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Family Farm Adventure

Family Farm Adventure for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Century Games Pte. Ltd. located at 163 Tras Street 03-01, Lian Huat Building Singapore. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Loved it until it stops giving you chests fruit and energy suddenly. At first you get, fruit aplenty and energy enough to continue easily, then suddenly it stops and you can't even get enough energy to get fruit to make juice to get energy to move forward. Not even a gradual slow down but an abrupt cut down. Quite disappionting because it is a cute game, oh well.
I have been really enjoying this I spend hours at a time playing as I just keep getting more energy. No annoying adverts to advance, no need to spend huge amounts of real money to advance. Production times currently don't seem too long. There is usually enough ways to create more energy etc, however I've now got to a stage where I don't seem to be getting enough fruit or energy to progress and have to keep stopping playing and waiting for it to refill. Otherwise this is great fun in my opinion.
Overall is a good game. Great interface and gameplay. The downside is, the energy is fast to run out. With a full bar of energy you can only move one or two scene because the grass trimming, box breaking takes too much energy. Apart from getting energy from making coffee, cauldron and changing fruits which the fruit is fastly runs out, there are no other ways to get many energy at once. Even if you have 130++ energy, you can move only a few scene!! Frustrating πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
Best farming game out there, and believe me I have played them all. Great characters, beautiful graphics and always enough to keep you busy without having to spend money. I have spent a little on the game but because of my own choice not because I had to so I could keep playing or one of the many other reasons games force you into spending. Fabulous job Family Farm Adventure. Absolutely love this game
I like the game, BUT... Here recently, everytime I go to a different map or exit out of the game then go back to the main island, my fields and fences are all over the place. Just today I've had to rearrange them to where I had them, 5 times. It's really starting to annoy me. Also, it takes too much energy to chop/break down anything. Not cool.
This game is fun but it still has major glitches that still need fixing. Game crashes alot too. I will admit though, even though I like this game the devs had made but prefer much better, their other game Family Farm 😍 Have been playing 2 years. Like I said though this new game isn't too bad a good spin off from Family Farm. **** (Four stars)
super addictive and fun to play.. that being said, i have a tendancy to run out of energy real fast. wish the clearing of object to continue did not cost so much energy, i'd play a lot longer.(thus the 4 stars)or maybe? in some of the many many many chests and containers we find along the way there might be found some free energy from time to time...lol...just a thought!!!
This game could be great, if the developers were less greedy. You can barely play for a few moments before you run out of energy. And the obstacles require a huge amount to keep going. You can log in, clear three rocks, and then your out again. It doesn't make for encouraging long term play. It just makes the game irritating, instead of fun.
Same gripes as everyone else about the energy. Also, honey is WAAAAY overused in manufacturing, and takes forever to generate. Definitely an area they try to get you to pay to play Also, my user interface likes to disappear, so I can't access my quests, build menu, or daily tasks. I've had to reinstall twice, there's no other way to fix it. Lots of maps to explore, could've been a fun game. But with the increasing issues as i go along, i doubt I'll reinstall a third time
I absolutely love this game!! I've played many other games like Family Farm Adventure but I usually lost interest in them due too the fact you had to spend a lot of money to move forward in the game but not Family Farm Adventure. There are many ways to earn diamonds and coins. I'm fully addicted to this game. I hope they make many more like this one!!!
This game is a lot of fun. However I wish there were more ways to earn energy outside of buying it. That is the part of phone games that I hate, having to pay to do a lot. There are free ways of course but they take a lot of time, and materials for these usually take time as well. It might also be a good idea to have 2 separate energy systems. Or a second currency for doing things on your island vs adventuring out. Just a thought. I spend way too much time on this game. Lol
Been playing this game for a while. At first i enjoy the game very much. But after some times, feel annoyed. Cut small tree also need a lot of energy. After cut 2-3 trees, then need to wait for long time to refuel. To blow 1 dynamite also need 9 gems! Ridiculous! I think the developer is more intent to make money. It is time to uninstall
This is such a nice game. I especially like that you have options to help increase energy. Well planned, developers! I do have a question. In the quest to "plant strawberries" all I can see us yellow arrow to the garden, but they are not with the sunflower, corn, seeds, etc. HOW to do this, please?
