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Family Zoo: The Story

Family Zoo: The Story for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Plarium LLC located at Plarium LLC 075 Creekside Drive, Suite 100 Portage, MI 49024 United States. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I like this game a lot, I'm actually kind of a fanatic. The reason it did not receive five stars from The fanatic is bcuz the payouts should be raised. I feel the payout should reflect the amount that detonated. Moves left 19=19 bombs.. payout 20 or 21. I feel you that is because that's how you get people to buy when they need to continue cuz you don't give them enough payouts. 2nd issue MAJOR!! the balloons won't come on screen at times. Will waste ALL moved and $$ wauting for them. Happened 4x
All your games are kicking me out of the games and I'm losing turns, Halloween has finished but it still shows it. I have spent money but will not no more.
I was groaning at the start with the typical entrance story yet very pleased to see an original story line and graphics. The same match 3 nuances with game play and payouts but the differencs make up for the frustrations. Kudos developers. Senior approval.
I love playing this game! Its very addicting! However lately ever other level I play it freezes on me and then kicks me out of the game! Im getting tired of having to log back in, I just end up moving to another game. I would play this much more if it stopped doung this πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
I really like this game. I just hate that I play one level and get booted from the game. It's so frustrating. I have to restart over and over and I loose so many of my power ups.
Level 2396 keeps freezing right at completion. I have wasted numerous lives and boosters. This is very fustrating..... Your "contact us" link is not working ! ......... So this problem got fixed now I am stuck on level 2527. I get though numerous levels above this, collecting z points and completing to do tasks..... then I turn game off and when I go back on line it reverts back to this level , my phone is a new S20 and I'd 15110436
I love this game so much and I hope i get to make a game like this. One of the things I like about it is that it challenges you and how to separate animals. My sister loves it aswel she has been playing it for years now and I have been playing for about two weeks now and I love it. I think that evry one should give this game a five star rating and how much effort people put into these games aspeshaly you and hay day. I love this game so much with all my heart and I will never delete it I promis.
Games is not loading correctly now. Game screen only shows the zoo but not the options for play or anything.
2582 that is the level i am at. 2 week i am struggling with that level. Why do you have to make it so impossible. I think i must in unstall this game i am not happy about it. 😬
Just bought the key to collect the other stuff with the panda and I haven't played it yet because it kept freezing don't get it, it seems to do this after I've bought stuff. SORT IT Or I will Uninstall the game as I feel so ripped off.
This is by far my favorite Zoo game, the puzzles really challenge me and I love collecting the animals! Now if only they'd open a Christmas Land to go with Halloween!
After years of playing latest update erased my whole game even though it was connected to my FB account!!!! Game has been deleted I'm not going to be reinstalling just to be told there's nothing that you can do been there done that goodbye!!!
Contact us button does not work in the game any chance you can fix the glitch on level 2487 please I paid for the winter package and I'm losing time to get the prizes it's been 5 days now.
Penalized for making a purchase. No more ad bonuses. Can no longer watch ads to get extra move , or double coin reward. Support tried to claim as we're based on region another player in the same household still has access. Everything disappeared after making a purchase. Losing those perks has made game less fun.
Fun to play one game that doesn't force you to spend real money gives plenty of bonuses so you don't mind spending sometimes...
I love this game except now the game is frozen on some island and none of the icons to play the game show up I've tried uninstalling the game and reinstalled nothing works. No settings come up in the game nothing does
Absolutely love this game but reached level 676 on tickets and won't let me go no further it also hasn't let me update the game since 1/10/18 becoming annoying now cos I can't complete my quest to move on need 3 tickets but only have 1 but have 31 stone what's happening with this if this was not happening it would of been straight 5 🌟 across the board
Loved this game, graphics, story, everything. Then you spoil it with that stupid yoghurt. It uses all the lives and bonuses and puts me off playing. There are enough obstacles to overcome without this, and as this was by far my favourite game ever I am extremely disappointed as I have to now uninstall. At least I know in advance not to play any more of your games as I will obviously have the same result.
It wasn't synchronized to my Facebook as my Facebook I've permanently deleted it. I don't use Facebook no more * I also would like you to check the game as I think there is a bug when I was half way through playing it it would crash halfway through then I'd have to wait for it to catch up I purchased from your shop 3 times and yesterday it crashed half way through payment. I've uninstalled it so id loose everything anyway. Plus other games have never crashed on me.
Honestly I want to give this game five stars but i cannot. The game hardly works it is constantly crashing and closing down. When it does this when I'm in the middle of a puzzle it takes my life's off me. Honestly I just want a game like this one that doesn't rely on lives. It's not like you game developers wouldn't get money out of it since you have to pay for most things in the game (boosters, coins ect) Please fix the game so it isn't constantly crashing and consider removing the life's.
