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Family's Game Pack

Family's Game Pack for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by Soft Motion Labs located at 178 rue du Temple 75003 Paris. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Only problem is that it constantly asks to sign into Google games even if I say yes and not to ask again.
This pack is definitely aimed at a younger audience and it shows. If you're an adult playing these on your own, it's honestly not very much fun; you'd be better off with an actual board game. Would probably be fun for children, though.
2/21/21 update Still love this game & play it everyday! Love it! One of my favorite apps! It has lots of different games to play so its really hard to get board with this app!
Loving this app. It's got all the games I grew up with and is heaps fun to play. Plus it looks pretty good too.
@Mark Wood: That is how Chess works, I know, it is.a frustrating rule, but if the king has no safe places to move, but is safe, then it is a stalemate, or a tie.
So far I like it, and am keeping it. But the menu suddenly changed from a list to revolving. Edit: good variety of games. Edit 2: please add option on Forty Thieves to replay any deal, even when there are useless moves available.
When I downloaded the game I was thrilled at first. After a while, it started crashing. I had to try sometimes up to ten times to use the game without crashing. I deleted the game and downloaded it again, to see if it works better. It still crashes but up to now, not as much as before.
This is a very good game and it has many board games . I would like if Soft Motion Labs create another game named "Card Games" with many card games there can be .I would be sure to download this game.
This app is very nice. There are many different games in this one app, also there are rules for playing games. But rules are in very small handwriting. Because of this, l have to face difficulty in reading these rules. If there is an option to zoom these rules, it may be good. But I say truly, this is a very nice family entertainment app. If anyone wants to play more games in one app, then install it. I also thanks to this app's publishers to make such wonderful app. Please make such more apps.
Talk about a fix you can't win on the snakes and ladders game it's the quickest game I have played where the Ai throws the dice and gets a hight score every time. The Ai wins out of 100%, 90% of the time what a swizz and a fiddle.
Very good game. No bugs or weird happenings. Ads don't overpower the game but are at the top of the screen.
This is a very good app it is a playground of the children very much for your reply lonch new thing i am using the same time as the other one is going to get the best deals and discounts for security reasons why I am a beautiful person who has been designed to be a good time to do so I can be found in the UK
My son found this app first and told me to load it so we could play games together again. We are really enjoying playing some of our old favorites - Battleship, Snakes and Ladders, Yatzee, etc. and learning some new ones too. Truthfully, I think this is one of the best 'family friendly apps' out there. Gets the kids away from the RPG's and shows them what game play should be like.
I really like the idea of this app. I hope more games and game variants are added in the near future. It would be nice if there were visual tutorials to make learning games easier. I learn better by demonstrations.
Know what played chess moved my pawn past his pawn and it moves to the side takes my pawn and then moves forward that move is not in any chess books or even allowed I was going to pay for game but not now
I thought I was good at connect four, the mid level bot handed my own ass to me, But, overall a good game, alot of variety, which can you suit anyone's play style.
It's the best time-killer app. I use this when my internet is not working. It also had all of my favorite games especially chess, minesweeper, Sudoku and other card games. I love this app.
This is mind blowing app I love you for making this type of app I will tell all to download all this app
This games were great but this stupid game is so annoying because when l tried to move some of the pieces in the games they did not want me to move it in that position and if you even use an easy level they give you wrong moves i gave it to my cousin and she tried the easiest games and lost please fix
Review It's an indoor game. And outdoor games too It has the best game: The "Animal War" Rating The best game in the whole world All games in one So many profile having so much fun 'A world of FUN' Install this amazing app Family's Game Pack
Loved the variety. The experience is much better when playing with family or friends. I recommend πŸ‘
This is really a FANTSSTIC GAME.i could really enjoy it with so much of endless game tht too with a small downloading size.i suggest all to DOwLoad this one...its really amazingg...
Decent selection of games, but a huge drawback is that for many of the games you are forced to play with the timer on. For most of these games, the timer is not absolutely necessary to play the game (some of us may not be interested in timing ourselves all the time). In such cases, the timer just acts as a visual distraction. So why not give us the option to switch off the timer in the settings?