I've been looking for a game like this since Paradise Bay ended I love this game! Update even though I have spent what I consider to be a lot of money (about $50+) in the couple weeks I've been playing I have to say that the energy is definitely a problem for me even with the extra 20 energy I got from buying the monthly pay pass I only get 77 total thus is a ridiculous amount since it's 30-40-50 to break a lot of objects so 2 or 3 hits and you're done that is definitely not what I call fun
The last week or two the game has been glitching, freezing, and kicking me out. Now it's freezing halfway signing in. I've not been able to finish the last bit of sky Island, because I can't get signed in. I've deleted games, shut down all other apps, & cleaned/optimized the system. I'm not having problems with any other app, just this one.
New Event Okay so this is pissing me off. When I logged in earlier and found out that there's a new event, I was bewildered on how to play it but then I found out how. I used up all the vouchers and exited the game when I've ran out of energy(after using it with the islands) and now when I'm clicking on the new event, it is showing me a tutorial on how to play it, when I do know now, I don't know how to get out of it. PLEASE FIX THIS. THE GAME IS VERY LAGGY TOO, SO FRUSTRATING.
Im so done with this game...why would you have to spend 300 energy to spin a wheel to get a object to complete the objective or having to chop somethingfor 40 then chop it for 20 more energy to finish it? I'm tired of struggling for energy for 5 minutes of play. Seems my feed mill disappeared and I had to buy another using resources. My animals like expires quickly or disappears, not the usual time period. Way too much energy for minutes of play.
I got stuck in the instruction in the Felicia's house, the part where it's saying that you have to slide an item to the same item. Doesn't do anything. Have to restart the game after that and need to avoid the Felicia's House button just so i wont get stuck in the instruction again. This is an 8 days task guys and I cant participate because o f the error in the instruction part. Cant wait that long!
I keep having to close out, force stop, and open it back up because it doesn't load everything when you go from island to back home to island. It needs an update, also if you can make it so things don't cost much energy to clear things out, that would be great along with other ways to get more energy like making meals to help gain more energy like on family island. I can't play with my energy running out so fast just clearing a few things.
This game was going great in the beginning but I soon realized the energy given isnt even enough to keep you playing more than 5 mins. Some trees, bushes etc cost up to 20-30 energy each which will deplete your energy fast. TNT is a waste. It only blows up a small section of what you predict would be a larger area. This game needs more opportunities to collect free energy than what they already have offered. 3 stars until it improves. Ty!
My second time writing this review since the first disappeared. I'll give my same opinion. Good graphics with simple, fun gameplay. However, frustratingly slow pacing ruins any sense of progression. Hidden layers of requirements are demotivating as you never know if there's another barrier to completing the quest. You may enjoy this game if you like clicking pretty pictures once a day and getting no where.
This is the best game I have come across so far in this genre. Easy to make coins and gems. There r means to refuel the energy so one doesn't have to buy.. No disturbance of ad. The only thing is they should update the game to overcome temporary hanging issues.
I really love game and it is very onteresting it just that the energy way too little and the clearing objects cost more than you gain. The game would suddenly stop and I dont know what the problem. I really hope you can develop the game more. Give us more ways to generate energy.
Fun for a while until you become severely energy starved and can only advance an inch a day. I guess these "hurry up and wait" games aren't for me. I like to buy a game and have all the content up front, not pay almost $100 to MAYBE complete a level. I paid about $15 total and got my money's worth, but quit in chapter 2 when it got tedious and boring and was going to cost more and more real money to make any progress. Made it to lvl20 before I was waiting for hours for anything to happen.
I absolutely love this game!!! There are so many things to enjoy playing: a lot of sources of energy, farming, crafting, the story line, graphics are amazing, special events that are very generous of prizes and surprises. However, my main point of the review to say THANK YOU for the amazing team who develops this beautiful game, they treat us with such great love and kindness that I feel like a family member ❀ thank you very much for doing this for us πŸ˜˜πŸ’•πŸŒ· much loveπŸ₯°
Overall, I really like this game. I am having some glitching but I attribute a lot of that to my phone and connection more than anything. (Have similar problems to games that havent had the problems you guys expirenced while I wasnt a player.) I kinda wish there were more things to merge on the side game thing and thats about it.