Even though I like the graphics, visuals and etc. There's one problem I got neglected which is the when you connect to Facebook. Thus, it doesn't lets you connect. This part made me frustrated. Awful game.
Really enjoyed the game until I started getting charges to my card that I did not do. Small amounts ($1.69) and a few bigger ones over the last year or two so didn't really notice until I had a look at my bank account. It's around $1500 now. I've removed the card from Google. Tried asking for help months ago gave all into no help yet.
I swapped phones and when i went to login none of my information transferred or was saved.. and i have to start over
Best game evvvvvvvvvvvvvvvver! You are given great support and advice! Just like working in a real Zoo! I have never been to a zoo before but now virtually I can. Devolopers you have done a great job!!! Remember this is the best game ever! πŸ‘ŒπŸΏπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸΏπŸŒΉ
Love this game but... i have no more levels to play.Thats annoying because you have left it with an open task that can not be finished it needs 2 stars and i can only get the one!!! what is the point in that? i can keep playing the other levels (rocky shaped ones) vut what is the point when i cant use them, there are no rocky tasks Open
Fun cute animals and their babies very addictive lots of different wild animals including animals who live in colder habitats there are even snow leopards !πŸ™‚
This game is glitchy. I pay for coins to finish a board and they don't show so I have to quit. I have three or four days for the event with the decorations to finish (I paid for the gold key) and may not be able to finish because of this. Keeps saying to check my internet connection. My connection is fine. I'm able to play other games that need internet connection.
Love this game, but unfortunately like every other match game it gets to hard and you end up stuck on the same level for days I understand that it needs to be challenging but it's no fun having to wait days to get past one level. Just makes you want to uninstall.
I game will not let me in. It says my internet needs to be checked and I've tried five times and it still won't work. Until you fix this I'm going to uninstall it and wait.
I love Family zoo its so very much fun and really easy to play and its never boring. I highly recommend this game to everyone. The graffics are really great and so are the best. I've been playing this game for years I'm addicted to this game. Great job everyone keep up the great work πŸ‘ πŸ‘.
Love it....love the zoo concept.adding animals..opening the zoo back up .very good game....thank you for a great gsme...
Really fun game I love it. You get to restore s zooπŸ¦“ and I love animals. Just 2 issues 1That the levels are really hard and it takes days to complete and then I loose events.2At points you have to play competions against other people and I don't like playing with strangers I wish there was a drop out button so you don't have to play it.
I lovethis game but i had to delete it and when i reinstalled it its making me start back over from level 1 when i was high in levels. And it keeps saying to connect. To the internet when i am. Its so frustrating i do not want to have to start over for the 2 nd time
Really fun game love the way i get to build my zoo, and im on level 100 and havent had to spend not 1$
I love this gameπŸ¦“because its to sad and I can save all the animals . There are some at the frozen place such as penguin and many more...🐈🐧🐧 I'm sure i will rate this game with five 🌟⭐⭐⭐⭐...
I like this game but when I went to pay for 4000 points plus 5 each of the extra ones you can use, the points were not there. I would appreciate it if you can tell me who to talk to so they can put that on my game. I've been waiting since 1/6/2021 and have already paid for it. I haven't received a response from my messages and I have a receipt.
Update: I got back into the game yesterday but when i tried to get back into it today the game starts to load and goes back to the home screen. I think the update is buggy. I am just going to take a break and wait for another update to try to fix the game.
Love the game and build the zoo..however starting to lose interest because game lags which is frustrating. Please fix.
Used to be a fun game but why do you have watching a video to get points or help if the screen goes black flicks and you loose the progress its happening to often almost every game sick of it
Rubbish Dont waste your time Level 1697 is impossable with the moves aviable Level 1893 is impossable with the moves given Still a big rip off
Really enjoyed this game but suddenly stopped uploading next tasks. Reinstall doesn't work and no way to find a solution in game as no connection to sever. Shame as nice storyline and good animation.
Good fun until now. I have passed 3 levels in 10 weeks! stuck on level 684. I don't even bother to play it every day now, I'm so bored, not achieving anything! Uninstalling now!! Was great until it started to get stupidly hard. I must have played the current level at least 100 times. Waste of time now!!
Very sorry have to change my brilliant review. The game levels are getting harder and harder. Im sick of spending nearly 3 days just to beat one level and then getting stuck on another level for another few days its been happening for a few weeks now. I had a lucky streak for a few hours one day but im up to the point where i dont want to play anymore. I will but if it keeps going like this it wont be for long. Also won the jackpot in the spin very dissappointing. Little to no rewards.
I really like this games . The only thing that made me give it a 4 star is because every time you want to do anything you have to play like a Candy Crush game . But overall a good game.