Bluetooth nearby player option doesn't work and the Chinese checkers game is a little weird. You have to press and hold your peg and than select a move from the list of options. It's almost like cheating. Otherwise it has a huge selection. Worth downloading.
This is a 100% pucker game for me, as it as all these games and that the fact I can play others around u, such as friends & that I can play through Bluetooth aswell.. I give it a 10 / 10
Just good old fashioned fun games. No begging for money, very minimal ads, lots of choices of games for whatever mood you are in.
Love this app, had it on tablet as a kid and now I am a teenage and still surprised this game is here, loved this game and still love it and now they have multi device functioning is so cool!
Some controlls are a bit clunky, but I could overlook it. Loved it until recently. Something is making it glitchy, though and I am losing patience.
Love this app you don't even need wifi after you downloaded the game and it has a lot of fun games to play and you can play against a robot or a guest would definitely recommend πŸ’—πŸŒΊ
I am astounded that 48 decent to.excellent games are in one package. Also, what kind of code, or.engine, could've programmed that much in about 8 meg of space. Great job!
Surprisingly interesting and addictive games. Old school games and some unknown games for me. Great to keep occupied. Keeps me busy in those don't know what to do hours.
Honestly, for the free option, it is still a great game. I like the option of playing with others online or locally via Bluetooth. This should be an option in other games. There are some games I would like to see added if they can, like Farkle, Poker, Blackjack, and some other casino style games. I would say they have a great start and the company could do a different app for casino games and I would get it. I would also suggest getting with other small game creators to handle theirs.
Would like it if there were an option to stop the screen spinning for 2 player games, some games let you but others don't
I love it. But I wish they would make their graphics better tho because the dominant background color is black which is not very welcoming. But overall, extremely fun! Keep it up
So many games to play..... Dot and box, tic tac toe, ludo and many others and so amazing other features....πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„ I really like itttt... πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜šπŸ™ƒβ˜ΊοΈβ˜ΊοΈ There are not so much ads...πŸ€“πŸ€“β˜ΊοΈ But add games like carrom.... And also remove prime membership.....πŸ™πŸ™ otherwise i like your this all in one family pack game....πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜šπŸ˜™πŸ˜˜
Family's Game is so amazing, the fact that it has many card games in one app and also that it's offline, i never reguet download it, you should try it, it's totally fun, i actually even learnt New cool games from here, if you want to have something for fun and if you are into family games? Then you are at the right place, DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!! and thanks developers😘
Very nice game.Also can say an underrated game. Too much to know about traditional games. & it is just in 10 mb. No waste of storage. So cool. I love it.
Has lots of games and you can play with people nearby if they have it downloaded through bluetooth/wifi wish it had more online support but for the amount of games it's worth downloading
I absolutely love this app because it has many games that are multiplayer games for long road trips where you potentially don't have service. Its keeps kids occupied for awhile.
this is good one to have all game please add more game of goose different type and add carrom board and snooker thanks
So far I like it, and am keeping it. But the menu suddenly changed from a list to revolving. Edit: good variety of games. A hint button would be helpful, especially while I'm still learning.
In 9 mb this game is perfect Like this game please make more I want some new games like this Low mb and many games 😊😊😊😊😊 I like this game
This is good. Only thing I couldn't find where to go and rate it in the game when I decided to rate it.
Wow😍!! It's really very very very good app. It's offline. Nice game. There are many games. Please include carrom game in this app. All over, it's a good app... Whoever made this thank you so much.πŸ˜‹πŸ˜Š
I'm enjoying this collection of games in one. Having a hard time playing because the app is going in slow motion. Please fix, i would hate to uninstall.
Its is very fun to play with my friends and Families.I wish you add more board games like Carrom board and card (Call break).And pls add pool.Thanks.
