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Fancy Blast: Puzzle in Fairy Tales

Fancy Blast: Puzzle in Fairy Tales for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Fenomen Games located at Pervomayskaya 29 308, 212026, Mogilev, Belarus . The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I'm disappointed because the gameplay is different from what was shown in the ads. This is a standard match 3 puzzle type, but the ads show the kind where you trace a path of matching icons. I don't appreciate misleading ads so I'm uninstalling the game now.
Okay but need to stop asking me to buy stuff for on tight budget already can't spend anything on the game ok
Nothing like the advertisement for the game. Just a match 3 game... stick with a version of Candy crush
This is a very fun game to play with friends and family members. Come play this game with me? You will have a blast playing this game will be waiting.
It is a very good game to play with it having a good story and building things and collecting different parts of the house so please come and play
Fun game BUT there is obviously cheating going on that is being ALLOWED when everyone has scores similar to each other except for the #1 spot and they are so outrageously ahead of everyone else as to be laughable. Everyone has scores in the 1XX,XXX. #1 player has scores in the 1X,XXX,XXX,XXX. See the crazy difference? When this is allowed, you know fair game play is not a concern of the developers. I am on level 8 and this is happening already. I can't imagine how bad it will be later.
The game itself is great.... But the bonus move are weak doesn't really move any pieces fix that asap
HELP Not working!!!! But when it does it's good! Why is it getting stuck on 'loading' saying to check my wifi connection and space on phone. Both of which I have! Never had this before...is it a new update? Have turned phone off and on etc. Don't want to uninstall and lose my levels... help please?!
Easy at first but it roars into fun fun fun as you complete the different puzzle boards. A+ game will keep you using your wits all the way through.
This game is a good 1 ,I'm trying to look for some more like this with them so puzzler and passes my spare boring time on
My pet peeve with a lot of these games is that the ads show one thing and the game plays some other way. That's the case with this game. It's a straight match 3 game, and the ad showed an interesting game with rolling bawls and puzzles. I will dump this very shortly.
Great game so far but really don't feel you need to see the top players after every puzzle But I'm enjoying myself right now on 1st day of playing
It's fun. It could be a little more challenging in some areas, but over all worth playing. Games like this are calm and stress relieving.
So far this game is ok with some challenge. It's nothing like the ads indicated. I'm starting to get some of the special moves which help me get through each level.
This games cheats! I just started this game I'm on level 155 and I'm good at games like this but this one here does cheat alot. Doesn't move right, when I get booster next to each other one disappears. This game has potential to be a fun game but don't waste your time because you will get frustrated.
In my life I have neve seen this much worst game, like seriously they show some other thing in game ad and in the reality the game is just like candy crush.
This game is so much fun and so relaxing, very cute ,graphics are awesome, I gave a 5 star. Thank you for sharing your awesome Beautiful fun game.
Youre gonna want to REALLY like this game to play because you'll have to play the levels OVER & OVER & OVER & OVER again! I'm on level 87 & I have now played it over 100 times trying to get through it. (Only continue to play bc at this point I'm curious as to how long it will actually take me to pass.) There are a whole lot better games out there to waste time & effort on this one.
This game needs less expense for helpful items. I got to level 51 and that's it for me. Not fun when you can't win after 20 tries. Goodbye
Mighty cutesy for my taste, but it's engaging enough for your basic match three / storyline game. Not really anything new but the graphics. You collect pieces to build a house when solving the puzzle. Thats the only novelty. I like how the little girl skips to the next level. I don't know why.
So far so good, but I just started the game. So if I think it is good, I will give 5 stars. Depends on how quick it reaches before you have to spend your money. Well made it to about the 17th level and then most likely if you want to advance you have to pay cash put ya pocket. Changing my review from 4 stars to 2 because I can't stand these games that are money hungry.
not my fav...but i play...colors make it hard to read & follow...why cant somone come up with a game that you can just keep going until no matches are available, for points only...?
Beautiful Graphics! This is one of my favorite go to games. But I've been stuck at level 355 for over a week now. I'm sure with a little patience I will beat it as always. I Love a challenge!
Just started, but its a fun game so far. Beautiful, bright graphics and the variety of the games is terrific! Good fun! Not just a kid's game, either. Everyone will enjoy!
Has potential for a good game. Levels are difficult to achieve, not enough moves. Does not make a challenge just tiresome.
managed to get to level 8, after that couldn't get pass; not as fun as i thought, some levels difficult to get 3 stars
Beautiful graphics, fun game but can be a little frustrating at times when playing without the "helpers".
Nothing like the ads. 5 levels in they start a grab for $$$. Ok game play, but little girl character looks creepy.
Fun cute and colorful game .I am enjoying this matching game . I also really like the way it is also a makeover design home game too. I would love to have more ways to earn coins to get furniture faster so I could design the home more often .that part of the game is a little slow paced ,and it is due to having to beat levels to earn the coins you need to build stuff . Just think it would make this game one of the top greatest games if you did make that happen more often. Thanks Darleen.
It was good starting out when you get to level 19 stuck on hard level know now how this turns out want money to pass it uninstalled
Love the theme and game play but the icons or game pieces just aren't too cute. Its like they tried to blend old lady buttons/sewing in with a game. Doesn't really match the theme. Uninstalled
Only just started playing and thus far I'm really liking it. Looking forward to what else this game has to offer. I must also add that the lack of pop up adds is fantastic! I will update later after further progression for a better review.