The game keeps locking up I am having nothing but problems out of it. I have deleted and reinstalled I have done everything I could. I can't even collect anything for it I am very much unhappy
I have loved this game so much I've been addicted. I am challenged & love the different changes now. I only get annoyed when I don't seem to be making progress. Now I am about to give up! Level 2514 is absolutely impossible. There are not enough pine cones to find & complete the puzzle. Is there anything you can do to help me?
Great game was addicted till i got to a level that is near on impossibe.Been trying to get through for a week.Used all boosters.Now getting fed up thinking of uninstalling.Wanred a relaxing game.Not stress.Worth playing if you can afford to buy boosters.Coins are ridiculously hard to get to.If i hadnt been stuck for so long & coins were easier to get would have rated 5*
It's a unique entertainer but brainy game. I am a sr.citizen and keeps my mind busy with this game. Very nice programming of your programmer. Waiting too for similar type of game.
I'm really enjoying playing this game. Storyline is good. Animals are cute. Graphics excellent. A lovely game to relax.
It's a good concept but it's a ripof. Main thing I didn't like is, You have to pay for the coins you win, so you can buy things. Then what was the point of the coins. .. another thing I hate is you have so much on the scree, you can even see the zoo/animals. I only downloaded this app because my son like animals and this could have been a good game for animal lovers if they can see the animals. You have to pay for more lifes/heart (more time to play) by then your mood is of from playing.
Having lots of fun but could be a few more things to do with decoration for the animals uncloser and more animal opinions
Love playing this game. Hate when you're in the middle of a the game and it freezes on you, in turn losing all that you gain. Have to start all over.
I have the most recent update an it keeps freezing on me its cost me alot of lives an alot of lost levels cause it. Ive tried sending message in game an it says no internet connection when i have full bars on wifi
I am very disappointed with this app. I have had it installed for around 2 years, I was over level 2000 and now it won't let me load in, it says connect to WiFi which clearly I am, and when I use my mobile data it loads me onto a completely new game from the start and I can't load onto where I am actually upto, it is really annoying as I usually love this game. I have messaged yous on FB also and had no reply
As is sadly often the case, the game looks great and starts out with achievable levels but the fun doesn't last. The odds are heavily stacked against you from relatively early in the game, some levels becoming ridiculously hard if not seemingly impossible. Such a shame as the zoo itself is a visual treat and I was looking forward to spending time here. I play a lot of this type of game and this is by far the hardest. Would have been happy to spend real money to play but you'd need a money tree!
Why has my game restarted from the beginning when I haven't touched anything. I got so far and actually started the safari park. I was logged in through Facebook and now won't let me
This game is great, however I wish it wouldn't take so many levels to complete little meaningless tasks like calling someone or even getting more animals for the zoo. Also the skating rink thing made NO SENSE to me AT ALL!! We are building a ZOO, not a skatepark!!!!???? If I didn't already like the game and invested so much money and time into it, I probably wouldn't have stuck with it. Also would have gave it five star rating!
Please fix the game, when I pull up game. I collect my prize, and then all buttons disappear!! Ugh...been 6 days since I've been able to play. ***Replying I can't there's NO buttons on screen!!
I love it πŸ’• And i absolutely love animals so it's amazing I also love matching games! All tho I can't make any purchases. πŸ―πŸ˜πŸ¦©πŸ¦’πŸ’πŸΊ πŸ’–
I love this game! They're always adding more levels and updating the game. I cant think of anything that could improve the game! I'm not a bot I swear! This games amazing! πŸ€ŸπŸ»πŸ’–
It is a good game but the reason I didn't give it 5stars is because the levels are a little to hard for me but otherwise it is a great game
Good gameplay but i have unlimited lives for 1hr and 30 mins which are now getting wasted as i put the benches in place about 3 times resetting the game as it tells me I've unlocked businesses where it tells me to watch a film (I've done this 3 times) i then collect my gift and then after ask that it won't let me continue playing any of the levels and I'm wasting lives :( i want to continue playing but it won't let me.. Please fix this issue. Many thanks.
I like it very much but some levels are just getting harder which makes it boring because when you have to complete one little job it uses a token and also it's an online game which makes it hard because there's always no internet connection but the animals are amazingly cute
The game is good but recently it lags a lot especially after finish the level it stops and doesn't move forward Currently I'm in level 2496
Love this game. I had trouble transferring my progress from my old phone to my new one. I emailed customer service and they were able to transfer my game over.
Good Game, bad business woman. I really enjoy this game my one complaint is Erica. She's kind of rude an selfish an, just now, I literally seen her spray paint the front entrance gate, then she comes back the next day an plays it off like she did nothin and blames it on her sister for not keeping the zoo clean even though she done it. I wouldn't want a business woman like that but minus that one thing it's still a great game.