Amazing gameplay it was fun and it had hundreds of board games to play I recommend this to anyone looking for board games such as chess battleship backgammon checkers and more it is a great game to play amazing gameplay and graphics. Can you add the game uno there
It deserves 5 stars the game collection is good but connecting with other devices is pure nightmare even if it sometimes connect over wifi still disconnect in the middle of game and Bluetooth never work when creating lobby most of the time tells you that wifi and Bluetooth is not active even though you activate them. I don't know why it should be that complicated to connect to other devices
Need more games (just a suggestion), also the AI sure needs to be fixed haha, too op, also maybe put a *landscape lock* option
Absolutely horrible. I played Backgammon against the AI, and it ALWAYS got the roll it needed to hit me. It captured my pieces 25 times in the entire game. TWENTY FIVE TIMES. I also played Chess, the "beginner" AI took literally half a second to make moves, and played better than most AI's I've played against. Because of its speed, the game feels rushed. Also, tapping a piece will cause it to move- even if you weren't trying to move it. Get something else, this isn't worth it.
It is a great game i can play even when i an alone & even when i want to hold on with family i could call them for a game, even when i want to hold up with friends. It can even help me refresh myself,I love it.πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ’–πŸ’‹πŸ’–πŸ’‹
Impressive number of games. Not the sexiest layout, and a rather simplistic AI, but you have to be impressed at the sheer number of games in such a small package.
So far, this app is great for me. It has tons of mini games that you can play alone or with your friends or family. What I love here is the classic 'Snakes and Ladders' game - it will never be old!
Great selection of my favourite games, plus new ones. Only downside is that the rules are very badly translated, so a little confusing sometimes!
Has a variety of games and puzzles packed in one app which you can play with anyone (robots or multiplayer) but some puzzles glitches really badly. e.g if you choose the option to play chess witha robot your phone freezes and you have to quit the app and restart.
Games aren't fun when you need a whole wall of text to understand how to play them, and the interface is messy and counterintuitive. You need to make it more appealing and easy to navigate between games.
excellent,please enter domino,hearts,gyn rummy,four in a line 29card game,and other card game too...thanks for your good game.
Don't even bother trying to play by yourself the game cheats horribly!!!! I wanted to play some games for fun but you will never win! The game is designed to win every time no matter what you do. Takes all the fun out of it. I haven't tried playing with someone I know as no one else wanted to download. Absolutely no fun at all.
Many, many games with very good graphic and gameplay. One of my favourite application. I have it installed on each device. Good job!
There are still some bugs, especially in the new games but I love the fun I get from it entirely. When I'm winning at chess, the computer doesn't stop thinking, it's really annoying. The ludo pieces get mixed up: when I'm trying to pick one it's tough so in the end I pick all. It's still playable but it's hard you get.
A very nice game pack, with good atuomation. Yahzee scores are hard to select due to small size. Other than that, it is well worth your time.
I love how many games that you can choose in one app. I'm impressed! But I suggest to please make your instructions more readable and understandable and make it short.
This app is absolutely amazing. It won't let you get bored. Great for quick refreshment break. There are just soooo many games..... and that too for free. And no ads at all.
It is nice video. If you game not easy task. If you are thems lovely game. There so harmful. She is not playing. Please request are you. Sure you πŸ’―. OK. I you understand. Keep quit. πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—
Very simple, straight forward controls. Its any easy multi-game app with all the board and most card game classics. Just wish Cribbage was a game on here
Really enjoyable, lots of games to choose from. The only thing I would recommend is adding instructions or tutorials to the games, as there are several I know nothing about.
This game is good but I think when I play new games and want to view the "Rules" or "How to play", I am unable to understand it.. It contains very difficult information about the game.. Rest, I love it.. 😊😊
I love this. It's like a group of a lot of games I can play on, while, I have nothing to do in a day or I am taking a nap.
Great game! So many options to choose from! Great game to play with family or friends. Maybe skip the A.I though. They seem to have rigged the A.I to where it gets all the best rolls, moves, etc. It makes it almost impossible to win unless you have unbelievable luck. (Not all cases, but most of them.) Overall great game!πŸ‘
Straight setup.....I have been playing card games my whole life. There is 0 chance that the computer is capable of winning at the percentages that it does. I have lost faith in having any enjoyment with games. Developers at this point have no clue anymore in design and implentation. Straight pure disappointment.
