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Fantasy Cave D&D Style RPG

Fantasy Cave D&D Style RPG for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Roguelike located at 6150 Du Vallon Saint-Hyacinthe Quebec, Canada J2S 7T5. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is very similar to Mordor! Your doing an awesome job!!! Consider creating a VIP version that already has everything unlocked. I'd pay maybe 7 dollars for that! Thanks for being responsive to us and keep it up! Je veux dire aussi que j'aimerais plus des races/classes!
Nice old-school, rogue-like RPG concepts, but too buggy. Items have misspelled names. Skills use too much Mana and are underpowered. No fleeing battles and stat points are not after every level-up. Random warps often erase the map and zoom buttons cover bottom map rooms. Battles get stuck infinitely with no damage and players can start a floor off of the map and must close the game. Manual app stopping can cause data loss. Polish your game and offer ways to earn rubies for better future ratings.
Great design, Great click and Point play. Simple. One thing though, maybe ada a recall potion? Different the then the portal. You would lose your current process in the cave but at least you could get out faster with out having to die.
closest thing to mordor rpg on playstore. art style is unusual and enemies are pretty weird which is very good change from standard knights and orcs in my opinion. game is not easy,not too hard,you just have to use some tactics and team combinations on tougher opponents. some crashes occured,especially when sending teams of less than 3 in dungeon,but nothing too serious that could ruin game experience..implementing mordorlike simple quests and bounties,as someone already mentioned,would be cool.
A great timewaster game. However one huge problem is skills are damn near useless and cost way too much. In addition. Wands and magic damage weapons are so sparce you gimp yourself choosing a mage class. Edit:if magic was stronger the price for spells wouldnt need to change.
Fairly simple dnd style game where you pick 3 characters and go delving. I suggest a white mage, thief and tammie character till you get used to game.
So far I'm actually having fun however I'm kind of disappointed in the monsters they could have done so much better with them but at least it's a fun interesting game
Unique and fun dungeon game to play. Interesting looking characters, rendered exceptionally. At first somewhat difficult but easier gameplay once experienced a little, it is actually very smooth. Explore dungeons fight wierd monsters collect loot, all made more fun by the fascinating artwork!
a really fun little game. no real depth or cumbersome fetch it quests, just like old school muds. It would be nice to keep the town portal after closing the game so that you could return to the level you were working on, so you didnt have to try to get through the whole dungeon in one sitting. response to dev: I sent crash reports when prompted to. I found that I was able to reinstall without losing progress, the game is running fine now.
This game is pretty good!!. I like how they set up the game with dragons. Even monters looks good.. The game is easy to play and controls are good..
Just terrible. It's like a child made it with no gaming development experience. Don't even know where to begin... Can't a company make a game like this and do it right?
Cant go to floor 9. Double hit and triple hit skills dont work they hit only 1 time. Cant add points to the stats i want. After you teleport (randomly) you should still be able to see the prev discovered areas. Idk if it is a bug or intended but at higher floors (7-8 i guess?) after you use town portals, when you go back to cave it sends you to a random area instead of where you used town portal and its kinda annoying. No update for a long time
Simple game with one MAJOR flaw. It doesn't save when you leave the game, so all progress is lost unless you're able to keep playing, till you find one of the random save spots (of which there are very few AND they're one shot). I've lost levels gear and wasted over half an hours play several times, simply because I had to pause the game.
This is a well-put-together game that does the tradition of the Hack legacy proud. The only thing missing is a pet. It would be nice if there was a speed up option greater than 2X for when you have to start back at the beginning and slog your way through all the easy levels. My only criticism is it gets pretty grindy at the end, you have to do the same level over and over and over again to get enough of the equipment you want to upgrade one before it disintegrates so that you can advance
Looking for RPG game and found Fantasy Dungeon RPG. The first loading loading a bit slow (depend on internet speed) but it's worth to wait. If you expect the high grahich game maybe a bit unsatisfied but if want a game a good story, I recommend this one.
The game is well put together with a few minor issues, with the biggest for me being that after using the portals I might go back into the dungeon and the tiles are black so I don't know what is there. I wrote a previous review about the undead class, but I since took it down and I emailed you about the bug. I hope it helps. P.S. can I keep my undead if you patch it.
A well made, balanced game with very unique graphics. It's not Skyrim graphics for sure, but the character design is whimsical and vibrant! RPG wise everything's been very well balanced so far with no apparently overpowered enemies. Has in app purchases but they're not blocking.
I'm so glad to find something like demise and mordor on play store, been looking for ages and ages, thanks to the developer. I think it should be a bit more difficult though, the non-boss monsters are way too easy. If its based on mordor a bounty system could be added, maybe blood when monsters get hit lol anyway just my suggestions. Thanks again to the developer
Fun time killer but.... MAJOR DRAWBACKS! When exiting the cave through a portal to town. Upon reentering, the cave is dark and can not see anything or where to go or to get back out! I end up dying or stumbling into the next level then die! I have to start all the way back at level 1. You should be able to UP and DOWN levels. You should be able to save when you want. THESE NEED TO BE FIXED!