Level 2496 has a glitch I have completed time and time again and it freezes at the end please sort this out
For some reason the little dog hotel event i completed has disappeared from my game. Where the location of it was has gone but the dogs are still roaming about. Is there a reason it would have disappeared?
Great game love playing very addictive, some of the games are quite hard needs extra gifts to help in the game.
I love the game .... Because it remains a lots of fun.... Well whatever ... I suggest you .... Who is now reading my review.... That you must try it one time .... If you got bore then you must uninstall the game.... But please you try it..... You see you have a lots of fun to play it..... That's all....
I love this game. I'm on level 444 and it keeps freezing. I've lost boosters because of it. I've tried contacting customer support from the game and it keeps saying I can't connect to it. If I could get some help from here it would be nice.
Really well made game the graphics are lovely and vibrant not alot of ads but definitely needs more options to decorate the zoo. When you complete task some take more of what you earn I think that each task should only take one ticket(Z) great game though would recommend
I have made two purchases one for $7.99 and $19.99 and received nothing but my debit card was hit for both, I tried contacting you but the contact button does nothing. I hate being ripped off and will be reporting you to Google. I installed your rip off.
I really enjoy this game. Phone died and now all is lost. The money I spent and not to mention I was level 473 + something. Isn't there a way to save your progress?
Also punished for making a .99 purchase just to get through a level. Now have no hourly rewards or anything else. Dont buy anything within this game or they will punish you and force you to keep buying. Uninstalling...this and the Texas solitaire are just money grabs at this point and not worth my time. Dont make a purchase! Keep the game fun for you and dont mess up like I did.
It is a fun game but noticed deliberate dead ends so that would pay cash to continue as is common in these games! You can however wait until the next day to play! I love seasonal things & The storyline!
Enjoyed the story, but was so difficult that I almost cried from rage on how many times I had retried that same level.
best game ever so cool i love the designs as wellπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ i play the game every day on my free time
Love this game, helps pass a few hours! Just tried to play and all that keeps flashing up is a box with "attention syncing" it gives me an option to save my progress but when I do that it still keeps flashing up to the point that I can't play now as its constantly on my screen! Please sort it
I love this game. There is no add any no excuses. There is only one problem that it takes so time for loading.
Used to love this game until... the latest update. The new graphics aren't great for me, and the change in rewards isn't an improvement. Sorry to say I tried to play the new version for a while but probably won't continue.
Really frustrating that you need so many boosts to pass levels. Also when I look online for hints to pass you've changed how many moves are given to pass the level and increased what you're asking for. Eg level 650 in August gave 25 moves for 2 mushrooms but now you ask for 4 in 20 moves!? Don't get it....
I have been playing and bought a bundle (using the internet) however it keeps say check connection to internect. So was unable to use the bundle and it is still not playing any ads. When I have tried to contact them through their support it says cannot connect to server. My Internet is fine on anything else. Not happy as I spent money on it !!
Its a really very fun game i like how it if you or offline for lots of days you get lots of rewards and how if you uninstall the game and install it agine it will not reset and i like the update look the animals where they or in before its kinda boring now its wow no why and am in level 259 i thing tys alot bye bye but before erica the stupit ugly mean girl before the cool update she der before but it update now i thing she gone yay and its the girls sister and she mean to her tys for getting:)
I've played alot of games similar to this one. But this one is by far my favorite. I recommend it to everyone to at least try it
It keeps glitching again and I just paid the offers to get the 6 hours free!!! Obviously it looks like I won't be able to play the 6hours for free, because of this so I feel abit ripped off, please sort it out asap.
I have been charged for a purchase i didnt make says connect to internet when i am connected sometimes when i spend the tokens, the the game dosent do the activity i spent the tocken for the fences and enclosures are mixed up and you need so many tokens to do the simplest things and you waste them on useless things not enough animals and if this zoo was real id call the cops for animal abuse enclosures not big enough dosent look like animals natural habitat waste of time
Why do I have to wait longer than others for the next set of levels? My team mates are always playing levels still currently unavailable to me...
Its kinda weird seeig two artstyles in 1 game. I wish it has only one artstyle which is the new one and not the old one
I love this game it's the best you should really get it it's not that hard and you get to take care of cute little animals can you bring your own zoo and it's awesome if I loved it then you must love it too install family Zoo the story and you'll fall in love with it.πŸ˜€πŸ€—β˜Ί
This game is ok to start with, but end up getting zoo points just to plant shrubs. Recently spent lots of zoo points, only got when finishing a level, to put snow in an area now to be tiled. Levels too difficult and do not want to spend 3 days getting 1 zoo point. The main character is very patronising when you log in. Hubby deleted and will do same in the morning. Waste of time! Only got 1 star as unable to give zero!