I will rate this game 5 stars because in it there are so many varieties of games and we can play this game with computer as well as our family members. It is the super fantastic game
Great App , definitely a Gem . Great A.I , fun with friends and family to share time with especially with the pandemic. Its a solid app .
Fun. But something is wrong with tic tac toe. I pick eduardo (hard mode) in tic tac toe, I draw bottom right, Eduardo draw top right, I draw bottom left, then Eduardo doesn't block me, he just draw at the middle so I win. I don't know why it's so easy to beat Eduardo. Fix this plz πŸ™
Fun game, but the chess game needs work. In no way can the game be considered a tie when black has only a king remaining, and white still has a queen, bishop, pawn, and king. This, if anything should be ruled as a resign.
This game pack app is one of the best apps for entertainment I ever had on my tablet. The games I'm not familiar with I can learn because you have the directions available. Thanks Family Game Pack! Btw, some of my favorites are Crazy Eights, Battleship, Chinese Checkers, and Chess. (I've never yet won Connect Four, lol.) πŸ˜ƒ
Lots of games and variants, I'm enjoying learning these. The ads aren't intrusive as they are mostly on a small bar at the top... hardly ever get full page ads (thankfully). The rules aren't always explained in as much depth as I'd like, but it's easy enough to web search them. You can also play with friends, and set the difficultly of the bot. Thank you for hours of entertainment
till now which ever game i download some not working ,some working but lots of add. No more mb too in this game . If we will at least download all games which are in this game they will not work properly or stopping and working , but in this game no problem like this ............πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ˜πŸ˜who has made this games thanks
Great family app, brings the whole family together, and all can play on one device, some games are challenging to learn but most are known and are lots of fun, great job guys u made a good app.
Somehow I either overlooked the view rules option or it was somehow unlocked by me lol. Either way I'm able to see gameplay rules. Much better app than originally reviewed. AI/CPU on point for level of difficulty. Graphics are good. Still enjoying myself immensely. Should definitely give this a chance.
This app is just awesome...!!! I m so badly in love with it... You get so many games in one app, for free, and without the need of having internet, plus rules if you need to know them. There were many games about which I knew previously, but this app taught me how to play much more new games, And last but not least, I love the A.I robots. You get sufficient difficulty levels to satisfy the whole family. Its not the usual single robot which wins always and you are left to lose.
Update the game for a new game called chescker half the board is chess pices on the left and half with checkers pieces on the right
only if BLUETOOTH OR Wi-Fi mode Multi-player avilable.. it would been completely Family Pack Game!! Fine Anyway!!
I love the game selections but lately while playing a game the game blinks and the size of the cards changes on the screen sometimes making the cards to see under the header ad. The game blinks again and a different size of game board. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no effect.
Great game if your bored or out it really passes the time away graphic everything is excellent and I would definitely be likely to recommend it to anyone
It's brilliant having lots of different games to play and the ads don't stop play, I'm on it every day πŸ‘
Just the classic board game everyone wants for travels. Love it. But the positioning of players before a gane could use some improvements, e.g. displaying name and color. Still great game.
Nice to see so many Games are merged together. Please include few more games 3-2-5 (for Cards), Mendicoat, etc.
This game is PACKED with card and board games. You can play offline. Clean and easy interface, available rules and a variety of well known and not so well known games makes this app a definite keeper. To buy the no ads version (ads are almost non existent) is only $2.49 where I live, making it a cheap sweet deal. It also unlocks a few more games if I recall. There are Ais you can play against, or play via bluetooth. Highly recommend this one.
Very nice game... its a very nice game to play with your family and friends. you can play it alone with the computer and there are many single player games tooo...