Not what I was expecting. The characters don't move around. They just sit down in the corner and pop up when they throw an attack at something. I was expecting action.
This game truly is a wonderful example of what a mobile platform can be capable of, in delivering schoold rpg roguelite elements. The combination system of elements is truly fun to play around with. Figuring out all the different spell combinations is a ton of fun and gives you a large range of choice in how you approach each run. The unlockable characters give the game even more depth and replay-ability.
This gamebis pretty good! I like how they set up the game with dungeons and dragons. Even monters looks good. The game is easy to play and controls are good good. Please this game updated as I play this.
Fun game but very frustrating when I mistakingly hit beside the stat to increase instead of the plus sign. The system freezes. I lose gems and experience. Have to manually leave program then return. Otherwise so far not a bad little game.
Awesome! Would be great if you could add an expensive (green gem) item to use in order to prevent upgrades from evaporating. Also, is there any way to get red gems in game at all?
Not enough content , dungeons dont scale with gear , no way to know if your in to deep until your dead and lose exp and gems
Fun game, the only drawback was I portaled out of the dungeon to town and went into a shop and when I came out the portal waa gone. Deleted it then. Other than that, entertaining game.
This is a cool little time killer. It doesn't get bogged down in movement rates or summoning heroes or forging the ultimate item. But there are skill trees, and sometimes the right skill can mean the difference between victory and defeat.
Fun old school feel. Nice and innovative. good dungeon running and lotto loot system. Needs a few more race options though. My brother downloaded it soon after I did and we both love it. Edit: The rate of equipment being destroyed is horrible. 98 and 95 pecent enchant success chance still breaks regularly. 90% seems to fail 2/3 of the time. need to be adjusted.
It's fun little game. I dislike the chance to have your equipment break. It's like,"I know you've been using and upgrading this piece of gear but unlucky for you. It broke" If an item breaks you should at least get some currency. I don't think the weapons should break. Or maybe if the developers want to cash flow they could make an upgrade you can purchase. $9.99 no more item break. I'd pay for that. Wish we could customize starting stats and name. Gameplay can be sort of a loop. Kill things.
Fantsay Dungeon RPG is impressive game with alot of intersting missions. Themes are horror and wonderful. Very low size app. I have completed many of missions. 👌👌👌
My dungeon crashes every once in 4 to 6 floors, and it doesn't save my progress nor my items when it does and i can't go back out either because of how the game works. Would play it more if it wasn't for these crashes.
So far not bad. Took a little getting used to and still learning but it's all coming together. Just wish there was a way to scroll the map without your character automatically walking where you touch the screen. Same when selecting equipment, potions, status, etc; character walks to top of map away from the direction I'm trying to go. That's the only reason I give 4 stars.
Overall the game is easy to figure out and play. The monsters are all little works of art, very creative and great to look at. My only problem is I'm not clear if this game is meant to be played in one go as there is no save game option and the game does not save your place when you exit. I start at level 1every time. I did make it through most of level 3 before having to quit. When I checked what would happen on restart I was back to level 1.
First off: it's very obvious the dev cares about this game. There are continual updates (a BIG one went live not too long ago) and more content is being added. Love the game, and you can access almost all content without paying a dime. It's a great time waster - easy to learn and play. I wrote a previous 4 star review, but after seeing the amount of effort and (yes it's a bit sappy, but) SOUL the dev puts into this work (and how well they respond to suggestions in reviews) I feel it merits 5 :)
Awesome game that doesn't feel like you have to put money in to have a good time, but needs a little greater variety of abilities/change the ability progression to not be so "this ability is just like the last but upgraded". Otherwise an awesome game!
Decent game a quest feature would be nice. Just aimlessly wandering the dungeon is ok but a purpose would be nice.
Game detects horizontal clicking positions wrong - screen center is 100% accurate, but the further you are from center, the closer to screen center the click registers. At screen edge the delta between click position and click register is about a finger thick. Items enhancement permanently destroys items at 80% success rate. Town shop goods do not respawn (even after killing monsters), and nothing good drops from monsters
Everything about this game is incredible, the rpg gameplay is fabulous, controls, the roguelike elements, sound, textures, they are all astonishing, trying spells combinations is definely my favorite part! Great job on this one!
Pretty good. Do I need to buy premium currency to get far in this game? Sorry I just started playing. Also does this game save automatically? Because what if I wanted to start again? EDIT: Thank you. I thought I would not like this game... Possibility to have a co-op mode with other players or even pvp in the future? I think this game would be more well rounded. Maybe even a quest system and crafting system too. But it is hard work. I understand. Thank you for your time.😊
I`m liking the simple game mechanics. The monster art is odd but the good kind of odd. customizable equipmentment is a plus a well. update: loving it, give this hidden gem a try