Ad makes game look like fun but after installing the game it is slow in starting up and the girl character is weird and creepy. A game I definitely won't be keeping.
Removing what is it with all these games you have to remove items all the time to be able to find hidden objects??? Just waste of time n energy...grrrrrrr
I just started so I'm not sure yet. It would be nice, if all the scores added together for high score, instead of high score per level.
So far this game is pretty fun....haven't had any issues to mention except for having to pay for the piggy bank if I want the gold that I earn but that's with most games....otherwise good one to pass the time!!!!
I don't understand why the game isn't even advertised as a match 3. I saw an ad and it shows someone using a pencil in lining the objects act as if it's a connect puzzle. The thing is this was a great Match 3 game I uninstalled because the levels got too hard to be. It's like developers have just become so dishonest that they can't even portray a game for what it really is anymore. I would never install a game based on what an ad shows.
I domt understand where is the game that's advertised? I didn't want to play this one? False advertisement!!!!
I have played this game for a long time. The graphics are so cute. Some of the games can take days to win. I love it.
Game is ok. But what they show you to lure you in is no where near what the game is. This showed me a cute match game. This is not a match game. They use bait and switch tatics. Not nice.
I'm having trouble with the decorating levels the thing is is that it wont let me go to a new level and it says in order for me to access the piece of furniture i won i have to beat the level but I've already beaten it three times
i just started playing tjid game and yes i like the graphics it's cute i think i like a little better than angry birds how ever it would be helpful for New comers starting thus game to explain or have a tutorial as to explain each booster, it would be helpful especially fir old folks like me.
So far I'm having a real fun time with the game! it's fun and relaxing! Everything about the game is AWESOME! I"m going to keep playing! Thank You! Oh, by the way, people that are saying that level 19 is hard and it would take them 3-4 days to pass that level then they just don't pay attention to how they make their moves! Level 19 was a breeze to pass! I had NO problems at ALL! Well, keep playing and having fun like I've been doing! πŸ˜„
I thought it was a different game when it downloaded but I adapted to it and as it turns out I like it Thanks!!!...
Fancy Blast is my new obsession πŸ’‹πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ ... I'm at level 300 and I can't put my phone down. If anyone knows games that are similar, please lemme know, god bless and stay safe!
I never write a review but I had to this time. This game bites. At first fun challenging but fun. Then u buy ur 1st time extra coins. Still fun but then even when u buy alot of extras it still screws u. I used all my extras that I paid 20 for n STILL it wouldn't let me win. Kept just saying buy more. N I know I'm the stupid one to even do it but it was fun....in the beginning. So I wrote this because I always read reviews before I download a game. Hope this helps someone.
It is very annoying to have e to tap through 3 screens after each level, I really don't need to see where I place every level.
it would've been fun but it starts flickering if you take a bit too long to make a move, it's not a game if you suffer from some form of anxiety, therefore I will be uninstalling. Maybe one day I'll reinstall should the flickering stop
This game is not the same as the ad I downloaded it from. It's just the basic, mediocre match 3 game.
This game is easy to play. I'm new to the game just today. But so far so good. Graphics are very clean, and radiant like it's brand new. Thank you
The game is cute, however in order to continue the game!!! It will take 950 in gold to continue!!!! Which will make this game expensive to play.
I just made a group called Fancy Blast if anyone would like to join! It has πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ flag on it. Awesome game! πŸ˜€
Love this game but the levels are so hard I have to play each level at least 30 times before I finally win,no ads but just too frustrating to keep playing,darn it cuz I live this gameπŸ€ͺ
I like it so far but I really wish you wouldn't point out what to choose to play so quick, I mean just let us think about it for a while, we're not stupid and level 19 isn't so difficult like another player said it was.. Other then that, so far it's a fun cute game..
Sooo cute but the little girl freaks me out for some reason(.πŸ€—) but over all it's a good game.πŸ’œ
since I have been playing match 3 games for at least 10 years I feel starting a new one us way too slow. Maybe if the player could skip that part and just play the game. Thanks.
I wrote a review when I first started playing your game. I live on disability benefits. The more I play, the more I don't like it. Gotta spend too much money to get from one level to the next. Since I don't have a ton of money to spend, I can't play your game anymore.
I love the game but some levels are super difficult. I've just re-installed it for the 3rd time in the hope of some miracle that allows me to progress.
Great game packed full of fun. I must let you know that to me it is also very addictive in a good way. Join the fun.
Fantastic game play. The ugliest or rather creepy little doll / female character graphics I have ever seen in a game.
Just got started and it's pretty fun, the characters are cute. I like that there are items to get, a goal to achieve. Good app
it's an awesome game to play with I have lots of fun with it just started playing it but love to build the houses let's see how far I go
Got up to level 57. Been there for some time. Cannot get through the level. Seems the game changes here and won't allow advancement. Not happy Jan!
Very bad gems its to boring not seem picture this gems not a puzzle and its bad I have no Star this app
The first couple levels are fine. But then you don't get enough moves. Then u have to keep going over and over. This is not for me. Its too stressful.
I love tag 3 games. This one has got a lot of new colors and characters that do different things. I'm enjoying the new adventures and characters.