Loving the game, it shuts down now and again, but it's bearable, hope it won't be doing that too often. Right I'm now at level 16 love the game even though it shuts down a lot. OK update uninstalled the game. Constantly shuts down, very disappointing. When from a five star to one. I never get feedback on my rapports when it crashed constantly . So people if you don't have cash to buy your way through this game don't bother installing you going to sit with the same crapp I sat with..
The animals keep disappearing that I have already purchased with every level up. It takes way too much energy to complete tasks. Example you can only hold 50 energy's and it takes 35 energy's to cut down trees or stone blocks. Then you have to leave the game because you don't have enough energy to continue. Or you use the little fruit you find to get just 1 more energy boost. Yet, it takes the remaining 15 energy's just to get 1 or 2 fruits at a time. Seriously thinking about deleting the game.
I love the concept of the game but it's literally impossible to play after level 10 because it becomes so slow due to all the graphics and data it has to load. This is the third time I've down loaded the game and will have to delete it once again because it's literally so slow to load that my phone thinks there is an issue with the game. If you could slow down the moving graphics and chill out with the additional adventure tasks so it works faster that would be great. Might try again in 6mths.
This is the best game I have played. I have completed all the levels. The graphics and details in the game are superb. Have had no issues with freezing/glitching. There is so much to enjoy that it is very addictive. I have completed to the end and Iam now waiting for the new games in the app! I would like to say thank you to Century Games for this amazing game ❀️
Really started liking this game but wanted to wait till after the tournament was over to give a review cause some games aren't that good with tournaments. I was doing good ended up being 1st place by a lot but yet when I "collected" my 200 spins and TNT it didnt give it to me.. I refreshed the app hoping just a glitch, but nope. Still nothin.
This game is beautiful. Absolutley beautiful. Two stars because its hard to complete task when energy runs out sooooo fast and the cost of One task needs 40 energy. I don't mind the little in game game but its comes down to the same issues "ENERGY". Also using the fruit stalls was nice in the beginning but after all the plants needed for them are depleted you can't use it again.
Enjoying the game a lot but recently the new feature of decorating living room put me in some problem. I completed the first merge but again its giving me instruction of merging 2 items in the first row which i already have. So there is nothing to merge but is continuously giving me instruction. As a result i can't continue my game. Can u help me out pls...
Really enjoying this game, so many ways to get energy so you can play for a lot longer than with other games like this. My only issue is that I set out my island the way I wanted it, but when I've left the game and come back to it, everything is messed up, paths and fences have moved, things are overlapping, it's quite frustrating. So fie now I'm lowering my rating but if this bug can be fixed I will happily go back to 5 stars
Love how there is always something to do. Love the weekly events. Great overall experience. If I could suggest one improvement it would be to have the option to place all buildings and decorations back in storage that way it would be much easier to redecorate or reorganize your island 😊
Great game, Just a couple issues with the game. The only thing that I really don't like is there's not enough area on the island and you have to use up your energy to cut down trees, remove bushes, remove rocks, boulders and etc, etc. And it's kind of hard to regain the energy sometimes. Also the are used up really fast too and whatever else you need to use to open up more space on the island. But other than that it's a pretty good game. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
I've played this dev's other game dragonscapes for along time so I thought I'd check out their newest game and I love it as well! I love how it is so different. I cleared the first set of Islands and had my first flower festival within a week. without *having* to spend anything. :) ( I did buy the first pass because it was $2 and I had nearly cleared the tasks that I was to be awarded for completing it.)
I have a request to the developer team, please provide a skip button in the training session of the new house furniture event. As there is a bug i think. I have already merge 2 identical items that time training was not stopping you after i merge few items it starts the training session and now there is no identical item so it is getting stuck. Please rectify it by providing a skip button or the event cannot be played.
This game is fun to play. However, the large amounts of energy used to cut down or destroy materials is annoying. Sometimes you need 65 energy to remove boulders. Other times to remove a tree is 45. Another problem I have is the moving things around option. You can only move one thing around at a time and if you want to move many things around, it takes forever. There should be a move button so you can pick up things move it and move on the the next one in one step. Hoping this gets fixed. :)
I actually love this game. It incorporates many games that I end up only enjoying for a short time, before losing interest. If it were up to me however, there are a few things I would change, or add I guess is a better word! I would make some of the rewards for filling orders be fruits. Because when you're in a place with very little trees and stuff you don't get as much in the beginning and the fruit energy machine is useless then. I would also add more devices to create energy. MORE ENERGY ⚑