and its awesome and I love it so so much#★♡♥☆
I think it is great! The animation is good and the animals are so cute and they are fun to collect, I also think the descriptions for each animal is so fun, battling is also great because you win prizes like food, coins, and animals! Overall, this is a great game.
Havent been on game in like a year and it seems to have no updates. Was wondering why my 2nd tree of life was missing and why the name was different, and just found out that there are a few of these games and they all let you log in. Just not sure why one has all my items and the other doesnt. Also, it still takes way too long to breed and hatch just to get the same animals every single time. And for some reason, game keeps deleting stuff i already did... Constantly.
looks good but got 1 minute in and large white square appeared in the middle of my screen(just in this game) which obviously prevents me from playing..no option to remove it..👎
Every time you try to do ANYTHING in the game you have SOMETHING popping up, a stupid ad or you are being told to do what you were already trying to do. To blasted annoying.
I used to love this game. It was one of the only things I'd play. I had tons of experience on it, and almost every animal unlocked. But when I re-installed the game after a few months, all my experience is gone. I'm quite disappointed, and I'm not going to restart- theres no point.
I love this game♥️♥️ but I have an internet in my house its says the game is in internet I have an internet on my home And still loading in my screen on my phone it's kinda frustrated to look at it that the game is still loading on my screen and I think this took forever to watch the screen...
It's okay... I only got as far as Mana Bananas and Power pears, and Paradise Parrots. However, I'm uninstalling because why are my level 6 animals getting beat by level one and two animals? Even if they're the same animal type, that doesn't make much sense.
This game is nice but it says network issue even tho if I have good network otherwise I could give it 5stars .