Very addictive and I love how it has all cool card and puzzle games. The only problem I have is that the connection with multi players doesn't work well, wish it could be fixed
This app is so much fun! Thank you for incorporating so many games in one application. All my favorites from when I was a child are here, with many more for me to be learn how to play. Thank you again! ❀️❀️
Actually I was searching for a game. A game which is perfectly suitable with my character. I was very happy seeing this as I wanted to play this game with my family. Even you will also be happy seeing this game. What will be more better than this a game which you can play with your friends and familyy . I liked three things from this game - 1 . You can play this game with your friends and family. 2 .One game contains many more different games. 3 . You can download this in less time. β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘
I like the selection of games. Some from childhood, like Snakes and Ladders, but those are fun too. A few card games, a couple of unfamiliar games that I am trying to figure out and some familiar ones too. I do wish the instructions were a bit clearer; I feel like a non English speaker was translating them.
All the games are great, would prefer variations on each game like allowing to play with different rules for checkers
Its good. But the thing that smashes the experience is the unfair AI. the only game ive always won even in AI was battleship. I was playing connect4 when the AI which was griffin was like Amber in strength. Fix and 5 star. Not fix and 1 star
The solitary games are fun, but if you play with A.I. you'll lose a good majority of the games. Also if you enjoy A.I. getting "stuck" ie: making the same moves over and over and over again for several minutes to an hour before returning back to you for your turn, you'll love this game. Or it just says "I'm thinking" ... how are you thinking, you're artificial intelligence...you're not suppose to "think" at all
This is a GR8T app, suitable for everyone's gamming abilities. Perfect 4 the whole family, young and old!
This is a great game. I love how you do not need wifi and how it explains the rules. I can spend hours playing it. It even shows you where you can move. I love this since the little ones can then see what to do. Overall, I highly recommend this app.
Please add carrom, hearts, gin rummy, president, classic solitaire, 29, hajari, call bridge, teen patti, blackjack games
It's worth it to pay for the full version, there are so many quality card and board games in this pack. You can play against the computer players or against human players. Play games like Sudoku, minesweeper, mahjong, chess, checkers, backgammon, free cell, spider, ludo, nine man's Morris, yatzee, solitaire, and I'm only naming a few of the games - there are many more. Enjoy.
I love this pack: Graphics are comfy, play is smooth, and, most importantly, just the right amount of advertising. I always appreciate when developers are considerate to the game play vrs MONEY! Enjoy playing
I have to say, I enjoy this app a lot. If I get board with one game I have so many more to play with .
Absolutely astounding collection of board games. Their are a few exceptions, such as shogi I would have liked to see. But aside from nitpicks, this is an excellently made and excellent selection of board games. I would also like to see mancala and blackjack/21 added.
This is a fantastic board game pack! It even includes the instructions for each game, so you can learn how to play them. There is a huge variety of games as well.
i dont have any issue with this games...... i appreciate the hard work for this game.... me and family daily play this games and we enjoyed it very much ..😊
This is an awesome app! It could replace several apps one already has bc it has so many fun games in it!
Didn't even wind up playing the app because you can't even get on without choosing to allow your data to be public to advertiser's. Your choices are "have relevant ads" "have irrelevant ads" or "pay for ad free version" and I have to agree to sell my info in order to play... No thank you!
Great app and amazing if you are going away for a long period of time I play it with my sister alot and we find it really enjoyable the only thing is sometimes the instructions are a bit vague so if you could include obvious instructions then this would 100% be my favourite game!
I love 40 thief's, kings corner, Klondike and spider (from the solitaire family games) and mahjong, memory and yatzy but some of the other games I don't understand how are played, that is why I'm only going to give 4* for now
This game is awesome it gives you variety of games. If you don't know the rules or how to play, they have fixed that problem too.
The game is packed with card and board games. You can play offline. Easy and friendly interface, available rules, Well known games and not so well known games to keep you occupied. I wish you could choose AI difficulty for all games, for example easy, medium and hard.
Love this app. Especially love that even when I'm out and about at health appointments and without Wi-Fi or even data that I'm still able to fully use this app without delays or less content than online
Wonderful game if you are looking for something to do if 2 or more people this is the app to get,or for the family on family game night. I am giving this if I like it then you should get my sister play all the time and it is a wonderful anytime for any time of day day or night considered by in this game if you want something when in hospital or when with friends so when you're busy and you've got a little time to play find someone to play with and play like it isn't hard to find someone.